The Basics of Working on the Pottery Wheel | Whitney Panetta | Skillshare

The Basics of Working on the Pottery Wheel

Whitney Panetta, Artist, Blogger, Teacher

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5 Videos (17m)
    • Step 1: Set Up & Centering

    • Step 2: Opening up the Clay

    • Step 3: Pulling Up the Walls

    • Step 4: Shaping and Finishing

    • Entire Video

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About This Class

This video shows a step by step example of how to create a simple bowl or mug on a pottery wheel (also called throwing on the wheel). The video includes:

  • Supplies needed to get set up
  • How to center the clay
  • How to open up the clay
  • Hoe to pull up the walls
  • How to shape it
  • Finishing off the design

The video is split up into videos that are only a few minutes long, they are easy to follow and digest the information. They are great for a classroom environment, teaching students how to use the pottery wheel, or for personal use!





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Whitney Panetta

Artist, Blogger, Teacher

I am a mom to little man Cooper, three dogs, and seventeen chickens. I am an artist, art teacher, and blogger. I love teaching my high school students and also creating artwork on the side. I am involved in selling my work on Etsy, at local Atlanta festivals, and home to continue to expand my business. I am excited about the opportunity to expand my teaching options onto Skillshare!

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