The Art of Travel: Create Your Own Tourism Poster | Anne Ditmeyer | Skillshare

The Art of Travel: Create Your Own Tourism Poster

Anne Ditmeyer, design + communication

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5 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Getting Ready to Travel

    • 2. A Survey of 20th Century Travel Posters

    • 3. Inspiration: Global

    • 4. Inspiration: NYC

    • 5. Considerations for Themes, Taglines, Typography, Style


About This Class


Dive into a brief history of travel posters, learn about place branding, and be inspired by contemporary tourism campaigns! This visually rich class is designed to give you the inspiration, concepts, and guidance to create a travel poster for any place of your choosing. You don't need to be a designer, illustrator, or artist to take this class: it's all about the concepts. All you need is an open mind and eagerness to explore!

This class will present you with numerous travel-inspired examples to spark your own creative juices and your own further exploration to create a poster of the place of your choice (think country, city, state, or region). You'll take into consideration medium and style and come up with the perfect tag line. In addition to creating your own travel poster, you're encouraged to actively participate in the online classroom to develop an even deeper resource of inspiration in travel and tourism design to help us all travel vicariously! Research methods and process will play a key role.

Note: This class is about IDEAS, CONCEPTS, and PROCESS. It is not a technical design class, however, it does direct students to numerous resources and other Skillshare classes to help in the execution of final projects. It's also OK to take this class just for fun!

Be sure to share your work using the hashtag #artoftravelposter





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Anne Ditmeyer

design + communication

I'm an American designer + creativity coach based in Paris, France. I founded Pr?t ? Voyager in 2007 to explore the intersection of travel and design. I'm also co-founder of Studio/Practice (a curated library of tips + tools for creative biz), and give custom tours of Paris at

I've worn many hats as a designer, but these days I'm most passionate about teaching others and encouraging exploration. I teach Map Making, Intro to InDesign, InDesign in 30 Minutes, Designin...

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