The Beginner's Guide to WordPress Gutenberg

John Morris, I help freelancers get clients.

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16 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction to Gutenberg

    • 2. What Is Gutenberg?

    • 3. How to Install Gutenberg

    • 4. How to Uninstall Gutenberg

    • 5. How to Create a Blog Post With Gutenberg

    • 6. Advanced Layouts

    • 7. The Columns Block

    • 8. Reusable Blocks

    • 9. Choosing the Right Theme

    • 10. Demo Site Setup

    • 11. Building the Home Page

    • 12. Building the About Page

    • 13. Building the Portfolio Page

    • 14. Building the Contact Form

    • 15. Building the Blog Page

    • 16. The Future of Gutenberg

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About This Class

If you don't know, Gutenberg is the new editing experience for WordPress 5.0 and beyond.

And, it is a drastic shift in how post and page creation works in WordPress... moving from one large block of text in the Classic Editor to small, individual blocks of text and media in Gutenberg.

And, the big thing is... this is only the beginning.

Gutenberg will continue to become more and more apart of WordPress moving into full-site layouts and theming and even, eventually, into the WordPress admin area.

So, if you're using WordPress and haven't yet...

It's time to learn Gutenberg.

Which is why I created this new course.

The goal is to get you up to speed with Gutenberg.

What it is and how to use it...

So, if you're a content creator, you're not just prepared for the change, but can push Gutenberg to its limits to create rich content and layouts on our site.

Or, if you're a WordPress developer, you can get familiar with the concept of "blocks" and how your clients' editing experience will change so YOU can help prepare and educate them.

In the course, you'll learn all about the new WordPress "blocks", creating rich content, the convenience of "reusable blocks" and more.

Plus, we'll build an entire site from scratch using WordPress Gutenberg.

I really hope you enjoy the course.

So, with that said... let's get started!