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The Business of Life: Conquer

Andrei Craciun

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17 Videos (1h 39m)
    • Fight, give up, or compromise

    • The Logic Behind Risk

    • The outcome

    • Opportunities as risks

    • Benefits of listening

    • Using their thoughts in your advantage

    • What do you excel at?

    • Your hidden passion

    • The hidden meaning of Showers vs. Baths

    • Get rid of that stress

    • Actually Solving

    • What is your success

    • The results of work

    • How to get Motivated

    • The graph of success

    • Judging

    • Your appearance


About This Class

This course will take you through many real life scenarios and teach you how to effectively deal with each one of those. You will also find your passion, the real potential that lies in you. Taking the right decisions Being successful in any type of business Entrepreneurship Changing your mindset Finding your true passion Managing stress and anger Learning how to deal with problems Overview Students that enroll in this course will have the ability to keep a calmer state in stressful situations, will learn how to manage problems and how to take the correct decisions as well as completely changing their mindset towards other people and scenarios. As you will go through the lessons, you will understand the concepts that go into different unconscious mind processes, and how to consciously exploit those. Concise examples are given from my real life experience so that students can visualize any scenario they might get into and how to deal with such a situation. By the end of the course, you will be an ace at logical reasoning. Business and entrepreneurship will be at your fingertips, as you will become a master at figuring your way around such environments, learning how to control other people's thoughts and use them in your advantage.






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I am a young entrepreneur currently following studies. I first got to dive into psychology at 14 years old, and since that time I fell in love with everything it holds. I mainly give advice to people and act as a personal development coach.

I often hold courses for all categories of people, so I am accustomed to being the one individuals come to when they encounter a problem in their lives. I participated in different seminars, spoke in public and held strong speeches about world peace...

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