The Blues Piano Crash Course | Kent Smith | Skillshare
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11 Videos (1h 9m)
    • One: Learn the Famous Blues Scale

    • Two: Get Your Left Hand Going

    • Three: Five Riffing Tips

    • Four: Learn the Twelve-bar Blues Pattern

    • Five: Practice Coordination

    • Six: More Practice Tips

    • Seven: Coordination with Walking Bass

    • Eight: Blues Notes and Pitch-bending

    • Nine: The Melody Machine

    • Ten: "Turn-arounds" and Endings

    • Eleven: Playing Blues in Other Keys

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About This Class


This is a step-by-step course on playing Blues piano, in the key of C (including information on how to play Blues in any other key). It is NOT necessary to read music to understand this course or to learn Blues piano period. The Blues genre is a child of African-American slaves on Southern plantations in the 19th century, who had no formal training in music  -- European-style training, I should say. That is, reading standard notation, playing Bach, etc. And, you may know that the Blues is at the very heart of Jazz, another art form that was originally created by people with no such "formal" training. This was their genius, and you can be a part of it.

My intended audience for this course is anyone who has "a little bit of experience" playing piano, or some another instrument. In theory, though, you could start from scratch, if you are willing to learn the note names of the piano keyboard, and to put in some diligent practice. I can make that last statement with confidence, because I myself learned Blues piano as the very first thing I ever did on piano (before that, I was a drummer). I became hooked on piano as a result of being taught the basics of the Blues, and as a result, I ended up going on to take traditional piano lessons, and to major in piano in college. This course starts with the raw material that I was shown by a friend, back in that fateful time, and moves on to share with you the things I picked up as I went along -- stuff that I would have been really happy to know from the beginning. In other words, I will save you a lot of trial and error here. With the raw material in this course, you can end up being a very impressive Blues player!  





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Kent Smith

My friends call me "Kent on Keys"

I have been playing piano and drums professionally since 1971. Yes, I am getting old. Bummer! I have a degree in music, and I love to teach. I am still actively playing on the professional level, mostly in rock, blues, funk, and jazz groups in Southern California.

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