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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Basic Shapes

    • 4. Project 1 : Pumpkin

    • 5. Project 2 : Toadstool

    • 6. Project 3 : Gnome (Part 1)

    • 7. Project 3 : Gnome (Part 2)

    • 8. Final Thoughts

    • 9. Class Project

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About This Class

Needle felting is a process of stabbing wool in and out repeatedly with a special needle where there are barbs on the lower part of the needle. 

These barbs will catch the wool fibre and tangle them up together. So the more we stab the more compress the fibre will be and eventually it will form a shape that you desire.

If you are new to needle felting, this class is right for you. But if you already have some knowledge of needle felting but wanted to learn more, this class is also good for you.

Note: Not suitable for children below 7 years old cuz the felting needles are super sharp!

In this class, I will be sharing with you the basic techniques of needle felting from the tools and materials used to the making of basic shapes. Once you are familiar with the process, we will be making these  fun projects together:

  • Pumpkin
  • Toadstool
  • Gnome 

I will be showing you all the tools and materials needed for this class and once you have gathered them together, lets begin to have fun!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zainab Mohamad Ali

Fibre Artist, watercolorist and crafter


Hi Everyone,

My name is Zain (short for Zainab) and I am a self taught fiber artist and a crafter from a tropical island called Borneo (Malaysian part) in South East Asia. Though I am from a land without sheep, I do know what is wool but I didn’t know about needle felting before.

I only discovered this craft in late 2015 when a newly Japanese store called Daiso opened in Malaysia. I was curious about the needle felting kits that they are selling. So I bought a couple and tried making as per the instructions. Immediately I am loving it, so I started searching for wool online and found so many ETSY stores selling them. So the rest is history!

Initially I started felting wool sculptures and later discovered about wet felting and wool painting after a year lat... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is then and I'm a fiber artist. I love painting with swollen water colors. I'm from the tropical island of Borneo in Malaysia. Welcome to my first school share class. The basics off NATO fell king. This class is for anyone, regardless, if you are a beginner or in advanced level, as I will be sharing with you the basic off. Neither felt ing techniques from basic tools and materials to making basic shapes. The basic tools and materials for needle felt ing a form block, a felt ing needle and some wool off your choice. Neither felt ing is the process off stabbing rule in and out repeatedly with a special needle where there are bumps on the lower part off the needle, this box will cash the wool fibers and tangled them up together. So the movie step, the more compressed of fibers will be eventually able. Fall into the ship that you want. Once you are familiar with the process, will be making some fun projects to get its us as the pumpkin taught stool or mushroom. And no, after this class, you will be able to make any was captures off their own choice at the end off the class, you are going to make a friend for your gnome and share your work in progress and finish project in the gallery section to begin the class. Let me show you the tools and materials needed in the next video. 2. Tools & Materials: here are the tools and materials needed for the class Number 38 Felt in needle with a triangle team a farm form block off a leased to ensure five centimeter thickness, a bamboo or wooden skewer off at least five inch or 13 centimeters. A payoff seeds us in some wool. I will mention what colors to use for fish project later, so let's hope into my class and let the felt ing begins. 3. Basic Shapes: Welcome back. Let's begin our class by making some basic shapes with your foundation toe or fund projects later. Just two colors to begin with. Then pull out a section from one color, place it on the form block and start rolling it up like soul role in. Turn in all directions as tightly as you can until a ball is form. Hold tightly. Pinch the fuzzy end off the wall with your left hand and stop stabbing. Wash out where you are. Stay being a deep, always step in front off your left hand, holding the wall. Continue the process off, tugging in the fuzzy and tightly and step. Tilda. It's no more fuzziness continue. Stay being control with two pumps off your hand to smooth up to surface and also to compress the fiber more. Test the firmness. Roll again toe from up. Presto. Tests continue. Stay being toe from up more. Okay, it's perfect and smooth. No, it colors. Take a little fluff off second color and put it on the ball and start stabbing. Step more so it will be secured. Joseph s off the ball. Okay, let's know. Make some spot or dot Pull a tiny flop off full and roll it up with your fingers into a small, tiny flat ball. Place it on your ball and start stabbing. Step the ages to roll with your palm. That looks nice. So it's done. Now let's try to make another ship. Take another fluff off. Wolf fled it out. Take a wooden skewer and start rolling your wool with the skewer I wrote you all. The rule is on your skewer the old time. Once roll up, pulled the wool out from the skewer and start staving it firm. Roll with your palm again to compress it. Step again. Step the tiptoe around Italy and smoother 12 That looks better. Wash out your fingers whilst a being. You can twist with your fingers and roll. Now we have a long ship. This is good for Lex arms and tells. See you in the next lesson. Pumpkin. 4. Project 1 : Pumpkin: this begin our first project making a punking. We need a form block, a felt ing needle and a wooden or bamboo ski work. And, of course, some wound duck brown and that your why yellow all range like green and most green. Check the natural white wall and start rolling it up. Roll up us tightly us possible into a ball. Once roll up. Start. Stay being remember. Stop stepping in front off your left fingers. Ship it a little flat on top and bottom to look like a pumpkin shape. Continue. Stay being toe from up step step, step Roll with pomp off your hands. That looks good. Kitten from the US That's good. Let's at orange won't toe the outer color. Rep. The white pumpkin with a piece off orrange for an orange pumpkin all up hold of fuzzy end and start stabbing. See True, but no problem with the bottom facing upwards, plus another flip piece of orange on top off the bottom step to secure, Turn it over Rep. And continue stating. Repeat the process to all the orange it's ripped up rep. Some more. This where there wouldn't be any Citro parts that looks nice for in towards the center. Holding step pulls on more step it. Pull and tuck in for smoother surface. Pulls on more and step to secure. Pull in, step some more till older fuzzy stepped in. I want a new state being so smooth out that looks nice. Roar with your palm is done Now toe. Get some colors outside. It's some light green. First that the thin piece put it on and step to secure that another Greenpeace Put on the opposite side off the pumpkin and step some more to secure. This is toe. Get some cotton trusting color to your pumpkin. Okay, just done. Looks nice now for another color. Less. Take some yellow, put beside the green and start stabbing to secure a second piece off yellow. Put on the opposite side. Step again to secure. Check around to see. That's nice. Roll it up. So it's done now at a set color. It's some most green doctor color, so it more contrasts. Steptoe, secure step, step, step Another piece on the other side. Check to see if you like the planes. You can get more if you want. So this fight. Yep. Okay, I think that's okay for me. So let's step some more to blend. It will except you the whole surface. Smooth now to make indented regis or the rips off the pumpkin A long piece off brown and twist it up with your fingers to make something like a string a fish one in off the strip Toe the center top off your pumpkin. Once a fish, bring it down to the bottom center and step to see Kill Now step along the street, Step a deeper reach. Come, bring your needle in more so it will be deep. Once reached the bottom center, bring back any extra war and step into the street. Okay, One rip done prepared to do another brown street. Take a piss off whole twist again. Secure on the top. Opens it the first reached. Bring it down to the bottom, secure at the bottom center and step along the brown strip to secure it. Step deeper toe. Make a deeper rich, so your pumpkin were looks nice When you reach the end, bring any extra straight down on a new site for a new reach. Since his short you can make a new strip and just get it on. Repeat the process. The same thing. Bring it to the center. Step the street. Does he kill? Bring it to the center. All meet up together. Basically just at the strip. Still, you like the way how your pumpkin looks. That looks perfect for mine. Now, to make the stem or the stop off the pumpkin, roll a small flat piece of brown color with a skewer. Early type bull skewer out Steptoe from up twisty off. Miss your fingers. Leave one n fuzzy Toby attached to the pumpkin. Later. Keep also roll it because you're stain trying to pull the fuzzy and apart a little to make it more fuzzy. Once done, place on top. Center off your pumpkin. Step to secure Step all around the stem when the fuzzy pump does your pumpkin. Congratulations. Next thought Stool 5. Project 2 : Toadstool: Now let's make our second project a tot stool or mushroom. We need a former bloc felt ing needle and the ski world and off course some wool, natural and bleach white, very light, grayish white sometimes refer toa us like gray. All right, a green, lastly, most green and brown. Let's pull out to square pieces off red wool. Place one piece on the form. Block that another piece and roll it into a ball and place it on top off the first piece. Then wrap it up with the first piece. Pinch all up whole family with left hand fingers and start staving. Careful off where you are. Stay being step on one side first and this will be the underside off the mushroom kit. Done. And this will be the top path. Step two from up all the sights, too. Keep stabbing. Continue till firm and no more fuzzy turned to the underside and step step do. There's a then off sunken on the underside. Step the sites, check your still fuzzy looks like still need a little more. Stepping on the underside looks better now. This is where we attached the stem letter now to get some white spots on top off the cape. Poor little flower from the bluish white color. If you don't have bluish white, natural white can do to roll it up into a tiny ball, place onto the cape and step. Step the ages to repeat the process and do a couple more spots. Step to secure to another one. I'm adding three spots, but you can get more if you want to. There will be some loose fibre showings. Or just treat me the way with the payoff. Caesar's Now step the red area around the white spots to make them level. Always done. Let's do the stem now who are length off greyish white color. About one inch or 2.5 centimeter wine. Roll it up using your wooden or bamboo skewer. Roll up tight at some more. If it's too thin, pulled a skewer out and step. You step the middle part and leave the both ends fuzzy to be attentional camp, and the best off the mushroom continues stabbing and robbing with your palm. Try to open up the fuzzy ends with your fingers, or you can sleep a little with the Keep off your Caesar's open it up and placed on the underside off the camp. Start stabbing to secure. Try to step into the stem to us. The kept. This way, the white fibers will tangle into the red cape. Do it carefully using the shop. Tip off a needle to bring in the loose. Fozzie, pull off the stem. Turn it into the camp now It's done now for the best Off the mushroom, pull a square piece from the natural white color placed on the form block mullah or smaller piece and place on top of the bigger piece. Start, stay being in a circle ship to secure. Then in all the sights, one at the time. Forward in tow, Mr. Center fall to form a circle, right with palms to compress more, making it more fled For the best step, Step the ages to I don't have to be to firmas. We're going to rip with green color, pull our pressure off green and lay it on top. Pull a tiny fluff off most green toe, get some color texture, some brown tool Perrin shit to the way you like and start stay. Being the top part now is attached toe the best turn over the underside and full in the fuzzy size off the fiber step us. You fall into secure shortish off green here, But not to worry. We can get some more at extra green to cover this empty spot. Step to secure. Continue fording in ages into the center and step up to firm and compress more. We want it fled for the best. Nice. Let's step from the ages. Who was the center off the peace step? All sites okay, it's moved now timeto attached. The mushroom or the tops, too. Try pull the bottom, Fozzie stem slightly apart. There you go Like that. Place it on top off the best in the middle part. Step to secure. Step around the ages off the stem, talking in the fuzzy. Quite warm. Step about 1/4 or halftime demeter above the stem into the best below. This will secure better on both sides. Do it slowly on all sides off the stems. Once time a secure on best, you step off needto pull loose fibres in. Now a little brown fluff a little. Most green, too, combined them together to blend them up. Bring the fluff place around the best off the stem Step to secure. Whoa is done. That looks nice. Next gnome 6. Project 3 : Gnome (Part 1): for one last project. We're making a normal beside the basic tools and materials we need some wounds flesh color , natural y being color some red, green, black, brown in greyish white for the beauty now using the natural white late on the form. For one thing, in words like soul, we are making a conscious, so this sticker part will be the bottom off the gnome. Roll it up as tightly as you can whole and press down with your left fingers. Start stepping step to secure. Remember toe. Always step in front off your left hand fingers. Step the bottom part flexor. Your norm can stand up as you hear role with both palms, toe compress more. Continue. Stay being until it looks like a corn. No ghosts for the keep. Twist the top for a pointy teeth roll step some more. See bottom Not flecked yet, so step some more. Looks much better now. Standing test. That's good. No for the face. Take a little flesh color wall. It's more peaceful. Do last night on one side off the lower part of the corn like these starts taping to secure pull off any extract loss, you only want to make the face. Put it back on top off the first and step stepping til smooth. To make the north bullet a flesh color and roll it up into a small bowl. Stir being toe. Firm it up. Okay, take another flat off some color and roller more smaller ball. Repeat for another one. This for the chicks. Make sure they are the same size but smaller than the nose. Step to from roll with palms and fingers for both off them. Okay, down now that piece off pink color and step on issue. Balto. Give them some rosy color step to secure. Hold them firm, not attach onto the face. Good. An OSCE fous. Put it in place. Once you are satisfied with the position of the nose, step in heart so it will stay. Try to move with your finger to make sure it stays doing the same with the chicks. Bless it on toe the fastest next to the north on both sides. Step in step. Hot step the site. The center tugging in any loose fibres. Once all nose and cheeks are Attash to step the surrounding fest area toe, level it up nicely done for the eyes. Pull out two tiny black fluff off wolf. Start rolling them into tiny black balls. Like soul. He said for the eyeballs. Okay, Get up with your needle. Put it in place. Just above the chicks and the north area. I'm not the one step likely. Okay. Does look good. Taking this two or tree strengths off British white or natural white color grow. Did, uh Pinto tiny, itsy bitsy tiny bulls. This is for the sparkle off the eyes placed on top off the I bowl. Step it in lightly. Not too hard. All it must sing in tow the corn. Okay, that will do. Repeat and do the second sparkle. I pick up with your needle. Place it on top. Step lightly. Okay. Now our norm looks alive with the sparkle in his eyes. Now take some green. We are giving him a green ship place on lower back. First, you can use other color if you like. Put another piece. Cover old beck site. Step to secure. Now Another smaller piece for the lower part just below the nose. And the chicks step. Step all around and take another piece for the bottom. Steptoe. Smooth out. Use your left fingers toe. Pull the fiber type Instant. No, you have. It's done. 7. Project 3 : Gnome (Part 2): now pull So small brown fluff. We're making shoes for him. Start folding it into an overshare. Steptoe from and to see kill Do the same for the second shoe upto from up and continue. Stay being. Yes, I attached them to the bottom off your gnome. Position it. Arrest the shoes in a way that you like him to stand. Then he upside down and pop a touch one. She would've time step a little deep So the sure state on the bottom off Okay, they still the 2nd 1 do the same way as you do for the 1st 1 Step it in. Careful off your fingers. Standing tests again. Puffing Now a little cash. Good. You can drop it. We will stand perfectly I changed the black form now, so it's easy to see as I'm making his beard and hair a small greyish white flash. Let's do the beat first just below the nose and the chicks stabbing on the part off the top part, especially a few random stepping on the lower part because we want a fluffy beauty, not the flat kind of beauty that another fluff for the site off the face tried to secure the lower part. First to determine the length off the beard, then step upwards, Brenda M'lee, Don't step too tight. Do the same for the at the site. Step the bottom first. Retire the side, then the top Step randomly. Pull off any excess steptoe secure. Okay, that looks nice. Now for the back hair just halfway down the green pot like a fluff. Make it fled and fall. Half light. Soul step randomly to secure, especially the upper part. Take another piece we beat for the second layer off the hay. Luffy! Uh, falling toe have place it on top of his head and step to secure. Making sure not to step on the folder. Only step on the upper part. Okay, Use your finger toe. Fluff up the beard in the hay. Kind of step randomly to secure more so it wouldn't come loose. Okay, now it color toe the head. I used red color here. You can use other color if you wish. Laugh it up. It's not on the top off the face. Little by little step to secure moving towards the bag. Make sure the red iss step over the but hey, leading the red A little at a time. I don't know it too much. So easy to control. Okay, keep eating red till you cover the whole head toward the top. Still a little at a time. Some move. Turn it around the corn and start Stay being to secure rep it around everything until the teeth tweaks yet and step to secure. Just step randomly. Continue stable and rubbing with both palms Still form and small. If there are passed like this one because at some wound, adding will will perfect the ship. Low space. You can get some fluff day. Cover it up. Okay, now all is covered. You can see any white spot anymore. So keep on stay being that looks all covered So we know Nitto Smooth the surface off the head So step and wrapped with your palm Must go along till it's smooth and beautiful Now for the brim off the head at the lowest part of the head Just above the eye that a long piece off war Place it on the lowest part off the head Step to secure Then bring it along Twisting as you go and stay being us You goto bring it to the back off the head. If we over left the beginning point, it's OK. Just step on until it is smooth blended together with the first end cup in all Fozzie n possible with your tip off the needle. Okay, Just keep on stage being till you have a nice bring Also stepped ahead pot just above the brim toe flat on the part of beat So you can see the suppression off the brim in the head Love up the head and get again with your fingers Extending tests again. Hopes have to step the bottom a little more flat, Especially the shoe She spot spending tests again. Okay, that's pass. Beautiful. Now we have a one known. I would thought Stool in the pumpkin. Congratulations. You have done it. 8. Final Thoughts: Here are the final thoughts for our class. With only these simple tools and some woo, you have meant a simple round shape, a corn ship, a flit around ship in a long ship and met all these three projects together. After this glass, you can make any sculptures you love. 9. Class Project: Now it's time for a class project applying what you have gathered and learn in the class. I would like you to make a friend for your gnome out off your own style and creations. You can give him a different color, head or head with dots, stripes or even mixed colors, white or grey beard, Bigger or different color shoes or anything you can think off J. A work in progress Off Finish Porter in the gallery section for everyone to see. Also posit on Instagram and take me it only what the color. Lastly, thank you all for taking my class in hot to see all in future classes.