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The Blog Creator: Set up a WordPress blog for beginners

teacher avatar Nuria Corbi Carrasco, Blogger, coach and educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. Find your niche

    • 3. Find a name for your blog

    • 4. Finding the right platform and hosting your blog

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About This Class

Have you ever thought of starting a blog? Do you know what you want to blog about? Have you thought about blogging as a business?

This course will answer those questions for you and will walk you through the process of setting up a self-hosted blog on WordPress so that you can run it as a business going forward.

You will learn how to find your niche, how to find a name for your blog and how to purchase the domain for it. You will also find out why it is important to use and host it yourself if you want to run your blog as a business and own it 100%. I will walk you through the process of finding a good hosting company and getting your blog ready to start blogging!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nuria Corbi Carrasco

Blogger, coach and educator


Hello, I'm Nuria.

I'm a blogger, coach and educator and run and

I graduated in business studies in Germany and also have graphic design and teaching qualifications. I have run various businesses, one included a language teaching academy and have also run profitable e-commerce businesses. I am the owner of The Home Boss where I blog and educate people who want to start their own business from home. And Sweet Life and Lemons, a lifestyle blog about gardening and mindfulness. 

I hope you enjoy my courses and wish you every success!

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1. Introduction to the course: Hello and welcome to my cause, the Block Creator. How to set up a blawg as a home business. My name is Maria Corby, and I hope that together we can learn all about how to set up a block so that you can run it as a business from home and earn money. So what are we going to learn in this course where firstly, I should maybe say that this course is not for people who have already set up a block. It's not for people who already know how to do that. Andi already have a block. This is really for people who are struggling with the technical side of it, or people who have never set up a blow in their lives and who are finding it hard to ought to know where to start. In this course, you will learn all about how to find your niche. So what to block about how to find a domain name, how to purchase the domain name, how Teoh host your blawg yourself on with a hosting company, whether to use word prayers or any other platform, and you will learn all about that. So there's quite a lot of technical bits to this cause, but I will hold your hand throughout. It will do it step by step. So don't worry. And I'm here to answer any questions that you have on. I'm here to hold your hand if I have to, and we will walk you through the process step by step. So this course is purely setting up your blawg the right way so that you can build a business from your blawg. So I hope you like it. I hope you enjoy this course on. I'm so happy that you're here with me to go through this together. Andi, I wish you every success with it. And don't forget to ask any questions because I'm here to answer anything that you want to know that you need to know. Be very happy to help. See you soon. 2. Find your niche : Okay, let's find your leash. So there's something I want you to do. Get a pen and paper or get a note pad. Whatever you have to hand on, start writing some things down. I want you to start brainstorming on. That means you just don't have to answer these questions that are on the screen as, um, as honest and as honestly and as accurately as you can. Don't worry about going into detail. I want you to go into detail and to write as much as you can about it. So the first question is, what are you passionate about? So I want you to write down what you feel passionate about what isn't an interest that you've got that you really feel passionate about. It could be politics. It could be hiding my world. Peace. It could be homelessness. It could be something that you really could be gardening. Or it could be your pet, something that you really passionate about. That's the first thing I want you to write down. The 2nd 1 is what are you interested in? So maybe you're interested in traveling, Or maybe you're interested in family. Maybe you're interested in movies so anything that you can think about that you enter interested in you can write down more than one thing. The more the better. So anything that you've got, an interesting please write that down Andi. Then the next question is, what do you have knowledge in what you know. What do you feel you can talk about with a sense off, knowing what you're talking about with, You know, that you can say to yourself, Yes, I know this subject. I am No, I can talk about these. So that's another thing I want you to write down. Its quite close to the next question. It's it's related to the next question, and that is what have you learned, or what have you studied? It's different to the previous question, because the previous question could be something that you've learned from life from living life. But what have you learned? What have you studied is really about what you learned at school at university. Have you done any courses? So write down anything that you have learned officially, Where's the question before was really more about what you've learned unofficially so, and the next question is, what is your career. What is your work? What do you do for a living? So you can answer that? If there's nothing you're doing at the moment, then obviously you can leave that blank. But whatever your job is at the moment, or maybe if you're not doing anything right now, right down what you've done in the past, okay, on the next question is related to that as well. Because it's what is your ideal job? What would you do as a job if you could choose anything? If if knowledge was no problem, if location was no problem? If qualifications were no problem, what would be your ideal job? What would you love to do? Write that down? It doesn't matter if it's something that you think is unachievable. Just write down what you what your dream job would be on then. The next question is, what kind of books do you read? Do you read novels, romantic books, jewelry biographies or actually write down the titles off some books that you've read recently? So just so you get an idea off what you like to read, just write it down. If you don't read books, maybe write down what magazines you read or what do you re generally? Do you read newspapers? Do you just use social media, anything that you read about? Just write that down on. Then the next question is, what kind of films do you like again? July comedies? Do you like, um, adventure films? Do you like thrillers? Do you like horror foods? Anything you like? Write that down. The next question is, what do you watch on TV? So do you watch crime? Siri's. Do you watch soap operas? Do you watch documentaries again? Just write down anything you can think off that you watch on TV, and then the next question is interesting. Think about what you could teach somebody else, and it could be something very simple. Maybe you speak of different a second language, so you could teach someone another language. Maybe you work in I t. I'm sure there's something you can teach people there. Maybe you work as a nurse, caring for someone. There's things that you can teach somebody else. From that experience. Maybe you've gone through something that's not easy to cope with. Maybe you've got a particular illness or you overcome ah condition or you've had a bereavement, something that you've coped with that you can actually teach somebody else how to do so Have a little think about that one. That is not easy to answer because it can actually surprise you. But try and think as broadly as possible on that question. The next one is kind of related because it's what have you bean through or what have you overcome in life. So that could be anything like divorce, bereavement, illness, anything that you think you've overcome. Maybe you're dealing with anxiety. Maybe you've had a mental illness. Maybe you've dealt with the break up of a relationship, so it could be a variety of things that you have been through, and we've all been through all sorts of things in life. So you're not alone in this, But in turn, it could be something that you can teach others or or write about for others to learn from . So have a little thing. What have you bean through, or what have you overcome in life, Andi, Then the last question is really what can you talk about for hours? Is there a subject that you can talk about for ages and ages and you don't get tired off it . This might be a tricky one. Some of you will think Oh, yes, I know. Straight away on others may find this a little bit harder, but have a little thing. If you can't think often answer. Ask your family or ask your friends and ask them. Hey, what do you think I always talk about? And I can't shut up about what goes on your nerves that I always talk about. So that is one way off answering this question. So I really want you to take your time with this and write this down because it's important going forward. It will really help you when you reach through it. Find similarities between the questions, things that they will have in common answers that you answer similarly for different questions, so that will direct you into the niche that you should be in. So let's get started on that after the video straight away. I want you to do that, Um and then let's have a look at what motivates other people. So the first question was really about you. All the questions were about you and what motivates you, but Now we're looking at what motivates other people because when we think off writing a block, we're not writing it for ourselves. Not if we're running it as a business. If it's a personal block as a hobby, then we can write about ourselves on it. Doesn't really matter that because we want to make money from this block, we need to really make it about the people that read all broke. So we need to find out what motivates them. So there are six things that I've pinpointed that really motivated people. The 1st 1 is wealth. We would want to be wealthier. We all want to have more money because it gives us more freedom. It gives a security Andi. It gives us peace of mind. So wealth is one off the things that really motivates people. The 2nd 1 is health. We all want to be healthier. We want to eat healthier. We want to feel how fear Let's face it without health, everything else. It's not really that important, So health is a really important motivator in people's lives. And then another thing that right debates people is beauty. We all want to look better. We all want to be liked. Well, want to Teoh, I don't know, be be more attractive to other people. So that is another motivator for people, not for everybody. But for most people, I think it's safe to say that we all want to present ourselves the best way we can. And then another thing that motivates people is interests, like your passions, your hobbies, um, something you can educate yourself about. So we all have something that we like doing, whether it's reading, whether it's gardening, whether it's watching films, whether it's spending time with family, There was something that motivates different paper aan den. Another one is relationships. Relationships motivate us because we all want to improve our relationships. Some of us want to be in a relationship. Some of us want to have better relationships, and with relationships, I mean any kind off human relationships. I could be a relationship with a partner. Ah, husband, a wife. It could be a relationship between parents and Children. It could be a relationship between friends, or it could be a working relationship, relationships with our with our bosses or with our employees. So any kind off relationship ways to improve it or creating it. That's something that motivates people. And then the last thing on our list is time. How does time motivators were? Well, like to save time, we would like to spend our time as, um, best in the best way that we possibly can. Onda. We like to organize our time. So wealth, health, beauty, interests, relationships and time there, the main things that motivate people. And funnily enough, they are the top profitable nations when it comes to blogging. So the top a money making blog's are in the health niche in the finance. Financial niche in relationships, in beauty, in interest on an organization which just to do with time. So you have to think off your niche in that way, and it should fit into one off those categories. It should fit into one off the six main blogging niches they're very broad niches on. We will have a look at how to needs down and break them down a little bit, but they are the six main, Nietzsche said. You should consider on the other thing, too. Considers when you look at those leisure is what are people willing to pay for because you want to run this block as a business. So you have to offer people value for money. You offering thumb something in exchange for their payment. So if you are in the health Leach, for example, you you could be what are people willing to pay for? Well, they're really willing to pay for systems that will help them be healthier. Um, they might be interested in an exercise regime, or they may be interested in special diets that can have, um, they may be interested in a weight loss program. Weight loss group. Um, if you're in the beauty niche you can, you can really concentrate on how to apply makeup, for example, where to buy that makeups and people are willing to to look better. They're willing to pay money to look better. So you may concentrate your blob on someone who has got problems with your skin and they want to have nice skin, so they're willing to pay for achieving that. Um, for example, if you are interested in educations, they would fall under the interests niche. Um, you would probably pay for a course, or you would pay for a way to educate yourself. I know that's something that I'm particularly interested in on. I spend money on educating myself in certain things that I find interesting a spent money on my hobby, which is gardening, for example. I think it's safe to say we've spent quite a lot of money. My husband will will say Yes, we have. So that is something that that we're interested in and we're spending money on So everybody has something that they're willing to pay for because it's giving them something in their lives that they want and that and that they're willing to to let go off their money to have that in their lives. So every news that you've got in front of you, whether it's wealth, health, beauty, interests, relationships or time, you need to find a way Teoh incorporate the will off people wanting to pay for something that is that is covered by that niche. So So you have to find your niece to block. But you also have to consider what motivates other people. What value can you offer them on? Will they be willing to pay for that? So that is the way you have to approach, um, your decision on on what to block about. If you want to block to create an income, if you want to Blawg to to just have have it as a hobby to have a diary on some people like to block about the experiences like they're writing a diary, then that's different. You can write about anything, but if you want to create a business from your blog's, you have to bear these things in mind. So I just want to quickly talk to you about things that you shouldn't do After having said all of these, I don't want you to over think it's more important that you actually start writing because once you start writing, things will fall into place. So don't feel that Oh, I don't know what my knee she is. I really don't know what I'm going to write about. Maybe you've got two things in mind and you're not sure which one to choose. Just start writing. Just start writing any off the ideas about any off the ideas that you've got, because your niche will find you in the end. Sometimes the blocks that started as one thing, and then it becomes another because The more you write, the more you find out what you really want to write about on what interests you. So it's more important to just start on. The second point is, don't start in each because you think it's going to make money and you don't know enough about it. So it's all very well thinking, Oh yes, this niche is going to make money. People are interested in these. But if you don't really know enough about it, it's not a good idea to start it. Make sure that it's something that you know about that you feel confidence in talking about Andi. You know, you think it's going to make money. So if those two things combine, then you're stepping in the right direction. On the third point is, don't be afraid of competition. Some people think, Oh, well, I'm going to write a block about frugal living, saving money budgeting and someone will say Oh, so many people are already writing about that. You know, there's a lot of competition. Well, that to me is a good thing, because if there's a lot of competition, this it means that there's a lot of interest, a lot of people are interested in this. So don't be afraid of competition, because if we were afraid of competition, nobody would start anything. You know that this ideas that are becoming really popular now that have been around for 50 60 70 years or more on because it's not you knew and because there's a lot of other people writing about it doesn't mean that you can't, you know, because you will pour to your own spin on it. You will put your own experiences into your writings. So even if there's lots of other people writing about what you want to write about, don't be afraid of that because you will give it your own stamp. You will give it your identity. It's It's what you are writing about, and that's always different. Every person is different, so don't be afraid of competition on. Just write about what you What do you want to write about SE? I have compiled a list off over 100 niche ideas on. They are to help you get started so you can download these slides that I'm showing you right now on that list off over 100 niches by clicking in the link in the description. Under my video, the list unleash suggestions to help you on your way and to give you some ideas what you could block about. So they're based on the six most profitable Aetius, which are, well, health, beauty, time, relationships and passions on If your niche falls into any off them, you're going to be on your way to have a successful block. One thing I will also say is you can break them down even further. For example, if you think off travel travel is a very broad niche, so you can narrow it down by choosing either traveling Europe, travel in Asia, travel in America or travel as a family, or traveling with Children or traveling as a solo female. That will make your blood more focused. Rather than having you know anything about traveling, it would be more mourn itched down if you have it in a If you block about something that's more focused, it's a bit like instead of being a big supermarket, you're being a little boutique. So you're you're focusing on something that you could become an expert about. So that's why it's good to focus on a more narrow niche, saying that again. There are lots of bloggers who have made a success out of lifestyle blocks, and they focus on all sorts of things, So that is possible. But more often they're not. People are more successful with a more focused blawg, so you can apply that to any needs you choose. Try and narrow it down as much as you can. So having said that, to begin with, just start writing. And don't worry too much. Blog's evolved over time. And what my start out as a travel broke may end up as a vegetarian recipe. Bloke. If you don't find your knees right right away, it will find you over time. One last Finn after your brain storming session, where you've written everything down. All those questions that I asked you ask your friends and family what they think your strengths are. Ask them what they think you are particularly good at. This might seem obvious, but very often they can add something that you might not have thought off or being aware off. Whatever you do, make sure your choice off niche is something that you can talk about for hours on that you like talking about? You've all heard of Writer's block, where people just can't write anything. But nobody has ever mentioned talkers block. So we can all talk about things, and a Brock is really like having a conversation. But longest is like, you know what you're writing should be like you're writing something to your friends. So it needs to be something that you are not tired off talking about. So I hope this all helped. And don't forget to join our Facebook group for more advice and useful tips on great support from people in the same situation as you. So the link is in the description under my video on I hope this helped you to find your nish. Andi, hopefully you're well on your way to starting your block. 3. Find a name for your blog: Now that you have decided on your knees, you topic, you need to pick a name for your blawg. Picking a name for my blocks is always one off the most difficult tasks you wanted to be right? You wanted to be memorable to aunt. He wanted to reflect your niche. So there is a lot to consider when choosing the right name for your block. You probably already have an idea, but maybe you're just not sure it's right or you may not know what to call your block it All right now, don't worry. I know some bloggers are unhappy with a block name, but they have made a success off it. Nevertheless, the most important thing about your block is the content. If the content is what people remember about your block, they will also remember your blog's name. Whatever bodies, however, you want your name to at least reflect your block content. If you're blogging about a specific niche, the name should, if possible, reflect that. Make it relevant to you. Aneesh. It's a good idea to make your blog's name relevant to your knee. Sh Make a list off all the words you can think off that relate to your niche. Just write it all down on a piece of paper. Looking at the written words can sometimes jog your memory or inspire you get up. That notable can give it a try. So if you're blogging about, for example, pet care, you want your name to reflect that you can even use a for saurus to help you along. So if you type in pet, for example, not only will it bring up synonyms but also related words. Play with a combination off words and try adding words that reflect something about you or something you love. You can also use a domain name generator like name, Boy or PANNA. Be type in two or three words that describe your blawg, and it will come up with loads of names. I find name Boy comes up with more useful names and panna B, but both can be useful in a Sfar as they can give you ideas on inspiration. Don't mislead. Make sure your blog's name is not misleading. So if you are blogging about food, for example, make sure the name reflects that niche on not something else. However, even that hasn't stopped some organisations or companies from being successful. A good example would be Airbnb. The name suggests air travel to me, but it really is an accommodation sharing platform. Or think of companies like Apple. They don't sell apples or Google, which isn't even a word. However, as a starting blogger, it really is best to start with the name that reflects what you write about. Think about your audience. Your target audience can also help in your name. Search. Who is your block directed at young old female mayor? Or maybe you are more specific and you're targeting people on a special diet or cat lovers . What is your audience looking for advice? Or are they looking for interesting stories to read about your area? Is your block written for beginners, you can combine words that describe your niche with what your audience is looking for. Make it easy. Make it easy to write and easy to remember your name. Some names sound grade until you write them down and you find them difficult to spell. Remember that people will most likely type your domain name into their search bar or your blog's name into Google to find you. If it's hard to spell or remember that won't help check out your competition. What are other bloggers in your niche calling their blog's. Let them inspire you. That being said, don't copy. Be yourself as much as possible. But as much as you admire somebody else's style, don't copy them or you won't stand out. There are lots of bloggers out there, and you want to be unique and have your own style. However, looking at your competitors can inspire you on. Give you ideas that you can adapt and change to your own style. Make the name a call to action. Are you helping other people achieve something with your blawg? Maybe you are helping other people to focus on positive thinking so your block would be called. Focus on positives or think positively. If you're writing about the paleo diet, for example, you could call it start a paleo journey or learn about paleo. Those names might not be very exciting or clever, but they really spell out what your block is all about. You could just also call your block your name. A real life example would be Neil Patel dot com or Alison Lindstrom dot com so your name would be your brand, Which is great if you're willing to put yourself out there personally, I would have a few issues with privacy. Some people could feel that it's too much toe. Have your personality out there for the whole world to see. But it really depends on the type of blogger running Ondas. Long as you're comfortable with it, this could be a great way forward. Check The domain is available. Once you have fought off a name, the next thing you want to do is to check that the domain is available. A domain name is Theodore s off your block, for example. My block is called the Home Boss. On the Domain is the home boss dot com. It's where you find it on the Internet. You can choose to have a dot com at the end or a dot co dot UK or dot net or others. So, for example, if the name you have chosen for your blog's ease my London lifestyle, for example, you need to check if my London lifestyle dot com is available. If it is, the next step is to buy the domain. That means the name is yours for however long you wanted and pay for it. You can buy domain names for less than £10 a year. Some are a bit more, depending on the name we will cover how to buy the domain In another lesson. For now, just check that the name you want is available on. You can do this by going to name cheap dot com or go daddy dot com. There are lots of companies that you can check domain names with. These are just two examples, but you can just do a Google search for domain name checker on. You should have quite a few companies coming up that you can use to check your domain is available. What if the domain name is taken? One of my blocks is a gardening block that I started off as a lifestyle Blawg. Remember I told you blocks can change over time. My one did. I wanted the name to reflect the gardening niche, but also my other category, which is positive thinking. I don't know why, but thinking off the name was one of the hardest things. Every time I thought I had something, it just didn't feel right or it was too long or too complicated. Nothing worked for me. Then I thought off the saying, When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Great quote. And at the time, I had just bought a lemon tree for my garden. So I thought my name should be life and lemons. Yea, all set to start blogging wrong. Turns out when I went to buy the domain name, I wanted life and lemons dot com It was already taken. This could happen to you too. You would think off the perfect name only for it to be unavailable. But don't worry. I think I found a solution. I thought off adding a short word to the name on my blawg suite. Life on lemons was born just by adding the word sweet in front of my chosen name. I was able to buy the domain. Not perfect, but I like it. So if you find your name is taken, try adding an adjective or short word before or between or after your name. For example, Sweet, warm, great, big, short, long grade, tall, fabulous, cozy, crazy or colors like red, green, yellow. You get the idea. There are lots of adjectives that can be matched to your knees for my latest block I had chosen home boss. That's the name I wanted, home boss. But that was taken, so it became the home boss. I think that's quite a good compromise. Just by adding that little word there, I was able to buy the domain name, so I'm happy. One last thing I did make one mistake. Though I didn't check whether the name was already taken on social media, I found that somebody else was already using the home boss on instagram and Pinterest. Big mistake. Luckily, I found a way around it by changing the name slightly for those social media platforms. Avoid making my mistake from the start. Social media is important for bloggers on. I would suggest that as a starting blogger, you concentrate on one or two platforms and leave any others for later. Depending on your knees, you may find that you will have more followers on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. It's up to you to find the best one for you. But a very important platform that will give you lots of traffic for your block is Pinterest, So I would recommend you include Pinterest Above all in your social media decision, you can use companies like Go daddy dot com or 123 reg dot co dot UK to buy your domain from. But as you need to host your block, you can also do this directly from your hosting company. This will be covered in my next lesson where I will walk you through finding the best host company for your blawg. So without further ado, let's go to less and three all about taking your next step towards owning your own block. 4. Finding the right platform and hosting your blog: what is self hosting? What does self hosting actually mean? It means that unlike a free platform, you're going to have to pay a hosting company to put your block on the Internet. Every website is stalled or hosted on computers called service. This is often referred to as self hosting. But of course you're not hosting your blog's yourself on your own computer you're using ah , hosting company. If you're blogging as a hobby, there are lots of very good and free blogging platforms available. Blogger and WordPress are probably the best known ones. Free platforms are great, but because your blood is going to be the basis for your business, you need to self hosted. That means you need to be in full control of your block, and the best way to do this is to host your blog's yourself by using a hosting company. That way, you're bloggers yours, you own it. Free platforms mean that they can put adverts on your block without you being able to control what they are. They could also shut down your block for any reason, and you would lose all your hard work. Free platforms can also prevent you for monetizing your blawg by having a self hosted bloke . You are in total control of your blawg on. You can monetize it in much easier ways. You are the owner off your blogged. What is the difference between wordpress dot com on wordpress dot o'rourke. You have very likely heard off WordPress, and most people know the side wordpress dot com, which is a free blogging platform on. They will host your block for free, but with the limits that Free House didn't bring. So we don't want to use this the dot com side. You want to use the wordpress dot org's side, which you can use for self hosted blog's. So when people say they use WordPress for their block, they could be referring to the free platform wordpress dot com. All the self hosted one wordpress dot orc setting up your block with wordpress dot or is one of the best ways to start is one off the It's one of the most popular platforms for bloggers and businesses. The amount off themes and plug ins available make this a very versatile and customizable side. That means you can make your blob look like the way you want it to look, Don't worry. If it all seems a bit daunting to begin with, it really is not very difficult. Once you know your way around the WordPress site setting up your block now this is the exciting part. There are many hosting companies out there, and most of them are very good for the purpose off this course. And because I use them myself and I can recommend them wholeheartedly, we will be using side ground head over to www dot side ground dot com. Forward slash go forward slash the home boss. This is my affiliate link, which means that I will receive a small commission. Should you choose to click on this, This will not cost you anything extra on. We will learn all about affiliate links in an upcoming lesson. It will take you straight to the side ground sign up page. So let's get started. Oh, and the reason I recommend side ground is because I just love it. I love it when companies give great customer service and support on. This is what I have found with side ground. I've not experienced any downtime yet or any problems with my side and I did contact them a lot in the early days because I was new to blogging and I really didn't know my way around and they were great Side ground made it so easy to ask any questions via their chattering on. They help me quickly and efficiently, sometimes even doing the work themselves. When I couldn't work out how to do something on, you can get started from £2.95 per month, the equivalent in your own currency if you live in the U. S. Or in any other country, it's very, very cheap. It's incredibly good value because when you think about it, what business can you think off that would have such low start up costs. You can't start a business for this little money. If you had a stool, for example, in the High Street, you would be paying hundreds or even thousands in rent every month. Aunt, you wouldn't have the whole world able to shop there, you to be limited to your local clients on. That's why I love blogging. It has been a steep learning cover times, but in terms off ease and affordability, it's really hard to beat signing up to side ground in three easy steps. So the picture shows you the three plans that are available on site ground on for everyone who is just starting. I think the starter plan is the one I would recommend. It provides you with everything you need right now, and you can always upgrade later. When you're blogging, Career is really taking off. For now, all you need is a reliable host with no frills or extras. Later on, when you maybe want to add another blow, Gore, you want to have a few blog's. You can, for example, choose the grow big plan on. If you're really successful, then you would obviously go for the go geek. But for now, just to start up, we will start with the startup plan. Step two. Choosing your domain. So once you have chosen your plan, it is time to register or by your domain name. If you already have a domain, you can just enter your domain name, and it will guide you straight through to the next step. If you don't have a domain, hopefully you have already checked. If it's available on, all you need to do is to enter these into register and you domain Step three, registering your domain. Fill in all the details and check that everything is correct. Once you have paid for your domain and hosting, you're ready to go, You're nearly done. Now all you have to to is to set up your block. You have your domain name and hosting account, all set up. Now let's build your block. Once you have registered your domain and signed up before your hosting account, you will see the confirmation that your account has been successfully created at the bottom . Off the page, Click on Proceed to customer area. It will take you to a new page with several options. Choose start a new website. There will be a choice off platforms and you will need to click on WordPress because our blawg is a website that we're building it on WordPress. So that's why you need to start in your website on click on WordPress, fill in your details and click confirm. The next page will show a summary and ask you to confirm again. So just to check your details on confirm if everything is right now you're hosting account is ready to use proceed to customer area. Your blog's is ready. So how do we get to your bloke? How do you work on your block? How do we You know what? What do we do now? Going forward. So to get to the abdomen area off your block where you can customize your side and where you can write your posts, you need to enter your domain in the browser, followed by forward slash WP dash admin. So, for example, if your domain name is my lovely blogger dot com, then you need to type my lovely block dot com forward slash WP dash admin into the browser on Dhue will be taken to the logging for your blawg. Congratulations. You are now the proud owner off your very own blawg.