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The Art of User Research

Yana Knight, Story of Yana

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Hello and welcome

    • 2. What is user research?

    • 3. Supplies and project

    • 4. Collect your data: observe, ask, get involved

    • 5. Make sense of your data

    • 6. Why is user research important?

    • 7. Thank you!


About This Class

User research can sound confusing and strange but it is something we can all benefit from in our creative work, be it designing an app or writing a novel. User research is really about working with the skills we already have: observation, curiosity, understanding, learning to see the invisible and all the things that art teaches you. Whether you're designing a product or writing a novel, having a good understanding of the people behind it can make all the difference!

I'm an artist and I do use research in a lot of my work, which spans painting, writing and designing various (real and virtual) products. In this class I share with you some of my tips, techniques and ideas that I've put together over the years and I hope to show you how they can improve your creative work, process, and results as well as life in general. The class is complemented with a few fun exercises for you to practice and grow your magic powers! Enjoy!