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4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Slideshow Presentation

    • 2. First Lecture

    • 3. Second Lecture

    • 4. Wrap up video and Conclusion

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About This Class


*** Special Congrats to my co-workers at Disney for Producing the Oscar-Winning Animated Short, "Paperman". 

"Visual storytelling is not new. It's been used since humans started depicting images in caves. Today, it is ingrained in art you see everywhere. From childhood fairytales to Oscar-Winning films, from your favorite Superbowl Ads to friend's Instagram photos, and from business models and pitches to every website landing page... Someone is trying express themselves and tell a story through visuals.

Although it's not a new form of communication, it has been one of the most effective ones at getting points and feelings across to any audience quickly and accurately. Daniel has been practicing and perfecting this skill since I met him in middle school, and now he can't wait to share his best tips and advice with you."

- Jayrell Ringpis, Skillshare Eduaction Producer


Wreck It Ralph, the Ocar-nominated feature animated film I worked on

In this class, you will learn how to effectively create an image to support and communicate the emotion of a story. You will learn the underlying fundamentals of visual story telling. I promise you will never look at a painting, image or a movie the same way again!

This class covers the following disciplines:

  • Animation/Drawing/Painting/Graphic Design
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Photograhy/Videography
  • Entrepreneurship


“Whether you are making a short film or you are just doodling, these skills transcend all mediums because storytelling is universal. Every Pixar Director, every Disney Animator, and tons of artists and painters in the industry know these fundamentals INSIDE and OUT. I cannot express how essential these skills were to make it as far as they have.”

- Daniel Gonzeles, Sklilshare Instructor