The Business Owner's Master: Thriving at Work without Losing your Family | Michael Clark | Skillshare

The Business Owner's Master: Thriving at Work without Losing your Family

Michael Clark, CEO, Father, Consultant.

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12 Videos (53m)
    • Do the Crazy Balance of Business and Home Life (Vid #1)

    • How to Increase Profitability Sooner (Vid #2)

    • Build Systems that Work When You Don't (Vid #3)

    • Effectiveness Beats Productivity in Business (Vid #4)

    • How to Reduce Your Work Hours Sooner (Vid #5)

    • Prioritizing Business to Go Home Early (Vid #6)

    • Enjoy Home Life with Your Spouse (Vid #7) 4Qkm3h6PfOU

    • How to Avoid Absent Parent Syndrome (Vid #8)

    • Dodging the Burnout Bullet in Business (Vid #9)

    • Know Yourself: Motives, Fears & Priorities (Vid #10)

    • Your Project: Picking 3 Biggest Solutions (Vid #11)

    • Next Steps: Actions Speak Louder than Plans (Vid #12)


About This Class


FACT: Most of us grind and work long hours to provide our partners and families with a better life. In this pursuit of wealth and success, many of us unintentionally let down the people we care about the most. A sadly common paradox, but we can fix it! Our course teaches you how to have a successful, profitable business and a smiling, happy spouse at the same time.

In this course, we’ll cover:

  • The psychology behind a happy, healthy relationship with our spouse and children
  • Prioritization systems that let us nail what's really crucial 
  • The power of introspection and result-driven goal-setting

Is this course right for you?

Do you find yourself struggling to balance work with your home life? Do you feel split between work and home, often wishing there were more hours in a day? Do your family or friends ever tell you that you work too hard? That you’re a workaholic? If you've said yes to any of those, you should go ahead and give the course a try. You may find the techniques gently steering you to a path of work-life balance.





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Michael Clark

CEO, Father, Consultant.

Hello, I'm Michael. I'm one of the founders of About to Fly, a profitability consultancy helping business owners increase profits and cut hours at the same time. We help business owners implement certain strategies and tools to make their companies run in a smoother, more hands-off way. I'm also the CEO of Big Improvements Tutoring, a tutoring company with nine locations all over Australia. It's a business I built from the ground up and learned a lot from, and I'm excited to share those insig...

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