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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
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Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 | Ingredients & Equipment

    • 3. 2 | Making the Sausage Rolls

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to whip up my healthy and totally delicious version of sausage rolls. The great thing about my recipe is that it is adaptable. You can choose the type of mince, the type of vegetable and the type of herbs that you would like to use. All depending what you have on hand in your kitchen.

You can make this gluten free by using GF Puff Pastry & GF breadcrumbs

Each serve has fibre, vitamin, minerals and protein.

Great for growing bodies and keeping your fuller for longer.

They freeze and thaw well so, if you want to make these in bulk then get cracking!

During the class you will learn nutrition tips to create a healthy meal the whole family will love!

These skills can be applied again and again to your cooking repertoire. Learning how to be a Healthy Cook is a skill for life!

I have provided you with a PDF of the recipe including all ingredients, method and equipment that you will need to get started.

All ingredients are easily accessible from the local supermarket or green grocer. The kitchen equipment I use is found in most kitchens and very user friendly.                  

Resources: Find Katrina on IG and FB @katrina_brown_nutrition and website

Follow Katrina for more upcoming Healthy cooking classes and Nutrition.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katrina Brown



Katrina Brown is a qualified Nutritionist and Healthy Cook.

She is the Founder of The Healthy Kitchen, a branch of Katrina Brown Nutrition.

Katrina loves to cook delicious nutrient-dense meals and her mission is to share her energy & passion for everyone to live a healthy life.

She speaks and gives workshops to corporate businesses and local groups with an interest in the health and wellness of their employees. Katrina is also engaged in education for fitness groups, children, and adults on the importance of eating healthy food for energy, focus, and longevity.

You can follow her on IG: @katrina_brown_nutrition 


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1. Introduction: I hope you enjoyed yourselves lost weight. Speed of an introduction into what we're all about here, what we're going to be doing over the next 10 weeks for autumn and winter. So this week we are going to be doing what are called worker roles. These are just like sausage rolls button and an aching Obi-Wan shops bend in anything, you'll find the frozen section because you get to choose how they taste, which is a bit of a trick and I'll tell you why. So these are a choice of whether you use faith means or chicken meat or poultry meats in yourself drove depending on what you feel like paying more, not having a house. You can also choose the top and vegetables you want to use a Nace and you can also choose the type of hurts you want to using the eggs, right? Sausage roll. If your mom and dad hadn't banks the shops and they've pulled something at the vacuum. I want I've got these veggies we need to use. Quick what this means is facing and Fraser for awhile, What about quite adaptable at ESE? The flight is in them as something a little bit different. Nothing too strong would just different hubs as far as you might've used before. And they also great if you want to make them gluten-free. There are bright AZ recipes do that with this well, so I'm going to run through equipment that I've got to die and ingredients that we've got today. And like last week, I'm going to change up the angles a little bit, show you what I'm doing and in some little tips and tricks along the way. 2. 1 | Ingredients & Equipment: First, I'd like to go through the equipment that I have and that you will make. Startlingly, there's some measuring spirits. I've taught half a taste through a taste food and a tablespoon here. I also have a three quarter over coffee shop. Will sing while I shop. I have biking typo on to by countries. So here you're going to probably need to buy countries. Maybe even throw it to pings. How many such drones we cut off from what you end up doing. But I'm going to stop with true. The other thing you're going to need is large ball doesn't have to be glass bowl, but just to launch fault, a little fry pan or a frog, kind of some description. And that's another trick I'm going to show you. And a pastry brush and some water. If you would rather use an egg wash or milk wash to put over the top of your pastry. You can, but I'm just using water, should I? Because it's lazy. And lastly, you're going to need SASA or something that you can blend all the vegetables and things up when. And we're also going to be making our own breadcrumbs today. All very simple. It's all very ASI. And the great thing about this is when you end up blaming or your veggies, you not even going to know they're in there. So I think that's a beautiful way in true because you don't want to be bodies will sausage roll and taste similar to vegetables, but it's great to have the mean age because then you don't have to have them on side. So you get any Vinci fix and approaching fixed from your mate and your carbohydrate fixed from your pastry, and your healthy fats as well. So it's all bad. It's only know one meal. So mom and dad can't make the extra vegetables because it being yourself that drops. All right, so our next step here is to go through the ingredients. So I've sent you the ingredients list and you've got it all there. And obviously your chosen where you want to use beef, chicken and so on. We sunbathe today. And what I'm going to show you is I'm just run through what I'm doing. That kind of goes with the flight is at the base. And I'll also mention what you can use. It would go the claims of cheating on the book. So I'll have five which are grams of bases here. It is. At room temperature. A puff pastry. Top high street is made from wheat flour and baja. So when there might have post-reading, this is all machine made. Obviously. We can get beautiful handmade Pastry, but you don't need to worry about that. So strong side, basically it's Lions of kind of grade. And Bhatia. Laius, Laius, Laius, Laius, Laius, Laius. And it's all kind of smooshed together through ashamed. And basically when you cook it in a nice hot oven and makes it puff up. So that's why it's called puff pastry. If you're using gluten-free puff pastry, it's the same thing. It's just using a gluten-free flour. So you don't have that gluten protein in your cell, strauss. Okay. So we're going to set that aside. That needs to be thought. A next ingredients, I'm sick four slices of bread. I'm using a whole meal brachii, again for gluten-free. Gluten-free. Hello, We'll know brainy bright. I'm going to show you how to make your own breadcrumbs. We have two-eighths that's going to bind or mixed two together. Then we've got our vegetables. So I've said about two cups of vegetables. If you have particular type of vegetable you prefer over something else, then that's totally fine. You can use that. But my advice to you too is to try new vegetables and try new things every time you eat a meal, because that is what's going to make you healthy and feet and growing and all those CC1 and to escape will give you lots of energy. So what I've chosen to die would go from faith. I've got some carrots, I've got some zucchinis is a really basic Kanye, some chopped in half and cauliflower. And it would cauliflower scope and lakes. And that's going to make up approximately two cups of vegetables. I've also got an onion. I said a red onion because I like the sort of sweetness of the Red Army in that I think pairs really well with debate. If you are using chicken and you could use mushrooms and vegetables, which would taste really great. You could use spring onion like the green onions edge has really good and that looks like a test could import. What else? The task of salary actually taste great with a boat and something. It sounds a bit strange, but it also always peers or refocus ankle. So if we wanted to experiment with different flavors and things like that, different types of mate, then such trials economy, goodbye to stop because you sort of motion it all up together. And next ingredient I have is two closest garlic. Okay, so that's just regular old garlic. Then we have AMP herbs and spices. So southern with two teaspoons of chimeric. Chimeric is I really good anti-oxidants. So it's one of those things that's a great one to use is just really good for your body systems and it helps fight kind of all the nasties that are floating around in the body. Such remarks, a really good one. I also have human, a taste thing of human and a teaspoon of paprika. The cumin is the stops that sort of floating Indian cooking. I love to use it when I put that link tools and things like that, I think ties fantastic in suits. And I love the little just isn't possible sulfide on the back of the sausage rolls, which I think it's not a technique by this. These aren't spicy at all. They just fly this to add. Pre-comp is another one of adenine bases just seemed like a smoky 22 spice. And it also goes really well with Capsicum, Chili's or that sort of thing. So if you're using, text me your babies today, if a pregnant going to taste your link with that too, then I have a tablespoon of boost tissue source. Can use barbecue sauce. Just be careful if you are using barbecue sauce because it does have a lot of sugar in it. So maybe when you go shopping, look for the version that has low sugar. Okay, because barbecue sauce is about 50 percent sugar. So that means whatever you're putting on your bot, your plate above the source of that in half. That's sugar. Okay? So they are the sorts of things you want to look out for those hidden shoulders. And lastly, I have a vegetable stock. Q. You could also use a chicken stock here if you want it, or based off key, depending on what you're using. A stock, you've just gotta give this a nice kind of seasoning and a bit more punch in a flavor. So I'm just breaking that up, just making a crumbling and the ball. So that's about teaspoons for teaspoon and a half of stock. Q. So if you're using a stock powder, need Nate, about taste, going to spin half maximum. Like Hey, that's why I'm bringing up salt and pepper up for saves me always make salt and kept up. And it's really important to taste traditions we go. And you might think that's a bit weird because you making Ross also draws me putting them in the oven. I'm going to show you a tree. Make sure that it tastes really great before you put them altogether. So get your app and on the 210 degrees fan forced, get all UK ready. And we will get into the cooking of your delicious rock and roll. 3. 2 | Making the Sausage Rolls: First step is to make our own breakpoints. Now if you haven't done this before or you've just won't pick up bread crumbs, that's fine. Absolutely fine. I just wanted to take a few steps of making urine in case you ever want, true. I've gone about full slices of bread. He made a round two cups. Atp, you just take them up. Throw any okay. Throwing a food processor. I sorry, can use the cross-subsidize beats that you've had lying around. It doesn't matter if the grid style, style Brit actually makes bit of bread crumbs. On the leaf here. My computer noise, Just until they go like breadcrumbs. So quickly ten seconds also. What type? That was 10 seconds. Alright, sup, or you can say do a little bit chunky. I'm going to put those in my Baldia. And when you're done, you break promises, measure out about two cops and just pop them in your mixing bowl. The next thing that you're going to do is replace the blinding dark day to clean out a free person. So that's fine. And we are going to put the veggies in there. So I'm just going to sit the breadcrumbs aside for a moment. This is the AC cost Mexico us straight to that. Using a cool hands lost weight. Just remember that all the time when you are trying. Now, we can only use this scheme on the onion and sometimes it's hard to shake off than others. I think the fresher, the Armenians to hot authorities to take off. But just make sure you get all the skin off your onion. Otherwise you'll sort of have papery BCE in your sausage rolls and you don't want that. Now, onions Usually Makemake. And this one isn't too strong, brown on the enzyme find the strongest and I always tear off. So if I ever do a cooking class with you at Brown on meetings guaranteed, I'm going to be rolling my eyes and I want to be able to store, adjust constant. I've tried everything, so I did last two-part heard was breakthrough your math and not your nor is and that'll stop the crime. Automatic. Sort of sometimes works, but you just have to try whatever works for you. So the onion, I'm just chopping at roughly, everything's just going to get chopped roughly. Oh, you want it to do is get onto the blight of you blamed up really just to chop up. So we can put that in the process of just The end up those carrots. Now when you actually think carrot saving, if you've gotten claw hand, just be careful because they quite hard. You don't want to be checking and accidentally trumped your fingers. So just take your time with the carrots. Those in. I have Kanye. Okay, so I've chopped that in half and I'm going to drop it again in quarters just because it makes it easier. And then again, using my claw hands just do chunks of veggies. For those in. And then lastly, I'm going to stop chopping up my cauliflower. Now I've used this a little bit of cauliflower as well, because like I said, it's going to get for our economic, but also there's great fiber and oldest stems if you veggies, as I've mentioned before. So you will save by using the leaves in the off cuts and things quite a lot, especially when I'm doing recipes that involve just bleaching things together. So it's gonna do some chunks there. And the sign of E. Coli flour or whatever vegetable you are using. Sorry, the rule here is to say trump everything up, getting the food processor. Lastly, I said colorful, I was lost that lastly, I have to close of Galli with you, close a gala, you cannot appeal it, which might take a little while. Or you can get the palm of your hand over the top of your knife. See plenty of using the partial of u naught if he responded, putting the garlic clove and you get a flash of your head and your body whitening goat. Okay. And breaks it apart and makes it easier to get off the skin. And you don't need to chop it up. We're just popping out those ones in there as well. So I'll show you what the second moment, but the boss of the NADPH, palm of your hand on the bench, nice and flat. And that's the sound you looking for and for it to be all squished up. And that is an easy way to get your garlic out of the skin. So we're going to pop that in there as well. Now this is an old guy, so you're going to be an artist, try it for another ten seconds. And the reason why I'm going to stop it after ten seconds is because I want to show you where it's at. I name that we might have to bleach it a bit more. We want it to be finely chopped but not pure, right? Not like her weight. Vegetable source. Okay. If it's too wet, it's going to make your sausage rolls to wait. Sorry. I'm going to try that for ten seconds and then we'll see how we go. That looks pretty good to me. I'm just going to bring the camera a bit more. Okay, so you can see that's quite finely chopped, but it's not pure, right? So that was 10 seconds and unhappy with that. I don't want it today anymore, right? In that, if you want yours bit more finally, tropes give it might be five seconds law, but not much more than that. Okay. So Olivier cheesy done though, is I going to bother with that, right comes sorry, that is the last of what you made. The food processor poll. Okay, so we're going to move that out of the way. Then I will show you the next steps that we made to keep on preparing our sulfa drugs. So our next step here is to put everything together in the ball. Very simple. Getting all you hertz and spices. And you're hoping to me, yes, I say that with salt and pepper op-amps and salt here, I'm just going to put a generous pinch of salt into salt pepper. And that's just seasoning match. And then the next thing I wanted to ease adding the minutes I hope to do to pipe up. And we're going to cracking the inks. So I'm going to start with 18 and just see how that goes. Now I'm going to bring the camera up HIV ahead and just show you how I'm going to mix all that third, all right, so here is everything in the ball. Now with your clean hands, you're going to get in there and wash it altogether. So the reason why I said to have your mate at room temperature is because of you getting here and you've got freezing cold ingredients, you'll hands are going to phrase two. Okay, so you just turning and tossing them, smoothing, tuning and pushing and pushing. If this is all too much for you and you don't like the texture of getting your hands in the mail, which is fine. You can use a wooden spoon, but this is the best way to get everything through your sausage rules. Okay, so you can see that there. Now I'm going to add see, and if he if he sort of do that with your means, man's falling out of my hands quite easily. I'm going to add one more egg to that. Is I just think will bind everything together a lot better. So give it a little bit of a mashup in the egg, the egg and the means. And just smoosh it all together. A little bit more is to combine all the dash. Dash is much better. You can see it's just all just sort of holds that little bit nicely, which is what you want when you doing if sausage roll you wanted to hold really nicely. So you would have saving your recipe. And before when I mentioned, uh, hadn't little trick for you. When you're cooking. It's great to taste your food as you go. But when you've got something like rulemaking, you can't exactly pick it out of the ball and eight and Kenny, sorry. What I like to do is just get a little golf ball size and what you're doing is making like immediate result. And then you typeset and you go, That's great, I love it all. It ties to be bland on ancient add some more of my flight is to it. And that gives you the chance to make your sausage rolls taste amazing before you cook up the whole law. Sorry, that's what I'm going to do here. So I'm just gonna make up a little result. Probably a golf ball size might be less, not much. All right. You just flatten it out so coops not so quickly and not subtle flavors. So basically all you want to do is cook that make through. And when you have cooked at three, you taste it. It's that simple. So that's gonna go on there. I'm going to give monetized, you should do yours. And I will show you what I'm banging on about in five. Here is my little result, the total ton of cool it down a little bit. Giving it a Tice. I actually really like it. I don't think it needs anything else. If you wanted to add more spices, geology, totally cool. I think if anything, I would just add a big moles to solve Soviet mobile a P souls to one. That's good. It says, Well it doesn't need anymore soul because the whole cycle, stock keeping a which gives me the salty flavor. And how do you think? Allude to balance it out with me, more sweetness. I'm just going to throw in some moles to source on still AT color chart ruined MOOC and a throne above another tablespoon of salt in mind. And again, I'm going to do with my hands and just quickly mixed up through. Now if u dv, so we have to add more shadows. And you wanted to do the little ties test again. Go ahead and just repeat those steps again. Ralin, who can do to try. And I'm pretty confident that that's just going to bring the play her out. So next I'm going to show you how I put it altogether, how it actually might be sausage rolls. Then we're going to cook them and then they're done. Sorry, yeah, pretty simple. So the second last step is to put the sausage meets in the High Street and lost it is to cook them. So I get no taste of one shape of type string puppet on the board or on your bench for maybe like. Next, you're going to get two lengths of self-control and one shade of type string. So what I want you to do is just cut it in half lengthwise, right? So then you've got to multiply through there, and we're going to put two lots of meats. Now, I've saved between half a cup to three-quarters of a cup of nice per section of pastry. How much she put on there is up to you. How behemoths them is up to you. I'm starting with three-quarters of a cup. Hey, you might want to do a mole and that basically you're popping your cup Michelle size and you sort of fiddling around with it a little bit until it goes from right at that edge, brought to the back gauge. Just sort of fiddling around a little bit. So it's all a than. Now when you're putting these meet, Stan will notice of con, of dividing the pie stream to three. So you want to put your meats on the first third is a frictionless employee, a third of your High Street and you like the other two-thirds of your pastry per rolling. Okay. Just sort of whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. So that to me is a great amount of meat sets three-quarters of a cup of meats that I'm used to it you can use, like I said, listen more to paint him many sulfa drugs you want to make the paints have small, you want them will have chunky with them. Just remember that you're going to roll them when they go to join at the end. So if you have too much in your POS pastries going to puff up. And you'll meet this kind of go to explored episode of history. Now I sit to get a brush and symbol travel or some aid or some milk. And the reason why you just need a liquid is basically brushed your pH of your pastry day. And that's so when you roll it, it sticks. So under row 1 from this direction, then I'm going to bring a camera of a head again, and I'm going to do the rest for you. So you get a nice close-up view. So the first one we rolling, hitting them round united with flattened and too much. And then you finish like that on the weight edge of the pastry. So you'll see if I turn that Ariba can see the line of the price tree. Okay? So if that is the first one and what I looked that up there of conduct one and so on. Okay. Now, I just want to show you and I'll show you this from the top as well, how I would like you to cut them. But like I said, it's up to you how you might use if you want to cook, this is one big long, so strong. You can absolutely just remember it will take longer to cool. Alright? So what I like to do is divide this into four. So the first thing I do need refractions again, cut it in half. That's a rubric can be done to suit full day. You've got to cut it into half again. So you're cutting it into quarters. So you're going to end up with four sausage rolls. Hello to be funny, doesn't full sorts of roles. Apple, one shaded pastry. Okay, Pretty simple. Then. You're just going to pop them on your tribe. However you like. You don't need a lot of space between them. They're not going to blow up too much. But you do want them around the sinusoids h by k. And then when they're on a tripod A1, you can give them a little brush if you want. You can sprinkle them with sesame seeds or dried herb, So anything you'd like like that. And by coming up and so ongoing too, continuing with that method with the camera over the top, I'll do a little bit as 0s and they don't want do some in a quick time-lapse. So you're not sort of watching me for about and that makes life a lot easier for everyone. All right, so here I am with that second half of the shape pastry and putting on about three-quarters of a cup of minutes. Like I said, just kinda motion it down on the first third of the pastry, right to the edges. Make sure you get right to those edges there. So this muscle strolls on the tour, I really should go in the oven. I am just going to give them a tiny little brush to start with the top. We are up to the final state. I hope everyone is exotic validating amaz on really looking forward to A1. So this is just the first try of sausage rolls and I'm going to pop them in the oven, will need a second trial for all my mixture and finish off my high string. So unrealistic for today's day, you're going to probably might, might be 2018. Also have sausage rolls, might be more. Also if you wanted to make them even smaller notch my tiny little bite-sized ones for parties and things like that. You can totally do that with this recipe. So these are going to go into a hot oven. A hot oven is a 210 degrees and enforced. And that is going to cook for about 20 to 25 minutes. And what you're looking for is going to be a nice puffed up golden pastry, not bird, just like a nice kind of dark brown. And you'll make your veggies and everything. I'm going to be beautifully caught. Her and they're going to smell amazing. I'm going to pop them in the other now. And when they come out, I'll show you the finished product. So he's a sausage rules have been for about 10 minutes or sorry, 7, 8 bit number 15 to get that nice golden brown and cook. All the main and the veggies all the way through. So I'll show you the finished product in minutes. The finished product, beautiful vegetable sausage rolls, we bake for me. I hope that yours worked out as well as Mandate, golden brown naughts and puffy, perfect denom is going to Tice grateful lunch. Biotypes. Great. If you had some a snack or as a male or on a solid with a bowl of soup, whatever you like, enjoy them. But I look forward to hearing your feedback and other dishes that you want to create and learn how to cook to see you next week. Bye.