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The Blog Creator: Build a blogging business for beginners

teacher avatar Nuria Corbi Carrasco, Blogger, coach and educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (2h 56m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. How to add a theme and plugins

    • 3. Adding mandatory pages about me and privacy policy

    • 4. Creating a menu

    • 5. Creating categories

    • 6. All about colour

    • 7. Creating a logo

    • 8. Creating a favicon

    • 9. Check in after customise your blog lesson

    • 10. GDPR compliance

    • 11. What is SEO

    • 12. Yoast SEO

    • 13. SEO summary checklist

    • 14. Google analytics

    • 15. Familiarise yourself with wp

    • 16. Where to find free images

    • 17. How to make money from your blog

    • 18. Blog Post Types

    • 19. Structuring your blog posts

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About This Class

I have covered setting up a WordPress blog in a previous course, and this is the follow-on where you will learn 

  • how to add a theme and plugins
  • adding mandatory pages (about me and privacy policy)
  • creating a menu and categories
  • all about colour
  • creating a logo and a favicon
  • GDPR compliance
  • SEO and all about the Yoast SEO plugin
  • connecting to Google Analytics and familiarising yourself with the WordPress settings
  • where to find free images for your blog
  • how you can make money with your blog
  • how to structure your posts

I wish you all the best and a succesful blog launch!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nuria Corbi Carrasco

Blogger, coach and educator


Hello, I'm Nuria.

I'm a blogger, coach and educator and run and

I graduated in business studies in Germany and also have graphic design and teaching qualifications. I have run various businesses, one included a language teaching academy and have also run profitable e-commerce businesses. I am the owner of The Home Boss where I blog and educate people who want to start their own business from home. And Sweet Life and Lemons, a lifestyle blog about gardening and mindfulness. 

I hope you enjoy my courses and wish you every success!

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1. Introduction to the course: Hello and welcome to the block Creator. Build a blogging business for beginners. My name is Maria Kolbe. Andi. I run a lifestyle and gardening block on also the home Bostock comb, which is where I teach people how to block as a business. If you followed my previous cause, the block creator set up a WordPress block for beginners. You would have learned how to set up a blawg aunt. How to self host your blogging on WordPress. So now this cause is all about taking it to the next step, aunt to build a blogging business with your blawg. So what will you learn in this course? You're going to learn how to add a theme on plug ins. You're also going to learn how to add mandatory pages like your about me page and your privacy policy on. Then I'm going to walk you through creating a menu on categories. There's also a lesson all about color. So how to add color to your blawg on? We also learn about creating a logo onda fabric. On another lesson is all about GDP, our compliance. So we just want to make sure that our blawg is compliant by law on a very important lesson will be about Seo search engine optimization and all about the Yost s CEO plug in. We will also connect your block to Google Analytics on Familiarize Ourselves with the WordPress settings. There's a little bonus for you on that is a list or a lesson on where to find free images for your blawg. It's so important that your blob looks appealing and attractive to your readers. So where to get your images from is really important? Another very important lesson is how you can make money with your block on DWI will be going through how it is possible to turn your blawg into a business, and lastly, we will see how to structure your posts. So there will be some helpful templates included in your course that help you to create your first block post. Andi, I would love it if you could upload your first block post as one off the projects at the end of this course. So I hope you really enjoy this cause, Andi, this could be your first step towards your own blogging business. So I wish you all the best with this hope you enjoy the cause on If you have any questions , just ask 2. How to add a theme and plugins: Now you have set up your hosting as per our last lesson. It's time to start setting up that block. Whichever hosting company you have chosen, they will make it easy for you to get wordpress dot organ stalled. You can easily do it yourself, but if you're not sure or don't feel confident right now, ask your host for help and they will gladly assist. Once you have everything ready, you're now the proud owner off a block. And now comes the fun part, setting up your side and choosing a theme. Your blog's looks nothing like the finished product at the moment because you haven't written anything yet to fill it with content, you need to ride an about me page and a privacy policy, which will will cover in another lesson on Did you need to set up a menu that's apart from giving your side look that makes it unique to you? By adding a theme on, you probably need a few plug ins to add functionality. Don't panic. If this all sounds too much, don't worry will go. One step at a time on dit really will seem quite easy. After a while, you will be really familiar with all of this. And you will easily change the look of your blawg at pages on Be really confident with a WordPress platform. I remember feeling quite overwhelmed at times at the beginning, but it does become second nature after some time. Trust me. The first time you log into your block, it will look a bit like this. This is what we call the back end off your site. Everything you do with your side happens here. Right at the top. You have the word dashboard Onda on the left hand side, you have a menu bar. If you click on home, it will take you to the dashboard. You can either click on home or dashboard. Both lead to the same thing underneath. You will find posts. This is where you write your content. All posts will take you to a page with a list off all you've written posts, which should be empty right now, as you haven't written anything yet. However, sometimes wordpress adds filler content so you can see what a post would look like. If you have any posts like that, any filler content, you can just delete them. We don't need them. If you click on, add new. That would bring you to the editor, which is where you can write your posts. Then there is categories on the tags button. We will look at these later. What we want to do, for now is to choose a theme for your blog's. A theme is the look off your blawg. If your block was a house, the theme would be the Deco, or if it was a person, it would be their clothes. So it gives. It's what gives your block your look and identity. A theme lets you change the colors off your blawg. It lets you add a logo. You can customize the funds and the sizes off your phones, so it's basically what helps your block look the way you want it to look free theme or premium theme. There are many free themes to choose from, and there are others you have to pay for. The advantage with paid themes is that they are usually updated fairly regularly. They tend to have better functionality, less problems and many more options to customize your blawg. However, to start your block, a free theme will be absolutely fine. In fact, a lot of successful blog's are run on free themes without any problems. When you are starting your blog's, you also don't know what you need from your theme. At that point, once your blog's more established, you will know what functionality you want from a theme on. Then you can choose one accordingly. A free theme that I'm using with one Off My Blocks is the Savona theme from Optima themes. It's very easy to customize and looks great. Once my block is more established, I prefer to use a paid theme, and the home boss dot com, for example, is run on the Viva Viva theme from peptic on. My gardening block also runs on the crystal theme from Peptic. There are many other themes. Of course, on you can start with a free theme. In fact, I recommend that you start with a free theme. You don't need to pay any money right now because you can change at a later point at any time. You can change your theme on what we want to do is now just to get started, so free is great. Can I change my theme? The fun thing about themes is that you can change them when you don't feel happy about the look of your blawg, and you can change as often as you like. Changing your theme does not affect your posts. Your posts are always on WordPress and you won't lose thumb. However, once you are happy with the look off your blawg, I would stick to it and not change. The reason is that your readers will get used to the layout off your blawg and might not like the changes a bit like when you go to your supermarket and everything has been moved about. Don't you find that annoying? I do so your blood is no different. People will get used to it and know where to find things, so you don't change your theme too often. So now we're going to install a theme. Don't worry, I'll be walking you through the process, step by step. So let's jump right in and install your theme. So what we want to do now is we want to install a theme to your block Now. A theme, as I explained before, is how your block looks. It gives your block the look that you want to achieve its to do with the design off the blob? You can change the colors. Um, you can add a menu. There are so many things you could do with your theme. And every theme is different. There are paid themes and there are free themes. Onda. As you know, I am suggesting that the best thing to do is to use a free theme when you're starting up. Andi also, just because at the moment you don't really know what you want from a theme. There may be sometime later where you want specific features on your block on a different theme might give that to you, but we have to start somewhere. So I think we will pick a theme that I think is very easy to use and very simple and actually looks very good. So how do we change or how do we choose a theme for your blob? You're on the dashboard now, but if you go into left hands onto the left hand side and you scroll down to appearance, if you hover over appearance, you getting a drop down menu on the first item on the drop down menu is themes. So we click on that, the page that has just loaded. He's showing you all the themes that are installed on your block that you can use and the one that's active at the moment on. It's the one that most blog's have active by default is the 2017 um, theme on its very nice. It's not bad if I if I go on my side and just check on it so you can see what this looks like. So this would be how your blawg looks like if we had Richard some block posts at the moment , there's nothing on the block, so it's empty, but you can see the layout that's basically a big head, a picture on. Then you can add menus and things like that, but it's fairly. It's fairly simple, but it's not the kind of look that I'm looking for personally. So and I want to show you how to change a theme anyway. So let's change this. So we go back to our theme page, Andi, now toe add a new theme. You can see there's about another top that says, Add new. We click on that and you can see There's a page with loads and loads of themes that are all very nice. But we're looking for one particular one on. I want to choose the Saviola theme, so I type that in there. Onda automatically. It will come up with all the Savona themes on the one that I think looks very nice. They're all very nice, very stylish, very modern. But I quite like the Savona edge because it's got a very simple menus simple to use, So I'm going to go ahead and click on Install. Now it's installing that theme to our block. Once it's installed, what we will have to do is to activate it. So now we click on this button again, and this will activate the theme. So now it's activated. We can see it here, so we just cooked quickly, have a look and see what it looks like on our side. So this is how it looked like before. If I refresh it, it should come up with a new theme. Here we go. So this is what it will look like. Obviously, there's no pictures there now. There's no color, but we've got the bones off the blocks set up. This is like the skeleton off the off the block that's holding everything together. Say, what do we do now? We got back to the page with the themes on. Now we can start customizing our theme, and we would do that. But by either going on customize here or if you want to come back at a later stage and you want to find it, you simply click over or your hover over appearance and you go into themes on this page will come up, and then you can just click Customize. Now we have installed your theme. Let's install some plug ins. What are plug INS? Perkins are small pieces of software that you can add to your blawg to make it do different things. They add features to your block easily without you having to know any coding. Depending on which hosting company you are with, there may be some plug in's already pre installed. If you're not sure, leave them as they are. If you find you're not going to use them, you can deactivate or delete them. For now, let's just add some important plug ins to help you get started. My three main plug ins to start with number one Yost s CEO. This helps with ranking higher on Google and structuring your posts. Number two is share aholic. It places social media icons on your posts for easy sharing on to drive more traffic to your posts on Number three is the classic editor. It makes writing posts easier if you're not used to the new Gutenberg editor. A little while ago, what press brought out the Gutenberg editor, which changed things quite a lot for all of us who were used to writing posts in in a certain way, which was the classic editor on a lot of people found it very difficult to switch to Gutenberg. So someone brought out of Plug In, which is the classic editor on. It makes our lives so much easier on its. It's just easier to use. I find it easier to use other people. My fat might find the Gutenberg that way easier. But to me, I think if you're a beginner, the classic editor is the way to go. So how do you install your plug ins to install a plaque in Go to your dashboard on DFO from the left hand side menu. Select plug ins. You'll see it a bit further down. If you look at the left hand side, just find plug ins and you click on there. You will see a similar page to the one in the picture. Although you may have different plug in's already installed or it may be empty in the top left hand corner, you will see a button saying Add new. Let's click on that. You will now see a selection off plug ins on this page, but I want you to head to the top right hand corner where you will see a search box. There. You can enter the name off the plaque in you want to install. For example, let's start with the classic editor plug in type classic editor into the search box on You will see the results come up. You now have the results for Classic editor on the screen on the 1st 1 is the one we're looking for. Notice that just to the top right off the classic editor plug in There is a button that says, in store now clicking. This will install the plaque in, so go ahead and do that and then, once installed, the button will change to blue on it will say activate. All you need to do now is to click on Activate on dure. Plug in is ready to go. This is how you can install any plug in on your blawg. Now, go ahead and add, Yoast. Seo Andi, share aholic to your side and you're all set One final thing. So now you're Block is all set up and ready for your writing. Although we still need to add some important pages that we will cover in our next lesson, your block will not to look like a block right now. You need to add a logo and make the side look nice by changing the colors on funds so that it's personal to you on just how you wanted to look. However, because there are no written posts yet, nothing much is going to show up just now, and we need to fill your blawg with some posts before you can really see what it will look like. So grab a coffee on, let's hop onto our next lesson, but we will return to the design off the block when we have added a bit of content 3. Adding mandatory pages about me and privacy policy: you're about me page. Did you know that the about me page is one of the most visited pages on a website? It's quite astonishing. I didn't know this when I started blogging as a blogger, with sometimes concentrate so hard on creating interesting and helpful content that we completely forget to tell our readers who we are, because that is what an about me page is all about. Telling your readers who you are. You wouldn't start a conversation with a stranger without introducing yourself first, right where blogging is very much like having a conversation with your reader, and chances are they want to know who is talking to them. Who is giving them all this information. So what can you write in your about me page to make your blog's stand out? What should you say about yourself that gives your reader confidence in you and builds trust festival? Introduce yourself. This is the easy part. Tell your readers who you are and give them your name. A block without a person behind, it can be very impersonal. If you're not ready to give you a real name to the world, you could write your block without doing that. But even then, give yourself a pen name because people like to feel there's a real person behind the block . A lot of bloggers do this very successfully. It's very important to include a photo of yourself or a leased an avatar. A photo is great. People like to put a face to a name and feel far more confident in your block if they can do that. Second, how does your bloke help? People won't stay on your block for long if they don't find any value in what you're saying . So your about me page is a good place to tell them about what you want to achieve with your block and how you can help your reader. Depending on what you're blogging, niche is tell you read of what they can expect to find aunt how it can help. The third point would be to build trust. There are so many blocks out there. Why should your readers read yours? Tell them about yourself, any experience you've had in your field or why you started writing. Your readers need to feel connected to you in some way. They need to feel that you understand them and that you have something to offer that can help or add value. Make it personal if you're comfortable with it, but not too much. You don't want them to feel that this block is just about you. Always remember that it is all about your readers. The next point would be to encourage your readers. Whatever your blogging topic. Ornish. Remember toe. Always encourage and empower your readers. You know you have done a good job as a blogger. When you readers leave your block feeling better, informed feeling inspired and empowered, give them the confidence they need by mentioning how you overcame something or how you achieved something that they can also achieve by following your advice on the last point would be a call to action. What's next. Use your about me page to let your readers know what to do next. Include a link to oppose that is relevant to lead your reader on a journey through your blawg, or give your readers instructions about what to do next if they are interested or even point them to your newsletter. The important thing is to let your reader no how they can use your block and your message to achieve or to find out what they need to know. One thing I would also recommend is to keep your about me page short. I have seen some pages where a blogger has told their life story and whiles some people will find it interesting. Most of us, sadly, don't have the time or patience to read it when we're looking for specific information. We live in a world where we expect instant results, especially on the Internet. We want to find information quickly, and that is also true for about me. Pages don't make it too long. Give you reader what they need to know quickly. Also, make sure your pages easily found the best way to do this is to incorporate it into your head a menu. I'll explain about menus later. In this lesson, you also don't necessarily need to call it about me. You could call it about us or how I can help or what we do or who we are. Whatever fits best into your blogging style privacy policy on disclaimers. Every block has to have a privacy policy and may be required by law, depending on where you live. This is to protect the privacy rights of individuals, and this is where it gets slightly complicated, depending on what country you live in. Privacy policies may be different as I'm not a lawyer. I can't advise you specifically on your own situation, but you can research bloggers in your country and take a look at their privacy policies. This may give you an idea on what is required in your case. You can also Google Privacy policy generator, followed by your country of residence, and you should get a number off sides that generate a suitable privacy policy for your region. One that I find covers most things is privacy policies dot com. Most privacy policies cover the same things, but each country can have differences on. It's worth checking that you are compliant, adding a new page, adding a new page to your blog's very simple. On the left hand side menu off your WordPress admin, find pages and click on add New. The page you will see will have add new page at the top, and just below will be a box that says, at tighter. This is where you fill in the name off your page so in this case, let's enter your about me page the space underneath where the Red Cross is. That is where you ride your post or, in this case, your about me page. Once you have written your about me page, you can click the publish button on the right hand side, and that's it. You've published your first page. You can repeat this process with your privacy policy, and now you have to mandatory pages on your blawg. There is one last thing to do on your privacy policy before you hit. Publish. Scroll down the editor until you find the Yost s CEO section. Remember, that is the plug in that you installed for your blog's CEO. There is an advanced section that has a couple off drop down menus. Where'd asks to show this page in search results? Set it to no and where it asks, Should search engines follow links on this page? Click know also, this is because Google doesn't like duplicate content, and privacy policies are very similar across the board. Google made thing may think it's a duplicate page. By taking these boxes, it tells Google not to index your page so that it doesn't flag up as duplicate. The privacy policy is the only page you need to do this for 4. Creating a menu: So let's create a menu. I'm going to walk you through the process. So, um, let's have a look. Let's see what is a menu anyway? So a menu is basically where people find your where people find things on your block. So, for example, if we go to the home boss dot com, my blawg, the menu is here at the top off the block. So you see, it's got home about me starting a block on the privacy policy. So more often than not, you find menus at the top. Off page is if we go to my other blawg, my gardening blog's sweet Up Sweet Life and lemons again, you will find the menu at the top off the page. So you've got the home tab Gardening. Happy Corner, the story of our garden shop Andi. Again. The menu is right at the top, so I think that is probably the best place to put in any. You could have it in other places, but let's keep it simple and leave the menu at the top off the page. So to create your menu, you want to go into the dashboard off your WordPress on and on the left hand side. We go down and we find the tab called Appearance on. If you hover over the tab, it it shows you the thes drop downs. So you get themes customized, which IDS, menus header background about Savona, which is my theme that I use and theme editor. So we want to click on menus. Let's click on menus. Let's load that up on now. You you find this page that says menus right at the top. Andi, this is the menus structure. So where it says menu name. This is basically a name that we give to the menu. You can call it whatever you like, because this isn't actually going to show anywhere on your block. It's just some. It's just a name that you give to the menu so that you can make adjustments later on and and you know where to find it. So I'm gonna call my men You talk menu because it is at the top off the page, so that will make it easier for me to find it. So now we click on the right hand side with us, create menu, so we're creating the menu, and now what we want to do this. We want to add things to the menu. So I want to add my privacy policy on D. I want to add my about me page. Now, when you go on this page in your WordPress admin, you might find that this what we call filler content. So that means that there may be pages that you actually haven't written or created. But they come with your theme because basically, when a log is empty and you're just starting your blob, it's very hard for people to visualize what the blawg would look like when there's no content in it, when there's no pages that there's nothing written in it. So some off the themes put in filler content like sample pages, they don't actually say anything. Sometimes it's just words that don't make any sense. I'm sure you've seen that before. On Do what you can do is you can just delete them because we don't really need them at the moment. But the way you would delete them is if you've got anything here that is not something that you've written. All you have to do is go to pages appear on then you click on all pages that will load a page with all off the pages on your block, whether you've written them or somebody else has written them. You know, if they come with your theme and then what you can do is you can take the ones that you don't want if there are any on delete. Um, so that's where you would delete any pages that you don't want. So how do we add the privacy policy on the about me page to this top menu? So very simply, we click them, we select the mall, we click, add to menu. You see Now they have appeared under the top menu, and you can actually change them around. So, for example, if you left click and hold, you can put it underneath and you can even create, um, sup headings just by lifting this just by dragging it a little bit of the right. And then this privacy policy would be a sub heading for the about me page. But we don't want that. We both we want them both to be on the same on the home page, Um, and talking about home page. If you noticed both. My blog's have got a home tap here, and what that does is whenever people click on the home tab, you might be looking at a blogger in there, and then you want to go back to the home page, and it's very easy to just click on home. Sometimes the same happens when you click on the logo. Um, so the way you would do that is here under custom links. If you click that, it gives you an entry for u. R L. And you would put your domain name in there, which would be your home page. So, for example, if your domain is my lovely block dot com, for example, you would put that in here and then you under link text, you would type home. So that would be what shows up on your menu. And that's how you would create home tab for your menu, right? We're not going to do that now because we're just doing the about me Page and the privacy policy. But you know how to do this now, if you want to do that or we need to do now is to save the menu, so we click on safe menu on. We also need to click appear on manage locations because we want to make this top menu appear at the top off the page. So we have to click this select menu top menu. Um, let's see if this works. I think we might have to put it under main menu and that would be top menu. So we would I think it would be this one main menu and then you select the one that we called Top Menu. Let's have a look and see if this is correct. So I've saved the changes. Now we can check if I go to our blocks. You can do that appear, but says visit site, click on that. And that should come up with here where it worked. So our block called Working from home. You can see the top here top menu. There is our about me page on the privacy policy. So we're starting to get an idea of how our block would look Andi, just to remind you that by now you would have set up a theme for your blawg. I'm using the Savona. Um theme. Um, I think it looks quite nice for for this kind of block, and it's very simple to use and it's free. So that's all a bonus. So let's go back now. We've set up our menu. Um, if you wanted to edit your many, you go back to edit menus. Andi, if you wanted to add any more pages like I said, you could add a home link. Or if you wanted to add a shop later on, or whatever you want to add later on, you can do that here in your menu. Andi. Um, I will probably in another lesson, show you how to do categories so that you can divide this even further. Um, but that is that is that bit more advanced? And we don't need that right now. At the moment that the main thing is, you have set up your menu on your block, it's starting to take shape 5. Creating categories: so categories are a great way to organize your blawg without cut agrees, it would be very difficult to find particular articles. Categories are a bit like supermarket aisles. If you want to find bread, you go to the bread aisle. If you want to buy potatoes, you go to the vegetable section so your blog's similar. It needs to be organized so that people confined. Your blog's under the right category. Once you have written opposed, you need to assign it a category under which it will be stored. A well organized blawg makes it very easy for your readers to find what they're looking for , and that's what we want. We want our readers to find things easily. Otherwise they might go somewhere else. That's not what we want. So now you know how to set up a menu. I'm going to show you how to create categories for your blog's. Now categories are a very convenient way to organize your Panelists on that is so that people can find your articles quickly and easily. So what is a category? Well, imagine you have a beauty blawg, so you could organize it into eye makeup, skin care, hair so that they would be your categories. You could have a category just on. I'm a car just on skin care and so on. Or, for example, if you have a travel block, you could have a category called traveling on a Budget or another one traveling with Children or traveling tips so it just organizes your blog's in a convenient way for people to find things. So how do we set up a category? If you go on to your dashboard on? Did you hover over posts? You can see that or posts add new on categories and tags comes up, so we want to click on categories on now we're in the categories Page. We want to name our first category. Now. This blawg is called Working from Home. So it's teaching people what to do when they're working from home, how they can make money, how they could be motivated. So we're going to call our first category motivation. So, um, we've entered motivation into the name box. Andi it underneath. You see it says, slug the slug. It's just the girl friendly version off the names, so you don't have to worry about that because that gets, um, generated automatically. Onda. We also don't need to do anything where it says parent category. Andi, even description. We can just leave blank. You can have themes where whatever you type into the description box comes up on your category page. But I think for now it's just a lot easier to leave that blank on Do you can always decide later on if you want to show her description off your category. So now we click on add new category toe, Add this category, toe our block and you can see that on the right hand side. Charities motivation on its come up you can see underneath. There is already a category that says Uncut agrees that automatically comes up on every blogged, every WordPress block. But we just leave that there. That's basically where all block coasts block posts Go that you don't assign a Category four. So now we want to create another category on. We could call this one affiliate marketing affiliate. Marketing is something that bloggers should use to make money. So that's something that you could write a lot of blood posts about again. We leave the slug blank. We don't touch the parent category and we don't add a description, and we just press add new category. So now we've got affiliate marketing coming up there on. We're going to add one more on. We could call these jobs that pay from home. That's a good one to have again. We don't do anything to the rest off the boxes and we just add new category. So what do we do now? Now we want to check and see if anything has changed on our side on our home page. So we click on visit site Andi, they still haven't come up here. You only have the about me page on the privacy policy as we, um, set them up in our last lesson. So now we go back to our categories and we want to add them to all menu. So, as you know, we go onto appearance on we go down to menu and click on that. Let's have a look. There we go. Remember last time we clicked privacy policy on about to me and then added to the menu where now we want to go down to categories? Andi, if you go on to view or because At the moment it's on most used and we haven't ever used any categories so far. So we click on view all and there are the categories that you just set up. So now we click on affiliate marketing jobs that pay from home and motivation. Onda. We added to the menu. Now you can see they're here underneath your about me page in your privacy policy. You could drag this on, really order the categories or even create sub categories by dragging it to the right hand side. But I like to have the about me page in the privacy policy first, actually, let's have the privacy policy at the end. The about me page is quite important, so I like to leave that quite visible in first place. So now we click safe menu. Don't forget to do that. I sometimes forget and and then nothing happens. So after we've clicked safe many, we check on our side again. Go on there. And now we refresh it. Um, and then it should come up. Here we are. So now you've got the about me page affiliate marketing jobs that pay from Haro motivation on our privacy policy. So there you are. So that's how you set up your categories 6. All about colour: it's time we add some color to your block, and this is an important part off building your site. As bloggers, we think that what we write is the most important part of our block on that is right. But the way our blob looks is really something that we cannot ignore, and we should give it the importance that it deserves. I've seen many blocks that have had so many colors. It was getting difficult to read at times. Ah, while ago it was really common to see blog's with black or dark backgrounds with writing that was difficult to read because it didn't contrast with the black. I've also seen blocks where there was no particular color scheme and the blogger road different paragraphs in different colors, probably because they thought the more color, the better and the more interesting it would make their block. Look, there seems to be a fashion for blog's. Nowadays, for example, most blocks have a white background with clean black or grey writing. Although there are trends as in any fashion, I think we have also learned that the simpler and cleaner a blob looks the easier it is for people to read on, the more attractive it is to a greater number off. People think about it. You want to appeal to as many people as possible. You want people to think you're block is easy to read and attractive, so color formed choices and how your blog's organized is very important. Keep your block clean. Limit your colors on. Make your funds as biggest possible and easy to read and to. Then there is the psychology of colors. I won't spend too much time going over what different colors convene to your readers. There is a lot of information about this already on the Internet. Andi, quite frankly, the more I read about it, the more confusing it can become. However, as any shopkeeper or advertiser knows, colors can evoke different emotions in people, and it is a good idea to keep this in mind When choosing your brand colors. You only have to think about a traffic light When we see red, it means stop green means go ahead. Most online shops have green buy now buttons because we know that greens green means go ahead. Clever, isn't it? So here are some tips for creating your color palette I would suggest to stick just 2 to 3 colors. Too many colors can be confusing on a block on. Just using two or three colors will make it much cleaner. Check out Blog's that you like the look off and find inspiration. That doesn't mean you copy them, but you'd get inspired by them. Create a mood board. Choose colors you like, but keep it related to your business on. Also, finally find out what other people in your niche use. So have a look at blog's that are similar to the one you're planning on creating on DSI. What their color schemes are. Andi. Finally, I just wanted to share some really useful color tools that you can use for your block. The 1st 1 is color dot adobe dot com. On this is probably the best tool to help you find color combinations. I love this this tour because you can even find colors that you have on an image that you like. You just upload the image to this site. Andi. It shows you what the colors are exactly on the image. Whichever beat you click on that is going to show you the color before that point in the image. Andi. It's also a really good tool to find combinations, to find contrast in colors or to find complementary colors. There's a lot you can do with this very, very useful. The 2nd 1 is Sears s dr dot com On this tool is quite similar in a way in that it lets you upload an image on. Then it provides you with the color palette based on the image. So again, a very useful tool. The next one is designed seeds dot com, and this is basically on extensive archive off color palettes. You could spend a long time on this page. Just looking at all the different color combinations on it is a really it can be quite useful as well on the 3rd 1 Sorry, the 4th 1 is a Google chrome extension, which is the color pink eye dropper, and I use that quite a lot to select color from Web pages. So, for example, if you are looking at a block and you think I really like the color they're using on their logo, I wonder what color that is. How can I replicate that? So you click on the Google color pick eyedropper Andi hover over the bit on the website that you like the color off and then it will tell you exactly what color that is, so that you can then use it on your block. So hopefully this is hopeful to you, Andi, I hope that you find really beautiful colors for your blawg. Let's add some color to your blawg. How do we do that? Right. We'll go to your dashboard on on the left hand side. You scroll down until you get to appearance. Now, once you hover over appearance, the second drop down says customized. So we want to click on that. And this is where we go every time we want to change something to the layout or to the design off the block. So we click on Customize on this will take us to a page here where you can see your block on the right hand side. This is what your block will look like to people when they go on your home page. Um, and any any changes that you make will show up straight away here so that you can see how your changes take effect on how they look on your block. So if you've chosen the Savona theme, you will have exactly the same things on your computer screen that you can see here now. But if you've chosen a different theme, that could mean that these options are different. It may not look exactly the same, but it works on the same principle. So whatever theme you have chosen, once you click customize you come to a page like very similar to this one, where you have your options on the left hand side and where you can make the changes that you want to make. So even though this may look different if you have chosen a different theme, the principle is the same, so I can still show you what you would do to change or to make any changes to your block. So what we want to change now is the colors. So we click on colors on what have we got here? So because one thing I should mention because this is a free theme, we are slightly limited on the options that were being offered Ah, paid for theme would give us a lot more options. There would be a lot more things that you can change. That would probably be more things that you can change the color off for the layout. But this is a free theme, and I think for a free theme there is quite a few that we can change. And this will be absolutely fantastic to start with an absolutely adequate. So let's see what we can change about this page. I actually quite like the look off this with the black on the gray, but I want to change it. If you do want to change something, I want to show you how you would do that site. If you notice you've got a box here that says accent and it's got a gray color, so it will probably affect the categories here on this, read more box as well. So if we wanted to change the color off, those two things we would click on here on, then, if you want to make them red, you would click on the red. There you go. See, the changes have already happened. Oh, if you wanted them to be orange, you could click there or purple so you can play about with it and see what color you like on. You could also change the colors by just dragging this curse up over the rainbow colors on . So you can see how it's changing when I'm dragging them over the different colors on if you can. If you notice there is a little there's a number here in this box which is called a hex color on, that changes because each color has its own number. So this is really useful because I tell you why. If you remember, I told you about some tools that were very useful for your color selection. One off, hm Waas this one. The adobe color, um, color wheel. So this you would confined his on color dot adobe dot com. Andi, this is really handy because you can select colors here with this. You can just dragic these spheres, Um, and it gives you all these different color combinations you can click on monochromatic, and that would give you the same sort of colors but different shades or complementary colors. For example, they're different colors, but they complement each other, so and then if you notice, you can see that they all have their corresponding hex number underneath. So this color here, that is its hex number or this color here, that is it's hex number. So, for example, if you really, really like this color and you wanted to use it on your block, you could copy and paste it. So you take that over here and you paste it into this books. You click on this press enter and there you are. This is the color that we selected here on the color wheel, and it's now on your block and you've got this color here. I think that might leave that I quite like that. It's it's got, like, a goldie tone to it, and I quite like that with the black. So that shows you how you can change any of these colors. You could change the header color. You could change the body background are just done or the head of background. I just show you how that would look in case you want to change something there. So if you wanted to make the background red, there we go. Now it's red or if you wanted to make it gold, there it is. Gold orange, or you could make it the same US This one. Andi, select the hex color that we've got here. Copy paste it and then place it in here. And then you would have Oops. Sorry. Did that wrong? Tasted in their press. Enter and then those would be the same colors and your background would match the category color. That's another way of doing this. So I think I'm going to leave it like that. I quite like that combination on that is how you how you change colors on your blawg. So we'll go back where the other things are, and just to get a little feel for what you can change. I'll just go through a couple of things on because also it's relevant because we're going to create a logo. So I just want to show you where you would change that. There's a thing here called side identity. If you click on that, this is where you would put in your logo. You can choose the with. You can choose the site title on. Can you see it says tagline on it is just another WordPress site. This is something that WordPress ads by default office live. We want to get rid of that because we don't want our block to say just another WordPress site. But they do that. Just so you know where the tagline would show up, you could put aside a tag lining. For example, if you have a block about, um, meeting on ditz, it's not clear from your title that it's about knitting, because maybe you you've called your blawg mary smith dot com something like that, And that wouldn't necessarily tell anybody that your blog's about knitting. So your tag line would be very handy in letting the readers know what your bloggers about So it would be tagline on. You could type in there all about knitting or my knitting lifestyle or anything like that on our block is called Working From Home Fall, about earning Money film. Now I think that's too long, and it doesn't really look that good, and I think the title itself already tells you what this block is about. So I would not add a timeline on this block. I would leave that, um, blank. So I'm going. Teoh published is or safe this as it is now. So whenever you make any changes, don't forget to click publish because otherwise nothing will change and your block wouldn't change it all. And it would just go back to how it waas in the beginning. So now click. Publish. There we are. The changes are now saved. So this is how you would put some color into your block and make some changes on your design, but we will find out more about that later. 7. Creating a logo: So now you know how to change the colors in your block. I thought, I quickly show you a really good tool that helps you design Ah, logo. It helps you design your social media images. It's especially good for Pinterest pins, so it's a really great tool for designing images. So it's called Can Va and you can find it on camber dot com. So we're on the website now on because we want to design a logo. I show you how to do that. You can either find a logo here under all the example here. Er logo. They would go so we can design logos like this. Or you can search for anything you want to use here in the search bar for typing logoed. It will send us to the page where we can create our logo, and it will have templates already that help us design it. So let's have a look. So we have some niches here. For example, if you're niches in art and design, or if it's in fashion or if you're a techie brand all the food and drink blogger. So there's this different niches that you can choose, but you could choose any off these logos. If you like the look of it, because all you have to do, he's customize it. So if I wanted to choose a logo for my block working from home, which is a dummy block, but it's to show you how we could do this, I would probably actually This looks really good because it's got a little house and it's my bloggers called Working from home, so this might be quite quite useful so far. Click on that it says, Use this template. I want to use this tempered Let's have a look and it's taking us to a page where we will have a template on the right hand side around here. Once it's load funds, it loads the area. And then on the left hand side, we will have a menu where we can choose templates. We can choose photos, elements we can add text we can change the background on. You can even upload your own images. So now, if chosen this design, we can now start customizing it. So, for example, I I want to change the words sundry colors. I want to use my blawg name, so I could write in working from home. Um, and it's obviously not. This isn't suitable. It's not paint reinvented. I could have a tagline, but I think I'm going to leave the tag line because I think working from home is already clear. So whatever your knishes, you can adjust where you want to place it. Whatever your knishes, you confined a logo to suit yours. If also, if I wanted to change this background color, I click on the background. Then you get a color box up here and you can click on that. And then you could change the colors to make it more your style. Um, I think I would choose it could choose any of thes colors, but you can also, um, this is a big to green now. You could also click on this one, and then you can choose any color. Andi, you've got your hex number here again. You can make it match the colors that you've already already got on your blawg. So working from home, our color scheme was like a black and gold colors. I think I'll stick to that. Maybe I'll use gold. Almost similar, similar colorful the background. It's look, um, not quite getting it may go shit at more yellow. And this is slightly more gold. Now on. Then I would change the picture color to black Andi, then the text color. I can change that Over here, always click on whatever element he want to change. So if I wanted to have the text black as well, I could do that. And then that would be my Lego on. I could add that to the block and I show you how to do that. So now I can download this picture. Um, so we click on download, and you can download it as a PNG file. But I usually download them as Jay Pek files. Unless I want a clear blue background. Then it would be through the PNG fire. But as it's ah logo with a background, I will choose J pic. I want to give it the highest quality possible on. Then I just click download. It's preparing my design. Um, I want to open it on our logo. Should appear. There we are. And now I can save it. T my computer I consult. Save it right here too. This file and now all we have to do is return to our blawg on As you know, when you want to change anything to do with design, we go until appearance on. We go on to customize on. Once this loads, we go on to site identity. Andi, there we have the place where we can add our logo. So let's just see what that would look like. I'm actually more in favour off keeping just the name off the block without a logo. But I just wanted to show you how to do that in case you wanted to add a logo. If I show you my other block sweet life in lemons, for example. You can see I haven't got a logo, but I think that's fine. I quite like my blawg like that. Andi. Other blokes have got a Lego. I show you this example. There's a little logo there. I think that's quite sweet. Target. A very well known website. I can't really see a local, but this seems to be this little logo here. We're where on it's basically on the menu. So again they haven't really got a big logo at the top. So it's really up to you. Um, I would keep it like this, but if you want to add a logo, this is how to do it So you would click on select logo. Now you have. This is your media library. Now you have to upload the file that we saved in on our computer. So we click on select files and we find the logo on our computer. And there it is. So we open that, and now it's loading it onto our media library. It's ticked, so make sure that it's it's ticked here on. That means your logo is showing up here. This is the image that you're putting into your logo area, so we click select. Now we have to crop the image because this'd is what will show up on on our logo. So this isn't really working for us. This design, because it's cutting up, cutting out, I think maybe if we try and make it a bit bigger, let's try that. So now we crop the image. Maybe we don't cropping. Let's see what it looks like without cropping it first. But I've got the feeling because the crop tool came up that it may need cropping but we'll have a look. So now the logo is here. Ah, yes, it's way, way too big. So we do have to crop it. So we remove it. Select logo. We click on that again would click Select And now Ah, think we're just play with it a little bit. Let's see what that would look like. So maybe a good idea to choose a logo that's not square, so the width should be 500. Let's see if what it looks like when it loads. Yeah, we are. So now we've got our logo. This is how you would do, but you can play with it. You could change the color off this background too much. The logo, um or you could I don't keep this wide and just have the logo or make the design off the logo differently because I feel that it's quite flat this area, So a square logo doesn't really work unless we make it really small on. Then you'd have a little logo there, but, um, you can see I mean, just to go to the colors and which brew change these the background and see what that will look like. So the head of background. If we make it more like the logo that you could see that almost blends in. So we could try and make this the same color by using the Adobe tour that I showed you earlier so you would get the hex number for this color and applied here so that it's the same. And then the logo would blend into the whole header. As I said before, I prefer to not have a logo, but if you want a logo, that would be how you do it and how you inserted into your blawg. The other thing that you can do is you can have a professional logo designed for you that will have obviously not be free. It would cost some money, but there's a very cheap way off during that. And that is by looking on fiver five dot com. It's spelled F i v e double r dot com on It's basically aside where people offer their services and there's all sorts of services on there. There are even people writing blog's for you if you want them to do that. But there are many designers that offer to design logos for you and it's called fiber because most things cost a five or $5 but depending on the work, it could be more s O. It is a paid service on designing or having a logo designed isn't cheap on. I think that to start your block, you don't even need a logo. Like I said, I mean, I would for go back, um, to side identity. I would remove the logo. Andi, I would just keep the site as it waas. I'm not going to save it so that it doesn't save the changes that we made. So if I go back, um, just click off this and then I go back to appearance. It should be the way it was right from the beginning, without any changes, because we didn't save those changes. So should still look the way did right at the beginning, before we did anything. There we are. So that's that's how I would leave my block. But of course, you can choose to do something different, design your logo, pay someone to design your logo, and that is how you would insert the logo into your site. 8. Creating a favicon: Well, now you know how to make a logo. I quickly want to show you how you can create a fabric on on camber as well. What is the fabric on? If you have a look up here on my tabs, you can see there's a little image beside each website that is open and that's called a fabric on or a favorite icon, Onda. What that does is that it visually gives you an idea off what this website is about or what tap you. You have got open there. So I know that when I look at that see, that's for Can Va Target has got a very prominent Falvey concert. I know that's got target. Open their wedding. Be That's quite a nice little fabric, Khan S o e. I know straight away that if I click on this, it's wedding. Be I don't need to even read the tab instantly. Recognize what the tab is. My block sweet life and lemons has got two little lemons up there if you can see and the home boss has got the little house. Um, so I know instantly what tap I can go to. And just by looking at the fabric on so you can do that on. It's very simple to do when you go to your your customization site. You know when we enter the logo we want on. We went on to cite identity on. We inserted the logo here. Now the fabric on is a little bit further down. There we go. It says fabric on site unicorn, and it's a cycle. Icons are what you see in browser taps. Bookmark bars on within the WordPress Mulbah relapse on. You can upload it here, and it tells you the size that you need. So they need to be at least 512 by 512 pixels. Now, as you can see the fabric on, it's really tiny, so you don't want to make it a very elaborate design. You want to keep it a simplest possible. If I had to criticize the wedding bees fabric on, I really like it, so I don't really want to criticize it. But if I had to say anything negative about it, I would say that it's slightly busy and you can't instantly tell if it's a B. But you know, never mind. I still like this fabric on. But what's really good about Target? For example, it's just a symbol just in red and straight away. You know that is target, so that is a a good design for a fabric on. So it's very simple to do. You just go on, can va again, Andi, because we need the dimensions to be 512 by 512 and there's no I already checked. But there's no template available for a fabric on this files. I can see. So I've just entered the dimensions that I need into the search box into custom designs, and I click on it on. That should give me the dimensions that I need to prepare my design. So once it's load, it's loading. I can tell you how to proceed. So now we've got the template here. We really want to just have a simple image on here On the best way to do that is to go on elements on your left hand side, and elements are really just little little designs that are quite simple. So I if you if you notice I used this house for my block, the home boss dot com. Um, but you can use anything. So, for example, um, I don't know it. Say you had a travel block. Let's type in, travel on and see what comes up. So you can see this quite a few, Quite like this little globe. That's quite nazal the airplane. So I think we'll keep it really, really simple Just to show you how to do it. Andi will use this plane. Obviously, it won't show up because it's white. And there's an outline, though. So now what we can do is if we click on it. Hopefully it can give us. We can change the colors. Can we? Can we do that note? So it's it's just a nowt land. We could have just that, but I'd like to have a solid color. Really? So maybe that's not the best logo for us. We need one with us where we can give it a solid color so that it stands out really easily on a really do like the plane. But, um, we need one with the color. This this one have Ah, here we go. This one is ideal. So depending on the colors that your travel blawg has. You could change it to whatever color fits your brand. You could have a purple on a blue one that reminds me off the sky and the sea, so that would be quite appropriate for the travel block. And then what you would do is once you're happy with your fabric on, you would just click publish on, save it onto your computer on then you want. Enter it on your on your customization page, so I'll show you how to do that. That for that I'll just choose one that would go with our working from home block. Sigh. I will type in home, and that should bring up pictures off little houses. So we want one that's solid, that we can fill with color on A quite like this. But that might be it's not solid enough for for a fabric on. I imagine that once it's really small appear on the tab, you can probably not see exactly what it is. This'll ones probably better. Let me just delete them. So if I pick this one on, I choose a color that is in keeping with our block. I think actually, this is quite quite a good Cal acquired a good match. We could get the hex number again, as we did before. I think that's roughly what we had on our block. So I'll keep that in our click publish downloaded as a Jay Pek file, and I'll give it 100% quality. So once we download it, we can and save it onto our computer. So he is our brand new fabric on. I'll save it on a cold traffic on four already got three on them, and then once we've saved it onto our computer, we go to our blawg on we go to customize. You know how to do that. Now on, we scroll down to cite Icon Select site Icon. This brings up our media library. So you know, you have to put the file on your computer onto the media library. So this is the fabric on. We want to choose on now. We priced select. It's disappeared for some reason, but we'll click on it again. Now it's there, so this has now created the fabric on. Can you see it up here on the tap? I don't think it's ideal. I think it just looks to square doesn't really look like a little house at all, But we leave it because I just wanted to show you how to put the fabric on onto your blob. Andi, don't forget to press publish. So there you are. Now you have possibly a logo and you know how to do your fabric on. So from a design point of view, you've done quite a lot of work to your block. Now, Andi, let's start with the next lesson soon. 9. Check in after customise your blog lesson: Hello. I hope the last few lessons weren't too difficult and too technical for you. But I think that it's great that you have come to this point now because that means that you have set up your blawg. You have learned all about changing the colors. You have learned how to add plug ins. You have got a theme you've got. Oh, what else have we done with set up menus? We've set up categories. It's all quite technical stuff, and that's even without having written anything for your blog's yet. But what we're doing is we're building the structure off your bloke and with we're making it look nice with making it look presentable. We're making it so that people can find things on your blow easily on its basically. As I said, it's the structure off your block that we're working on now. So in the next few lessons we will be learning a lot more. Well, we'll be learning about some off the plug ins that I mentioned to you before, like Yoast, Seo share whole league, the classic editor. So there still about to come, But we're getting there. I think we're more than halfway through now. So soon you will be at the point where everything is ready on. You can just enjoy writing your blawg, so let's get to the next lesson now. 10. GDPR compliance: so there's still a couple of things that we have to do to make sure that your blawg is compliant by law. On one of those things is the G D. P r. The GDP. Ours. The General Data Protection Regulation. It came out in 2018 on its basically protection and privacy for individual citizens off the European Union on the European economic area. Basically what that means for any of us, regardless of where you live, whether you're in the European Union or whether you're in the U. S. A. Or any other country. If you are likely to have readers or customers from the European Union, you need to be compliant with GDP are so the best way to do that is to install a plug in, and it's so easy, Andi, it covers you on, and it's not going to be any problems whatsoever. So if you go on your plug ins tab and you go to add new on, then you go into your search box and type in GDP are you should hopefully get some plug ins that you can install to make you compliant. Andi. A good way to decide on which plug in you want to use is toe have look at how many installations a plug in hair. So over here, for example, this one has 600,000 plus active installations, compared to only 10,000 here. What else? There's 80,000 here, 100,000. So the more installations, the better. It means that more people have installed it and possibly because it's popular and it's unhappy with it. And then you can also look on the ratings. The higher the ratings are, the better. But one thing that I find really, really important is if you have a look over here on the right hand side, it says, last updated. So you wanted to be a plugging that has been updated recently because that shows that the plug in is live that people are working on A. They're making changes to read the updating it. For example, if you have a look at this one down here. WordPress Judy PR compliance that was last updated four months ago. Now that doesn't mean it's a bad plug in, but it gives me more confidence to install a plugging that has Bean updated a few days ago . You know or or week ago, something like that would be a lot better. This one here, for example, two days ago. This one was updated two months ago. So you know you have to decide and use your common sense when installing a plug in and see which one is good for you. I always look at the reviews as well, so that always tells us whether a plug in is good or not. And the other important thing is make sure that it's compatible with your version off WordPress. This one has a green tick against it, so I know this one is compatible. Let's see if there's one that isn't just to give you an example on this one. For example, here WordPress order terms, it says, untested with your version off WordPress. So I'll give that one A miss doesn't mean that you can't install it, but we don't know what the what The problems. Maybe so. It's always good to take the safest way on. This one here looks pretty good to me, so I'm going to install this on our press on install now, so it's installing it now. Now it is installed on Do I have to activate its I click activate. So now that we've installed the GDP are cookie consent plug in. Well, you want to take a look at the settings to see if we need to adjust anything. So let's click on settings on it looks to me like most off it has already been done for us . It says Your cookie law info bar is switched on. Andi. It says that it's a banner on it was should be shown in the footer. So I think that's pretty much how I would set it. Anyway, Let's have a look and see how that looks on our side. So this is an hour block on, As you can see right here at the bottom, this website uses cookies to improve. Your experience will assume you're OK with this, but you can opt out if you wish, and then you as usual, I'm sure you've seen this many times before you click. Accept Andi that basically tells you that you are allowed to stall your readers details if there are any, so that just makes our page. Or are blawg comply with the law? Andi, I think it looks quite good to have the banner in the footer, but you can play about with this. You can have it as a pop up. You can have it as a widget. So it's up to you to play with this the way you want this to look on your block, you can customize the buttons. You can change the colors. For example, there is an advanced tab so you can reset everything. I'm always very careful when when I see tabs like this, I stay well away from them on this also a help guy. So you can, um, have a read through that and see what you want to do. So at least now we're covered. Were compliant by law on it was very easy to install this plug in. There are many other plug ins available, but this one seemed to me like a very easy one to start with. Andi, I'm happy with that. So go ahead and install these on your blawg 11. What is SEO: what is s e o? If you have a website or block, you must have heard off the term s CEO. It stands for search engine optimization. What does that mean? When you go online to search for something, for example, you may want to know how to bake a Victoria sponge cake. You will type something into Google that you think will give you the answer. So in this example, you will type in something like how to bake a Victoria sponge. Google will show you a list off replies that are Victoria sponge recipes. You will find that most of them will be from blog's that people have written and you are very likely going to click on one off the first recipes that comes up. So what can we do to make up log come up as the first result that Google shows people when they search for our blawg? Well, imagine you have written a block post about traveling to Rome. What can people type into Google to find your blob? Most likely, it would be something like traveling to Rome or just row or visiting Rome. The chances that your block will be among the first results is very low. There are hundreds of thousands of results. Onda New Block Post has a very low chance of getting seen. So what have those bloggers done toe have their block posts show up on the first page of Google search results They have used S E O, which means they have written their posts in a way that it is optimized for search engines like Google. Yahoo being etcetera S E O. Is a strategy or a technique that people used to get more people visiting their site. This is also referred to as organic traffic the opposite off. That would be paid traffic if you pay for your results to show up. But organic traffic is when people find your blawg organically. They find it by typing in a search query on Google, and the results point to your blawg. Your goal is to get as many visitors as possible to your block. So you need to get your block to show up in the first results on Google when people are searching for you. So what do people search for and how does this affect your block if you take the example earlier If you have written a block post about traveling to Rome and you publish it, chances are that you will not have many people seeing your blog's organically. That means they won't see it by searching for it on Google because so many other, more established blog's will come up before yours. This is where good Seo tactics will help you have written a block post about visiting Rome . The competition will be huge, however. Imagine you give it a different angle. For example, you write about visiting Rome with Children or as a couple or as a solo female. This will narrow your competition down. So when people type in visiting Rome into Google, you don't have much chances of ranking high. But if they type in visiting Rome as a solo female, your chances just went up Quite a lot on the right S CEO tactics will help you rank even higher. Google wants to show people good results for their questions. If people type in visiting Rome with Children, Google wants to make sure that any results are relevant to the searcher. Andi doesn't want to doesn't want results coming up that don't reflect visiting with Children so How does Google do that? The answer is keywords. Keywords are basically what people type into Google to search for things. If I want to find out how to change a tire, then how to change a tire would be the key words that Google is working with. So when you write a block, you need to bear in mind what keywords a reader would type into Google to find your post You're aimed to appear at the top of Google results Depends on your Seo practices. S CEO is much more than choosing the right keywords. There are pages and pages written about it on big brands pay huge amounts of money. To seo experts. It's quite involved when you're up against so much competition. S Siocon sound very complicated, especially because Google and other search engines keep changing what they rank higher on what worked six months ago may not work now. However, it really isn't complicated if you just remember that Google wants their surges to get the best answers on. There are few tactics you can use to help things along things like side speed, internal and external links, terrible content on the right, keywords or play a part in getting you to the top off Google search results. Luckily, there are plug ins that can help with their CEO, and there is a really good plug in that I recommend on. We will learn about it more in our next lesson on that plug in is Yost s ear. 12. Yoast SEO: So now let's set up your Yost s CEO plug in. Hopefully you've got it already installed, as explained in a previous lesson. So go down on the left hand side on. Did you will find s CEO here. So we click on that on the page that comes up is this one. So because this is the first time you have visited this page, it will give you the S e o configuration wizard. So we click on that and that will walk us through the steps that we need to take to set this up. So the first question that it asks us is Please specify if your side is under construction or already active, so we're going to click Option A. My side is life and ready to be indexed. Some people prefer to click option B because they want to wait until they have written some posts and everything is absolutely perfect. I think it's better to have your side indexed as soon as possible. So we'll go with Option a and then we click next. And then it asks us what does the side. And then it'll have your website here represent on we're going to take a blawg. Obviously, if you are a corporation or something else, you can click any off thes whichever applies to you. But as we're starting a block, I'm sure that you have the same answers as everybody else. So it's a blawg, and then we click on next, Does your side represent a person or a new organization? If you were on organization, then obviously click this. But normally we would click a person on the name off the person. We haven't set up the ataman or the user for a blow. Get so it will come out. As at men, there won't be any other choices. So we'll go with that. By the way, any of thes questions? If you want to skip any, it won't matter too much. Um, but we're going to fill it out as best as we can for now. So then we go on to search engine visibility. So this is where we specify what we want. The search engines to search What? What we want them to index. So we want them to index all posts. Yes, so we could yes, on. We want them to show pages as well. So we take? Yes, here and then we go into next does will your side have multiple authors? That means will you be the only person writing posts for this side? Or will it be other people writing posts? So we should really say no because it's so much easier when it's just one person and I assume that it will just be you writing posts. So no, we don't have multiple authors, so we click No, and we go on to Next on These are the title settings On this page. You can change the name off your side and choose which separated to use. So this is why you put in your website name. I'm calling mine working from home, but you will put your own website name their your blog's name on the title separator. This is really depending on what you prefer. Some people have a little dash. Some people have this this but this vertical column vertical line. I don't know what to call it, really, or you could have a longer dash or colon. So it really is up to you. It doesn't really matter, but I think the most common ones are the dash is on the vertical column. So then we click on next on. This is asking you if you want to sign up for the newsletter, we can do that. I have already done that. So it's always good to receive news on how to use Yoast Seo, especially when you're a beginner. It can be quite helpful, but I know that sometimes we just have so many e mails that it's always a bit of a question . Do we allow them to send us any morning e mails? So now they're going to try and sell you some things, like like Yoast Seo Premium on. It's probably quite a good thing to do, but we don't need to do this right now, so we'll just go onto next and skip all this, and it has us that we have done it. So now we can close the wizard. Hopefully, it'll take us back to the beginning. Yet here we are. So now we can go onto onto the left hand side and click search appearance. Andi, we have several tabs at the top general content types, media attacks on Amis archives. At the moment, we don't really need to do anything. Um, so But let's have a look at the home Page s CEO title. All of this we can just leave it as it is the meta description. Just quickly explain what that is. Meta description is you know, when you type in something into Google, you're searching for something and the results come up, I'll show you actually quickly. So I typed in food Blog's Andi. The results that have come up are, for example, food is 100 index off UK Food Blog's The meta description. Is this text underneath the title Onda again here? The best food blog's from the Telegraph. The meta description is down here. Let's play spot the food blogger, Um, this one here 90 incredible food blog's you must follow in 2019. This here is the meta description. Now the meta description can be set so that it creates it automatically. Usually it takes the first sentences from your blood post, but you can also customize it. Andi, create or write your own meta description. And that is quite useful, as we will see later on on. You can do that through Yost s CEO. So then what else have we got? We've got the knowledge graph and schema dot orc If we click on the little question mark, if you ever don't know what something means, just click the little question, Margaret. Lately it will explain what this is. This data is shown as meta data in your side. It is intended to appear in Google's knowledge graph You. Can I be either on organization or a person? So here is where we choose whether we are a person organization. So we leave that as a person. We have that before the personal info. We haven't set up our user yet on WordPress, but we will do that later on. If we had set it up when you click on this, it would give you adamant on also your name or whoever you've set up as a user. So at the moment, it will only show up as admin, and we leave it like that. So all of the's things we can leave as they are, Um, but now, if you go onto the left hand side again, let's click on Search console, and this is where it gets quite important now. So once this loads, you can see um, festival it. There are messages up here. We don't have to worry about this one, but any messages that come up, just read through them and see if you need to do anything. We can just ignore this one. It's just to let us know that Google has discontinued its crawl errors. Ap I I'm not too technical, so I know roughly what that means. But I know what I mean is that I don't need to do anything really there. So now we go into settings on This is the important bit to allow Yoast Seo to fetch a Google search. Console information, please enter your Google authorization code. Now, you may not have set up your Google, um, console yet, so that is the first thing that you will need to do. So if you haven't done that, you need a Google account. If you have Gmail, Google mail, anything, either that means you have a Google account already. So then you can click here. Please refer to our article about how to connect your website to Google Search console. Um, so going to the Google search console, you could type that into your browser, for example, Let's do that now, Aunt, we goes straight there now. This should be quite straightforward. You just click on start now. It will ask you some questions and you basically set up your Google console. It's quite straight for, but for don't worry about it. If if you do have any questions, you know you can always ask me or you can read this article. There's lots of information on the Internet to to do that, but it shouldn't really be a problem. And then when you have set it up, you will, um, get it a Google authorization code. You just click on this tab and it will give you the quote automatically and you enter it in this search box. You can see some of them that I have previously for other websites, and then you click authenticate. And what that does is it connects your website with Google, and that's really important. So let me know how you get on with that. Andi. That should be. Maybe the first thing you do after this lesson is to set up your Google search console. So now after we've done that, we can click on Social on. This is where we can connect all our social media accounts to Allah. Blawg social media is important because it's a good way to promote our blood posts. We don't just want to rely on Google to give us traffic. We can set up social media accounts. The only thing I will say is when you're starting a blawg, social media can become overwhelming. If you set up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, instagram any other hover social media accounts, it will very quickly become a lot off work because everybody keeps saying you need to post regularly. You need to post a much as possible on social media, and you end up reading everybody's social media pose. And you you end up wasting a lot of time on social media. So my advice to you is just concentrate on one or two social media accounts to start with. So, for example, if you like Facebook, concentrate on Facebook. But make sure that your Facebook account is a page rather than your private or your personal Facebook account. So if you've got a Facebook page, then for your block, you know if you've got a business page or a Facebook page that you've opened specifically for your blawg use that don't use your personal facebook account because you don't want to mix your personal Facebook with your business Facebook. So if you haven't got a page for Facebook, you can do that s where you can If you if you decided that you want to use Facebook, then open a Facebook page that is directly connected to your block that is about your block and where you only post things that are related to your blawg. If you have Twitter again, make it a Twitter account specifically for your block. Don't use your personal twitter. One social media account that is absolutely fantastic for blog's is Pinterest now Pinterest . Strictly speaking, it's not social media. It's actually a search engine. Ah, big like Google, but based on pictures, it's very visual. So Pinterest is very, very good when it comes to driving traffic to your blog's. So I would suggest whatever social media account you choose make sure that one off the Miss Pinterest just because you can get so much traffic from it. So go ahead and set up your social media accounts, decide which ones you're going to concentrate on and like I said one or two to begin with is plenty later on. If you feel that you need to do more, you can open more social media accounts and connect them. But one or two to begin with is really enough. So once you've done that and you've got your social media accounts length, um, to your block and you do that by going on to If you have Facebook, click on the Facebook tap. Andi, you basically putting your Facebook at I d. Here. Um, the way to do that is you can Google how to get your Facebook up. I d you need to have a page for that. So I won't go into great detail now because you may not even want to choose Facebook, or you may not have a page set up yet, so I would say that is the first thing you need to do. Andan You can just put in your details here and save changes, and that will link your block to Facebook. The same with Twitter. You just put in your twitter, um, meta data here. That means that you you know, whenever you tweet something, it will display, um, a summary with a large image onto Twitter so that you can decide what you want to go into one you link when you share a post and then the same with Pinterest. You have to put in your Pinterest details here. Um, once you open up a Pinterest account, that will give you more information as well. But this is where you would link your social media to Joost. Let's click on tools and see what we need to do there. Okay, We don't need to do anything there now, this is just, um, telling you about what kind of tools you have at your disposal. But we don't really need to know this right now, and then the last tab would be premium. We don't need to upgrade to yours. Premium. The free version is absolutely fine. Let's click on general again just to see that we've not missed anything and just click on features are yes, let's click on features and you see all of the's things that that are clicked on. Leave thumb on because this is basically what Yost s CEO does. This is where it works. So all of these features need to be clicked on. So that s e o um is applied to your site and then make sure you save that changes if you have changed anything. If something wasn't clicked on, then make sure that it is, and then go on Web master tours. And this is where you can enter your Google verification code again. If you not sure how to do that, click on Google Search Console on DIT will give you details on how to do that. Very easy to do. Being verification. You click on being wet master tools and you just fill in the details that it asks you to fill out. Personally, I've never heard of Yandex I've heard of by do, but we don't need to duel that. I think the main thing is Google on being so once you've done all that, that is your Yost S e o all set up. So now we've set up Yost s CEO. Let's have a look and see how we can actually use it to help us. So let's go up here where we've got our posts. Andi, let's click on all posts now. I'm just going to click on any off these posts to show you this one will do. Finding the best name for your block. Andi, it's come up with part off a post. It's not finished yet, but this will do to show you what s CEO what Yost Siocon do. So if you have a look on the right hand side, right here, there's a green. Why? Which stands for euros on its against readability. It tells us it's good. So Green tells us. Go ahead. Everything is fine. It's good. S E O. However, it's Amber, so it's just OK. Basically, Yost s CEO works on a traffic light system, which is really clever because straightaway we can tell when something is red. Oh, that's bad. Not good. We have to change something. When something is amber, that means it's not great, but it's OK. We can go ahead on when something is green. That means it's fantastic on. We've done everything that we could have done. So let's see what we can improve here. So the readability is good. We don't need to do anything there for now. Obviously, once I keep writing more text, that might change. And then it might give us advice on what to make better, but let's concentrate on S E. O. As you can see S CEO at the moment is Amber, so it's OK, but it's not brilliant. So let's see if we can improve that we've typed in a focus Keith key phrase, which we re typed in the title, basically finding the best name for your blog's. So we've used that as a key phrase. What is a key phrase? A key phrase would be what people type into Google to find our block post. I imagine that people were type in finding the best name for your blog's. Or how do I find a name for my blawg? So if we type in the title that will help, then it tells us something about snippet. Snippet Preview. What is a snippet? A snippet is basically a description that comes after your title. When you look in Google, let's actually try this. So we're going to Google, uh, and type in. I don't know. God. I mean tips. The results that we get coming up. For example, the 1st 1 gardening tips and advice for growing your own plants. The snippet is this bit here. Need some help and advice about your garden search the advice from Ari just to find out everything from growing your own plants. So basically the snippet tells me what I will find when I click onto this result, let's have a look at some other ones 100 expert gardening tips. So then this tells us 100 expert gardening tips, ideas and projects that every gardener should know. So it tells me what is what I can expect from that page. So let's go back. Okay, so we want to edit the snippet. Um, and it's giving us the slug slug is basically how Google sees your title on. My advice is not to change that, um, we can change it if we want to to. But for now, I would say We don't need to know what that does. Let's just carry on with the snippets. So we want this to sound interesting so that when people see our snippet, it makes them want to click on our side on our link. So the Post is about finding the best name for your block. So let's say something like, um, do you want to find the best name for your bill? Here are some surprising ways to easily find a name. Um, can you see? As I was typing, this line kept growing. That means that it's indicating, um, that it's not the perfect length. Still, because if it was the perfect length, it would go green. It's amber, so we could leave it like that. But my advisers, we type something else a swell. Did you know that dr dot Suddenly it's green. So that means that we've reached the optimum length on what have done here, for example, is I've said here are some surprising ways to easily find the name. Now, this kind off wording makes people wonder what what are the surprising way. So it's a good idea to make this sound as interesting as possible. That doesn't mean you mislead people, you know, if we right here are some surprising ways to easily find a name, we should include surprising ways to find a name in our post. So make sure that if you're writing something like this, it reflects what you've actually written in the post. And then I added, Did you know that dr dot So this doesn't really tell the reader anything, but it makes them curious. They now want to know what we're what you know. Did I know that? What? So hopefully that will make them click on our post. So and then obviously we have to give them that information. So make sure that whatever you write in your meta description, uh, is in line with what your block post is about. So let's see if anything has changed. So our CEO is still AM but we really want this to turn green. So let's see what else we can do to make any changes. We click on S E O. Analysis on That will really help us going forward. So now it's telling us outbound links. This is red. So we've done something wrong here. No out bound links appear in this page at some what are outbound Ling's Now when I write my gardening block, for example, I very often link to the RHS website to the Royal Horticultural Society website because it's a very well known authorities website that people trust. So sometimes I include links to it or to other gardening blog's or to other websites that might be interesting to my readers and that have something to do with the post that I'm writing, so they would be outbound links, and it's good to have one or two in each post. Then it tells me internal links. No internal wings appear in this page. Make sure to add some internal links. Are links to your 21 off your older blood posts or to a block post that you've written on your block. That relates to the current block, so it's always good to link to other blocks that are outside of your block post. So let's outbound links. That means toe. Other websites, not your own, and internal links are links that link to your own block posts. So if there's if you have written opposed in the past that is relevant to this one, make sure you link to it. So then that would turn these green on. That would help your S e o school key phrase density. The focus key phrase was found one time that's less than the recommended minimum off two times for a text off this length now, because the length off this text is not a lot with only got 195 words, you can see the word count down here. A good block post should have at least 1000 words. Some people say 6 to 800 something some people say 802,000. Some say more. I find that if you aim for 1000 that's usually good for CEO and good for Google. Google likes longer block posts these days. So once we have written more, this might change because then the key phrase, um, would be appearing more than once or more than two times. So we will write more and then get back to this. And then it says the key phrase in meta description. The meta description has been specified, but it does not contain the key phrase. Fix that. So let's have a look. The meta description doesn't contain our, um, finding the best name for your block title. So lets include that and see if anything changes. Um, do you want to find the best name for your block? So now we can say finding the best name for your blood is not easy. And then, obviously it's too long. So we have to get rid off the rest. Um, here we go. Do you want to find the best name for your block. Finding the best name for your blogger is not easy. Did you know that? I think we should add something here. Um, here are some surprising ways to find the perfect name. Then we could see the line is now green. Let's see if this has turned this screen. Yes, it has. So now we find that the key phrase in intraday. Oh, no. This wasn't this one here. Key phrase in meta description that has now turned green. So we've done well in changing that. So we can go through these one by one on get them to change to green by making a few changes. So the next one, for example. Just so you know what these things are. Image out attributes. So when we add images to block, we have to make sure that we giveth, um, and out old name. So we named the images because Google can't see images. Google doesn't know if an image is off. Flower off a child over of a building off a lamp. It doesn't know it don't It can't see images. So we have to give our images, names or titles so make sure that you name your images. So if it's an image off a forest, name it forest or if it's an image off a off a person, Um, name it something according to who appears on the image. So make sure you give your images, names and titles eso that Google knows what your images about and that will help your S e o school. And then the next one says text Ling for text. Contains 195 words. This is far below the recommended minimum of 300 words. So Yost tells us that the very minimum should be 300. But obviously, the more the better. So I would say Aim forth 1000 words. If you fall short a little bit, that doesn't matter. But if you aim for 1000 then that's great. And if you go over so much, the better. So this is basically how years to can help you. Andi, I really find this traffic light system very, very useful. Um, as you can see, if I had just written opposed, I would have never known whether this post was optimized for Seo. I could have maybe guest, but without this little traffic light system, I would find it really hard to optimize my block posts for S e O. I could have a checklist. I could say. OK, well, I need links. I need to include the title. I need to include the key words, but really, this is a much better way to make sure that you've done all those, um things to optimize your block post. So I hope this has been helpful. We will look into a little bit Mawr s CEO details in our next lesson so that you understand it all a little bit better because S E O is such a huge subject. Andi, people do find it complicated. I can't say that I'm an expert on it at all. I still have a lot to learn myself. But the little bits that I do know, I hope I can pass on to you and with the head off. Yoast Seo, we can make our posts as optimized as possible so that we can rank high on Google 13. SEO summary checklist: So here is just a quick S e o summary checklist. You can print this out, Andi, keep it next to you whenever you write a block post so that you can have a quick overview off what you need to do so that you are on optimizing your post for S e O on. Of course, you can use that together with your Yost s. You plug in. So number one would be link your side to Google Search console so that you have Google find your site. This is one of the most important things you have to link your side to. Google. Number two would be to install the Yoast Seo plug in to help you optimize your posts so you can rank higher on Google number three. Make sure you include outgoing links on internal ings. Internal links will help your rankings because it will make people stay on your blog's longer, which Google likes. So obviously, if you've got a link to one off your previous posts, chances are that your reader will click on it and will spend more time on your block. And spending longer on your blog's is exactly what Google likes so Google will rank you higher the longer people stay on your block, make sure your images have old text. Give your images and name so Google knows what they are on. Number five is. Don't forget to use your keywords in your meta description. Make it sound interesting so people click through to your site. Number six include long tail keywords in your post titles. Long tail keywords will help you rank higher. For example, traveling to Rome with Children is better than just traveling to Rome. So the longer your keyword is, the less competition you will have because you you're focusing your subject on Do you are. It's not as broad as traveling to Rome. That's a very broad subject, but traveling to Rome with Children narrows it down nicely, so that would be a long tail keywords and, lastly, used long tail keywords in the headings off your post. So when you write opposed, you have headings to divide your paragraphs on it. It's a good idea to use your long tail keywords in those, so I hope that all this helps on Let's get on to our next lesson 14. Google analytics: So one more quick thing regarding Google, you have set up your blawg on connected it to the Google search console. Andi, you might wonder what the differences between the Google search console on Google analytics Google Analytics shows you. How many people are visiting your blawg, what your traffic is way it comes from. So it's all about your traffic to your site. Where's the Google search console is about, um, Google finding your side and maybe finding any ariz on your side. So it's more to do with the technical side of it where, as analytics shows you who is on your side, how many people have visited, where they're coming from and so on. So we do have to connect our block to Google Analytics because it's important to know how much traffic we have on where it comes from, so that we have a good overview off how a blogger is doing so. Some people find it really difficult to connect the blawg with Google analytics on. The first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Google Analytics account. Now you do that by going to analytics dot google dot com. All you can just type it into Google and typing Google analytics on the search result will show you, um, where to go. So click on analytics dot google dot com and set up your analytics account. I can't walk you through that myself because I've already got my analytics set up for my blog's. And it would just be too confusing because there would be all off that information on there was. If you go on Google analytics from scratch, your beginner, you haven't got any other blog's. It would be so much easier for you to set that up. All it is is they will ask you questions, which you fill out. You fill out the details, you fill out the name off your blog's and so on, and then it will provide you at the end. It will provide you with a coat. So what do we do with this code? And how do we connect it to our blawg? A very, very easy way to do that is with a plug in on. This plug in is great, because not only does it connect you to Google Analytics, but it gives you a small window off your details on your actual blog's, so you don't have to log into Google Analytics every time to see how your blog's doing. You can do that right from your own block. Let's install the plug in first, so we're going to plug ins on. We click on Add New. And then once this page loads, we type the plug it into our surge books. So we type in the name off the plugging in the search box. It's quite a long name. I'll tell you what it is. It's Google Analytics dashboard Full WordPress spent that wrong, but I'm sure it will come up. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress on Dhere We are. There's the results on it's this very 1st 1 Google Analytics dashboard for WordPress. By exact metrics, you can see that it's got more than a 1,000,000 active installations. It's compatible with our version of WordPress on. It was last updated a month ago, so let's go ahead and install that now. Andi, as usual, once it's installed, we need to activate it, and what should happen now is that we have on your left hand side. We've got a top cold Google analytics, so let's go on to general settings, and now we're on Google analytics setting. It says you need to create a Free Analytics account and watch this video tutorial before proceeding toe authorization. Now, as I said, you need to set up an analytics account on. Let's click on this, Andi. It will give us the instructions on how to create a Google Analytics account so you can have a little read through. This ead explains everything in detail, so I don't expect you will have any problems. It will be quite easy to set up for you. So and then you've got the video tutorial so you can watch that as well. Andi. You can. Then after you finish that, authorized the plug in on you all set up to track your visitors. So what could be simpler than that? So a lot. I know a lot of people struggle setting up their Google Analytics account. This really is easy peasy. No problems at all. Go ahead on and do this next. If you do have any problems, don't hesitate to ask me, Andi, I will try and help you through it. 15. Familiarise yourself with wp: I just want to guide you through a little bit off the set up off WordPress so that you familiarize yourself with the actual menu so you can see, for example, there is a little arrange number one next to updates, and again, it's next to plug ins. Whenever you get something like that, it means that there's an update so you can have a click on update here, or you can click on update. There. It does the same thing, so let's click on it. Sometimes you can have 234 or more numbers beside it, depending on how many things you need to update. So this is the update page. Andi. It says that I have the latest version off WordPress, so that's not what they're asking us to update. It's probably the plug. Oh, there we go update plug ins, and it's telling us that Cheryl Whole League has a newer version, so we need to update that. So you, for example, could have quite a few off those here, depending on how often you update your site. But you will always be notified by having this little orange circle with the number off updates that you need to make. So the easiest way to do this issue can click tick the box and then just click update plug ins on this will be done for you. And then this little number here should disappear once it's all done. There you go. It's all disappeared. It's all updated on. We're good to go. And then the other thing I wanted to show you was thesis users tap if you click on users, Um, mine has already set up down as admin, but you can put in your own details here so you would do that by clicking at new. Or if you already have an Adam in there, you could click on Edit on That will basically let you add other users if you need to to your block. But really, I recommend that you don't add anybody. Just if it's just yourself, then you've got total control over your blawg. But sometimes in life there are situations where you need to add somebody else. If you have an assistant and if you block does really well in future, on you are adding people to do your S E o for you so you can add people here as users. So that is the user tap. Let's have a look at the settings as well. So just to familiarize yourself with your work press menu So the general settings are straightforward. They just give us the site title, which is working from home. You can add a tagline if you if your title, for example, isn't clear what your blog's about, you can then add a tagline. Andi, um, you can put in your email address now this bit here. Sometimes this is ticked on, I would suggest to you if it is ticked unticketed because what happens is I found that I used to get a lot of spam emails saying that people had registered to my blogger. Couldn't understand why that waas and that was basically because this little, um, box was ticked and a lot off spam was spam accounts were registering, um, as a member, and we really don't want that. We don't need anyone to register this way. So leave this box UnTech um so a new user D Ford role. So if you were to add a user, the default would be subscriber, but you could add them as a contributor. You could add them as an author administrators the one that can do everything. So make sure that you are the administrator and nobody else. So then what else can we do? We can change the language. So we've got English, United States. But you could have I should really change it to English UK as I'm in the UK served on that . Now on this is your time zone again. You haven't dropped down and you can edit whichever your time zone is. Um, let's have a look if I confined London, which is where I am. So that would be, um let's see if I can find it. I really don't like these long lists in heaven. Her where to look Ah, you're appear. We are. So there is London. I add that on the date format is really up to you again. I know that in America it's different to the way we do the dates in the UK, but this is completely up to you. Wherever you are, you choose the way that you would do the date. I quite like this 1 September 23rd 2000 and 19 on the same with the time format. You can customize it to whatever you want to to do it. Um, I have got the 1 49 PM um, which is actually wrong because it's now 12 49. So somehow this isn't Maybe I need to save the changes first. Do that because I've changed the time where I am. Let's have a look See now it has changed. That's better. So now it's 2 53 PM here in London. So always remember to save any changes, and the week starts on Monday. You can make that whenever your week starts. I was think, Ah, week starts on Monday have never really worked in any other way. But that is totally up to you again. So what else can we walk you through? Um, let's see that those are the general settings. Now we go into writing, so that should now give us some options as to how we write our posts. So that default post category is uncapped ago rised. So I would leave it like that because you can then choose what category categories you want your posts to appear in. Once you write the post on the default post format, is standard again. I would leave it a standard. Andi, the default editor for all users. Right. Well, remember I asked you to install the classic editor plug in. Make sure this is ticked. But if you want to try and use the block editor, you could revert back to it. WordPress updated their editor not so long ago. Andi, the new editor. The Gutenberg editor is extremely different for very different to the classic editor. And to those of us who are used to the classic editor, it was quite a big change. And I can't quite get used to the block editor, so I like using the classic editor. I think it's easier, but then you might find the block editor easier. So have a play with this. You know, you can change from block editor to classic, whichever you prefer. Um, basically, it's how your blood posts show up when you're writing them. It's it's the editor that you using to write block posts. I can show you what this means. So if I click on posts at New and I'll open is in a new tab. So this is how you would write your posts? You write in your type in your title appear Andi. Then you write your post in this box. Here, you can add media. That means you can add pictures there. You upload them onto your library first on, then, once you upload some pictures, you click insert into post and then they will go into your post. You can edit your words. You know you can make it a heading. You could make it a paragraph. You can put your text in bold. You can change the you could make bullet points, so there's a few things that you can you can do, but it's It's very simple. I wouldn't say that there is a lot to it now. If we go back to the block editor on, I'll click save changes just so that you can see what I mean. When we got back to our anytime we refresh this and now you can see the difference. What comes up now is the block editor, Andi. It's a completely different way off writing your block posts, so I find this a little bit confusing. So it says you start writing or type to choose a block. I'm finding it really difficult. I know I shouldn't and I should really try and work with this. But I'm quite a lazy person that hard. Sometimes, I think, why make something difficult when you're used to something? So I stick to my classic editor. But if you prefer the block editor, then that's absolutely fine. Whatever's easiest for you on do you can go back to whichever one you prefer by going on your settings. I'm going to set it back onto the classic editor, and I'm going to save the changes because I find it easier. But it's completely up to you. So what else can we find here? Um, you've got your mail server, your log in name. So these are all pretty standard things. You don't ever need to change anything. Here, let's go into the next tab, which is reading. I think this is probably to do with how your readers will see your block post. Yet there you go, so your home page displays your latest posts. You can change that to display a static page. You can just have a home page, but we can also do that from our theme, so that is completely up to you again. How you want to organize your block so you can play about with these settings and see what , um, what suits you best? So then we can go onto discussion. I think this is to do with your, um, comments. So these are the default article settings. Eso attempt to notify any blog's linked to from the article, allow link notifications from other blog's, allow people to post comments on new articles. Posting comments is actually really important. So you need to allow people to post comments because Google likes comments on block posts. So the more comments you have, the better. So you want to encourage that and the rest off this page is self explanatory. You just have to read through it. If you want to untech anything, you can do that. But I would just leave things as they are, and then later, when you get more familiar with your with your blawg, you can make any changes that you think are necessary. But you know now that you can change different things under your settings. So what is media? Let's have a look at that Media is how you're images display, so there are pluck plug ins also that help with with your with the photo sizes or the image sizes on your blog's because you don't want to have a really big image sizes because that would make your your block slow to load. So I will show you in a minute what plug ins you can use to make sure that your blog's stays fast loading on that your images don't take too much on loading time. Andi, Then the other thing. Perma links. Let's have a look. This is important as well. So this is how you'll Permal ings display. So, for example, you could have a plane, one which would just be the name off your site. You could include the day and name off your post. I don't think that's necessary, but some people like to date the post month and name or you could just have numbers. I have mine said to Post Name, which I find really easy on. It lets Google know exactly what this is, so you'd have your website name on then the name off your post. So if you're writing about tips and tricks in the garden, it would be coming up as your website name and then tips and tricks in the garden. So it just makes it really easy to understand what Your post is about. So I would probably click on Post Name. I think that is the, um, the cleanest way, too, to show up your permit links. Andi, What else have we got? So, yes, don't forget to save changes. If you do change anything, so then it's your privacy. That's have a look what it says. So there's a privacy policy page. As a website owner, you may need to follow national or international privacy laws. We went through these in our lesson about the privacy policy, so we've already got that set up, so we don't need to worry. It says here the current selected privacy policy pages in the trash. I think that was probably the one that came with the WordPress theme, but I'm sure hours it's still correct. So let's have a look. We'll just quickly check will go on pages, go on all pages. We should have the privacy policy there. Um, so the privacy policy is there. It's not really in the trash, but that was probably the privacy policy that waas, um, already installed on the block, which wouldn't have been valued anyway, because we have to make our own privacy policy. So, yes, this is more or less your menu. Andi, I don't think there's much more that I can tell you about this. Just familiarize yourself with this dashboard and with all the tabs, click on them. There's nothing you can break by clicking on them. You just, um you know, just remember not to change anything if possible and listen. Know what you're doing, But other than that, everything should now be set up in a way that you can start your block. 16. Where to find free images: So you want to add some images to your block on your thinking? Well, where can I find free images that I can use? It's really important that when you choose an image for your block, you don't take just any picture from the Internet. Images are usually protected by copyright, and you could find yourself in legal trouble with the companies that own them. So I've heard people say, Oh, I've taken this image off Google Don't do that. You could really learned yourself in a lot of trouble, so make sure that the images you use for your blog's have got a license on that. You are allowed to download them and use them on your block. So here is a list offsides that offer free to download images on. You can use them on your blawg as long as you don't sell or distribute the images. If you're unsure if in images free, check the sides license details. So the next four sites are the main sites that I use for my own blog's in the 1st 1 is pixels. Pixels is great for any image, but especially grateful Mom bloggers, people who blogged about family life Children, babies. They've got a great section on babies on the other. One I use a lot is picks obey, and that's general again. You can find anything on there. There is a search box where you can type in what you're looking for on it will give you a lot of pictures in the results. On the same with unspool, ash and splash is probably the one I use the most. Again, you can find any types off images on there, and it's very easy to search for things. You just type in what you want. What you need on DIT will come up with the results Andi, then the other one I use for images, even though it's not a side, especially four images. Camber is more aside where you can design images and pictures and is your social media content. But it also has free stock images that you can use, and there's quite a selection on there. In fact, they are probably the best ones that I confined so far, especially because you can then use combat to edit those images on and you've got everything in one place, so I recommend that you give cover try just for your image designs. So the next sites I haven't used personally, but I know other bloggers that have recommended them on the 1st 1 is kaboom picks on. That's particularly good for any lifestyle or interior design bloggers. The next two sides are again general image sides. You confined anything on there. You can find a variety off different subjects on they are picked Jumbo Andi stock pick. So they're very good sides for anything, really that you want to look up. And there are two sides coming up that are really good for sort of office images. Business images, boardroom, social media, start up that kind of thing. Andi, they are start up stock photos on free range. So have a look at those. If you are a business blogger, all you blogged about blogging or you blogged about anything to do with offices or business . The next one is again. It's a general one where you can find all sorts of images and that's split Shire on. The one after. That is really interesting. I didn't find it very easy to surge for specific images, but the really interesting I quite like just looking at the side and just looking through the images. They're all vintage photos there. Oh, photos of places. But they're old, so they're not new pictures. Very interesting. You might want to use some of them, depending on what you're blogging about, that could be quite useful for you. The next one is not a free site, but I have included it because it's really good for beauty or fashion bloggers. There's some beautiful images on there. They're not free, but they're fairly cheap, and you can buy bundles so you can buy a summer bundle on autumn Bundle. And they're so reasonable, I thought, I include them, even though they're not free. The next one is really good for food. Bloggers on that is foodies feed. So again it's aside that I just love looking through on. I have to warn you, if you're looking at that side, use end up feeling really hungry sometimes. So there's some really beautiful food images on especially good for anybody blogging about recipes of food, anything like that. It's amazing for for that kind of blogger on then, finally, there's another one that's fairly general, and that is gratis. Ah, graffiti. So again they're all free photos. So you have a really good selection off. Um, free stock photo sites on you can down. As I said, you can download them, But just make sure that the licenses are actually, um, correct that you can download them to put on your blog's. Most of these should be absolutely fine. But you can double check the license if you want, because it's important that you don't get into trouble with any legal requirements. So I hope this has helped you. Andi, I urge you to start downloading some images on start using them for your block. A good idea is to put them into your WordPress library, and then you can access them whenever you're writing. So if you find a nice picture and you think you might be, it might be useful for for a block post, put it in your library, then it's there, and you can have access straight away when you're writing your post. So I hope this was helpful for you, Andi. I'll see you soon 17. How to make money from your blog: Now that your block is all set up and ready to go, we're going to look at how to make money, blogging and turning your block into a business. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take some time before you make good money with your block. But that being said, blocking income is directly related to how much hard work you put in. There are bloggers out there who makes so much more money blogging than working in a full time job on the best thing is they can do it from home on. That can be anywhere. As long as you have an Internet connection, you're good to go. If you're blogging as a business, you need to approach it with a business mindset. It's not about writing. Ward is on your mind. You're writing, needs to be targeted. Your block is not a diary if you have this, Mind said. There are many ways to monetize your block. Andi. I will outline the most important ones in this lesson. If you have set up your block and you want to immerse yourself and get in depth knowledge about the possibilities off making money, blogging I am creating a follow on course that will teach you all about how to make money with your blawg. It will give you a blueprint for a monetization strategy that will open the doors to the life that you want to live through. Blogging. I'm going to give you some real life examples, the following up logs that are making a full time income and more. I hope they serve as an inspiration to you. There is nothing they have done that you can't do to. However, you do need to put in the work the hours, the determination and sometimes this can be tough. Perseverance and not giving up is the key, the figures quoted up based on their own traffic reports. Some of them may be outdated on may well, even be more successful by now. But the principles are the same. So this is a list off Moderate Income blog's. The figures are acquitted. It says the dollars they make per month. It's not that they make that every month. This is a particular month. They have picked some make more on average. Some make a little less on average, but it gives you an idea off what they can earn in a month, so the 1st 1 is called Embracing Simple. It makes $2400 per month, and it's a lifestyle blawg. Their main earnings come from affiliate marketing. The next one is Yep, it's vegan. It makes $1478.54 per month. It's a vegan recipe Block on their main earnings come from sponsored content and adverts, in particular at Thrive. The next one is called while she naps. Eight makes about 303,000 $152 per month on it's a sewing blawg. Their main earnings come from physical goods, which seems to be knitting. Sorry. Sewing patterns onto the next one is Easy Baby Life making $4310 per month. It's a parenting block on their main. Earnings come from adverts through Media Vine. The next one is a travel block called Practical Wonder Lust, making over $4000 per month on their main Earnings come from adverts on affiliate income. On the last one is the bewitching kitchen, which makes well over $6000 per month. It's a food blawg, and the main earnings come from sponsored posts on adverts. The next is a list off high income blog's. The 1st 1 is her paper route on. It makes about $12,000 per month. It's a marketing block on their main earnings come from affiliate income and causes. And by the way, this is a really nice block that I read myself very often because it has some really good information on marketing. The next one is the well kept wallet on that comes in at about $17,700 per month. It's a finance bloke on their main earnings come from adverts on affiliate income. The next one is a really nice lifestyle blogger, and it's called Just a Girl on her blawg Andi. She makes $41,700 per month, mainly from e books courses on affiliate earnings. The next one is a very well known block called Making Sense Off Sense. Andi. This lady makes well over $100,000 per month. It's a frugal living blogged that teaches you how to save money. So no wonder it's so popular. Andi. Her main income comes from affiliate marketing on the last one on the list is smart passive income, making $300,000 per month. It's a personal wealth. Blawg on their main income comes from affiliate marketing on their own products on I really hope this inspires you and shows you the possibilities that are available through blogging . Now, what are the ways to monetize your block? How it can you make money with your block? You can create an income from your blogging many different ways, and the type off blawg you are writing will determine which is the best and most profitable way for you. So one off the ways off making money is through adverts. This is probably the easiest, but also the most controversial way off monetizing your blawg. You need a large and steady amount of traffic to make it worthwhile, and adverts on a block can be quite distracting and sometimes annoying to your readers. But it can still be a good way off monetizing if done in the right way. The next one is affiliate marketing, and this is one off the most popular and probably easiest ways off making money when you're starting up to become an affiliate marketer. You join an affiliate network or affiliate program, which lets you promote other companies. Product. So basically, it's about not promoting your own products but somebody else's, and they pay you a commission. Now. Another way to make money from your block is through sponsored posts. You write a post for a business and you posted on your own block. The company then pays you for this service. It's best not to have too many off these on your block, though, because it can quickly divert from your own brand. Make sure the subject fits in well with your own brand. Another really good way off making money on your blog's ease. Through physical products, you can add a shop with physical products on your block. This could be anything as long as it's relevant to your brand. For example, if you have a craft broke, you could sell craft supplies on your block. Or you could even link a page on your block to etc. And sell on there on another. Really good way of making money is through digital products. This is probably the easiest way to monetize your blog's, as you only need to produce the product ones, and then you can sell it multiple times on your block. Digital products can include e books, courses, printable photos, social media images, audio products. There is almost an endless list off products that you can sell that are digital. Another way to monetize your bloggers to become a V a. The V A is a personal assistant on D V. A stands for virtual assistant. Many successful bloggers don't have the time toe. Answer the emails, manage their social media accounts or create pins for Pinterest on. This is where the days come in. And if you have a business block, this could be a lucrative way to add another income stream on, and you can still do all of this from home. You can also become a consultant, although this requires you to have a specific skill set and you need to be able to provide your clients with a measurable result. It can be a very lucrative income stream similar to being a consultant. You could become a coach. You can offer your expertise to help your clients solve a problem. It's all about providing support, encouragement, motivation and guidance. It's not a passive income stream as it involves a large amount of personal contact. So you can see there are many ways off monetizing your block and earning a good income. Research other bloggers and have a look at what they do. There are lots of bloggers who publish their income reports with a detailed breakdown of how they earn their money. Make sure you research bloggers in your own niche. If you already know what you want to block about Andi, find their most profitable income stream. Remember that it is always best to have several income streams so that when one of them has a seasonal low, other streams will keep your business going on. If you want to learn more about how to make money with your block now that you already have your set up, please join me in my next cause, the Blood Creator. How to earn money from your block, which will come out soon. I wish you great success and satisfaction from your blogging Korea going forward 18. Blog Post Types: So we've come to the point where your blawg is now all set up. Andi, this is really what this course was aiming for the cause. Waas aiming for you to have a block or set up and ready for you to post and to write. Now I can't just let you go without at least talking you through how to write some posts. What the best structure for opposed is what kind of posts there are on just to give you a little bit off a push forward so that you can actually start writing your posts and fill up that lovely blawg with with content. So I just want to go over the different block post types that exist. This is just a very small example off the type of block posts that you could ride. There are other ones as well, but let's have a look at thes main ones first. So the 1st 1 is how to or tutorial post. I'm sure you've seen many off them online where it's how to do something. How to knit a jumper, how to plant a tree. How Teoh find the best school in your area so that there are block posts that tell you how to do things. So they basically tell your readers how to do something. They tend to be educational because you're learning something and they're grateful, including video or visuals. I've put an example here for one off them on That's one off the block post that I wrote myself on my gardening blawg. How to Grow English Lavender, which is one of my most popular blog's block posts on bond. How to posts are really good. If you've got something that you know how to do and you're an expert on and you want to show other people how to do it, that's a fantastic way to get you to give your message to your readers. So that's how to post or tutorial post. The 2nd 1 would be a list posed, or what we also call a list ical. Andi. They opposed that con that where content is presented in list format, so it's basically like a list, but it explains further details on each point. It usually includes a number in the headline. For example, I've chosen an example post here that is titled 15 Fascinating Honeybee Facts so you can have a look at that and see how that bloggers structured Andi similar to a list pose. But it's not quite the same is a curated post. So a curated post is a compilation off useful resources. They're really good for building relationships with other bloggers or businesses because you mentioned them in your post. And that obviously gives thumb, um, more traffic to their own blawg to their business on. People are usually very happy to be included in these kind of posts. So an example of that would be seven great examples off content curation you can learn from . So that is a curation post on bond. They tend to be very good for drumming up more traffic. Andi Grateful. Collaborating with other bloggers or businesses on number four is a what is Post? I'm sure you've seen plenty of those IDs where a block post explains a concept. They're really good for ranking high on Google. The example of mentioned here is the post What is S e o. And if you have a look at that post, you can see what I mean. It explains something. If you're not sure what something is. This is the type off block post that you hope to come up when you're searching for something. So again, a very easy post to ride. If you've got an expertise in something, Onda number five is a pill opposed. A pillar post is something that every blogger should have at least one off on their on their block because a pillar post is the ultimate guide to something. So this showcases your expertise, and it lets people know that you are an expert on a certain subject or that you know about something that other people might want to have more information on. So a very good example Post Here is the ultimate guide to quilt sizes. If you click on this and have a look at this post, you will see what a lovely block post this is, the way it's structured the way visually, it's very, very attractive. So it's a really informative post that this blogger has written about quit sizes on. It shows that they know their stuff, they know what they're writing about. It's a pillar post because you can refer to it many times. So again, this is something that everybody should have. At least one off in your blawg on the last one. Number six is an infographic post Now. An infographic post is usually about lots of information data on statistics, but they're displayed visually, So if you have a look at this example, Infographic the secret off a killer block post, you can see what I mean. It's very visual. There's usually some kind off graph or some kind off. Infographic has its called that shows you that explains a subject in a visual form. So these are six block types, but opposite there are many, many more. But I think that these six block types are enough at the moment for you to get started that they're very good for ranking on Google because you're helping paper. These are the type of block posts that people look for when they need help when they need clarification or they need instructions so they're very good, too. Increase your views on your blawg. There are other ones. There are, for example, interview posts, where you can interview someone who's got a specific expertise or knowledge on a subject, or, for example, you could write about an experience you've had. You can write about places you've visited, so they're different types of block posts. But I think that for now, um, these type of book posts are very helpful to your readers, and that's what we want. We want to attract people to a block by giving them really good information. 19. Structuring your blog posts: So how you doing? Are you enjoying the course? Have you learned quite a lot? Have you got your block all set up and ready? I hope you're as excited as I am to get to this point. Because now we're getting to what we are supposed to be doing, which is writing block posts. So we're at this point now. Andi, I want to tell you a little bit about this structure off a block post. So this will help you structuring your posts so that it becomes easy to read for your reader. Andi, there is a way off structuring block posts that will help you with ranking on Google on that will help to keep your readers on your block for longer. So let's have a look at the structure. The first thing you need to do is to introduce your topic. Your first paragraph should draw your reader in, but also, you need to be clear about your topic from the start right from the start, you need to tell them what this block post is going to be about. The second thing you need to do is to use headings. Andi, When I say use headings used, um, often. So you divide your paragraphs by using headings. Why is that? We're people usually skim over your posts and read the bids they're most interested in. So when you use headings, it helps them get to the points they really want to read. Apparently, that is because people have a very short attention span on. It means that most people, no matter how much you you love writing and how much you put into your post, people will read the beats that they're most interested in. And sometimes they skip her bits off your post that they they don't find that interesting. So headings are important to keep people on your block post so that they can find things very quickly for the same reason you need to use very short paragraphs and sentences. Forget everything you've learned about creative writing. Blogging is like having a conversation with somebody who has a very short attention span, so you need to offer you information clearly, aunt to the point. So short paragraphs, short sentences on lots of headers. Now again, for the same reason. Keep your wording simple. Andi, Uncomplicated use playing language, basically so blogging is like having a conversation with someone so you wouldn't use complicated language or something that doesn't come natural to you. So just keep your wording simple. Keep everything simple. The next thing you need to do is use images whenever you can. That will help. To break up long posts on DIT offers visual information to your reader. Make sure that your images are related to your content, so don't put in a picture off something that has nothing to do with your blood post because it does need to tie in with what you're writing about. Nice images also catch people's eye, and it just keeps him on your block for longer, and it makes it more attractive. The next point is to offer your readers a conclusion. There's nothing worse than reading a long block post coming to the end, and it just ends abruptly. You shouldn't do that. You should always have a summary off your points or some way of ending. That is not abrupt. So offer a conclusion. Offer a summary offer a bullet point, list off what you've written so that you summarize everything. Whatever you do, give you readers conclusion or a good ending to your block post. What you could also do is end with a call to action. For example, ask your readers to share the post. I do that on all my block posts. I ask people what they thought about the posed. I encourage them to leave comments on D. I asked them to share my block posts. And lastly, one thing I want to say is aimed to write 1000 words or more. Don't worry if you're post falls short off that it doesn't have to be 1000 words exactly. If you if you do 800 words, that's justice. Good. But apparently Google likes block posts to be 1000 words or more these days, so you can still have a really good posed that ranks well with less. As long as your content is good, it doesn't matter too much. But a good a good guideline is to aim to ride 1000 words or more, and that will help you rank higher in Google. So I hope that this has explained the structure off a block post to you and that you get an idea off how to write your posts. But don't worry. I will also give you some templates that you can download, and then you can copy and paste them into your WordPress editor. And then all you have to do is to fill out your template with your writing, and hopefully that will give your blood post structure on. After a while, you'll be able to do that all by yourself because it will become second nature to you to structure your block posts on. It's all about having an introduction a middle and unending, and make sure that the middle part is divided with headings quite often, so that it's easier to read. So with all that set, let's have a look at the templates. Download them before you feel them out, copy them and paste them into your WordPress. Editor Andi, start writing your first post.