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The Best Way to Learn ''Free Falling'' on The GUITAR

teacher avatar Renan Nerone, Guitarist, singer and songwriter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. The Best Way To Play ''Free Falling'' on the Guitar

    • 2. Complete Song

    • 3. Intro

    • 4. Verse

    • 5. Refrain

    • 6. Bridge A

    • 7. Bridge B

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

This course is designed for everyone who wants to play exactly the same way the original song Free Falling is.

Tom Petty wrote this amazing song but John Mayer did his version live in LA and I learned from his style on the guitar.

You are gonna practice with your right hand (rhythm) and left hand (chords). I showed you what you need to do.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Renan Nerone

Guitarist, singer and songwriter


Guitarist, singer and songwriter currently based in South Florida.

Renan was born in Maringa, a small city in the southern part of Brazil. His passions is the guitar, which he has been playing for the past 14 years. This passion started when he was just a little boy. He discovered then that the music was able to bring happiness for himself and other people around him.

In 2007, Nerone moved to Florence, Italy where he attended the Conservatory Luigi Cherubini studying Jazz Music and graduated with honors.

In 2010, he recorded his first CD with a collection of cover songs from artists including A. Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho, Chico Buarque and Tim Maia.

Renan was guest of honor at the event ''Premio Battisti 2010'' held in Italy along with Dario Baldabe... See full profile

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1. The Best Way To Play ''Free Falling'' on the Guitar: Hey, what's up, you guys? And then they don't hear Welcome to my new course. Learn how to play the song Free Falling by Tom Petty On the way In this course I'm gonna give you all the tips you need to know to be able to play perfectly on the guitar The song freefalling But I'm really happy to help you out with this song because I love the way it easily guitar. I have a lot of tricks that I'm gonna give you this course So let's get to it. Thank you very much. I really appreciate you supporting the humans could share. Let's get to it And we're breaking down right now this song free falling by telling very and really and I assume the course 2. Complete Song: - uh , - E 3. Intro: okay. During the intra, we're gonna use fingers of our right hands. Okay. I think the strings are like that. Okay. When I sure after the courts how to play the rhythm of the song here with your right hand on the force of all less. Understand? How How do we do? Here were like with the left hand and the cable. So we got a cable. Uh, the third fret. Look, it's our then first card is D major. Okay, after that, we're gonna do a G with different G with nine. So I'm explained. The middle finger here is on the six friends. Okay, The low e chord or your strengths are. And then my index finger here on the few friends all the G stream and my Rick Fear on the six Fred off the beast rate. So basically after a d my middle finger here that waas on the feud spread the high string you hear goes up from here. You and this fingers here instead. Still the same place. Okay, court. And after Dad, I'll do this. So I have this and then I do this eyes is a diesel s f sharp. Okay, so index finger here on the fifth Fret off the low e string, middle finger or the fifth fret all the G string ring finger of six. Fret of the B strain thing is a change between the court. Okay. I stayed with his finger here on my ring finger. The same place just changed those two here. Okay, After that, I do A for so I have index for you. You don't fret. De Serie Middle finger of a few. Friend of G string a ring finger six Fred of beasts tree. Okay, let's put all together guards D d Sarriegi first D major cycle cargie within nine. Slice of sharp 1/4. Right. So here, with the right hand, we're gonna do this for D will do this. You can see my middle finger here. Just split off. Less noticed. Be the street. Okay, so it's a dad and I played G and the other figures here on the D string G and B strain together. I do this g sharp stopping 4. Verse: alright for diverse. Gonna use always the same rhythm. Okay, we're gonna do this. We're gonna play thumb and fingers together all the time. Okay? So for each corn, you gotta know what string to play with this dumb And with the fingers. Of course. So if you're playing the first car D played D String open and then the 1st 2nd and third string Okay, after death for G gonna play with it dumb. They know he strained. And for those other fingers D g and being string together Okay, After that, I play decent Sharm. Same strings here as G So low E string d g and B string days for So I'm gonna play the a string here If you string and d g be straight with miss basically these Well, you come to 4123 So if you look at at the time of the temple 1234 you're gonna see that we have to temples Strong's We have the two in the fourth one dream for and I stopped When I write him here. I do this simply they don't play a note by the O. The's very important keeps you going forward. Teen Stop Geek E Try to do it slow. Stop a g d Stuff a stuff. Okay, Okay, so let's split this verse for into two parts. The first part between D and Gene and 1/2 Dean Stop teams. Stop is the first part. Okay. All right. 23 one. Dream, stop! Uh uh Uh uh. Uh huh. Okay, so the second part is between G d slash f sharp and a okay, G stop a 5. Refrain: okay. During the refrain, we're gonna use the same chords. Okay, See guards on over and over again. But there's one thing that champs and it is their rhythm practice with the right hand. A different rhythm here for this song. Okay, so we're gonna split the rhythm into two parts for the refrain. And the first part is one sickle parties together, they have one stop here during the second part of the way. Get with these four or eight times where The Saudis. Um so let's try seeing these way dumb. I don't I don't I don't I don't Is the first part. And Dad downtown. Down, down, stop! Down! Stop! Forced part is he's one for deep. We're gonna have after day g have the stuff top. And then e o e started again for deep to a tree. Full circle bar. Okay, so don't forget those two parts of the refrain between D and G. First down, a second part of their friend between G D slash of shark and 1/4 stop 6. Bridge A: the bridge is pretty nice to play because they're going to use the singers here on the right hand all the time like this. So it was all the time saying, rhythm, your pleaded thumb and the figures together pop about. Okay. And while we're doing that, you keep changing the courts the same cards you do over and over again. So the first card is D. Okay. You need to count to tree here. 123 You play D open string for a second and third string here together. 123 After data go to G 12312 Okay, so for G, you're gonna play year the lowly string de G in the stream. Fourth, there were a second string. Okay. Together, you're gonna count three plus 212312 12312 So I want to want to to want to. Okay. After that, you're gonna do so I do. One for Jean one for D's. Left f sharp playing the same strings. Here. You have sharp. And then a and I do like 1 to 11222 Okay, so for a for they're gonna come tree plus two. 12312 And then I go again. Go back to the 12312312 And then the second part of the bridge. 112 I play one for G 24 days left that sharp and Tripolis to for 1/4. 11212312 So I want to drink. Want to treat one to want? Want to want to? Three. You can count to five before. If it's easier for you, you can count like three year, six year till here in five years. 36 to 5, 36 to 5. 1231234561212345 So he decided, What kind off? I think you have changing scars because you can count to three year Tripolis to, and then 12 and three people assume or we can count to 36 zoo and five. The important thing is that you need to count. Feel this song like this again. Let's put all together playing very, very slow. He wants 7. Bridge B: For the second part of the breach, you have to have mine. Uh, the melody of the song. So if you sing it along, it's gonna be easier for you to play the guitar. So after I did this first part of the bridge, I think over weight I nto okay, so just strum the strings down with no stops, no rhythm. Okay, so the first card is D and you have 31230 account counted. Otherwise you will be lost. So it's on and then a on. Then again. But now it's a party. I do todo way force parties on. After that, you refrain again. So let's say the less court off the bridge a major. We plant the rhythm here so you can get to the refrain. Okay, so I don't this Okay, so let's do it again. Let's put all together, - Okay . So heavy. Mind all this melody I'm very used to seeing so you won't be lost on change this cards 8. Conclusion: all right. These was the course. I hoping died and thank you very much. First reported me here in schools share I really appreciate that I look too soon and that scores If you have any questions about this song, just let me know. My common heroes who share will be glad to help you out. Thank you, system.