The Beginner's Guide | User Experience Strategy Foundation | Deby Joevita | Skillshare

The Beginner's Guide | User Experience Strategy Foundation

Deby Joevita, Award-Winning UX Interaction Designer

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6 Videos (24m)
    • User experience design definition

    • User experience key principles

    • Ux design process and documentation

    • Understanding User, Currency, Product and Market Fit

    • Interaction design beyond human computer interaction

    • Design decision making process


About This Class


The Beginner's Guide | User Experience Foundation - Learn How to Start Creating The Best Experience for Your Users!

In This Free 7 Days UX Course, You Will Learn:

  • The Five Principles of the User Experience. In order to turn more leads into customers, you have to understand the path taken by visitors to your platform. We’ll break down each of the 5 principles of this UX strategies, and show you 1 way you can connect each of them.
  • What is User Experience Design? Your #1 business asset in digital era is your customers. Convert more visitors into leads and you instantly boost your business. We’ll explain what is user experience design and how you can use it to grow your business to the next level.
  • How to Ask The Right UX Questions. Getting them to aware of your product is just the beginning. Three main questions to help you validate your ideas. Asking the right question during your job interview, communicate with clients and finding out user needs.
  • Measure Product/Market Fit. It will significantly impact how you operate your business. Product/market fit means creating a product that can satisfy that market.
  • Make Smarter Design Decisions. Not just any decision, you need to be able to make smarter decision to differentiate yourself from the rest. Simplifying the complex problems that are too complicated or unknown.
  • Bonus 1: Invitation to a Mastermind Private Group. You share ideas, post questions, brainstorming context, and many more.
  • Bonus 2: Live Mentoring on Facebook. She will be there to guide you, be there for you, and answering your questions LIVE.
  • Bonus 3: Review Performance. Whether You're A Team/Individual and The Examples of Successful Techniques.





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Deby Joevita

Award-Winning UX Interaction Designer

Voracious reader. Avid learner. Helping people and business to not only solving problems but also growing people to the next level by using empathy in the emerging markets. Her recent works are featured in The Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2015, The 10th Annual W3 2015, SPH Digital Awards 2016, and International Design Awards 2014.

She wants to teach you how to become successful by having the right mindset by doing what you love. She meets a lot of setbacks along her entrepreneuria...

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