The Binary Institute // Introductory Course in Binary Options Trading & Forex Trading

Aedan Kelly, Professional Day Trader

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5 Videos (54m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Trading History

    • Lesson 2: Traditional Retail Trading vs. Binary Options Trading

    • Lesson 3: Introduction to Market Analysis

    • Lesson 4: Introduction to Risk and Money Management


About This Class

Learn how to take your binary options trading & Forex trading to the next level! is a leading binary options & forex trading education provider, with specialized lessons aimed at first-time traders. With our binary options trading & forex trading courses, you to can learn the basics of trading binary options, forex or any other financial assets, and can take the steps to begin trading alone, independent of brokers, signal services, or robots.

Most traders begin with our introductory course, which covers all of the basics of binary options trading & forex trading in seven lessons. This written course introduces you to the history of trading, the fundamental aspects of binary options contracts, the difference between binary options and forex trading, trading times, market analysis, and trading platform features. The course information is laid out in easy to read and comprehend text, that you can take at your own pace to understand how you can profit from binary options trading.

Following the introductory course, many traders then continue to our video series, which provides 10 detailed videos guiding you through the trading process. The lessons begin with learning how to use a charting system and take you all the way to using technical indicators, the economic calendar, but also risk and money management strategies with trading.

Regardless of whether you take the introductory course or the video series as well, the Binary Institute provides you with all of the necessary information for you to begin trading successfully - on your own.

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Bonuses & Resources

Recommended Binary Options Brokers mentioned in the training videos can be found in our PDF manual, under the "Class Project" section.

Make sure to download our "Introductory Course in Binary Options" eBook for FREE. pdf file located under "Class Project"






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Aedan Kelly

Professional Day Trader

Aedan Kelly is a professional day trader with over six years of trading experience, with three years of binary options trading & forex trading experience. Until 2014, Aedan worked full-time as trainer in for an HR firm, specializing in new employee education and integration. Aedan brings his skills as a professional trainer AND trader to the Binary Institute to make each lesson accessible to every time of trader.

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