The Beginner's Guide to Cheesecake | Amy Kimmel | Skillshare

The Beginner's Guide to Cheesecake

Amy Kimmel, Baking and Pastry Arts Instructor

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16 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Equipment

    • 3. Cookie Crumb Crusts

    • 4. Whole Cookie Crusts

    • 5. Pate Sucree

    • 6. Vanilla Base

    • 7. Chocolate Cheesecake

    • 8. Raspberry Lemon Swirl

    • 9. Amaretto Ricotta

    • 10. Baking Prep

    • 11. Water Bath

    • 12. Checking for Doneness

    • 13. Cooling

    • 14. Whipped Cream

    • 15. Removing the Pan

    • 16. Serving

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About This Class

Who doesn't LOVE cheesecake?  I don't know anybody in that category!

Cheesecakes are probably the most popular dessert being featured on almost every restaurant menu.  Think about it.  Whenever you finish your meal and you go for the dessert menu, there is typically at least one cheesecake option with some kind of fruit, chocolate, or caramel sauce.  Why is it so common?  Because it's rich, with an undeniably pleasant texture, and it's versatile.  In this course, you will learn how to make the perfect basic cheesecake.

Once you learn the base recipe, you can then alter it to create a multitude of cheesecake flavors.  I'll walk you through...

  • Chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust

  • Raspberry swirl cheesecake with a lemon cookie crust

  • Ricotta Amaretto cheesecake in a Pate Sucree crust

The course starts with the basics and adds on skills that have already been learned.  You will see how to make small changes to the base recipe to achieve any flavor.  Also, you will be capable of making cheesecakes with multiple flavors and components.  You can learn the equipment that you need as well as the techniques necessary to create the most desirable cheesecakes. 

Not only will you learn all about cheesecake, but I also share my quick whipped cream.  Perfect for topping any slice!  Finally, the most important to slice and plate the perfect piece!

This course includes an equipment and recipe guide that you can download and print to follow along.  Personalized support is also included...just send me a message!  All of the lessons are filmed up-close which is perfect if you're learning on a phone or other small device. 

Are you ready to master this popular and delicious dessert?  Let's get started!  See you in the course.