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The Beer Wiz Trivia Quiz

teacher avatar Marty Nachel, Beer Me

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Beer Wiz Trivia Quiz Introduction

    • 2. 1 Brewing Firsts

    • 3. 2 Beer History and Lore

    • 4. 3 True or Falstaff

    • 5. 4 Beer Glassware

    • 6. 5 Who Brews It

    • 7. 6 Beer in Music

    • 8. 7 Beer on the Screen

    • 9. 8 Beer and Brewery Logos

    • 10. 9 Country of Origin

    • 11. 10 Barrel of Miscellany

    • 12. 11 Beer Wiz Trivia Quiz Answers

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About This Class

One of the best ways to learn interesting things about any topic is through the more trivial aspects of that topic.  Beer (and brewing) has a long and storied past that lends itself greatly to trivia questions.

  • There are 10 Question Categories
  • There are 10 questions within each category, for a total of 100 questions
  • The answers to all of the questions are divulged in this presentation after all the Question Categories have been covered

This Quiz was designed by professional beer judge, beer educator and the author of "Beer for Dummies" and "Homebrewing for Dummies", Marty Nachel

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marty Nachel

Beer Me


* Author, "Beer for Dummies", "Homebrewing for Dummies"

* Beer Education Director for Tapville Social 

* Advisory Board member and adjunct instructor, College of DuPage (IL) "Business of Craft Beer" certificate program

* Professional International Beer Judge- Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup, Festival of Barrel Aged Beers, Copa Cerveza de Americas 

* Draught Master and former trainer for the Heineken brand



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1. Beer Wiz Trivia Quiz Introduction: Hello and welcome to the Beer Wins Trivia quiz For this course, I will be your instructor. My name is Marty Natural. I'm the author of Beer Across America, Beer for Dummies and Home Brewing for Dummies. I've been a beer educator for over 20 years, and I am a beard trivia master. So why trivia? Well, one of the best ways to learn interesting things about any topic is through the more trivial aspects of the topic. Beer and Brewing has a long and storied past that lends itself greatly to trivia questions for the course project. Simply take the beer was trivia quiz to see how much you know about beer. Even if you don't score well, you could still learn a lot about it. Alternatively, you can simply use the questions for the quiz win Bar bets. So here's how it's gonna work. There are 10 question categories, and there are 10 questions within each category, for a total of 100 questions, he answers to. All of these questions can be found at the end of this power point. After all, the question categories have been covered, so that brings us to the end of the introduction. Be sure and come back for wrong. One cheers 2. 1 Brewing Firsts: Welcome back to beer with trivia quiz This is round One. We're going to talk about brewing firsts. Question one. A. What Brewery logo is considered the first ever international trademark. It dates back to 17 77. Question one. B In what year was the first beer can introduced to consumers? Question one scene. Which American Brewery was the first to grew over one million barrels of beer her year. Question one. D Pilsener is the most popular style of beer in the world. In what year was it first brood? Question one e. What document is considered the world's first consumer protection law? Question one. F. In what year was it finally made legal in the United States to disclose alcohol content on beer packaging? Question one. Gene. What was the first ever microbrewery to open in the United States? The year was 1976. Question one h. In what decade was Porter believed to be to be first brewed in London? Question one. I Approximately How long ago do archaeologists and anthropologists believe the beer was first brood? For the answer to this question, simply round it off to the nearest 1000 years. Question one. J In what year did the first official October fest take place as we know it today? So that is the end of round one Brewing firsts. Come back for round two cheers. 3. 2 Beer History and Lore: Welcome back to beer was trivia quiz were now around two. In these 10 questions, we're going to cover beer history and lore. Question to a In what century? We perhaps first cultivated question to being what is the oldest established brewery in the world. Question. To see the English word cereal, the Spanish word said ESA and the beer use type service EA are all attributed to What? Roman goddess of Agriculture Question two D, which is the oldest continuously operating brewery in the United States. Question two e. Who is the male patron saint of beer? Question two f Who is the female patron Saint or beer? Question two. G What brewery in the Philippines was whitewashed during World War Two, so L A bombers would not destroy it. Question two h What American Presidents casket was carried in his funeral procession on a horse drawn beer wagon supplied by the air. It's brewing company Question two I, which American president proposed the idea of a national brewery as well as the appointment of a secretary of beer. Question two J. What is the oldest operating brewery in North America? So that brings us to the end of round, to be sure and come back for round three cheers 4. 3 True or Falstaff: Welcome back to beer was trivia quiz We're now in Round three True and False staff. Obviously, these are just true and false. Question. Question three. A Cider is a type of beer. True or false? Question three B. Guinness Stout has the same approximate alcohol content as Bud Light. Question three c Porterhouse steak is named after the beer known as Porter. Question. Three D Dark beer is stronger than pale beer. Question three. Alcohol accounts for approximately 2/3 of all of the calories and beer. Question. Three year. The oldest known recipe in the world is for making beer. Question. Three G. American soldiers fighting the Revolutionary War were guaranteed rations that included one court of ill Her day. Question. Three age beer is sold in vending machines in Japan. Question. Three I The 1st 3 American presidents all brewed their own beer. Question three J According to Jack Handy if you reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, beer will probably shoot out of your nose. So that brings us to the close of part three. Be sure and come back for part for here. 5. 4 Beer Glassware: Welcome back to beer was trivia quiz. We're now in Round four. We're gonna be talking about beer. Glassware. Question for a a yard of ale glass, Also known as a coachman, Sehorn is. How long? Question four B. What is the liquid volume difference between a standard pine class in an imperial spank class? Question for C. The German beer, Steep glasses, very popular for beer drinking competitions. What is this class more commonly known as Question four D. The traditional mosque Krug, the large and heavy difficult glass mug used in Germany holds how much fear question for E . Some highly regarded beer bars and Belgium serve beer and unique and expensive beer glass to assure that these glasses are not stolen. What our customers asked to hand over to the bartender in exchange for their order. And this is not about money. It's something different. Question for F traditional beer. Stein Zehr typically talked with hinged pewter lives. What is the purpose of this mid question four G to which country is the fissile glass? Attributed question for H. In what country might you be served beer in a midi glass or a pony glass question for I What ceremonial drinking vessel was often used by Vikings and other Nordic tribes for J in Colonial America or some resource is were scarce. Beer drinking vessels were often made from leather and lined with pine pitch to make them waterproof. What were these vessels called? So that brings us to the end of round four. Be sure to come back for round five cheers. 6. 5 Who Brews It: Welcome back to beer was trivia quiz were now in Round five who bruise it. And I'm simply going to mention a particular beer by name, and you need to come up with the brewery that produces it. Five. A Who Bruise Utopia five. Be Arrogant Bastard. Five. C. Pliny the Elder five D Dead Guy Ale five. E Dragons More five. If prankster five g hop Stupid five Each Raging Bitch five. I Technical Nuclear Penguin by J. Hazed in infused That brings us to the close of around five. Be sure and come back for round six. Cheers. 7. 6 Beer in Music: Welcome back to Beer with trivia quiz were now in Round six. I call this beer in music Question six A from the song Roadhouse Blues who sang I woke up this morning and got myself a beer question. Six. Being in this song Still crazy after all these years who sang. So we talked about the old times and we drank ourselves and beers. Question six C from the songs Sunset Grill. Who's saying Maybe we'll leave? Come springtime. Meanwhile, have another beer question. Six D from the song Roll Me Away, Who's saying 12 hours out of Mackinaw City stopped in a bar to have a group. Question six e from the song There's a tear in my beer Who sang There's a Tear in my beer cause I'm crying over you. Question. Six F What popular British comedy troupe wrote. The philosopher song, which included the lyrics and Vic in Stein, was a very swine. Who was Justus lost its label Question six g from the song Saturday night's Alright for playing. Who's saying it's seven o'clock and I wanna rock. Want to get a belly full of beard? Question six h. What is the English translation off this famous German beer drinking song title in Himmel gets kind of year. Question six I from the song Let Her Cry, who sang So I sat back down and had a beard. Felt sorry for myself. Question six J Under song. Piano Man Who sang and the piano Sounds like a carnival on the microphone. Smells like a beard that brings us to the close of around six. Be sure to come back for around seven chairs. 8. 7 Beer on the Screen: Hello and welcome back to Beer Wiz Trivia quiz. We're now in Round seven. I call this beer on the screen. This is any time there was shown or mentioned on television or in movies. Question seven. A. What Chicago brand of beer was favored by the character known as Uncle Eddie in the National Lampoon vacation movie. Question seven B Which 1977 Hollywood Trucker movie features 400 cases of stolen Coors beer . Question. Seven C from the hit 1982 movie Who wanted to go home after drinking several cans of Coors beer. Question. 70. What was the name of the fictitious Milwaukee brewery where Laverne and Shirley work? Question. Seven E What Pennsylvania brand of beer that Robert De Niro offer Meryl Streep in the 1978 hit movie The Deer Hunter. Question seven F What bumbling trio of losers tried making their own beer in the short film Beer Barrel Polka Cats Question seven g What year was favored by Martin Crane. Razor cranes Father on the TV. Siri's Razor Question seven h In 2008 country singer Toby Keith not only recorded a song with this title, he also started a future Lake movie by the same name. What is the title of the movie and the song Question seven i in an episode of the TV show Happy Days. How many teeth, Seaweed, sea glasses of beer? Did Richie Cunningham drink what he attended? A fraternity party, and it came home drunk. Question seven J What 2006 movie starring Ralph Macho, otherwise known as The Karate Kid, was about an unemployed slacker who inspires his softball team mates to improve their game so they won't get kicked out of the local league. Their motto was, No gut, no glory, and that brings us to the end of round seven. Be sure and come back for round eight cheers. 9. 8 Beer and Brewery Logos: Okay. Welcome back to beer Was trivia quiz. We are now in round eight. Call this beer and brewery logos. Now, the next 10 slides, each one of them is going to contain a single logo. I'm just going to stay on each slide for a couple of seconds. If you need to pause this, uh, this section or if you need to review it, the that's fine. But there's not gonna be any narration for me, so I'm just going to click through the sides. Andi spend just a little bit of time and each one of them. So here we go. - Okay . So that brings us to the end of art. Eight. You sure? And come back for part nine, Jerry. 10. 9 Country of Origin: Okay. Welcome back to your was trivia quiz. We're now in the wrong nine. You call this country of origin? Um, this is simply we're gonna name different beers by their brand names. And you have to name the country that they come from. Pretty simple, straightforward stuff. Nine a. Smith ICS nine b Foster's Lager nine. C Augustine er 90 Stella Apply nine. E. Jin Tao nine. F Steagall nine. Gene. There's no regret. Nine. H Kenya. Nine. I Carlsberg nine. J. Belhaven. What brings to the clothes? That is Part nine, round nine. Pretty simple. I think I'll be sure to come back for part 10. Cheers. 11. 10 Barrel of Miscellany: Okay. Welcome back to Beer Wiz. Trivia Quiz. We're now on the final round around 10. This is called Barrel of Miscellany. This contains questions from all over the map to convey in any topic, within a beer and brewing. So here we go. Question. 10 A. What popular beer is often referred to as the blonde in the black dress. 10. B How many gallons are there in a barrel of beer? 10 c What Private Women's College in New York state is named after a brewer nd who was considered the world's most and start again, who was considered the world's foremost authority on beer before his death in the year 2007 . 10 E If a New Yorker is a person from New York, where is a Budweiser from? You have to list the city and the country. Question 10 F. What was the name of the ugly dove that was prominently featured in Bud Light commercials in the 19 eighties? Kenji named the novelty beer facetiously marketed as the pale, stale ale that's so like the home is on the bottom. It's an H, which American Brewery was the only one known to close for deer season. Then I, which was the last of the 50 United States to sell Coors beer less. But in at least Question 10 J in the card game of bridge, the seven of diamonds is sometimes referred to as what that brings us to the closed. I mean 10th round as well as the entire beer was trivia quiz. Hope you did well, cheers. 12. 11 Beer Wiz Trivia Quiz Answers: Okay, Welcome back to Beer Wiz Trivia Quiz. We're now ready to develop the answers to all 100 questions. We're gonna do this directly through all the 10 question categories, so bear with me as they go through these different categories that start with Round One Brewing Firsts. The brewery loaded is considered the first ever international trademark is the Bass Ale Red Triangle. First Beer Can was introduced by the Kruger Brewing Company in New Jersey. He used 1935. The first American brewery to brew over a 1,000,000 barrels of beer per year was Papst. The first pilsener was brewed in 18 42 in the Czech Republic. The document is considered the first consumer protection law is the Ryan High School books otherwise known as the German Beer Period Law? The year was 15 16. It was 1994 before U S government finally made it legal to disclose alcohol content on beer packaging. Prior to this, they believe that beer consumers made their choices based on alcohol contents, so they made it illegal for breweries to disclose that information. The first ever microbrew it opened the United States was the new Albion Brewing company, located in Sonoma County, California, was opened by a gentleman by the name of Jack McCollough in what decade was probably first brew. That was in the 17 twenties. Archaeologists and anthropologists believe that beer was first brood approximately 10,000 years ago or 8000 BC, Uh, our ancestors that that same were considered hunter gatherers during the Neolithic period. In what year did the first official, AKA professed take place? It was in 18 10. It was the wedding between a princess from Saxony and a duke from the very so around two beer history and lore. In what Century we're ops for us cultivated that with the 12 century there were first discovered in the ninth century, but they weren't cultivated. 12 the oldest established brewery in the world is buying Stefan Brewing Company. It is just north of Munich, and that year was 10 40. This brewery actually burned down a number of times throughout its history, but it was always rebuilt. Word Serial service and Servizi eight are all attributed to the Roman goddess. Siri's, the oldest continuously operating burden. United States opened up in 18 29. It's called Yangling, and it's located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Male patron saint of beer is Saint Arnold He was from modern day Belgium. The first female patron saint of beer was Ireland's ST Brigid Breathe the Philippines. That was whitewash story. World War two was San Miguel. The president Who's the casket was carried on a beer wagon with Ulises S. Grant, American president, who proposed the national brewing. The appointment of Secretary of beer was James Madison. You know this operating very North America was most and located his Montreal. It's around three. These were all true and false. Question your clothes questions. Cider is a type of beer that is completely pulse. Cider is made from apple juice. Beer is always made from green. Get a stout has the same approximate alcohol content as Bud Light. That is absolutely true. They both have approximately 4.3% alcohol content. Porterhouse steak is named after the beer. That is absolutely true. There were certain pubs in England that always served porter. Those were known as porterhouse is. They also tended to serve the same cut of quality steak. The steak then became known as a porterhouse steak. Dark beer stronger than pale ale that is patently false. There is no correlation between the color of beer and its alcohol content. Alcohol is based on how much multi sugar was in the beer. On the date was brewed. Alcoholic consular. Approximate 2/3 of all the calories and beer. This is not only true of beer, but any alcoholic beverage. Wine, whisky, whatever. The oldest known recipe in the world is from making beer. That is true. It's approximately 5000 years old. Americans fighting the Revolutionary War were guaranteed a core developer day that is also true. You're solving vending machines in Japan. Also true. 1st 3 presidents all brewed their own beer. That's false Onley because Washington and Adam's brew their own beer. Thomas Jefferson was a winemaker instead. And for fans of Saturday Night Live, you probably recognize the name Jack Handy. His wisdom. I included this one that reached total enlightenment. While drinking beer. Bill beer will probably shoot all terminals. That is round four. This is all about beer drinking vessels. The art of ale glass, if you were paying attention, is exactly one yard or three feet long. The liquid volume different to eat, a standard pint and an Imperial Time class is four ounces, 16 ounces, versus 20 ounce The German beer steepen is a very common vessel known as a beer book. Travis Traditional Musk crew holds one leader or 33 ounces of beer. In Belgium, where unique and expensive beer glasses are used, customers are asked to hand over one of their shoes to make sure they don't run off with the glass. The lids on beer Stein's are there to keep flies and bugs out of the beer. The national symbol of Scotland is the fissile, so therefore, the thistle glass was made just for Scotland, and if you visit Australia, you might be served beer in a midi glass everypony west. The Vikings were known to drink beer out of a ale horn, and in Colonial America, the vessels that were made from leather were called black checks. That brings us to around five. Who bruises Utopias is brewed by Sam Adams of the Boston Beer Company. Typically, only every other years is approved. Arrogant Bastard is from Stone Brewing Company, Pliny the Elder from Russian River Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Ales, Dragon's Milk from New Holland Brewing Company in Michigan, Prankster from North Coast Brewing Company, California Hop. Stupid Not gonna see this pretty company in California and Chicago. Raging Bitch, The Flying Dog Brewery Company, formerly of Colorado, Tactical Nuclear, Penguin Brew, Dog Brewing Company and Hazed and Confused is from the Bold of Beer Company on six beer in Music, It was the doors who sang Roadhouse blues. It was Paul Simon who sang Still crazy after all these years, Don Henley wrote and sang Sunset Grill of Seeger wrote and saying, Roll Me away and Hank Williams was famous for his song because it's here in my beard. It was money, Python. There were the famous British comedy troupe throughout the philosopher song. Elton John was very famous for his Saturday night's alright for fighting in him. A good kind beer translation is in heaven. There is no beer. That's why we drink it here. And it was Hootie and the Blowfish who saying Let her cry. Piano Man was one of Billy Joel's more popular songs own seven beer on the screen. Uncle Eddie from National Lampoon's vacation movies was known to drink a lot of Meister Brown. 77. Hollywood trucker movie was Smokey and the Bandit 1982 hit movie was E. T. The expected Extraterrestrial, and Laverne and Shirley worked at the fictitious Shots Brewing Company in Milwaukee. Robert De Niro offered Meryl Streep a Rolling Rock beer. It was the three students who completely messed up their Panther Pilsner. And in New York, uh, based Valentine's Beer was Martin Crane's favorite beer. Toby Keith, uh sang and was in the movie called Beer for My Horses. Richie Cunningham drank 72 teensy weensy glasses of beer and beer. League is the name of the Ralph macho movie that no one has ever heard, so that brings us to around eight. Beer and Brewery Logo's 1st 1 is Brooklyn Brewery. 2nd 1 is Boulevard Brewing Company, Logan Etess, Dogfish Head, New Belgium And that's the fat tire bike in the logo there Stone Brewing Company. And this one was pretty logical, even if you had never heard of it. That's the left hand brewing company. This one's fairly famous and should have been very recognizable. The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company This is the Bells beer company out of Michigan, last but not least, the Avery Brewing Company in Colorado around nine. This is country of origin. Smith ICS is from Ireland. Foster's lager from Australia, Augustine ER's From Germany, Cellar pliers from Belgium. Jin Tao is from China. Steagall is from Austria. Pilsner Urquell is Czech Republic. Well, hey Mia from Mexico. How's barrack from Denmark and Belhaven is from Scotland? No, The barrel of miscellany question the blind in the black dress is what some people refer to his Guinness stout are 31 gallons of beer in a barrel. The private woman's college in upstate New York was named for Matthew Vassar, who was a brewer world's foremost authority on beer before his death with the British journalist noticed Michael Jackson and a person from Budweiser would be from good base in the Czech Republic. The Ugly Dog and the Bud Light commercials was spuds Mackenzie. The novelty beer was old Broad thing slash the American brewery supposed with deer season with strobes in ST Mary's P. A. We'll ask the 50 states to sell Coors Beer was Indiana and last but not least, seven of diamonds. And sometimes it heard, too, as the beer card. Well, I hope you had fun with that. Now I hope you did well. Cheers