The Art of Travel: Create Your Own Tourism Poster

Anne Ditmeyer, design + communication

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5 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Getting Ready to Travel

    • 2. A Survey of 20th Century Travel Posters

    • 3. Inspiration: Global

    • 4. Inspiration: NYC

    • 5. Considerations for Themes, Taglines, Typography, Style


Project Description

Create your own tourism poster.


The class project is to create a travel or tourism poster for the place of your choice. This will involve narrowing down a place, picking a concept, developing a timeline, and considering the role of type and imagery in the communication of your ideas. 

Consider how your project will be shared, from posters to social media (don't forget #artoftravelposter), and other possible uses. Consider existing tourism campaigns and how you'd communicate your place to entice visitors. Don't be afraid to break the mold of what's already being done.

Before you start designing, consider how you may want to share your project. Do you want it to be vertical? Horizontal? Square (for Instagram)? Be creative, have fun, and show off your dream place!


Upload your final images as a JPG or PNG to your Skillshare project board. Don't wait to start a project — dive in right away with your inspirations, and update it as your move towards your final poster. A completed project may include:

  • inspiration
  • research
  • initial sketches and ideas
  • final poster

RESOURCES (mentioned in lectures and more as I discover them)



SAMPLE PROJECT (in progress)

See project board for thought process. Share with the hashtag #artoftravelposter



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