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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Preparations and overview

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Type

    • 5. Shapes

    • 6. Colors

    • 7. Patterns

    • 8. Brushes

    • 9. Looks

    • 10. Class project

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About This Class

The Big Adobe Capture Class

When I was a kid, I didn't expect that one day I will be able to create something artistic on my phone. I also didn't expect that my mobile phone will actually become one of my favourite designer tools, that I always have in my pocket. Than one day I discovered Adobe Capture and I immediately started to explore and capture the world around me. I started to create unique graphic elements that I use in my graphic design projects. Nobody sees the world the same way as you do, and you can use this to show your personality in your work even more.

I guess you always have your phone with you too. So why not to use it for something that actually helps you in your design work? With Adobe Capture you can create many different type of digital assets that can be very useful in many fields of design. You can save colour information from images or create Brushes, discover fonts. The best thing about this app is that you can create patterns, shapes or 3D materials effortlessly in literally a second. In this tutorial I will share with you how I use Adobe Capture, and we will go through most of the options how you can use these assets in other apps like Photoshop, Illustrator or Dimension.

If you’re interested in improving your design skills in a fun way, join me and let’s get started!

You can find some inspiration in this project on my Behance.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anna Natter

Freelance Senior Graphic Designer


Hi everyone,

My name is Anna Natter and I'm working as a freelance graphic designer for 14 years. My main field is Adobe Dimension/ 3D Illustration at the moment but I also work with many different softwares and on wide range of projects. ( Motion graphics, Broadcast, Print, Digital art, etc) You can read mode about me and what I've been up to in the last few years on the Adobe Blog.


I started to use Adobe Dimension right after the Beta release in 2017 and I use it every day ever since. In the year 2018-2019 the Dimension 2.0's splash screen was my artwork, which is I'm the most proud of in my entire carrier.

3D is easy! If I can do it you can do it too! You don't need anything else than a CC subscription and Adobe Stock acces... See full profile

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1. Intro: hi, everyone for the new visitors. Welcome to my channel. My name is Ana, not there. And I'm a graphic designer. If you're curious what I'm doing, you can find the links in my profile or you carried about me in this article. On the other be blawg. When I was a kid, I didn't expect that one day I would be able to create something artistic on my phone. I also didn't expect that my mobile phone will actually be company. My favorite designer tools that I always have in my pocket. Then one day I discovered other we capture and immediately started to explore and capture deferred around me, I studied to create unique refugees and elements that I use in my graphic design project. Nobody sees the words stay away as you do. And you can use this to show your personality in your work. Even more, I guess you always have your phone big toe. So why not use this was something that actually helps you in your design Work with adobe capture, you can create many different type of digital assets that can be very useful in many fields of design. You can save colored information from images. Oprea brushes, discover phones The best thing about this up is that you can't create a pattern, shapes or see the materials effortlessly in literally a second. In this tutorial, I wish video how I used Adobe Capture and River goes through most of the options. How you can use these assets. Another absolute Photoshopped illustrator or dimension. If you're interested in improving your design skills in a fun day, join me and let's get started. 2. Preparations and overview: before we jump into the middle of. For these, we have to talk about a couple of things with the creative crowd libraries you can sing, Gaudy asserts with your computer, laptop or even iPad. This is one of my favorite inventions that I just can't stop talking about. Stop downloading other we captured in the APP store. It is available for mobile devices and tablets for free. Once you're logged in everything you create, another be captured will be available on the creative cloud and accessible by all adobe CC ABS. Very important that you have to log in. He was in the same adobes. Easy account you're using on your desktop computer, and you're good to go from the desktop version of Creative Cloud. You can also add content if you click on the plus icon on the right of the screen. It's going to be important later on. Discover the options in greedy crowd libraries and the stronger the comment. To start using, particularly let out a couple of things, you can change in the preferences in adobe capture. Put example, publishing your color teams toe adobe color or not perceive images to the capture album. What you prefer saving everything different. Fathers 57. You can create materials, types, shapes, colors, looks, patterns and rushes. You can also find the galleries. If you're curious what others have been doing, you can look up others content on your desktop computer indices. CIA. That's the Qataris one by one. 3. Materials: this chapter will be about how to create teeny materials that you can use in other beat. Imagine if this is not interesting for you. Just keep it and click on the next video. The first section. We're going to talk about his new material creation in Capture Keating Street. The Materials. It's one of my new favorite hobbies ever since, I don't know they've kept it on my phone. I can't happy, but I see amazing surfaces everywhere that are just waiting to be turning toe. See the materials. Turkey is adobe standard materials that use the same textures as the ones you can find in. Imagine, we even take a look at the Zone. But first, let's talk about how I used this and why I use a little bit. Imagine a lot, and it's pretty awesome to see these materials rendered in my scenes. I really like the flexibility that I can walk around and discomfort anything I see wall or floor literally any surface into coast reading materials, for example, I already have a lot off firebreak war and concrete materials in my libraries, but I also have most and absolutely undefinable but very decorative materials as well. I also really like stone waas assault and marble on metal surfaces at also perfect for catcher. He don't have to go outside, can also convert any image into material that you see in a book or magazine. You can use fabrics or the blanket, your couch or anything else. You can also upload your own images and create materials from them. The only thing that we have to keep in mind is the tiling. So character is able to create somewhat seamless materials, but not a seamless is substance, for example, so it won't be death perfect, but still pretty good. Let's take a look. A couple of examples how I created my materials. I haven't my libraries. We have a few options. How to create the material. You can take a picture of something or upload an image from the phone. The Stig look at the options began to sup load from the camera or creative cloud light room , but always stop off eyes. I chose a very interesting image off a mosaic floor from the local shopping. More read this little icon you can hide the simple model in the middle of the screen. We did this fear icon. We can change the shape of the simple model video adjustment I can. We can change the colors of vomited eah, situation, brightness, theaters, a few more options if you play with these, something's a bit. We can create very interesting materials when we're happy with the outcome. But the little check icon and we got a new screen with even more options. If you have been working with Dimension, you know. But you forgot. For those who are quite new to these, capture creates four different layers. Base color, Mataric number, map and roughness. If you're completely new. Two CD, I suggest going number maps or watching reviews to tell you all about for the ship modeling . I talk about it in that video, so first of all, we can crop. The image is smaller. If you are not activated with the sliders, you can modify these properties of family Syria toughness, detail, metallic density, frequency repeat and bandages. The last one is the most important because with this do you can create seamless interiors, depending on what kind of image you try to convert. I always started blending the edges a bit and increase the repetition because they say we can check the seams and how dysentery of looking use Turn it around a couple of times. The check now the time material is timeless became work on the details. It always depends on the image. How much I changed these. So let's take a quick look. It's been another change, a simple model sometimes so we can see the details better in the back, right from the top to the bottom. Roughness is what it said it is. Before I decide about the funnel roughness, I obviously lower so I can see the surface details better while I change them. Detail relates toe the level of rendering data in the surface image. Metallic is also what it is really succumbing. Materials that look like metal intensity is very important to fit this later, we can basically change the direction of phenomena. MMA, if you want to go toe plus or minus with the bombs, frequency changes the surface lighting information. In my experience, it makes the surface a bit crispier. Now that I'm happy with this material, I said the repetition a bit longer out because capture makes 2048 times 2046 attacks relapse. Eso I can overshoot. It is in the mention, but I need ordered it as I can get when we are done with Audi's. Click on the state bottom side, materia in one off the sister libraries civet on existing one. Or make anyone we can look up the material created, and you can always go back toe. Change the surface of things and over at the material. If you click on the street does here to get the library options and some export options, the Chabert and you can send your material to other people. They forgot to zip file, or you can share delink off your materia. You can also export your material as image or material. The image sends a preview. PNG up materia With the material export, you will get the same ZIP file that you can save anywhere or send it to your computer, but a drop now that he saved and exported on material. The baby like it. Let's take a look have all of this vaccine dimension. After opening dimension, we have to find a live dirty baby save diamond videos. First, I dropped a few mothers into the scene from the started a sense you can find the ledger days under the started a set step. So I'm looking for the materia activated in capture for last time. So I have toast eloped The father. I saved the material in a decade of the materia onto the model. So he yard. After changing a couple of lights of things, we can see how this material is actually working on a street in model. After opening the material properties become play with some of these options To create even more interesting materials, we can edit the based image in photo shop. If you click on this little personal here, then we saved the imaging for the shop. It will updating dimension. We can teach the base image and just go for color allowed to do it in my abstract scenes. If you want to use any off the maps on other properties because saved them with this icon to the city libraries and just drag and drop them into the other earlier. So I want to use the same layer on my metal property that I use in a roughness. So I say what are loaded onto the other one with. So this is how culture works with dimension I in Crete, you to go outside, find an interesting surface and try it yourself. 4. Type: Maybe you've been wondering what kind of funds for using your favorite magazine. Sometimes when I walk around in the city, a senior just informed or sign that I really like. Since I have got to be captured on my phone, I take a photo of the front and capture. Helps me to find a match in adobe funds capture you these other be sensei to analyze the shapes off your tax to suggest similar typefaces. Obviously, you can find every single front in the world. Another refunds, but you might find very similar ones. What you save, a typing capture. That phone will be automatically created in other refunds in capture or the creative Claddagh stop if we can find out the funds and characters ties he saved in the city library under the character style steps. Photos from the Camaro also work. It's never fought over funded in spares you or save it from the Internet and use it later. When you have a quiet moment, let's try to take a photo. If the camera doesn't count, have the camera icon to use the camera or the image icon toe. Upload an image from your camera roll lighting catalogue out of the stock or creative wealth sort of type from the list. If you leave auto capture on the APP will help you to figure tax into the bounding box that fund attacks you need and kept the shutter. If you don't use the outer capture function, try to fit your tax in the bounding box. That will be a blue stripe to highlight the tax that will be analyzed just a shutter to proceed. Chapter two The type that you like from the list. It's possible, Toe added. The style options. You can change the simple text or change more details like phone style or size, and even save your character starts off order. Save it anyone or save it on existing one we can find, or the funds and character styles in the CC library in our favorite adovia. The vesting of bad days is that we can edit them with the tax money for the shop in the Centre Illustrator. We can find out the front and character stars in the CC library in our favorite adobe up. Let's take a look how this vaccine illustrator and photo shop after opening illustrator opened the library spinal, you can find the character studies saved in the further, very saved it. Let's diet on these social media post Select the text you want to change and click on. The character style in the city literally is going to change in media. You cannot leave the front even more, so it works just like a regular phone. - That's Allah bad phones. In other recapture, there's nothing have to do. Then find your own funds and save them to your CC libraries. 5. Shapes : just like type shapes at another fundamental elements in graphic design it that's texture, rhythm, depths and movement, where designs utilize appropriately shapes can effectively make an extraordinary and powerful design. We can use thes impending protects of packaging design over concrete's social media posts or motion graphics, create 12 elements icons, logos, posters and much more. Basically, anything. Creation of shapes with the help of modern graphic designing tours has become quite fasted on easier these days. But we can still use different traditional art techniques to create our months for our digital designs and why this is good for you because it's completely unique. I created a couple of shapes using income paper as your lines. Different thoughts, splitters and patterns, these air perfect to be turned into better shape sit capture. This is not the only way we can save elements from divert surrounding us like gravity's rather interesting marks off walls. You can create our own life very effective graphics that you can use over and over again. It's also possible to combat anything perfect off I that you see on your computer screen without saving any image anywhere. And it doesn't only work in black and white, but also works in color. The best singing capture is that we are absolutely animated and basically become the future anything, and see them as a certifies into a city libraries in literally one second. This means that you can go back to the image of a mountain at just the changes you've made that losing and equality as an example. How are you this ship function? I studied to collect a 50 tax from words that I can use in my study projects. I also call a farm colorful elements for all kinds of purposes, like fortifies of flowers. With this, one app you can infect or design on a month to your design pretty easily is great for capturing elements. They're just easier to draw it. Pen and paper, for example. FREEHAND topography. You can also take any photo Internet into scale above at the shape of taking a picture with adobe capture or uploading it from your camera or or other four. There's wonderful on your screen. You can see the image we try to convert. With this ladder, you can control the black and white amount and contrast in your vector shape. You can select if you want to create a black and white or color for victor shape. With this, I can. You can invert image with a magic wand icon. You can talk, turn on the out of clean that will help you to create an image without too much noise with the adjustment icon. Forget to the same for Thursday. Half in the Material Creator. So you already know. Of course, we have the torch years. Well, turn it on, if it seems tohave so. With the bottles ladder, we can control the amount of black and right off the ridge upon the shutter to proceed. Let's take a look. What do we have at the bottom of the screen for the the Razor? I can. We can erase parts of the shape that we don't need. The brush iconic andro, black on the image and under it with the right arrow singing. You can crop the image on when we're happy. We did, because most the shape if you would like toa, it might take some time now that we had a David days upon the same bottle and save your shape into a library. Let's go back for a quick moment and take a look at the colored version off this. So if you want to create a colorful vector shape, everything is the same except that you don't have slider at the bottom. The invert auto clean and adjustments work the same, just like in back invite. Then we took the shutter at the bottom of the screen. We have a few more options. I don't really use this, but it might be you. So for some people, the video race button, we can remove parts of the shape that you don't need. If you tap on the scissor, it were turned blue, so now it will remove areas off the image with a single step Jerry, move as much as you need. You can, of course, manually clean up the images as well. With a brush I can. You can draw on the image, and if you step on the circle here, you can pick a color that you can use to draw the pain buckets that's the same bay. Pick a color and you can feel the different areas. We want that with this, I can hear you can simplify the shape you can reduce the number of colors. I ve already we can crop the image and we can try to preview it. Sometimes the preview takes a lot of time, so I just keep it and I go to save immediately. Saving your directorship will be saving to your CC lives. Reason it will be available in other mobile apps or whatever you use your see celebrities. There is another way of creating creditors video shapes. It only works on the iPod as far as I know. Step on this button and transfer them into pedant inside of your character up. It only works with black and white after shapes on and maximum city shapes you can select. This is still a little bit of a mystery to me, but an evasive you can integral it off the shades and the arrangements off them toe fine . You already see them to your CC luxuries. Let's take a look at the export off chance we can export it off the damage sug filed. It is vector file and a pdf. The patterns were created with the beauty impotent creator of you. Go to the pedal further and you can export them from there at the pattern tile or 65. Let's take a look what we can do with these shapes. Indifference off in for the shop opened a lively reason. Dragons of the shaped into your campus To be able to read it. This, you should convert it into something that you can actually add it. You can choose to convert them to smart objects or pasteurized Um, you can, of course, move the layers around justice, irregular earlier and the state of the same. Open the libraries and drag and drop these shapes into all the advert. Scared him as you like and, when you have preferred, decides to look off the most bottom. As an example, I created this product labor. He was in the car Victor shapes have been collecting. If you open up the father you oversee, other tiny lamented contains. It's kind of complicated to recover these. It's, ah, lot easier to change the color of the black and white shapes that takes one click. Basically, yes, to get my all time favorite other bits off their dimension in the video by the material creation in capture. I spoke about it where you can find the city diabetes in dimension. You can use the vector shapes you saved as a deka and put it on basically any object. In this scene, I used the labourer created in Illustrator. Under the graphic step, you can find all the shapes and drag and drop them onto your model. I stopped this interesting organise shape and I did toe the hexagonal. This based structure I have in my scene have a go. As you can see it added the front twist to this production. You can change properties to achieve the desired look. I changed the placement of failed on the repetition toe. I entered the hint of Mataric through it and you're done. You can. You can use your creativity to take your understood a whole new level In the final render, I ended the deco on toe a backdrop and now it frames the products of really nicely And after the fact, you can also drag and drop your shapes into a composition. You cannot animations to them if you would like toe, it's very useful for ski, assures teachers. So so if you are teaching, you can spice. If your question this even if you don't have too much experience with perfect and in design . You can also find your shapes very easily. Look for your city later reason. Drag and drop them into the art world in fresco is also possible to Auntie's on a months to your are good upon this image icon and look for your CC libraries when you found it. Select shaped you like and kept open with handles. You can rotate scared and place it wherever you like. It was quite a long video about how you can use shapes. You creating other we capture. I have this video inspired you to start discover how you can integrate capturing your half day work. If you have any questions about this liver common below in the community section no. 6. Colors: I think we can agree that usually colors are the most important elements of the design. Honestly, I get the most compliments of my color choices from people who see my portfolio. Have you ever experience that you saw something and you wishing you would have been ableto save the exact color palette from it? But it, the photo painting or just so landscape? Well, this is what I usually do. We capture when I see amazing colors. I take a picture and save the colors to my Sisi led release for later. This is the most versatile of father functions. Even if the color team function is not directly compatible with the design appear using you can just use the hex code or different color most to use these colors and basically any software. And I don't want to save the image to my phone. I usually just captured the color palette from a computer screen, or it happens that I capture cut a path from my own painting. It's always fun to David paint. I love to collect amazing color strong critic artworks or from gravity's on the street after I started using capture. Basically, I always servitude with me to do it is the easiest way possible. I start to extract color values from an image. Of course, you can upload your own image or take a foot off something in your surroundings. I chose this pillow because I like these vibrant colors. No adjustments work exactly like in other functions. You can play around with this. If you would like Toa, I was take toe their original image. If you tap on the screen in whichever phrase and you can keep editing your color choices, as you can see with the five circles, I can pick five colors for my father to the colors. Capture chose for you. I moved the colors in your finger after yet upon the shutter, it takes you to another screen where you can change any of these colors. In this lighters, you can immediately see the tax code of the color. Under the harmony stuff, you can adjust the brightness and edit the handles with honestly, at this point, I never uses for this function. I'm a under the image stuff. You can find the image capture took venue already saved into your Sesay lives, Reese, so you can use them emotive. A software. Later, you can publish you of color teams toe adobe color. If you're not somebody every other big color, let's take a look. The first thing is to look into it and don't be account so you can get access to all your libraries. On the left, you can find these different color harmonies on the logos. Monochromatic triad, complementary compound shades and custom. With these letters, you can modify the colors you can drag these handles on. You can create your palate like this. You can save it to your libraries. You can't name it on. You can also decide if you would like to publish it or not even also extract colors from an image that your float. I picked this image from my desktop that I really like and that'll be color immediately. Create a place for me. I can choose some differently selected schemes from the left menu. But now I've you stick to the first time because I like it the most. I use a veto. My father called Adobe Dimension. I didn't even the Palatinate save it, but as you can do it is to explore other people's bullets and you can find the incredible amount of color parts on this side. You can check out the Trans and save this first to your own libraries. So it's really a good idea to take a look at all this. You're under my team. Stab. You can find all your color color palettes here. The car apparatus I saved. You can see the color red. I just, uh, saved and some others that I just created. And I just say for myself. So this is all about adobe color that is far more sing in the color capture more that we can explore Ice cold radiance the neighbor ingredient. Capture that the mode I can select The greedy int Aiken Thea automatically creates an interesting DeLeon from the picture. You can still like the colors yourself by taking the little circles on your screen. They're just in film Stars are also working like in the color capture mold. You can try these one selecting your colors after you tap the shutter. We got another screen. Where we go to this much hispana is exactly the same even through before. When you're ready saved ingredients, the RCC libraries, you will find all these under the color seven. The creative cloud, just a Pepto in illustrator opened the library's panel and find the father. You saved your color teams. I took a few shapes from the library into the airport. Okay, this is not going to be the most aesthetically pleasing thing that you see today, but anyway, so now I'm ready with the shapes. I can look for my color teams in my libraries. I found a couple of colors I want to try, So just click on the colors and the shapes were changed colors immediately. The greedy and Senate working in a state of for some reason, I have any majority opening for the shop. For example, if you can use ingredients and color teams in photo shop for corroborating our images, the kind of teams can be found in for the shop under window extensions. I don't see color. Things you can create would explore color teens inside of Photoshopped. Oh, he cannot the cutters from your teams into your switches from the extension window, a plague radiant map adjustment layer. You can find it under the eye cornea. I think the great genders comes up by default. Peek under the Grady Inbar who had boxes of colors. Then click on the boxes. I use the eye dropper tour to pick your colors. You can play with the burning most achiever, somewhat more subtle effect. It is another way off. Celebrating images. Open library, spinal Find ingredient. You created that quick on the greedy, intend quick create Grady in preset. Not many. Open the greedy int editor. You can find a radiant you had it and use it. You can use the color teams, toe cutter shapes and for the shop, the radiant. Also working this case and after effects, you dissemble to war. If you would like to use any off the colors from your teams, you can recover her text or shapes or create a study layer fielded our favorite color and fresco. You can find your colors as well. Step on this circle here, where you usually find your colors at the bottom of this papa window. There are the seasonal allergies. You can use any of these colors to drop, and this is all about colors in capture. I hope you learned something you from this video started collecting very own colors and explore dysfunctions in your design apps 7. Patterns: I didn't know. I'm actually access it. Kaleidoscopic patterns before I found that will be capture. Just construct creating them ever since it can add a lot to your design. Sometimes you don't need more than just trumpeter. But what can we actually turn into pendants, literally. Anything you can even dro pain something. I use images you see online. And maybe you like to create CDR that I like to go on getting toe pad on. You can also use something you see in a book or magazine or a picture or off your dog it really anything. Let's take a look how to capture dependent another be capture simply Creek on Powder in India Doesn't image to create the pattern from you can, of course, upload an image or take a photo capture to the color mold color, great scare or black and white again. Choose between doctor or beatnik pattern. When you speak Director put down, it will automatically feeds inmates so we care for If you choose vector, you can specify the number of colors you would like to have in your bed. Um, you can also choose the shape off the mirror effect that is number, I can quote adjustments that you already know. He you can change colors and use thes theaters to have more character to PETA in case of patterns that he was pretty useful. For example, after stepping the capture button, we can adjust our are better. More specifically, we can turn and scare the image. On the top. You can see how are federal would look like. If you tap on there, you can actually zoom in and check the details of the pedal. The last step in capture is to give a name to a powder and assign it to afford her. Of course, you can create a new father or he was an existing one. We can find the paddle recreated in the CC library, and we can add it by clicking on the street dots here. When you would like to export bed on from capture, just click on the street, just like we did before. When you try to export vector padan, you have more options. You can export us Padan tile or SVG file. You can also exploit pdf when you take the export a bit, McFadden You can only export the pattern tile as an example, I open a social media, both decorating just for this exercise. As you can see at the bottom, there is the pedal layer. If you make a new layer and you click on the pattern in the library, changes immediately. Toe paddle feel layer, and you can change the scare fit before picking. Okay, When you click on the freedoms, it creates a new pedal. Feel A as you can see. If you right, click on the pattern in the library and click applied, the same will happen. You can also create a pedant preset. He will be able to find your pattern in the pedal window, and you can use it in more functions. If you go to layer no fee, layer them pattern. It would also create a new fee layer for you, and you can choose your madam from the drop down menu if you create a new filet. And you can also use the safety feather in the blending options to spend an overlay, and you can change the scare capacity and blending mode. Let's see how it works in Illustrator. Let's find out victor patterns in their libraries. Let's say that I want to use some of my recently created pedals. I switched toe leased to you so I can see what is an SPG. And but it's a map. If you drag n drop the pattern under the canvas from the city library, it will become a bit map image. You can see it's asking if I want to embed it. Also in the Properties panel, you can see that it's on image file. If you want, the better it'll be added first, watches clear to shave and then right quick and apply for them. It would be added to this such a spinal. To be able to edit the pedal, we have to apply from the swatches panel. At least this is how I do it. Then go to powder and it, madam. And now we can see all the layers, and I read them. Save a copy off the editor pattern. If you would like to. - If you created the vector pattern with the pedantry Adar inside off capture, you might have some issues with some creepy masks, just released doors and everything will get back to normal. We can modify the colors of the shapes, and we can use our color things for that. No, there's a more option, likely condom pattern and choose place in factor pattern tile. It will place only the tile itself with irritable airs. You can edit the skate of the pedal goto, object, transform, scare and only take the box capital whether said not working directly in dimension. But after exporting from capture, you can save the pattern tile into your cc luxuries. I usually upload these in the desktop app. You can use these as base texture. You can put it on everything like fairly sure about, Oh, my productive time. I will show you a few examples, but yeah, you can create a toughness map Anoma back from them in for the shop. Just opened pattern from the measure by clicking on the pencil icon and for the show, go to steady and generate. Now, Mama, you can change the depths off the map and saving back toe the CC libraries clicking on the plus icon here. The same applies to the toughness and metallic maps. It depends on the final result. You tied there, chief just and image into a black and white image to be able to use dessert off Lesson three around with the Channel Mixer in monochrome mode on you will be evil to get an interesting effect. - So this is all I wanted to share about creating any using computers in capture. I have. This listen was useful, and you can use this knowledge in your future projects. Tied is yourself. It's so much fun. 8. Brushes: If you're into drawing, you will find this very interesting. Basically, we can turn everything into a brush it capture, and we can use this in other. The fresco of ST are on for the shop. There are many things we can do with dysfunction. We can even create floater little stations or that's the most. We are vector graphics in a minute, as you have seen it in the part about shapes in this class, I painted sometimes or shapes it income paper. These are actually perfect for dysfunction. Let's check it out with how he talks upon the Russians stub. Capture automatically creates a max for the brush. You can see that the Checker Party is going to be transparent. With this money I can. We can clean up the image even more there. Justin's also over here. That can help you to achieve the final result. First, you have to select the style you can choose between picture or factor brushes, and you can see which is compatible. So basically every single depends on what kind of brush we want to create. That's creator after British, but this does Here you can control the brush on in the preview, you can see how it's going to look like. If you join the preview, you can draw your own lines, test the brush. At this point, I always go to refined first to make sure there's nothing else that could determine later in this window with the minds I can. You can remove areas of the capture shape in the settings. You can change the size of your brush. You can edit the minimum size NDN. Take a last look at that brush, but this is that I can you can change out. Don't mask color. You can try the brush created when you're ready to take your brush. Now let's make a pick some fresh. Take a picture of shape. You would like to call that address. The next thing we can do is still crop the shape via dunk. It is. We can go to settings that you can make some changes just like invective mode. You can edit the minimum size, the anger and spacing. You can also get this cutter, and Geter said things under . Did he find that you can find some what options before to save my brush. You can change this obstructive color or race parts of the image with the plus I Can you carry three dreariest parts. Then we had absolutely happy with a brush. We can say we distracted further if you want Exporter brushes the vector brushes. You can feel export from the from the app. Only a PNG. You can export pics of brushes you can exported. AP out Order PM defies Survive this all really good for us. All of these assets are sinking between all off your device. It's so let's take a look at it. Let's see how it works in different types in for the shop creating your document and opened the precious tab in the library. Spinal chose the brush store. Choose your new better from the battery. Spinal used the new brush toe had the desired effect. Location. An illustrator. You can find the vector brushes in the library. Spinal On the fleshy step, there were line, then click on the brush and it will change immediately. If you still like the paintbrush tour, you can paint with this brush immediately. If you want to change brush, just click on the brush preset in the surgery on, it will change the panacea tool is not this family with that. First we have to draw a line and then apply the brush. You can change the behavior off your brushes if you click on this icon. Yah, you can't change the direction or scale of the brush. If you click on this icon here, you can save your brushes into a father can create new fathers that will create new brush. For there's an illustrator for your own rushes. Now it's a priest. Apply of various in your projects in Frisco. To be able to draw with your brushes, you have to save a brush from the photo shop and fresco brushes in the picks up brushes section. At the moment, only these work in the APP. Go to your precious I look for library brushes. There you can find all the brushes you created. The capture. I hope from now on you were started. Created on rushes in capture is definitely something you need that can enhance your occasions 9. Looks: last but not least, let's talk about looks. Have you ever heard of color grating or color? Look up, Adjust the layers, that is, their dysfunction comes to play in for the shop in after effects. I usually edit and color great my own videos an after effect, and I like to play around with these options. If you have ever heard off lovers before, it might be interesting for you. If you know this already. No, no. You can create your own light fires that maybe you've never done before. It also works in photo shop, and you can apply these in premiere pro and after effects. What is a lot large stance will look up table a lot of the fight. It transforms a range of colors in an image toe, another range of colors. Traditionally, they have been used in the film industry. Toe give firms are unique. Look. More recently, lots are being used in photography as well. We can use dental color, get your videos to give you a specific look and what you want. After choosing Got image, we have the possibility. Don't week our own image. With these theaters, you can test you a lot on a simple image. If you press the screen, you will see the original image so you can compare. You can choose one of these colors that you leg if you spike to the left. You can also try this on the reference video, or you can upload your own video from your phone for a bed. Not that we had a David This look stated to the sea celebrities with they can export the looks as a PNG file or a look file. You can upload into different types later on. I chose the photo from my last year two packs or we can try the same for the shop. Find the locks you created with capture. Simply click on the look in the CC library, and it creates a color look up adjustment layer. It's really so easy. You can change the opacity of this layer to make the effect a bit more subtle. You can also upload last fires if you click here and you consider different large from the drop down menu. After the fact, I used the lots two different ways. First Methodist to apply diplomatic color effect on the video on upload look file I created in the FX contrabando. You can upload it to their creative section on this effect, Dante and intensity to achieve them desire. Look, the other thing I'd like to do is to create an adjustment layer and applied the mattress color on it. Triers have to collaborate your videos using the looks you created with capture. 10. Class project: If you manage to watch the entire class, you see how much information is contained. So it would be difficult to pick one single function that suits everyone. So I think the best class project would be to pick a function and exploded. You don't way if you're referring to drawing, create the brush or the shape. If you're into city care to see the materia on he was it in a scene and dimension, What's importantly, enjoyed journalist that you just gain on, um enjoy capture in general, I would be happy to see your creations. So don't forget to post them here. Below on. Thank you so much for watching.