The Becoming a Better Writer Workshop: Using the Five Senses to Improve Descriptive Writing

Christopher Mitchell, Writing Mentor

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Our Projects

    • 3. The Sense of Sight: A Haunted House

    • 4. The Sense of Touch: A Stroll along the Ocean

    • 5. The Sense of Smell: Lavender Lilacs

    • 6. The Sense of Taste: Five Basic Tastes

    • 7. The Sense of Hearing: The Sounds of a Scene

    • 8. A Multisensory Activity: Starlight Mints & Powerful Adjectives

    • 9. Course Conclusion

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Project Description

The Six-Project Challenge


This course features six project activities or deliverables. You may post one or two of the project activities -- or all of the project activities to our Project Gallery to complete the course. Post as many as you wish!

An activity accompanies each of the following six videos: sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing, and a final multisensory project.

I do encourage you to post a few projects to our gallery, so that others can enjoy your work. Our course community can also provide helpful feedback, words of encouragement, or praise for the work you submit.

More submissions will also make our gallery pop with unique, expressive writing that students may use for their own inspiration as they work through the course. I hope you will consider it.