The Basics of Meal Prep: How to Save Time and Energy in the Kitchen | Carly Ferguson | Skillshare

The Basics of Meal Prep: How to Save Time and Energy in the Kitchen

Carly Ferguson, Health Coach & Food Journalist

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8 Videos (21m)
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    • How to Menu Plan

    • Menu Planning Put Into Action

    • Cinnabutter Overnight Oats

    • Classic Hummus

    • Southwest Mason Jar Salad

    • Batch Cooking 101

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About This Class

Do you get stressed over what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner? We feel ya.

Join Carly Ferguson, Health Coach and Food Journalist from FitLiving Eats in the kitchen as she shares her secret for healthy success in and out of the kitchen: meal prepping! But don’t worry, if you envision eating the same thing every day for the next week, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little planning ahead, meal prepping can be a simple solution to making healthier, more nutritious food choices throughout the week.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Key tips to meal prep success, such as menu planning, batch cooking and how to plan for one, or many!
  • You’ll prepare a series of simple and healthy recipes to solve the decision dilemma, whether you struggle with getting a nutritious breakfast, lunch, or dinner in your day.

This class is perfect for anyone who’s looking to save time and money in the kitchen - busy professionals, families and students!

Let’s get prepping!


Image: Southwest Mason Jar Salad Plated





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Carly Ferguson

Health Coach & Food Journalist

Carly Ferguson is a health coach, wellness advocate and aspiring home chef who is on a continuous journey of learning new ways to live a vibrant and healthy life over at FitLiving Eats. Her mission is to guide busy people towards healthy, sustainable lifestyle behaviors to be able to re{Fuel} for Life. She believes that what we choose to fuel our body, mind and soul with ultimately affects how we feel and function. Her passion for using foods as a way to fuel the body, combined with the exper...

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