The Basics of Pitching an Idea or Product (PR 101) | Angela Afifi | Skillshare

The Basics of Pitching an Idea or Product (PR 101)

Angela Afifi, Founder, CEO @ Onyx Creative

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1 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Write a Winning Pitch


About This Class

Writing a winning pitch can open many oppurtunities for both you and your brand. Understanding how to speak about your products and brand can set the tone for how potential customers, retailers, investors and collaboraters view you. 

With a good pitch, you can:

  • Score a retailer
  • Get a media placement
  • Build a partnership
  • Score an investor
  • Expand your business





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Angela Afifi

Founder, CEO @ Onyx Creative

Angela Afifi is a Los Angeles native with a background in fashion and technology public relations. She started her first e-commerce venture The Funky Skull while in college at UC Irvine. A few years later Onyx Creative was born. Onyx Creative carries lifestyle products from around the world, focusing on making people's everyday lives less mundane.

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