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The Beginner's Guide to T-Shirt Design & Print on Demand Using Free Design Tools

teacher avatar Dana Gore, Creator of

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (2h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why This Course Is Geared For Beginners

    • 3. Introduction to Teespring

    • 4. Teespring Features

    • 5. Introduction to Printful

    • 6. Printful dashboard

    • 7. Ipiccy Flash and New Content Announcement

    • 8. Using Printful's Built in Design Tools

    • 9. Create Your Design with Ipiccy

    • 10. Create the T Shirt Design Using PiZap

    • 11. Using Lunapic to Make the Image Larger

    • 12. Making Sure Your Font is Free For Commecial Use

    • 13. We Are Done Creating The PiZap Design

    • 14. Create the Text Design Using Photopea

    • 15. Easily Change the Text From Black to White

    • 16. Adding Your Design to Teespring

    • 17. Create Your Printful T Shirt

    • 18. How the Design Looks on a Coffee Mug

    • 19. Using Printful's Mockkup Generator

    • 20. How to Create Free Mockup Listing Photos Using Canva

    • 21. Where to Grab Free Design Tools

    • 22. A Few other Print On Demand Companies

    • 23. A Few Additional Career Path Ideas

    • 24. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this course, I am going to show you how to create t-shirt designs using free online design programs! I'm also going to show you a couple of print on demand companies you can use, for free, as well.

Whether you're looking to create a simple text design or something more elaborate and artistic, the good news is you have tools available - even if you're a total beginner!

You won't need any previous design skills to take (and succeed) in this course. You will only need a desire to learn something new, cool and interesting. You'll build your foundation starting now and only grow and expand on your skills from here on out.

This is exciting! You are in for a treat.

It can be daunting to learn a new skillset as a total newbie, so my job is to make this learning experience simple and fun so you'll feel elated and accomplished by the end of this course.

This is strictly a beginner's level design course.

There are a ton of other knowledgable instructors out there to teach you about how to market your designs and products to the public, so I'll let them be the ones to teach you that.

MY job is to get your creativity in gear and help you to go from "I have no idea where to start" to "Wow, - look what I've created!"

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dana Gore

Creator of


Hi, I’m Dana. I’m an author, writer, designer, and video creator.

I’ve always been imaginative and artistic. As a kid, I loved to write poetry & sketch my friends’ yearbook pictures (always while I was in class, not paying attention to the teacher).

Over the last several years, I've published five books, created my blog over at Iammyimagination dot com and these days, I design printable art products, t-shirts and I create videos showing total beginners how to work online using free and inexpensive products and programs.

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1. Introduction: have you wanted to learn to design things like T shirts, mugs, phone cases for yourself and your loved ones, your frenemies, or to sell to the public but didn't know where to begin? You know, like what? Design programs to use, how to get your products made, where to get or create stunning mock up photos for your listings, or even what selling platforms to start with. If this is the case for you, I have great news in my course, the Beginner's Guide to T Shirt Design and Print on Demand. Using free tools, I am teaching you everything I have learned about those subjects as a total beginner. Look, we all know that learning a new skill can be exciting, but sometimes it also feels daunting and intimidating. I'm simplifying this process for you so you can easily go from I have no idea where to start to. Well, I can totally do this, and even better, you'll be using all free tools along the way. Sound exciting, It's so check out the link to the course can I will see you in class 2. Why This Course Is Geared For Beginners: Hey, guys, welcome to class. Before we get started, I just wanted to take a moment and discuss why I wanted to put this together and why I am specifically targeting total beginners, which I hope you are. I mean, even if you're not, I'd like to think you'll still get something from this. But I've realized over the last few courses that I've put together that I love teaching people, Um, how to go from zero. Like nada. No skills? No, no. How absolutely no starting point to Oh, my God, I know how to do this now. And that is what brings me joy. And I think part of the reason is because I have been in your shoes so many times. I know what it's like to want to do something and not know where to begin. There's a lot of information out there. We live in a very generous world filled with information. And while that's a great thing, sometimes it can be totally overwhelming. I also know what it's like to want to learn something new or start something new and not have much of a budget to work with. So that's why I also like to focus on using free tools. So when this course what you're gonna learn is you're going to go from somebody who has absolutely no idea what is involved in creating a simple T shirt design and might even get into some slightly more complicated ones, you know, more designer types to taking this desire, taking this concept in teaching you how to go from zero starting point to being able to put some things together so that you have a base that you can work with. And by the time you're done with this course, you will be able to start making T shirts whether they are for yourself or as a gift for someone or even if you want to sell them on some of the more popular online platforms. So given all of that, um, it's so empowering to go from, I have no idea what I'm doing to Wow, I can totally do this, and it just makes me happy to be in a position to be able to help you guys get from point A to point B. So that is the purpose of this course. That is why I am focusing on total newbies. And I think if you just stick with me, you will feel empowered and capable and excited by the time you are done. 3. Introduction to Teespring: Okay, guys, welcome to class. This course has officially started. I'm not even messing around. We're going to get right into things, okay? Just as I said in the last video, the reason I wanted to focus on beginners and this course is because I happen to know how overwhelming it is to even make a decision to do something new to go off in a different direction. And when you're a beginner, you don't know where to start. You don't know what to do. There's a ton of information out there. You don't even know what to start applying through. And so when I was a total beginner, I somehow came across T spring. And the reason I loved this platform is because it was completely free to use. And, you know, back then they had a classic launcher and you could design the T shirts on their actual website. Now, not so much. Which is why we're gonna go into print full right after this and then go into some designs income back to t spring. But I did want to at least show you t spring. Okay. So as you can see here, T spring has apparel and they've got home to core and socks and phone cases, accessories and mugs. Okay. So you can always scroll down and just kind of take a look and see what they've got going on. They've got their own YouTube channel. It's an all encompassing website. You can create all kinds of really cool stuff here. Okay? And this cool cobra kai bag. I mean, I'm just going to take a really quick moment to tell you guys how absolutely fabulous this show is. If you were a fan of the karate kid, Cobra Kai is an excellent show. I highly recommend it. You can check it out on YouTube, and as you can see otherwise you can find all kinds of cool things on this website. Okay, So if you want to go ahead, what you would do is you would create your free account. All right, As you can see here, it will tell you either log in or start designing. You can hit either of those. It will bring you to a box where you could either log in or create your free account. You're gonna want it. Just click that you're not a robot, which, assuming that you're watching this course you aren't and I will see you on the other side. 4. Teespring Features: All right. So if you've signed up and you've created your free account, it would take you to a page that looks just like this. Okay, So, like they said when I had first started using T spring, I was able to design the T shirts using their little graphic design tools. They had texts and fonts and, you know, little little images and stuff. Little icons and logos, little graphic design images that you could use and actually had a really cool thing going on as faras being able to design the T shirts using their platform. And that was part of the reason why I was so enamored with t spring. At first, it was because it was an all in one type of thing. I could design the T shirt using their design tools, and then just go ahead and sell it. And again, it did not cost me anything. All right, Now, these days, in order to use T spring, you actually already have toe have a design. Unless you have created your account before February of 2019. All right, if you've created an account, maybe you haven't used it. But if you created an account before February of 2019. You should see this switch to the classic launcher option here. However, if you just signed up or it was after February of 2019 you will not see that there. Okay? And this is part of the reason why I decided to go ahead and create this course was because if idea if I hadn't have the classic launcher when I first started using T spring, I probably wouldn't have been able to use their program because I didn't know how to design T shirts. I didn't know how to find free little design platforms that I could use to create things so that I could sell them on a place like T spring or other areas, whether it was on Amazon merch. If you get an invitation or you request an invitation and they accept you, you can't design the shirt on that platform. You'd have toe already. Have these designs created French full. You can actually create a couple of things at least, especially if it's text. But here now you have to already have a design made up. Okay, I think they do have a text option here, but if you're wanting to do something a little bit, fans, here, you'll have to already have it done. However, T spring is still an excellent platform to be able to sell stuff on because, you know, as you can see here, they've got plenty of options. If you click on any one of these, you'll see a variety of different T shirts. Okay, so it wouldn't just be this particular model. You'd see several of them, you know, long sleeves, that kind of thing as well. All right, if you did, um, if you did like the iPhone case, it wouldn't just be one. It would be several different types. Same thing with the Samsung cases. You know, the tote bags, whatever. All right. So and you can choose all kinds of different colors will go into all of that when I come back to P Spring a little bit later. Okay? But that's what I wanted to let you guys know right when it comes to t spring. One of the advantages is let's just say I had a design and I wanted to sell it on a shirt, but I also wanted to take that same design and create a tank top, maybe a long sleeve shirt, and I don't know love or something out of it. I can do all of those things and have all of those options in the same exact listing on T spring. Okay, where is if I I'm going to show you again in print full. If you create a listing, you'll have one product for listing. So whether it's you know, if it's crew neck T shirt, if it's like a crew neck unisex T shirt, you'll have the one product for your listing. And if you're selling it on eBay, depending on whether or not you have a story, you probably won't pay anything. But, like on etc. It would be 20 cents each time again, I'll get into all of that. But this is T spring, Okay, so in the next video, we're gonna go ahead. I'm gonna introduce you to print full, and then after I have introduced you to print full and walked you through a couple things, they're going to start getting into actual design creation. We will come back to both platforms 5. Introduction to Printful: all right. So, like I said in the last video, we're going to come back to t spring a little bit later. Right now, I want to talk about fretful. Fretful is another print on demand T shirt and other product creation program that again is completely free to use. I have been using it. I totally enjoy it. And so I'm gonna walk you through print full a little bit again. It's free to sign up, and I will have a link that you can use in the description box or in your class notes that you can use to go ahead and create your free account. But let's go over some stuff here. All right, So for starters, they have an abundance of different products as well. All kinds of men's, women's and youth clothing, hats and accessories, home living elections, all kinds of cool stuff. Okay, they have all kinds of services as well. The drop shipping, the print on demand. You can send stuff and they'll keep it in their warehouse and no, fulfill it for you as well. I have not missed with that. Um, I just haven't had a reason to, but it is something that people have benefited from. You can create your own branding and white label printing. You do get bulk order discounts. So let's just say you wanted to sell in person and you would get a discount if you ordered a bulk order and wanted to sell them, like, in your neck of the woods, or send them out yourself all kinds of cool stuff. Okay, I guess. Even photography and video services, I have not used that stuff yet, but I have looked at some of their videos and I've seen their mock ups and they're quite impressive. And you can set up your own print full store. All right. As faras integrations go, I have personally integrated print ful with one of my eBay stores and with one of my Etsy stores. Okay, so they've got and they'll go with I mean, these are the e commerce platform, So if you have a shop of fire, give the wu commerce. I went to try to set it up, but I haven't actually completed it yet, cause I'm not really looking to sell stuff through my website right now, But if I wanted to, I could download the free woo commerce plug in for my website and then go ahead and connected to print full. And I would be able to sell stuff that way as well. So can you. And what's really cool is they've got all kinds of videos walking you through the process. So in any of these other platforms, all right, as far as online marketplaces again, I have used etc. I'm integrated on that one. I'm integrated on E Bay, and I'm also integrated on store envy, although I will admit I have not played with that platform much. Um, and as you can see, the bonanza, I guess was just added it was not there. Ah, while back when I first started with print ful Amazon and there's like I said, there's all kinds of cool stuff here. You can go into how things work. I mean, what's really cool about this company is there's all kinds of training kind of built into the company and its free. Okay, I've got free webinars. They've got a great YouTube channel. And if you decided to start selling with this company, I just don't think you will be disappointed as faras. Their training is concerned their mock up generator is amazing. You can totally see how your products look, how your designs rather look on products before even deciding to sell them. And, of course, I've used the mock ups many, many times. Um, and like I said, you know, they've got the webinars and marketing tools and even a profit calculator. Billy, it lessons. I mean, there's so many things that I personally haven't even played with. But I think if print on demand and selling you know, products with your designs is something you'd want to get into. You would be a kid in a candy store with this website, okay? And they have a block, All right, so and they'll give you. I mean, they've got in grief, jewelry, laptop cases, and again, there's so many things I haven't even played with. But I have designed, um, have designed bugs and designed a pillow and all kinds of cool stuff, all right. And the integrations with eBay and Etsy and all these totally free, right? Totally free. And I will also let you know I don't believe that they have a contact us number. But I will tell you I have used their chat box. So if I had any questions or any concerns, I would just open up the chat. And maybe there were a couple people ahead of me in the queue, but they always got back to me. They always answered my question. They never rushed me out of the chat, and I would always get an email with the contents of the chat sent in the email. Okay, so there's air. Just a few things that you ought to know about. Fretful. All right, so what I would suggest you do is go ahead, sign up for your free account, and I will see you on the other side. 6. Printful dashboard: All right. So once you've created your account with print ful, this is what your dashboard looks like. Okay. So, as you can see, if you have any orders, whether they're your own personal orders are orders that have come through any stores, anything they'll show up here. You've got all kinds of little product templates, your file library. So all of your designs and stuff will be there. Even the designs that you've created from print full themselves, using their design tools, right? Any stores that you've integrated, all your billing information, statistics, warehouse stuff. You know, if you happen to be an affiliate, which they do have a program, you'll have all your information there and then other settings. All right, you can always go back to the home page, the product catalog or the mock up generator here. All right. The mock up generator is, I think, like I mentioned in the last video, I love it. But what we're going to do right now is we are going to go ahead. We're gonna choose a product on print full. We're going to design it using principles, design tools, and go from there 7. Ipiccy Flash and New Content Announcement: Hey guys, I wanted to come to you and give you a couple of updates. So number one, you are getting brand new free content that is going to come later on in the course. I'll explain why in just a moment. So whether you're a new student or whether you've already taken this course, you are probably aware that flashes going away at the end of 2020. Right now, it kind of is the end of 2020. It's early in December. And I picky still runs on flash. I wanted to, I, I've been thinking about this. I even had a student ask me about it, but I was already on top of it, just kinda scouting out some different things that I could show you. Because while, as you can see here, I am on the eye picky Contact Us page and they're telling you that yes, they are working on an HTML5 version at the moment that won't require lash. The truth is, it's not out yet. I was sitting back and hoping and praying that they would go ahead and release it. Not just because of these courses, but because I love using this program. I think it's awesome. And it was a pleasure and an honor to be able to show you guys how to use it. Some of you already knew, some of you didn't know when. Some of you learned some things that you didn't know having already used this program. So that being said, I can't take this out of your course because they might go ahead and come out with this. I've heard different things. I did email them. In fact, I did contact them and they got back to me letting me know that yeah, they were working on it and it was going to come out. So I have to remain hopeful and in good conscience. I cannot remove this content from your course. I'm going to leave it right where it is. Again, if for some reason it doesn't come out or it takes awhile or whatever, I can't have you guys take this course and not have access to another program that can at least help you do the things that I have shown you how to do using AI picky, Okay, so you guys are going to have some brand new content later on in the course, I had to figure out where to put it so that it wouldn't disrupt the flow. And I felt that later on in the course, it would make the most sense. Okay, so you can look at this as additional content and I think you'll be happy with it. I had to I had to do some homework and see what it was that you guys would be able to use. And again, you'll be happy to know I was able to find a program that is totally free, doesn't require Flash, it's been updated with the HTML ability and you guys will not have to download anything necessarily. But like I said, they do actually have an app, so you will be able to play with this on your smartphone or your tablet or whatever. Alright, so just be on the lookout for that guys. 8. Using Printful's Built in Design Tools: All right. So as you can see here, if you want to start to create a product, you can always click new order. All right, which is what we're going to do. If you've got stores integrated, you can always use Use this by adding a product into your store Integration. I am just going to tell you right now, I'm not going through all of the store integrations in this course. And the reason is because they've got free training videos that will walk you through that process much better than I will. All right, I'll make sure that you've got the information that you need to go through that, but in this course, I am focusing strictly on designed for beginners. All right, so with that said, we're going to head, go ahead and click new order, and we'll go like we're going to do a personal order. All right. As I might have mentioned, if you do like bulk orders, you get, like, a 20% discount. So if you you know new, I don't know how many people, but you knew that you were going to do, you know, regular ordering. You can get that discount However, in this case, we're just gonna go ahead and create the order. I So we're gonna add a product. All right, We'll go with women's T shirts and a lot of these you'll find. You know, if you're wanting like a unisex T shirt, it'll come right out and say, Unisex T shirt. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and choose this Bella Plus Canvas 3001. It is a popular one. As you can see, it's got like 493 reviews, and it looks like it's to be about a 4.5. What I also like about it is the fact that they've got all these colors. And when I get to the mock up generator, you'll also see why I happen to really like this product. Now I have sold these as well, and if I know that I am going to offer a T shirt out, maybe and, um, I don't know, black and navy blue and like Dark grey or something, this is great as well. Um, and like I said, I've ordered that T shirt. I've I've gotten some great reviews on it, and I've gotten some good reviews on this one as well. Okay, so let's go ahead. We're going to start to design our product. Now, I am going to be completely honest with you guys and say I have actually been working on this course for a little while. But, you know, the holidays came along, and I'm kind of glad that I waited to go through this process because print Phil actually added, like a couple of extra little free design features in here that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to show you unless I would've either added to the video. But now I can show them to you. All right, so in this case, we're going to go right now with a basic text design, and you're thinking that you might want to go with something a little bit more elaborate, and I'm going to tell you that basic text designs, so OK, they sell on shirts, they sell long bugs, they sell on all kinds of stuff. All right. I'm sure you've seen them. And what we're going to do here is we'll just come up with I don't know. We'll come up with a Ah, funny little phrase. You know, I created IHS awesome T shirt. Oh, by myself. All right. Well, it's funny to me. Well, it's a little fine to me, okay? And I'm not, you know, we're not doing this again. We're not doing this right now to be designer or anything. I'm just going through and showing you how you can dio. Okay. And as you can see here, it's gonna show you your print area, and you can make it bigger, and you can see whether or not you'll be inside or outside the print area. Okay, You can align it differently right here. You've got this. I've seen them always. I happen to be. I prefer this particular format the best. But again, that's just me. If you wanted to go longer, this is what you would dio Okay, You would do this right here. Hey, did this? I don't know. Here. Maybe like two words. You sure? So that makes a little bit longer. But you can do it however you want. Okay, We're going to do this. All right? And as you can see here, here's your pipe face. Okay, So this is your basic open sand. Bold. All right, but print full comes well equipped with several different fonts that you could use. And here is where you get to preview all of it. Okay, seeing go in here. And I kind of feel like they've added some extra fonts in here even since I had started to play around with, um um, you know, several months back. But you could, Like I said, you can do all kinds of stuff. Now, if you wanted to say, I don't know if you wanted to is awesome T shirt all by myself. All right, we'll get rid of that. Let's just say you want to have a couple different fonts. What you would do is you would get rid of, you know, part of what you were saying in that very first text area. Okay, click design again. You'd Atmore text. Well, I itself and you would just take this and you would put it low. And you can do that's how you would, you know, have different fonts within the same design. Okay. So you would just create a different you know, you'd click design at another text. They do have some clip art here. And you know nothing. I have got nothing. Negative whatsoever to say, but I will tell you that. You know, starting out might be fun to play with. But if you're going to want to find some more elaborate things, you know you're gonna want to probably create your own in a different platform. Okay? But you can just look through. I mean, if you're going to do like, Valentine's Day stuff, I mean, you know, there's a few things like that's really cool really doesn't belong on this shirt, But I don't know if you need to just leave me room toe. Have fun with this, uh, you know. Hey, there you go. Created this awesome T shirt all by myself. You know what this fun, little love thing, but it just goes to show. I mean, there's all kinds of stuff that you could do with it. OK? Now what they ended up doing, which, and it'll tell you here, too, with each taxed with each vector to let you know whether or not it's considered good, it will give you the width and the height. You know, you can rotate stuff around here, all right? And if you're having a hard time balancing that back out you can just I think that right And there you can flip it, all right. And a lion. It can always make sure you come in here. You can make sure your stuff, the centered which No, that's just we're going to get rid of that because it doesn't really belong there. But I just wanted to show you what you can dio. Okay. However, let's go back to this one. If you want to go back to a certain section that you did or one of your texture something you would just make sure here's your text by myself at it. Okay. This thes air, the new features here. Okay, They did not have these before. So let's just say you had this text here and you wanted to make it stand out a little bit. You can create, like, an outline. All right, so something that might stand out would be that. Okay. So you can create, like, maybe, ah, blue outline there, you could do a shadow. All right. So if you wanted to create a shadow, it'll create a shadow of itself. And then here you can change the distance. So that makes the shadow. Let's choose a different color so that you can really see it. Okay, so that will change. The distance of the shadow here will change the angle of the shadow. Okay, so as faras using and rotating it, Okay, there were back to rotating. And again, I'll never get that straight against. Let's just type zero, OK, But there you go. Right. You want to change the font out again? Again? You've got all kinds of stuff that you could play with here. Okay, swanky and move and, um, swanky and move. There we go. And if you want to see this design with the grid off, you can certainly do that. That that kind of gives you just a nicer view of it. Okay, you can zoom in and see what it would look like. All right. Those were just some really cool features again. All built into print, full. All right. And let's just say you wanted to have this on couple different colors. Okay? Rule of thumb. You don't want to create too many options, because then buyers tend to get, like, really confused and not by anything. But let's just say you wanna have this in white and, I don't know, maybe this cool, dusty blue color. I mean, if you know, if you're using, like, darker text, you would probably keep, you know, a lighter colored shirt for the contrast. Okay, I don't really like this because we got a blue outline there, so we're going to get rid of that. Go back here, okay? And actually, now that I think about it, if you're creating a personal order, which is what we just did, you would not be able to choose several different colors on the same creation here. You'd have to go back and order a different. You'd have to go through this whole thing and then choose another color. However, if you're going to go through and create a listing that's, you know, to integrate into a store, then you can certainly go ahead and click different colors. Okay, so we would go through and let me see here. Looks like Looks like we've pretty much got it. Oh, I need to select a size. So I'm just gonna go with medium, All right. You've got a size guide here, and it will tell you all of that stuff. The product measurements that kind of thing. Okay, so basically, in a nutshell, all right. And then you would go through, okay? And if you wanted to take this exact thing and create another T shirt out of it, you can copy it, all right? And then you can add it it and just change the color. So that's what I was trying to tell you. If it's some, it's a personal order. That's how you would go about it. So you would have Teoh. I don't know. There's the athletic gray one. And so then you would just go ahead and continue if it was the same size. If not, you would change the size, and then you would add it to your order. Right. So, in a nutshell, guys, that is how you use print falls built in design, um, tools. Okay. Obviously you would do the same thing if you wanted to add something to the back. You know, you can create a design, you know, this is back of my sure. All right. That's for the captain. Obvious folks out there and then you would go ahead and it would tell you like now your base charges would change. Also, Okay, you can create something on the left sleeve left. You can make a big and you can, you know, choose a really cool on here. And let's let's give it a show. Give it a yellow shadow and an outline. Purple. All right. I know I'm getting kind of silly here, but it just goes to show you, and then it will tell you, Actually, a part of your design is outside of the layer, so that's good. You would just make that a little bit smaller, and that's what it would look like. Okay. You can even do stuff with the inside and outside label. Okay, Although I haven't played with that yet, okay. Can be combined with the back front. All right. So you wouldn't do that. Obviously you can't. OK? And I haven't played with the inside labels here either, but you certainly can you create your own. You can use their template, that kind of thing. Okay. And as you're creating your shirt here, So now we've gone up to, like, $21.39. But you know, if you were to create a T shirt, you were wanting to sell it and it was gonna have the front designed the back design and something maybe on one or two sleeves, you would price it accordingly. Okay, that's what you would do if you want to keep it simple. You wouldn't do all of that because the front design is always included in the base price. And, of course, you could watch the tutorial here. They have a tutorial right on the design page. Okay, so in a nutshell, this is how you use the basic design features on print ful. All right, so we will go into more options, as far as you know, the mock ups and stuff, the way you can use print full to, you know, kind of showcase your designs in another video. But this is what if you are starting with, like, no skills, no money. Um, this is what you would dio Okay, So I hope you guys find that helpful, because I certainly did. And I have used their little design program just like I showed you to create some simple products that did sell and just integrate them right into my Etsy store. And I'll tell you what, it was headache free. It was worry free. And I was very happy. And so it was a customer. All right, so I will see in the next video. 9. Create Your Design with Ipiccy: Alright, guys, it is time for us to start creating designs outside of the T shirts selling print on demand platforms. And this way you'll have designs that are ready to go ahead and upload to any print on design platform that you are choosing to use, whether it's t spring or print full or any of the other ones. I'll mention a few of the other ones that I've come across toward the end of this course. But for now, I want to show you this really awesome platform. I didn't know about it back when I first started using T spring, but I know about it now, and I've actually created two other courses featuring I picky dot com in there, and it's gonna come in handy today. Okay, so in this case, you again sign up for a free account. As you can see, I already have, and you can do some pretty cool stuff with I picky. OK, you can use it. This photo editor as a collage maker, do graphic designs on it. All kinds of really cool stuff. They have a log. Um, anyway, so today we're going to go ahead and create a t shirt design out of it. So what you would want to do is you're gonna hit created design. Now, I'm kind of glad this plot this. I'm glad this popped up. All right. As you can see, it will say flashes blocked. If you're using chrome 76 or higher, it will block the flash by default. It requires two steps to run. I picky, they say they'll fix it when it comes to the upcoming HTML five version release. All right, they'll actually give you a video demo of how to do this. In my case, all I have to do is click enable flash. All right. And if that doesn't work, you can copy this to the desk, to the to the clipboard, and then go to that new tab and, you know, go through this whole process, all right. Otherwise, we just enable flash. It will ask you if you want to allow it, which I do, and there we have it. So I'm going to now created design, and you will always see this here. You know, its ad funded website, and I do have an ad blocker up. So that's why that's there. But it'll never get in your way. Is faras designing so to design our T shirt? What we're gonna do is we're gonna hit new All right. As far as the custom size, I personally usually do the max I go 4000 by 4000 and then if there's any cropping or whatever I need to do afterwards, that is what I dio you always want to hit a transparent background. Okay? And guys, this is why If you're going to create, say, like a design on, I don't know a black T shirt and you have black in the background of your design. It might not be the same black. So you're always better off when you're designing things for shirts or months or any kind of print on demand product use a transparent background. Okay. And that is part of also what I love about my picky is it gives you this option for free. You're gonna hit, create, and as you can see here, you can bring in an image you can bring it, and you can use their text. And they also do have their own little vectors and things that you can use as well which I have actually with some other designs right now, we're going to go with text I and I'm gonna go ahead and center it. And as you can see here, I picky has its own library of fonts that you can use. And I created this course it's called Create cool text affects using free design tools where I went into all the really cool things that you could do with these texts in here. If you want to take any one of these or, you know, even one that perhaps you might bring in tow, I pick itself and creates a really, really neat graphic and artistic effects to it. They've got the tools here. I'm gonna lightly touch on them in this course. But I will suggest checking out the other core, so make sure you guys have access to it if it is something you want to look into, Okay, so we'll go with let me see here because I'm gonna let's start with some kind of basic. All right, which would be what we have here. Okay, text here. So we will type in something to the effect of here. I'll come up with something My husband likes to say to me about me when I'm being especially silly and that is I am my own and you can take this. You can do that as well. Another text. Best friend. I am my own best friend. And when I have said something particularly goofy, he likes to remind me of that. It's all in good fun. So that's what we're going to use today. I am my own best friend. And guys never hurts to be your own best friend. Okay, because more often than not, you will probably have your own best interests at heart. Anyone other people will, too. But it's, you know, it's always good to be on your own side in life Anyway, enough said about that. So what we do here, we can always change out the fonts. Okay. So, as I said, I started with some kind of basic with this one. However, with this one, maybe I want to do something a little bit more designer. Okay, so we'll go with I don't know. Maybe we'll do this down. Come. Fine. What? This down. Come. Fought. All right. This is pretty cool. I kind of love these grungy looking fonts. I just think they're really cool looking. And you can you know, once you start playing around with some of the colors, you know, all these little extra things in here kind of take on their own personality and everything . All right, so we'll get out of there, and I usually do things by size. However, let's just say you want to try to make sure that these are the exact same size. So if I click on this one, it will take me to a 5 13 Okay. And always you want to keep it exactly the same. Can always do that as well. All right. Nothing wrong with it. Okay. And if you're just wanting to do a basic text design, all right? Even with a little artistic feature here, this is something that you can certainly dio. All right, but we're going to get a little bit more creative with this 10. Create the T Shirt Design Using PiZap: Alright, in this section we are going to create a design for our t-shirt using a free program called high setup pies app, like I said, is free, it is web-based and the beautiful part of it is that they have actually updated to HTML. There is one feature that they did not update to HTML and I think, and I did contact them. It has to do with, I guess, just trying to create some kind of a work-around as far as flash, I will show you that in a moment. Okay, what you would do here, very simple, create an account. It's totally for free. They do have a pro plan. The probe plan is I think it's like 30 something dollars for the year. If you pay for the Europe front, I think it's like $299.99 a month. Otherwise, it's like 599 a month where I would suggest you do go ahead and create your free account, play around with the program, see what you can do with it. And if you decide you want to be able to use more of the options, personally, 37 bucks for the year. That's as of December 2020. That's pretty, pretty good as far as cost goes. All right. As you can see here, you can see some of the recent projects I have been working on just to see how I can bring this to you guys. You've got your feature templates, holiday cards, social media posts, all kinds of cool things that you can do with this, okay, but the reason, the real reason I really am excited to show you this program is because you can do, you can create stuff on this using a transparent background in that so far is part of the free program. Ok. So what we're gonna do here to create our t-shirt. You see all these different options here. We'll get into that at some point perhaps. But what we're gonna do is go to blank canvas. Okay? And you can always create a custom size. However, in this case where I think I'm going to do actually, let's just go ahead and we'll create a custom size. Let's do 2 thousand. I do thousand. Okay? So what you're gonna see here is you're going to have the opportunity to add a background image. You can change your canvas size, the background color, or create a transparent background. We're going with the transparent background, okay? And don't get upset, you'll see it's dark here. It's, it'll work beautifully later on. As you can see here. On this side, you've got all these different options, okay? In this case, we are simply going to go to text, okay? When you click on text, you can add these different little, different little symbols like these little text bubble kind of things. In this case, we're simply going to add text and we're going to type it in. So let's do something different. Let's just, we'll just call this one T shirt. Okay. As you can see here, what happens when you bring the text in? It's going to by default, just kinda bring in what you had already been working with. So as you can see, what I had already been working with was this colour and this particular font. And you've got some different options here, which is pretty cool again, all for free. You can play with the letter spacing. All right, kinda stretched that out. The line height would work. In this case. It would work there. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of this real quick just so I could bring in the word, different word, probably that design Word and just create a different text out of that different font. Alright, you can here play with the fade option, okay, and if you had other elements here, you'd be able to move it backward, bring it forward, you can duplicate it, you can remove it from here. You can also lock it in place. All right. So and what's actually kind of cool here is you can see I'm moving it around and it's sort of letting me know. The line is Let me know this is right smack in the middle. Okay. So I like that. You can create a glow here if you wanted to, and then you can always change the color of that glow, which is pretty cool. Okay? And you can also change the intensity of it. Okay. Get rid of that real quick. You can create an outline. Okay, let's show you what that looks like in a different color. So you can see you can also change the intensity of that. You can create a background which tag it works on some designs. And again, you can change the color of that as well. And a drop shadow or a drop shadows are actually pretty cool. I I rather like them. Depends on how they're being used. Okay. You can play with the blur, alright, the distance, all kinds of cool things. And then of course you can always, you know, sort of combine all of these elements. All right, there you go. We'll just hit OK. And then what we're gonna do here is we're going to, let's see. Oh, and here, I am sorry. Here, you can also make it bigger, make it smaller, obviously changed the size. And here you've got your font options. Now this is where that Flash update does or does not work. Okay? What you have here with the free programs is you've got all kinds of different fonts that you technically can use if you don't have the Pro account. Okay. And then they're telling you here what you would have to what you would have if you did have broke out. Alright, you've got all these different options. And all these different options come with a variety of different fonts that you can use for free. And I love it. I mean, seriously, this is like super cool. However, you can install, normally you would be able to install a font, but because in this case, the Adobe Flash is blocked, this is not an option that you would have access to right at this moment. So I did want to make you aware of it. And again, this is just a weird time of transition for a lot of design programs. And I honestly believe that these people are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. So the fact that you can use this design program now that they've updated everything else to HTML is kind of a big deal. So I would just say maybe be patient, okay, and perhaps use the fonts that they have. And again, if you're using the free program, then have fun with what you have options with, you know, and then if you start making some money, you want to increase your budget, you update to the Pro account and you've got a ton more options that you can work with. So let's add another text here. Okay, we'll just type in design. In this case, we will go ahead and change the font. And I'd kind of like these funky grunge fonts. So I'll go with this one. And I'll change the color perhaps all do remember we're working on a transparent background, so I kind of want to choose something. I want to choose something that will work on both colors, whether it's a light background or a dark background or whatever. Okay. So maybe we'll go with something like that, right? And perhaps I will create a glow. Okay? And I don't know something to that effect. And maybe a little outline of some sort, we'll go with white. Right? Okay, like that. This one will be meant to go back to this one. Okay? Something like that. And as you can see here, you can bold it out. You can italicize it. Some programs only you do that, okay, but this one depends. You know, it just kinda depends, but this program seems so let you do this on pretty much all of the fonts. So I think that's actually pretty cool. Alright, so we'll just go ahead, we'll okay that out. Okay. Again, you can make the size bigger if you want there. Alright, you can do all kinds of stuff here. Okay? You can create a drop shadow, right? I'll just kinda leave it like that. We wouldn't be able to see it against this color background here, but we would elsewhere. And so there we have just it's just a little basic T-shirt design, but again, I'm using all free tools. So even though we went ahead and we created this design as a 20082 thousand, I'm going to show you what happens when you try to save it using the free version of this program, we're going to go ahead and title this tee shirt d xy. And I'm gonna go ahead and put Eyes app here, okay, so we know what, what it is. And we're gonna go ahead, hit the save button again. And you can see that's what we created. And if you have the Pro account, you can save it in the high-quality. You can even set a custom size, alright, but using the free version, it's going to let you save it as a 1024 by 1024. What we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and save it anyway, I'm going to show you what you can do to get to a bigger size, which will work much better as far as bringing it into any print on-demand companies. All right, go ahead. We'll choose the standard will save it as a PNG to keep that transparent background, and we will save it to the computer. Okay. Here we go. 11. Using Lunapic to Make the Image Larger: So we are on a website called lunate pick and we will just go ahead here. Go to the home screen real quick. Okay, this is what it looks like. I will make sure you have access. It's probably gonna Luna Alright. But here what we're gonna do is we're going to go to Upload and we're going to bring our image n. Right? We will choose the file. Okay? As you can see here, we've got the custom dimensions. What we want to do is we want to actually resize this here. Okay? So we're going to go to scale. What's awesome about Luna pick if you're not familiar with it, it's totally free. You don't even have to sign up and create any kind of account. Okay. We're gonna go ahead and change this. We'll do our 2 thousand at 2 thousand here. We'll hit apply scaling. And I believe you can actually do up to a maximum of 2500 by 2500, ok. But this is what we're gonna do. You can see, yes, it looks a little bit blurry issue, but we're obviously not using anything this big for our printed on demand. So what we're going to do, you'll see it all come together, is we're going to go ahead. We're going to save it. We wanna make sure we save it as a PNG. And what we're going to need to go back in here and do is you're going to want to go back in here and rename it, okay? And really probably the best thing to do is just rename it what you already had it and maybe you can maybe put a 2000 px or something next to it just so you know what one it is. Okay, so real quick, we're going to go over to the mockup generator later on, on principle, alright, you're gonna go through an entire tutorial there, but I just want to show you something real quick. Okay? I have our model already ready. Okay? And what we're gonna do is we're going to bring this in. So as you can see here, this is what we just did, folks. This is what we designed and this is what we just resized in luna pick. Okay. And don't worry about this right here. Is long as see the grid off. As long as your design is in the grid, you're good. But because there's empty space around it, because that's just the way we designed it this time. It's going to tell you what's outside the print area. What you want to pay attention to is this. Ok, so let's get rid of that for a second. And again, you're going to go through an entire mock-up tutorial later on in this program. And I just wanted to show you that that would work. Okay. So and you really have up until about 120 here and they'll tell you that it is good. Okay. It's just, if you want to zoom in, you can see it looks it looks great. Okay. And basically it's like as long as principal thinks it looks good, then you're in good shape. Okay? So like I said, stay tuned for this part of the program a little bit later on when we play around with the mockup generator. But I just wanted to show you, demonstrate to you how combining the pi's AP program with the Luna pick program and doing as they tell you to do, you'll be able to create your design transparent background using the free programs. And you'll be able to resize it in a way that will work on your print on demand product. 12. Making Sure Your Font is Free For Commecial Use: Now one thing that is important to discuss in this course is whether or not these fonts that you are finding in these programs are able to be used for commercial use. So here we just designed our t-shirt using Pi's app. And one of the fonts that I chose was down come, okay, that was the second one that we created the word design out of. I've used this one before I happen to really like it. So this is why I wanted to go ahead and type this one in here, basically this font for commercial use. And here you'll find OK information. You'll want to go and just look for information about whatever font it is that you are looking to use. Okay? So in this case, what we wanna do here, this side, it'll tell you, alright, when go to license. Alright, and if you want to find out, you know, a little bit more about this one, you can simply go here, but it will tell you, okay, it's a freeware typeface. This means you can use it on your commercial and non-commercial work for free. And at least according to font Squirrel, it's telling you a list of things that you can do and can't do. Read this carefully. Do not redistribute the font without permission. Don't sell it, don't modify it. However, if you want to know what you can use, this is the best way to find out, alright? So, and again, it'll say right here, you know, usually if something is totally free for commercial use, likely that information will be easy for you to find no pay if ever in doubt your best bet maybe tried to choose a different one. That is, if you want to really kinda stay by the book and make sure that you don't have to look over your shoulder. Alright. So again, Do you want to know if your font is free for commercial use? Google it, look it up, and that's how you'll know. 14. Create the Text Design Using Photopea: Okay guys, I am showing you another free website that you can use to create your print on demand designs, ok, can put stuff like this again on all of your merch. And I personally liked to have options. If I find that I'm a little limited on one platform, maybe I can go to a different one and get some different options and ideas. And it's just always nice to have a variety of different tools that you can use. Again, this one is completely free. You would go to photo And if I'm not mistaken, this is actually the free web-based version of Photoshop. Right? Now, as you can see on the side here, you've got a lot of things that you could do. And I am going to be completely honest with you until you I don't know how to use most of it. Ok. They do know how to create some cool designs using this platform and they do have a feature that I've not been able to find anywhere else. That's actually how I came across this particular platform. And I'm going to show you guys exactly what to do. Okay, so what you would do with photo pia, you would go to New Project and click on that. Ok. And again, I usually like to work in squares. You can do what you want. But as you can see, they've got some pre-done templates here I'm going to click out of with symbols. And because I like to work with squares, and again, that's just me. You might have your own that you prefer. I'm going to click on the Instagram. And here it actually gives you the option to choose your dpi. I happen to know for a fact that this will save in a 300 dpi because I have tested it out on the app. And when I went to resize it, it was already at a 300 dots per inch. So I liked this tool also for that reason. Okay. And we're going to go ahead. This also gives you the option for a transparent background and we're going to create. All right, so here if you go to text, okay. It's going to show you all of these different options they have. I usually click out a ding bat because I'm pretty sure those are symbols and I am not using symbols. Okay. Just to give you an idea here, they've got a wide variety of different things you can do. And if you happen to have any fonts that you have in your computer, I will show you a little bit later on where you can get fonts all. I'll include that stuff in the resources as well. But you can always load your own font and use that. Okay? What we're gonna do here is we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna do the I am my own best friend. Design. Again, maybe we'll look, we'll do it a little differently with this one, just to show you what you can do, let's I don't know, let's see what journal looks like and as you can see, you can preview all of them here before you even choose it. Okay. So that well, did load. Alright. So we're going to go there and we're going to go ahead and also increase the size. Okay. So. It has loaded. I've got a bigger size here, so we just basically start typing. I am. Okay. And if you want to make that bigger, you would actually with this particular program, anytime you want to make a change to the text, you need to like highlight the entire thing. Okay? So I made that bigger and if you want to start moving things around, you have to make sure you see how my cursor here has the four-point. You'd need to make sure you see that and then you can start to move it. Okay. I am going hit my own. Okay. And you can go ahead and center that. It was I thought it was centred. That's a little trick. If you ever find you don't really love the way it looks. Okay, but now that I think about it, I am my own. Make that a little smaller because I'm kind of doing things as I go along here. I am my own. Okay. And anytime you want to finish the section, you're working and you're gonna hit accept a, I am my own. I did another text right here. Let's change out this font and just choose something totally different. Actually, I don't think I'm going to like that one. They didn't like that one. So I kinda have this like scripty dainty looking one here. Let's go with, let's go with cranky. Cranky with the k. Alright, I am my own. Oops, now, I'm not trying to do all word cranky with a K. Go. Alright. Best. And we're going to make this smaller. And we're going to move that and make it much bigger. And I got to make this too complicated because because nobody likes complicated. I don't like complicated. I like simple stuff. That's where I like to teach you guys simple stuff because if things are really complicated and you guys all, you'll never get started. I would have gotten started. I always have to start with simple. Build your base from simple and then add as you go along, become more proficient as you go along. Okay, now watch this. I am my own. This Is that cool thing I wanted to show you. I want to warp this. Alright, so if you've ever noticed that sometimes you'll see designs and the text is circular or has some kind of funky thing going on with it. Well, there are ways you can do that manually and it's going to be very time consuming. It's not impossible. It's time-consuming. I don't like time consuming. So if you want to, you can arc it. Okay. In, actually is pretty cool. You can control the bend so you can make it. Dear, and you can distort it. Alright, there's a Vertical Distortion is well look at that. So cool. Okay. Alright, and I've got my little four-point there, so I'm going to go ahead and bring that down a little bit. And I will accept it. I am my own best friend. Okay. And actually this is an example of like being your own best friend. Like playing with new skills and becoming better oddity than if you don't know what the heck you're doing it first, just allow yourself to play. This is a perfect example actually of being your own best friend. And this is an example of me being my own best friend because I'm taking these things that I'm teaching them to you guys. See, guys, this is the course we'll get what I can do with this. This is the course that I wanted all those years ago. And I had no idea what I was doing. So I was totally dependent on that platform to make the designs because I didn't know how to make them myself. And so now I do know because over time I've taught myself to do these things. And I happen to love to be of service. And I love to teach. I love to teach new people things I love to take people from. I have no idea what I'm doing to, Oh my God, I totally get this. And that's my goal with this course. So I hope that this is what I'm doing, OK. I am my own best friend. Is that a design that I would put on a T-shirt and where that probably not. I don't really love the way it looks. Let's do some here. Let's do some here that I still probably wouldn't wear this exact design, but too much of a bend. Okay. My own best friend, Sultan, some kinda like that. I mean, it's it's a cool thing. You can totally put this on a bug. I probably wouldn't put this on a teacher. Maybe you can put it like on a mug, you know. So anyway, this is what you can do. These are just some fun things that you could do with this particular design platform. I'm not going to spend a ton of time on it. Ok, there are ways you can change the color. Let me see here. Let me see if there's a gradient tool. You see the text and free pen. Now that didn't do it. Alright, so I am not the one to teach you that tool. However, you can very much create this design. Okay? So what we're gonna do is we're going to save it. All right? And you can do simple stuff. I mean, I just wanted to show you that particular tool, but they have a, again, a ton of font and a ton of different little Warby things that you can do with it. And I mean, I've created a really, I created a really cool design using this. I can't show it to you because it's got like a bad word and it's not that bad, but I don't really know how the platforms would feel if I shared it with you. So you'll just have to take my word on it. It was the coolest design. And again, I didn't, I think it might have been the first or second time actually using this platform and I went ahead and created it and I actually sold it. So it was really, really cool and funny. Actually, you're going to export this as a PNG so that you can make sure that it has that transparent background. Okay? 15. Easily Change the Text From Black to White: Okay guys, so now that we've created the design and photo Pia, what we're gonna do is I'm going to show you because we created that design using black letters. We're going to bring it into pies up. I'm going to show you how to turn them into white letters again, using totally free tools. This way you can take the first design and you can put it on a white shirt or a light gray sure, any light-colored background. And now we're gonna make those letters white. So if you want to create like a black t-shirt or a darker color T-shirt. You can take that same design and do the same thing. Okay, so while we created the original design in a blank canvas, what we're gonna do this time we're gonna choose either edit a photo or touch up. And the reason is because I'll show you in a minute. Now what you would do is you would simply bring that design in. Now I'm going to let you know that I actually had to recreate it. Ok, so if it looks just a tiny little bit different, don't be surprised BY a to actually go back into photocopy it and recreate the design. Alright, you would bring it in through your computer or anything that you've saved or if you've already brought it in, which is the case for me, you would simply bring it in through the uploaded a designs. Ok. And as you can see here, just, you know, stuff that you can do if you're working with other types of design programs, okay, or designs and general photos and stuff. They've got all kinds of really cool things that you can do. But this would be the default touch-up. What we're gonna do here though is we're going to go to basic. So here's the black letters. This is real simple guys. Contrast. Slide it that way. Brightness, slide it that way. Now we've got white letters, okay? You would simply retitle this best friend, maybe conflict occurs, ok. And you would download it and also save this as a PNG. And then what you would do is you would go back into lunar pick and make it much larger, and then go ahead and bring it in and create your different other dish or your dark color t-shirt. So I basically just went through that whole process. I brought it into lunar pick, just like you saw, I created 2 thousand by 2 thousand and I brought it back in. It's a little small, but I kind of, you know, kind of focused at all around the centre. However, what you can do here, it's at 170, so we've got a little bit of room to go ahead and resize it, but this just goes to show you, and it's still good quality. But this just goes to show you how easy it was to recreate this design, making it into white letters. And now I can see it on all kinds of different darker color backgrounds. 16. Adding Your Design to Teespring: Okay, guys. So we are back in T spring and picking up right where we left off. And again, I am not going to go into the switch to classic launcher, because again, if most of you guys are brand new and you did not sign up for tea spring before February 2019 you won't be able to use it anyway. Okay, so let's go. And I've created a T shirt. Kirk coerce. So let's go ahead and create a T shirt. We're gonna start with this one, okay? And we will go with, as you can see, if you click on t shirt, you gonna have, like, several options. Okay, so if you have, like, we can start with a sick women's comfort t. All right? And so you can always created to buy, or you can create it to sell. In this case, let's created to self. Okay, So what you can do here, this is See, when I first noticed that they had changed the design this before, I learned all the skills that I am teaching you now. You know, they had changed from the classic launcher to this, and I was glad image I'm like I don't have an image. I was creating the image on your platform and you took the platform away. He took the design tools away. But now you guys don't have to worry about that stuff because I'm teaching you exactly what to dio. So you're going to add an image in. Okay, so let's see, Hill. No, I saved that. I picky design somewhere. I don't remember where I saved it. We'll start with this one. It is the one I just we just saved. Okay, here we go. So and just like on print, feel like I showed you before. It's going to show you what you were, which your print area is. Okay. And I wouldn't make this too much bigger because I made it rather wide here. But it looks pretty cool against the white background. Now, if you want to, you can choose your product colors, and they've got, you know, several to choose from. There's like a light heather gray that would work on that. And, like I had also mentioned earlier, you don't want to give too many options. It was definitely something I had to learn along the lines. You know, maybe like a few. Okay, Eventually, you might develop relationships with some of your customers. They might ask you Hey, I love this design can Is it possible to create it on, You know, in a different version or a different color. And you might be able to do that. I had somebody reach out. They really loved what I put on a tank top. That they wanted it in a V neck T shirt, gave it to them. They were totally thrilled. Left me a great review, and, you know, so that was a pleasure to be able to dio. All right. And you can put it on there as well, But I'm gonna be honest with you. This right here works best on a very light T shirt, so we'll go with white and light gray. Okay, You can preview the design, and that's what it would look like. We're gonna hit, done, Okay. And what you can do here is it's gonna tell you right off the bat. When it comes to t spring, you don't have to buy anything unless you are buying your own T shirt. OK? Things just work a little bit differently. T spring and prideful like work a little differently with each other When you cut from from one another. When it comes to t spring, you design the product. You don't pay for anything. Okay? You list the product, you don't pay for anything, and it's gonna tell you right here. What you're profit would be this price. Okay? And this is if, you know, if somebody buys and fulfills from the U. S. And this is it somebody buys. And for fulfills from the u All right, it's gonna tell you right here. This is like print Fels recommended price. You can change it. Okay, They do have options you can create, like, little 10% off codes. And this and that and the other. And, you know, T spring will certainly walk you through that kind of thing. OK, but I'm just kind of walking you lightly through. You know, all the different things that you can create with this design. Okay, so we're gonna keep these at the default. Prices will hit, continue, and you can create the back as well. Okay, So what happens is when you go ahead and do that now they're gonna bring up more products. So here's like a unisex men's shirt and you go ahead and design something like that. I don't know if I see you know too many men wearing this design. However, you know, maybe the 1st 1 we did, you know, that was a little, you know, it was a little different. You can certainly create leggings in this case. Let's play around this. It's not gonna work. I'm good. Tell you right off the bat, this is not going to work on a pair of leggings. However, the time you never know. Actually, let's Let's look at that. Let's preview what that looks like. Uh, okay, so it just goes to show if this was done differently, like if I had had it, you know, to where it was narrower or something you can do, you can create all over stuff. I mean, you can take stars and create, like, a fun little design, and you can totally do that with leggings. If you had, like, a cool word. You know, just maybe maybe your logo was one word. You can create it, you know, in a very narrow kind of long way, and have it going down the leg or something. However, we're going to get out of there because this was not meant for leggings, but I just wanted to show you that. So remember how I said that you can take the same listing and add multiple products? This is what I was talking about. So you'll have one link. You know, when you when you create, you will have one leg. Oh, yeah. I love it when the computer gets stuck. But like I said, you can create one will just, you know, chat for a second while my computer decides to work with me. But one link, one listing. Okay. And you'll have multiple options. Okay, So, like, this classic pull over hoody, let's see if it'll work with me. Okay? Very good. Right. In this case here, we're gonna hit design. Any time you want to make any alterations, you gotta hit design. All right, but your prints based on the hoody might be a little bit different than on the T shirt. And what's really cool is you can alter these per garment. Okay? So in this case, this is what you would do. I would make this bigger to go on the hoody. Okay. And here we've got it in white. But you can see we've got a few other colors. So we've got, like, a light pink that would work on a light pink, and it would work on the light gray. And I don't think it would work on this one. Actually, it might. Okay, it might. I probably still wouldn't do it. I don't think there's enough contrast, but it's not totally out of the realm of possibilities. You can preview it all right, and appears where you would take a look at all of the different examples of it can hit, done and actually here. And you could do this on all of them. I should have showed you with the 1st 1 Select your first image that the buyer see, you can change that. Okay? And you can do a different one, like with each. You know, you can choose the T shirt. You want them to see the pink in the first and the hoody. You want them to see the grey image first or whatever. Okay, but so there you go. So it's also going to give you your recommended prices. Were just going to save him. All right? So and then you could do this with all of them and just hit select all of the styles, Okay? We're not going to do, like every single one of them, cause we'll be here forever. All right, but let's go to Let's see, home, the coffee month, Okay. Could do pillows. And you do, like the fleece blanket and the beach towel and stuff. All right, actually, think what we're looking for Accessories. I So, as I said, you can do like the mud. This would be great on a mug. All right, Um, it could potentially work on a phone case again just because of the design. But if it was a narrower design, this could totally work on the phone case. But we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna go with the mug, okay? And there is no making this bigger, because again, I made a really wide design, however, All right, this is what we're going to do here if you want it on both sides. Okay, Which you know, you never know if your buyer is gonna be a left handed or right handed. You can go ahead and add the image in again. Here we go. It's uploading it and bring it over. And as you can see here, it's like letting you know, you know, whether or not is it centered. Okay, so you can preview that. I am my own best friend. I'm still my own best friend. And there you have it. OK, go back to design. So it's actually let's let's go back to preview. This is what it would look like if you put it in grey. The monks have, like, a bunch of colors actually do that. Maybe we could do that again. I still think they might be a little bit dark, but can still preview them. Okay. So, personally, I still think again lightest backgrounds, but just, you know, just to have some fun, we'll leave those there, okay? Save the changes in ad. And there you go. So if you wanted to just go ahead and continue, I'm not going to actually list this product, okay? But this is where you would put in your title. You come up with a really cool description. Okay? Um and you're You are l would be I am my own friend. you know, in whatever funny mug or something like that, Okay. And it'll actually generate a U R l for you. Okay. You can control who, uh, see your listing. All right. And if you already have a story, you can always add it to an existing store or do it later. Okay. So, folks, in a nutshell, this is how you add a product to t spring. And this is how you can add the same design to multiple products. All right? And have it already and looking fabulous for, you know, for your little for your little store, okay? 17. Create Your Printful T Shirt: Okay, guy. So as you can see, we are back on print full. And what I did was I went to stores, and I chose Danna store because I actually don't keep anything in my print. Full story usually do the integrations. Um, however, I figured for this demonstration, we'd go ahead and use this one because I think it would be just a great way to show you how to do this. We're gonna add a product, and we're going to go back to that Bella Pless canvas 30 want 3000 and one. Last time I got to it from the women's clothing. This time I'm going to get to it from the men's clothing just to show you that you can get to it from either side. Okay, because it is a unisex shirt. All right, so it is the premium T shirt, Bella plus canvas. 3000 and one. We're going to click on that. Hi. And as you can see, which is gonna be a little different here because we're technically creating a listing. You'll actually see this guy here on the bottom. So this way. Remember when I was trying to show you how you can, like, choose additional colors. Now you can You can add more options. So, like on a white or a light background, you can certainly do this this way. So we'll just, um Let's see. I usually go with something, like all right, wife gray, pink and blue. Okay, that's what we're gonna dio. So we're gonna take the design that I created from I picky, and we're going to bring that in here. So in this case, you would upload the file. Hey, load. Okay. And as you can see, it is now here, so I'm going to choose it, okay? And it's always a good idea to look at the print quality, which in this case, it does say it is good. And that's actually a pretty good size for it. What I'm gonna do that was I'm going to go ahead and I'm gonna click back to the white background because I want to see it with a much contrast as possible. There really would be no reason to try to make this any bigger, because if I do, it's just gonna bring the sides out too close to the border. All right? You can If you wanted to move it up and down again, you could take the grid off. And usually, if you click a few times, you know that all the other little Ariel come off, OK, you can zoom in and it's once you zoom in that you can start to kind of see the details of your designs again. I know this these air mock designs. I mean, these aren't meant to be truly, truly serious, But they were meant to show you what you could do with these design programs and how much fun you can have with, um And I didn't want to just show you like a bunch of boring stuff. I want you to get in there and just have a bunch tools and techniques that you can play with. Okay, so let's zoom back out. Okay, But once once, that's the thing. Once you have begun to use thes other design platforms that I showed you on a place like print full. Now you've got options. Okay, you could do something real simple. You some text and use some of their clip art or no clip art. Or you can now upload your own file Okay, So in this case, what you would do is you would, you know, you'd want to make sure that it's centered. And again you can. That's kind of interesting. Look, that if you want to, all right can rotate it. We've already gone through that. So in this case, what we're gonna do is we're just going to and then you can click on all of these. You can zoom in and see what it would look like. So OK, all right. So we're going to proceed to the mock ups, and this is what is so cool. That's why I actually really like this particular product. It's because you have a ton of mock ups. Okay, so these are some of the, you know, more original ones that you could see, like half of the face is cut off, but again, I mean, you know, the garment itself looks great on them, and I've had it to where I have taken these and I have combined them with other mock up little images and stuff. And sometimes you just kind of make them bigger, and you can see more of just the shirt being worn. However, lately they've added. Full people, you know where you can see their face and everything and, you know, in different positions and different expressions. And you have a flat mock mock up and a flat lifestyle mock up and you've got, like, a wrinkled one. And this one on the hangar is new. You got the guy in the gym. You got a couple of these guys just and, you know, in different backgrounds, the women in different backgrounds, this is relatively new as well. And then you've got a couple's mock up. Okay, Now, if you're going to add a listing to your store, like if you're gonna push it to your store, they allow you to choose one. Okay, this is where we're going to go, and it very soon we're going to go through the whole mock up thing, OK, but let's just say you wanted to have I would probably just go with Let's just go with an easy flat mock up. Hi. Okay. And so what would happen is and it wouldn't matter whether you were pushing this to an eBay store or an Etsy store, you get you know, all these different colors. This is your mock up. Okay, depending on what story you're pushing it to, like my own personal store. I'm not seeing this option, but sometimes they'll let you choose, like one other mock up in, like, one color that they will push to the store as well. Okay, here you see, you have an option. You could do the smaller Jenny PG mock up, or you could do the bulkier PNG Marco what I usually like to do. And it's all going to depend on how much room you have on your computer and how many mock ups you're trying to save on what you want to do with, um, if you just want to use these mock ups, these already default mock ups and push them to your store. Your fine going ahead used to J. P. G. It'll take up less room everywhere. They'll all come with standard white background. If, however, you want to take something like this and put it may be on some kind of a flat lay design of some sword and you know how they put them with jeans and stuff like that. You would want the PNG because they're going to end up with a transparent background. And I will tell you, you really don't want to take thes p and G's and push them once you download them and push them to your listings as's faras like your listing photos cause the little show up with, like, a black background and it's not gonna look cool unless it's like a white T shirt or something. All right, that's just a little something for you to know. So in this case, we would go ahead. I would personally do that. The PNG okay, And then you would go ahead. You would, you know, proceed to pricing. You would come up with your title, your catchy title there. Go ahead to the pricing and this is where you would choose. You'll see here for the different sizes what your profit margin would be. OK, so and you're gonna have to figure out is well, you know, depending on the state, depending on how you have that set up, there might be taxes and stuff that might come out. You know, if you're selling on certain platforms, you're gonna have additional fees. Take it out as well, so and print ful when you sell from print ful. Um, you will have to actually have, like, a wallet. You'll have to have a payment form in a wallet. Okay. On prayerful. And what's gonna happen is if you if you sell a product. Okay, so you've marked this up? I don't know. Another $3. Okay, there is your profit margin. So somebody buys an extra small T shirt from you, OK? And there is going to be your profit margin. All right? The base of the price. The base price. This 12 95 here in any applicability, taxes or whatever. You and whatever payment form you set up in print. Fel is going to be charged for this shirt. This is why this stuff starts to matter, OK? What? You will be paid through either eBay or Etsy or your shop. If I store your pitiful sort or whatever. This is what you're gonna get paid and the difference between what the customer pays you and what you pay print ful. What? You will have to pay them first. They will not print your shirt. They won't print your mug. They won't print anything until this has taken care of until this is paid for Okay, that'll be your profit. I just wanted to let you guys know that and t spring. See the difference between print full and T spring is T springs, not take any money from you. T Spring is going to go ahead. The customer orders, they're gonna go ahead and deduct whatever it is that is their cut. And then you're just gonna end up with the difference, OK? Again. But T spring does not integrate with places like Etsy and eBay or anything like that, whereas Brimful does. Okay, I know I probably should have put this in a different video, but as long as I'm here, I figured I would let you know. Okay, you would save the product, and you would just basically go on about your business. OK, so we're adding the first product to the store. Probably kind of didn't want to do that anyway, so that is so that is how you go ahead and you create a product on print full. All right, but let's go ahead and let's create a month. Okay, so we're gonna go into the home and living as you can see here, they've got some really cool stuff but I want to show you the coffee mugs because they've got some really awesome mock ups in this one. 18. How the Design Looks on a Coffee Mug: Okay, so we went to the coffee mugs. I am going to go ahead and go on with this one thistles new. I'll look how pretty that one is. Oh, I have to choose it. Okay. All right. So this is what we're going to do. We're going to go ahead. We're going to design this month. I have not seen this one before. That just goes to show print. Full is always adding, like new cool stuff. Okay, so we're going to go win, will choose the same design. Okay. And if you want this, say, like in the center of the mug to where? If you're holding the handle, it would be the very opposite side that would show your design. This is where you would put it on again. It says it's, you know, the DP. I is great. However, if you want it on both sides, which is again, something I always recommend. All right. You would put it over here, and then you're gonna duplicate this on both sides. And what's really cool about the way this works is as you move one the other move, so it always stays in unison. Both sides always stay in harmony with one another. Okay, so this one comes, I guess just in 11 ounce and the one that I was originally going to choose comes in 11 end of 15 ounce version. So But anyway, I had to choose this one because this was new. And we can look at the mock up view. And depending on how I feel about the mock ups, I might go back and show you the other one. But actually, that is so cool. All right, so they've got these really cool lifestyle mock ups. Um, this one is, like, relatively new, you know, that I had noticed on their instagram page. That's a beautiful mock up right there. Okay, there. There wouldn't be much that you would have to do to it. Okay, this this will pretty much speak for a till. Maybe you can create a little banner, you know, double sided, whatever. But what we're going to do really quick actually is going to go back to product and let me see after product and let me just go back. Yeah, I want to leave. I really want to show you that other one. I really want to show you that other one A coffee mugs. And it's this one the best seller. And like I said, this one comes in both 11 and 15 ounce. All right, we're gonna go ahead and design that one. But I'm glad that we did the other one because I wanted to see it, and you get to see it. And, um go ahead, move that over again. All right. Duplicate the image on both sides. Make sure it's centered like good stuff. But this is where you can actually see the mock up of you, right? And look at this. Look at how many you get. I was floored when I saw this. And you get these plain ones, you get what it would look like on both sides. From that view, you get them with the doughnuts and a pineapple in a watermelon, and this woman is holding her mug. And now you have it on that same little cutting board. And now you have an A lifestyle one. This is what your mum would look like. You were at your keyboard with a plant next to it. And this is what it would look like from the front so if you're not designing it, um, with it on the front, I actually wouldn't even bother getting these particular mock ups. And you can kind of opt out of that. All right. Same thing with this one. Okay, but like, look how cute they are, and you've got this one with the cookies here, okay? You would proceed to the mock ups, and that's where you would choose. And you would choose the one that was going to get pushed to your store and in this case, handle on right front view. You would opt out. Okay, I'll get into that a little bit more once we get into the mock ups, which we're going to do next. All right. And before when I was kind of pushing the previous product the T shirt into my store, I had chosen the P and G. No, I would do a J P. G to be pushed to your store. I would do a PNG for mock ups. Okay, for mock ups that you will download and keep and use and add to your listings, that's what I would personally dio. Okay, but guys, what I'm gonna do now is I am going to show you the mock up generator and how to use it and how it's going to totally benefit you and your listings and help. You kind of fill in all of those images. You want to try to get as many in as you can, and that is where we're going now. 19. Using Printful's Mockkup Generator: Okay, guys. So now we're going to go to the mock up generator. You can find it right here in your dashboard. Okay. I actually did a whole video on this recently, but, um, going to do this again. So what you would do here, all right, is let's just say you're gonna go. You're gonna do some mock ups of that one shirt that we created. All right, This bestseller. And what's cool is if you've already been kind of working with a particular product a lot of times, they will save what you already had. Okay, Your best bet, in my opinion, is I was gonna say maybe do the mock ups first and then create the product. But actually, no, you should create the product first. I'm going to show you why. OK, um actually, the reason for it was because sometimes when you create the mock ups, first you go to create the product afterwards and you'll find that, like, maybe one of the colors isn't going to be available in one of the sizes. So now that I think about it, you can create your product first and then come back, I guess, and create your mock ups. All right, then again, if you create the mock ups first, you can actually add all of those images, including the print file to your library. It's actually very easy to recreate. There you go. You got two options. Okay, We're gonna design upload the file. We're going to go to this exact same one again. I did not make any changes last time. All right, so and we've already seen what it looks like on all of those colors. In this case, all you would need to do is generate the files. And in this case, they're gonna show you all of those options again. Guys, you can choose them all if you want. All right, however, we're not going to. All right, let's see, we we'll go with him is a nice full length with a white background. Will go with the gym guy, maybe go with a hanger marca, wrinkled marca. And how about we go with the girl with the motorcycle helmet? Okay. Yeah, and I like this 12 now actually will go with the couple's mock up just to do something different. I like this one too, because I really like the, um I like her position because you could just see the shirt really clearly. And I love you know, the greenback here. And it's the same thing with this guy, but for now, we're not going to go crazy. Okay? And as you can also see, with each one, you get front. You get, like, kind of a side a little bit. You know, that's a few standing to the left. That's it. Be standing to the right. Okay. You probably want to click the print file. If you want to keep the actual design, it'll kind of lock it in its size if you've positioned in a certain way. And this is where I would go ahead and choose PNG. Okay. You would generate the files. Oh, and real quick, let me show you something before I forget. Okay. Own best. Because I had already named it properly. You want to make sure you go in here and name your files, Otherwise you'll get, like, variation or mock up or whatever, and it's just going to be chaotic when you go to look for them. Okay. In this case, what you would do is you would download the files. You can also save them to your library. I would save them to my library as well. Okay, because this way you'll just have him. Alright, You'll have to decide, actually, whether or not you want that many in your library, But it's, you know, it's not 1/2 bad idea. Okay, up to you. So that is how you create. Actually, I'm gonna go ahead. I'll download them because I want to show you a couple things. You can do it. All right. So that is how you use the mock up generator on principle. All right, now, T spring T spring does not have that tea spring when you create your listings, everything is pretty much on that white background. And you know, you don't have models or anything. Okay? Again, both platforms have their pros and cons, and I have not noticed it actually do anything bad to t spring sales. But again, you know, it's it's always cool to kind of see your garment being worn on somebody. You'll get an idea of what it looks like in action, so and it's just kind of fun to work with. Okay, so there you have the mock up generator. Now I'm gonna show you how to create a couple of interesting mock ups yourself using another free program, and I will see you there. 20. How to Create Free Mockup Listing Photos Using Canva: Okay, guys. So this is a website called canvas dot com, and they are free to use as well. They do have a pro program, and you can always try that out for free for 30 days. And I have I've loved it. I loved it when I used it for the 30 days, but otherwise it's like 13 bucks a month, and you are gonna have people swear that it is absolutely worth it. And I happen to think it's an excellent program and it is something you might want to consider. But if you are wanting to start off using free programs, there still a ton of stuff that you could do with can va. The reason we didn't focus on Canvey A in this course is because you cannot use the free version of Canada and save anything with a transparent background. And when you are creating designs for T shirts, aurora merch or any other you know any other types of products, you do want the transparent background. But canvas is awesome for these mock up photos. I am going to show you to do excellent for social media photos, all kinds of really cool, creative graphics. So any of your marketing stuff that you want to create any of your marketing images I highly recommend using Camba and again, totally free to use. Okay, so what we're going to do here, and as you can see, they're actually really cool company. They're donating all the proceeds from any of paid images. Um, you know, towards Australia's emergency, you know, fire relief and the recovery programs. So I think that's really cool of them. Okay, So anyway, this is what we're going to do. I went to all my designs, and I went ahead and copied a couple, you know, made copies of a couple that I had already had. Okay, so actually, I'll just kind of show you here real quick. You know, I've used these really cool mock up photos. Okay, Like this one, for example. I went to Etc. At one point, and I purchased, I think at one I just showed you, I think I had gotten it for, like, a dollar, so you can go to Etc. And type in like these won't be free. And you don't have to use them like you could totally use the ones that you know come to you from print fools, Mark Object generator and you would be absolutely fine. You don't have to pay a dime for that. But if you were wanting to add a little bit of variety, you know, with your with your photos with your with your listing photos, then you can come here and for, like, maybe a couple bucks you can maybe get yourself, you know, a couple of flat lay designs. And if you look enough, you know, you might find, you know, like a bundle for a really inexpensive price. I have found that here, you're gonna get like, it's the guild in 2000 series. So I mean, if you're selling that particular shirt, this would totally work. But, you know, you're gonna get like, 61 of them for 12 bucks. If that's something that you want to do anyway, you know, some of these are only a couple bucks. So I had gotten a bundle at one point for he was like, $4 I got a bundle of different sizes and different colors and, you know, all kinds of really cool stuff. So I mean, here is one for a dollar 75. You know, it's just tied. And you have, you know, a pair of jeans next to it. So that would totally work. Okay, so it might be worth, you know, kind of browsing around. You got this one, and I would say, Have fun with it, but you don't have to use that anyway. So, like I said, I think I bought this for, like, a dollar, maybe a dollar 25. And for our T shirt, it's gonna work perfectly. OK, because for either design, you know, and I went ahead, I took the liberty of uploading both of the designs and a few of these. Now you see why I like to keep the mock up photos with a with a PNG Because of a transparent background. You will see why I will show you in a minute. So how to create some creative mock up photos? All right. Remember how I told you when I picky that if you go to the side, it'll stretch it, it won't chase. It's change the size and on the other programs, if they won't stretch it. See, this is a perfect example of that. Okay, so this is what you would do you would take. This is why the transparent background is really important as well. Okay, so you take it, you size it. So you would go back to your mock up photos and your listing and, you know, try to get the right. Um, measurements here is far is like how big the design waas in relationship to your shirt where it was placed in everything. But this is where you can place your design. And there you have it. So if you wanted, like, a really cool ready made Flatley mock up photo that you can use, you know, for a white T shirt, that's something that you can dio. Okay. And you would change the name here. You know, friend, um, listing. And then you've got all these different options here. You can, you know, save it as a PNG J p g. No, All of these different options here. Okay. So you can do that. Um, see, you can get out of that. And this is what it would look like with the other design on it. Okay, you go. And so that's one example of a mock a photo that you can totally create. All right, so this whole thing would have cost me about a dollar. But if I'm using it several times and I have used it several times, then you do the math. All right, The coffee mug. Okay, So I had taken, and I believe, okay, I had also purchased this little backdrop here, and I think that might have also cost me like a dollar. And I think what I did here was is I took one of the coffee mugs. You know how I showed you that you can save all of those mock ups with just the plain coffee mug in the PNG. And I took the coffee mug and I placed it on this thing here, Okay. And then what I would do is I would go in here and I would place the design right on the monk, all right? And it would work like that. And that creates a really pretty, you know, listing photo. You know where she'd want to make sure that it is centered. All right, but that is just another way for you to do that. But again, print fel in their mock up generator gives you plenty to work with. Okay, You would. You would definitely have an abundance of different photos that you could use without coming here and creating anything. Okay, so that was a couple things that I wanted to show you. Um, and if you wanted to let's actually, let's do some here. Let's get out of here. And I want to show you something else real quick. Okay, You can. This is important if you go to the more folder and you'll go to something like picks obey, and you type in. Now, you should be familiar with picks. Obey. Because I told you about it before, Um, would let's just type in wood. Okay, so here you go. You've got some different options here for, like, a wooden background. Let's do something like that. Okay. I'm going to extend it, all right? And let's just say you kind of like it, but it's a little bit two blue for you. You can gray scale it street. Okay. All these different options that kind of softened it up a little bit. That makes it a little bit more whimsical. You can change the intensity of it. Okay? We'll just go with that Just the heck of it. Here's a white one you can use, You know, when here's some darker colored ones. I we're gonna go back to those up loads. I told you I brought these in. All right, so you can take this. And this is why I said save it in a PNG for your mock ups. Because you can. You can flatly, this and I've done these, You know where I create, like, the flat lay. And maybe I'd put in one or two extra there so you could see, you know, some color options, Okay. Something like that. Maybe I would take that one and push it backwards that you could see the big one on top on . But just remember, whenever once on top is the one you're gonna have to move. All right, So if you want to go back to that bottom one, you can go there, Daddy, Something like that. All right. Anyway, you get the gist, okay? And then what I would do is I would take, like, maybe one of these transparent background images of the models. And that way, people are seeing the flat lay and they're seeing what they look like on the models on the same picture. Okay, on the same listing picture. So that's just an example of a totally free way to create a mock up photo using what you can get from print Fels free mock up generator and what you can use from Canada and picks obey. Okay. And you have a couple of different things that you can look at here is Well, you know, somebody okay, could see what it looks like, you know, laying down and I could see what it looks like on two different people. You know, two different genders, everything. So it's just like I said, it's a cool way to go ahead and work with that. And then you would title it, and you would go ahead and add it to your listing. Okay, So I just wanted to show you that guy's again freeways to create your mock up listings and you can get is creative with them as you want. If you put this whole thing together and you decide Oh, I don't like that I'm not into it. Go back to pics. Obey. Okay. Maybe you'll like that one better. Right? I doubt it, but it's just I'm showing you an example. I take it, you'll push it backward. Backward, backward. There you go. Okay. So it's just and again. You can also filter it, Do all kinds of stuff, guys, it's in your hands. Do whatever you want with this. I know these videos are a little bit longer and, you know, but really, really wanted you to get as much as you possibly could out of this course. Okay, There you have it. The mock up photos. All right, we're gonna start wrapping things up and I will see in the next video. 21. Where to Grab Free Design Tools: all right. I had promised you I was gonna show you a couple places or a few places, actually, where you can go and get some really cool, like different fonts and design elements and stuff. And the three I'm gonna show you actually have some really cool freebies that you can get is well, all right. So you can download, like here. This is creative Fabrica, which I love. Do you have to sign up for these? Because when you do, you create a free account and what they'll do is they'll send you emails, you know, with the free goods of the week or the free font to the week or whatever it is. And again, it's no purchase, you know? So you always want to look at the licensing deals in this in that you know how you can use everything. Sometimes they might be for a personal licence, sometimes not. But it's always a good idea, you know, to look at that stuff that you could still get some really cool stuff here. Okay. They're just for example, you know, creative Fabrica, you can go download free resource is ume or okay and here you're going to get all of the freebies. So you know, you've got this cool font and all these different little graphics and stuff that you could use and again they're all going to be for free. So if you were to click on something like that, Okay, the freebie like this one will be gone in four days and 21 hours And that, um, you know, for any commercial project you know it'll and they'll tell you it will tell you on on the listing. Okay, including commercial license. So what is a commercial license? Meanwhile, you can read about it right there. So and again, I would highly recommend you know, you look at this kind of thing, but again, you know you'll have all kinds of really cool access to different free things from creative fabrica. Alright, creative market is another one, and they also have, you know, they get free goods. You sign up for the free account, you can click on something like that again, you'll get an email with all kinds of cool stuff. If you ever need mock up photos, all of these places are, you know, website. You can look at for that kind of thing. Sometimes they'll send you coupon codes. But you know all of these right now, these air free downloads. Okay, this is what they're doing. Like, for the week. Okay, so just, you know, as a newbie designer, these are all things, whether it's the fonts or, you know, a couple graphics. These are all things that matter. OK, and it makes you feel good to start building up. You know, you're designed tool library and not having to have spent anything and remembering all the things that I showed you, you know, especially on my picky. You see that you can take these elements and you can alter them. And it is just a really cool thing to dio. Okay, this is fought bundles, and, you know, it's also designed bundles. So it's it's really the same thing. You know? You go to font bundles dot net or design bundles dot net. It's the same company. It's just, you know, they tend to specialize. This will be more fonts, Okay, But they also have They also have their freebies. Okay, so you click on that and you'll see what they're given away at this particular time. You know, like that's really pretty. I would totally put that on a shirt guy, but let's just say you don't even want to create you know, your designed with them. But you might want to use some of these things to create, you know, um, like a social media graphic for something like that. Or maybe you'll create a T shirt and you, you know, right up a block post about it and create, like, a really cool photo and like, this is stunning. I love that fought, you know, And you would totally get that for free. OK, so again, these air just, you know, at least three different websites. There are more out there, and I'm going to put these in The resource section is well of your of your course materials , but just a couple places I wanted to be able to direct you to so that you can start getting armed with some free design tools. 22. A Few other Print On Demand Companies: All right. So in this course, while I focused on t spring and fretful. Okay, the reason I focused on those two websites is because I have personally used them both many times. And I have sold products through them, and I have ordered products through them so I can talk about them with with some authority and some knowledge. All right, I did want to share with you. There are plenty of others out there. I'm gonna show you, like, maybe two or three of them. But, you know, that's gonna be part of the fun for you is investigating some different websites that you could use. Okay, so this is printed mint and I do have an account with them. I just haven't really gotten into them too much yet, But that doesn't mean I won't. In fact, I'm I'm likely going to be looking into some more of these print on demand companies just for my own interest and knowledge. Okay? I happened to like teaching. More than anything. I love creating these courses and teaching you guys especially newbie stuff. So I would look into more of these, if anything, just to bring them to your attention. Okay, but as you can see, they've got a variety of different products and stuff like one of my next I'm going to own . This kind of thing is I'm totally getting myself arrival in shirt. I love the baseball Raglin shirts. So going to take one of my oh so witty designs, and I'm gonna put it on one of them, and I'm going to wear it. That is what I am going to do this year. So I've got some T shirts actually got T shirts and tank tops, but I haven't done the baseball. Sure yet. All right, All kinds of other products, you know, they've got home goods and pillow drink wear and poster prints and all that kind of stuff. All right, So and resource is, I'm pretty sure you can do integration with printed mint is Well, okay, but again, I haven't worked with it enough really to know. All right. So definitely one that you might want to consider checking out. There's print aura. I know that print or a does integrate in with etc. But this is just another one. You got the design tool I started to play around with this last week. At some point, I just didn't have enough time to really get into it again. Plenty of products. So your brand and there are things on print full I didn't even get into. They've got embroidery and all of that stuff, but that's not T shirt demand. But let's just say you come up with a really cool design and you want to put it like on a baseball hat. They do have embroidery services. Okay, you've got all these different T shirts and all kinds of other apparel options, you know, through, ah, print aura. All right, and, um, let's see. Switches. All right. They got phone cases, bags, hats, aka T shirts, wall are, you know, bags air. A cool thing. I didn't really get too much into that, but totally design a bag. That might be a fun thing to dio, All right, None. There's print if I and print if I is great. Also, there are a lot of people who, you know, compare print full to print. If I and I think you're just gonna find different benefits with different programs, so this is another one. They've got plenty of products on a lot of shipping options, and you can connect your store with this one as well. I do have an Etsy store connected with Prince of Print. If I I've just honestly have just spent a lot more time with print ful. Okay. Same thing with your eBay store, your rule, commerce, whatever. Okay, so in all of these on that and a mock up generator, So all of these have training and videos and blog's and all kinds of cool stuff. Okay, So really, you have different tools at your fingertips and all of these air free to use. So, guys, I just really hope that you got allowed. Ah, allowed. I really hope that you got a lot out of what I had to share with you. And I'm just gonna wrap everything up and finalize this course in the next video. 23. A Few Additional Career Path Ideas: All right, guys, Before we reach the conclusion of this course, I wanted to throw just a couple ideas out at you. Um, here you've gone through, you've learned how to start creating some really cool designs. Hopefully, you have followed a long And even if you haven't, you know you can always go back and participate again and just become acclimated with the programs and the techniques that I've shown you and hopefully become proficient and, you know, very confident and comfortable and enthusiastic with everything that you're doing. Perhaps however, you don't want to go into trying to sell T shirts. Maybe print on demand is not your thing. But now you have got some skills and you really enjoy graphic design. You know, again, even as a beginner, perhaps this sort of sparked an enthusiasm in you to get better at it. Maybe you're a natural added, and you've picked things up beautifully throughout this course. I wanted to share with you maybe a couple other ideas that you can consider as far as career paths to take your new skills and venture into. And so I figured I would start with showing you design bundles, which I did show you in one of the other videos. But as you can see here, you know, a store like design bundles, creative fabrica creative market. They all give you the option to design things. You know, have your designs, whether it's fonts or graphics or whatever it is, and you can sell them through through these websites. Okay, so I know that design bundles. Would they want to see a portfolio? In fact, I know creative market would as well. Um, but as long as you've got some designs and you feel really good about them, you never really know. You might decide to just become a designer instead of, you know, creating T shirts and sell your designs. So that is one option. You can create logos. You can create designs and create a store doing that. Okay. On Etsy here, as you noticed in the mock up video that I showed you, you can always create mock ups. Now you can see there are definitely a lot out there, but perhaps you'll have something new to add to the equation. Okay, You never know. You might decide that you absolutely love creating these types of photographs whether it's with clothing or mugs. Maybe you've got an eye for photography, and you want to start creating mock ups. I'm telling you, these things definitely do sell because people are looking to use them. Okay, now, I have no idea how long like this person's been in business. But look it, she's got she's got almost 6000 reviews. All right, so you have to figure that that is definitely only a fraction of the people that have purchased for her. Okay, Ahmad mock up studio here. You know, they've obviously they've got several, and they've got almost 1000 reviews, so you never know. Okay, this might be a career path that you will want to go into. Okay? Or maybe you've decided that you really love design and you want to become a graphic designer, and you want to start selling services. Maybe you want to design T shirts for other people and not have to worry about trying to sell the stuff yourself. Or maybe you're looking for something to do. You know, a way to create a side hustle so that you can start building up, You know, an additional income for you to invest in different design tools and so on. Or maybe your own online store. I don't know. And in that case, I'm sure you've probably heard of fiber. But in case you haven't, you know it's It's a great platform for people to sell services. It's got a built in buyer base, and you can always start. You know, it's usually around $5 above, and you know you can get in there. Hey, I'll create a business logo for you. I'll create a design for you all create, you know, something for your T shirt or your mother, whatever it is. And you can certainly start to build up in income. And, you know, start to develop relationships with people, okay? And then up work is another one. If you become very proficient at it, then you can certainly sign up for up work. And that is definitely something that you can do to start, you know, again creating that side hustle and selling your work. So I just wanted to throw that out of two and just kind of get your wheel spinning. And just to let you know that yeah, you did. You took a T shirt design course as a total beginner. But the skills that you learned in the course can certainly get you on your way to doing all kinds of other really cool things. You are in no way limited in your ideas. The sky really is the limit. And I would suggest investigate some of these options, see what feels best to you and take it from there. All right, so I hope this inspired you. 24. Conclusion: Okay, guys. The Beginner's Guide to T Shirt Design and print on Demand using free design tools course has officially ended. But before you go, I just wanted to do a quick recap of what you've learned and how to best apply your new skills. In this course, you learned how to work with too free and easy to use print on demand companies to create products, toe own cell or both. How to work with print Fels built in design tools to get you started in creating simple designs right away with absolutely no previous design skills. How do you use free online programs to create some simple and some more elaborate text based designs? Toe upload to your products? How do you even combine the two design platforms to expand on your design options and techniques? How to create a few different types of products on both print on demand platforms. How to create free and versatile mock up photos for your listings and marketing efforts. How to resize or increase the DP I of your designs using free programs. Where to find additional free design tools like graphics and fonts. Where to check out additional print on demand companies. And hopefully you listen to me and some of my words of wisdom and realize that you are well equipped to do anything you wish as long as you show up. Keep learning. Keep practicing. Keep a balanced perspective about starting a new venture such as this one and especially why it's so important to have fun with this. And I do want you to have fun in your projects and in life. I also hope you found this course fun and lighthearted and easy to follow along with. I thank you so much for being my student and for putting your trust in me. I hope I delivered on my promise to get you from I have no idea what I'm doing to Wow, I can totally do this. I look forward to hearing about your success and until next time, take care