The Business of Web Design: How to Grow your Ecommerce Web Design Business

Paul Boag, User experience consultant, speaker & author

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9 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Why Specialise in Ecommerce?

    • Winning Ecommerce Clients

    • Upselling with Analytics

    • Driving Traffic to Your Client's Store

    • Improving Your Client's Service

    • Increasing Margins Through Efficiency

    • Taking a Cut of the Profits

    • Your Turn: Take Action!


About This Class

Learn how to grow your web design business online. Join UX consultant Paul Boag for a 75-minute course on core concepts and tactics that will help you stand out and survive in today’s highly competitive web design industry.

This class is perfect for both freelance developers, designers, agencies, and small web design teams. It will help you take advantage of the opportunity to build, grow, and maintain a client base online — while, in the process, defining your speciality, increasing profitability, and working on more rewarding projects.

Short lessons cover:

  • The importance of specialising
  • Why ecommerce is an excellent choice
  • How to attract ecommerce clients
  • How to build ecommerce sites quickly and efficiently
  • How to move away from single projects and start working with your ecommerce clients on an ongoing basis

All you need to get started is a web design business that you’re eager to grow. By the end of this class, you’ll create your own landing page for your ecommerce web design business so you can get started right away!

Get Growing: Your Free Guide to a Better Ecommerce Business

For further ideas, help and insights download the free e-book (PDF, ePub and .mobi) "Grow Vol. 1: A Beginner's guide to growing your design or development business" featuring 11 chapters from covering everything from finding your first client, to pitching and contracts. It also includes Paul's chapter on the value of great customer service.

Table of contents:

  1. Deciding what your company stands for: Alex Hunter
  2. Ways to find your first customer: Alex O'Byrne
  3. How to write and present proposals that close deals: Ross Beyeler
  4. Deciding how to charge your clients: Ben Crudo
  5. How to draw up a client contract: Ryan Foster
  6. The key to winning work: Paul Boag
  7. How to optimize clients' stores for mobile: Galen King
  8. How to make sure you get paid: Kurt Elster
  9. Recommended apps and tools: Ben MacGowan
  10. Things to do before the site goes live: Mat Mullen
  11. Working with Shopify: The Shopify Partners Team

Shopify Partners

This course was produced in association with the Shopify Partner Program team.

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Really good, informative short course. Left me with a good few pointers about approaching future business
A lot of hands-on advices!





Paul Boag

User experience consultant, speaker & author

Paul Boag is the author of Digital Adaptation and a leader in digital strategy with over 20 years experience. Through consultancy, speaking, writing, training andmentoring he passionately promotes digital best practice.

This course was produced in association with Shopify - a designer-friendly ecommerce platform powering over 165,000 successful stores worldwide. Shopify ecommerce themes are free to develop, 100% customizable, and are built using HTML, CSS and our easy-to-learn Liquid t...

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