The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation: Stories that Inspire Actions | Ngan Tran | Skillshare

The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation: Stories that Inspire Actions

Ngan Tran, International Leadership Instructor

The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation: Stories that Inspire Actions

Ngan Tran, International Leadership Instructor

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16 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Intro to The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation: Stories that Inspires Actions

    • 2. My story & why I teach this course

    • 3. How storytelling helps in our ways of communication

    • 4. Science of human taking decisions and actions

    • 5. Emotion, Value and Action

    • 6. Structure of an Inspiring Story

    • 7. Story to the Heart (story of self)

    • 8. Worksheet for developing story of self

    • 9. The Connection (story of us)

    • 10. Worksheet for developing story of us ( the connection)

    • 11. Story to the Head (Story of now)

    • 12. Now and linking sheet with caption

    • 13. Debrief a Full Storytelling example

    • 14. Make it your new skills

    • 15. I don't have story to tell?

    • 16. Student story example & coaching process

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About This Class

Welcome to The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation by the Harvard graduate, certified international leadership trainer.

These are special skills taught for politicians, Harvard leaders, top managers and motivational speakers. Storytelling are “must learn” skills to become inspiring and influencing leaders. Now you can learn and apply these skills for every conversational and professional situation in your daily life and your career. When you know how to master storytelling to inspire others, that can change your life and you can also change lives of countless people.

When can you apply storytelling?

There are countless situations you will need these skills. You are students, corporate workers, start up, investors, or social media influencers, etc., mastering storytelling can help you make phenomenal presentations and motivational speech that will differentiate you from the crowd, and set you in a different level. In addition, you can also change your personal life by knowing how to communicate using motivational stories with your family members, your lovers, friends and people around.

I made this class the easiest to understand and the most concise as possible. You don’t have to take hours of class for getting the fundamental concepts. I go through key concepts in each lesson with story example debriefs and I guide you on how to start practicing it. You will also learn from my student examples, how I coached them and how their story get improvement after each version.

Key lessons in this class:

  • Understand why we need story and what influence human process of taking decisions and actions
  • The strategy to create a story to inspire actions based on science
  • Learn structure of an inspiring story
  • What criteria to make your story more engaging to build the connections
  • How to start practicing it after class and how to apply it in your life and career.
  • Learn from my student examples and my coaching process to get improvement.

By the end of the class, you will be able to easily craft your own stories that inspires actions in your communication and presentation for both your personal life and career. Practice makes perfect. Let’s start write down your own stories! I am very excited to listen to your motivational stories. I’m here to give you my comments and my coaching on your stories and I’m happy to answers any of your questions.

Don't just take my word for it, see what my past students had to say about the course

“I was listening to this, and i have in my mind "wow, that is exactly how were built stories that influenced my life, as well as many of TedTalks" Brilliant” _ Antkot

“This is a special learning experience for me. Writing story of self let me have a chance to think back all of my life. I'm asking myself what is the value that are important to me? I thought about the moment I knew that my dad passed away when I was far away from home. I realized that nothing is more important than my family. Thank you very much for this experience. And this is so helpful that I can use it for so many situations like when I write an scholarship application I will share more about myself and my feelings; or when I discuss with my team at work, now I know how to build a stronger connections among our team members. Thanks for this class! Appreciate much.” _ Michelle Tran

“I honestly rarely wanted to share my personal story to others. But I think I have to change my mind. I'm preparing for pitching my start up project soon next month. This gives me a chance to think deeply the reason why I really want to do this project and quit my full time job to pursuit it. I think the investor judges would feel my passion and determination on it. Great advices. Recommend it.” _ Daisy Johnson

“Interesting to learn new ideas! It's a smart way to always start with emotion part on human brain. I like the student example and how Ngan does coaching on her story. I think the concept could be helpful for different situations.” Nicky Jackson

Are you ready to move your communication and presentation to the next level with a less than 1 hour class? I don’t know which reason you are still procrastinate to learn skills that can help you change your life and your career? Now if you are ready to take your communication and presentation to the next level, I’ll see you in my class!


After you understand the concept of storytelling and want to learn more about application of storytelling for creating unique personal brand for your business, then here is another course that will be benefit to you

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ngan Tran

International Leadership Instructor


Hey, it’s Ngan here!

I'm an international leadership trainer, graduated from Leadership Executive Program at Harvard Kennedy School. I have been teaching leadership skills for thousands of students in different levels and groups such as student leaders, corporate management leaders, women leaders, etc. However, no matter what your profession is or your position is, you will need these skills for every conversational and professional situations in your daily life and your career.

With more than 10 years experiences as top managers in sales and marketing for multinational corporations, I have worked with top leaders worldwide. Besides professional environment, I have been traveling and doing volunteer and charity projects for NGOs. I have taught motivational speech for... See full profile

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1. Intro to The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation: Stories that Inspires Actions: story to inspire action in practically any situation in your life and career. Hey guys, my name is Ngan. I'm a leadership skills instructor, graduated from leadership program at Harvard Kennedy School. I have been teaching this class for thousands of student in different groups and levels, for example, student leaders at college and university. Management Leaders, Woman leaders. But this class is not only for leaders this for everyone's because we need story in many different situation in our life, on our careers, if you are startup you might need to pitch your idea in front of investor or you work for a corporate you might have a job interview, prepare for your promotion are gonna have a presentation about your new project idea and ask everyone to join you. If you are students, you might need to prepare for the statement of purpose for your school application. You also need story to build your product brand or your personal brand or if you want to become an influencer on social media, it works in both business setting. and in social setting particularly, You can apply it in your daily life. In your conversation with your family members and friends. You don't need any prior knowledge or skill to taking this class. Instead, it's could be a very interesting journey for you to discover more about your true self, which you normally might not pay attention to. So in this class you're gonna learn in scientific ways how a story can influence human process of making decisions and taking actions. You'll learn structure of an inspiring story and how to connect your story to your audiences'. And more importantly, you will learn how to tap on both their heart and their head decision making process by the end of the class you will feel more comfortable to craft their own story to inspire actions in practically any situation in your life and career. The project of this class is you will prepare three minutes storytelling of the topic that you care about and You ask people to joy you to take actions. I'm very excited to hear all of your stories in this class. Let's get started! 2. My story & why I teach this course: So before we start our course, Let me say within my story so it wouldn't understand a little bit more about myself and why I am teaching this course. I will bond sins, rains, Vietnam. And then I got a scholarship to study in US for my grad school. And this is a picture of me at University of Alabama, Birmingham Public Health School where I started. And you know, Alabama is very, very typical southern state of America expensively in their English absence. And therefore, and this is a story at school. And when I first moved to us, I took over my calories to go to talk with my TA at this social health class. I asked her why I would have been chosen to be a good leader in any of our glass section. So you know, glass we define phi small groove. And in every class, eight groups going to have a person who represent our group to have a discussion with other groups. So everyone in my group were chosen but me. So the TAs are because the English is not perfect. We don't want to lose in the Pattison. You know, my torque will stop. I couldn't say anything more. I couldn't believe that desk with a reason. And I came home, think about what's the say. I feel I'm not belong to this plate, a masking Muslim, why am here display it's not for me. I show lonely here. So for the next class, I will sit silent, never participated anymore. And in the evening my dentist call me add users and his house a work how the study. I will hesitate a little bit, but then this saying, it's OK, then we are always part of you. He will excited saying it's at user. At thus moment is this one to hang up the phone as quick as I can select. My dad couldn't see me crying and miss him. You know, my desk was be a worker, a mechanic worker. He will working in ten hours and the horror faulty sensors degree in the summer paranoid. Our hometown has skinny body was signed in Europe, sweat just for a little bit, payments saving from my school. I'm proud of you. That's what he always said to me. And the image of my DES is typically more encouragements. And I decide that moment that I could go to talk with my TAs and next day. And I came to tell her, you know, my English is never perfect and I am not a native English speaker. And my endemics wasn't perfect because actually I never had the opportunity to study English at any official English Teaching Center. My parents couldn't afford that. But I didn't give up. I learned English by doing volunteers, were volunteers from different countries in the war. We communicated to each other. We say our purpose, building houses for home lecture in rent in Hanoi, my city. And I learn English from talking with international adoptees to bring medicine, free medicine to rural areas in Vietnam. For me, in a language to communicate. A significant barrier for me to bring my normalise and values to others. And I believe I have new unique experience to say or for other steering in our glass. Let me have an opportunities at this ones. Then. It's what happened that my professor who's sitting over the corner heard our conversation and he came to talk to me and said that I was going to be the person who speak in front of the class to say my experience healthcare transformation in Vietnam the next day. And guess where my, my story of my first semester in us. And it took me a few months to adapt to new things. And then from that, I got chased a format for all my glass in my master graduated at dictations, and then I were chosen to the Doctor of Pharmacy defined d degree at University of Minnesota. Rank the top two in pharmacy school in US. And then later, as you already know that I got scholarship for later CIP program at Harvard Kennedy School. Actually might as will pass away when they were in school in us. But I knew that he's looking at me and proud. I feel lucky that I wasn't gave up. I believe in my values was finding my way to say it, to encourage others. That brings me to what I passionate about now is to teaching leadership skill, including public narrative storytelling for leaders. And YouTube. When you believe in the values, work for it, don't let anything to start you. They could tell you that you're not good enough. They could say that you as a Julia, you don't have enough experience that you won't be able to do it. Forget all of that. Don't let it stop you believing in what you are doing in the values. Let other people understand the values by that way, they win, understand more view. They tell you all of that discourages thing because they did not know the story yet. So let learn how to say the story to connect and inspire these people. Then, when you get the emotional connection with other US successful in the way of communication. Think of it. Most of the time we start our presentation now we're discussing and communication by just go straight to the boy, to the EC2, the data. But also we see that a lot of the time that didn't work, even it costs even more tensions in the conversation. Now let's learn how to study it in a different way, our conversation, presentation and discussion by selling those story. And in this course you will learn this skill. You will learn how to create their own story to get emotional connection with other people who say at the same value with doors to be able to take action together for positive chain. Now let us start our story together. 3. How storytelling helps in our ways of communication : Now let's see how our brain reacts to story. When we tell the story to our audience, we create emotions among our audience. And when he Mohsen stricter, dopamine flooding our brain. And this chemical that habit feel so excited and easy to remember are up there detail in this story. That is the reason why we easily remember this. Instead of that. It's not about story and how we telling in it could lead to totally different reaction form our audience to the topic that we're telling. In my earlier bows, his story of Troy library of book burning party. I put the link down in the description so you can wash it in two minutes. So it's basically talking about the story of a very beautiful library in choice city of Michigan. Is we're about ten years ago when the city government did not have money to preserve and running the library. So they did arrange a vote for local people to increase a small percentage in tax. But the non-tech Ruth, Very again it, and they make noise about it. And they changed the topic from totally about library to this tax. And how the group of Goffman reacted to me. They are very creative. They create a campaign name, book burning campaign. And they get attention from onlooker people. People come and comment on the Facebook, pays that. And you get crazy how you can think about burning library books. And they get to the attention of the national level and even international level. At the end of the campaign, they revealed that the vote to again, the library is a slight devote for burning books. So everyone understand the meshes. They changed the conversation completely from tax back to library until the end of the campaign, they get more than 300 people supporting that campaign. Then those who again it tax. You can understand how important of the way you telling the story that could lead to how the audience reacts to it. 4. Science of human taking decisions and actions: this class. We're talking about story that in spite people to take action. So let us get about science off human taking decisions on accents, their public study in frontier of psychology. So that emotion play a powerful role in this isn't making they disquiet that this isn't making at the competitors in between emotion system on the reason system one is very automatic and porn to error, the other is low but rational. You can imprisons. Is the antagonism between emotion system on the reason system at the two horses pulling out in two totally opposite directions on Whisk Way is stronger. Gonna decide the way that we make the decision when emotion is trigger is my interfere the cognitive system on create a bottom up fit back in Jordi season making in Joe contacts This isn't making on the activists some of the emotion related brain reasons. I'm producing emotion adjustment that a powerful knee nap to constrain our cognitive all reason system. So we're gonna take it into a cow when recreating our story. The stupidity here is we wanna have on the emotion system first before we bring in any street is a and reasons 5. Emotion, Value and Action: We have been discussing about the significance of emotional communication. However, in diarrheal live them anytime that you have been told that MY cognitive, MY rational get in motion from the picture expensive at their professional working environment. However, in most powerful is actually what move. And the concept of motivation is originally from a latent worst movies with mean move. We all recognize that in most unhappy his own language. For example, music speaks the language of emotion. Music communicate and communicate directly to the hurt and tissues. Movie is all speak the language of emotion. Similarly, storytelling also speak the language of emotion. However, before the most thing can lead it to action, there's something else that we need to discuss about which value. So y value is important to take absent. Then many town that we have a lot of emotion, but we won't take action if we feel like it doesn't fit with our value system to your value system is what actually actually move you into action. The value system you'll develop that make you have US judgment what is right or wrong, and then that drawing you into action when the value crib from when you are born. The credit from historic country, heavy taste, believe families or childhood experience. For example, I didn't value family. Why westerner value independent? So you won't be surprised if you see a grown-up is imposing, chose to leave with her or his family, his parents after even they get married. Why American would not do so? So, so Troy you make in the story could reflect the value. And to the story, people can understand the values. 6. Structure of an Inspiring Story: high in the lesson three of this glass you win loan about the structure of an inspiring story that remain part of the story. The 1st 1 in the story of self on the 2nd 1 of the connections with mean that the connection between those cells story to the audience on the last one, in the straightly, on the cone to accents in the story of cell is time for you to tell the Orient who you are . What is the value that's have the Orient understand you more on They know why you care about this topic. Why so much important to you and you decide to stand up to talk about it. I need chorus everyone to take action with you during the time I have been teaching this that there many times that, for example, to college has bean working together for many years the same team in the company. But they never listen. Teoh their personal story never understand their value and what is important in their life . So after they listen to each other personal story, they understand each other in a deeper level and view a stronger connection between them telling the personal story is very half one to be the connection between you and the audience, and you can apply it not only at work or Dapo Fastenal environment, but actually you can apply in the daily conversation with the family members out of friends , first them. But the way my mom, Tosh, is value educations by telling her own story when she was 18 in 19 years old. At that time, after graduate from high school, she have a dream to go to college. But she have to stop her dream and start walking at her early age to support her family's on her, see playing financially so that they can have opportunity to go to college 10 years after that, when on a posi bling graduate from school and have a stable life and jaw see, start going back to college and continue her college dreams. By listening to my mom's story, I really had might her and see become my models in Arab my career and as educational journey. So the second part is the connection after you telling those stories is time for you to connect those story to your audience. So what is it coming between you and the audience. Did you guys there any experience together? Or did you facing the same struggles? The same challenge? What is the same purpose why you got here sitting next to each other after great the born emotionally with the audience it time for us to work on the hat pack. So now what is the problem? Was the strait of these as we can work together to fix this problem on what is the specific action you call them to do? Let be very specific corn toe accent. 7. Story to the Heart (story of self): In this lesson, you will learn how to craft a two-minute story of self. That story of cell ears story for the Orient to learn about you. What are the value, why you care about this topic and what calling you to take leadership heavily. You ever talk about the cell before year we did way. There are many times that we talk about our self, but mostly unconsciously. But now when they asked you to tell about ghost story, a story, to speak to the war, who you are. How many of you feel confident to do that? It's difficult. But today we will learn. Now this goes to i for a moment. Recall on the memory in childhood, the school, the family. That story of Sal is as a matter of drawing sum the moment, our experience that save you into who you are today. And when you start sharing the experience of the special moment, people when start seeing you. It's not a balanced CV. Any title you have at work is about who you, who you are, and what you care in their life. So let's see the structure of story. So there are three main, eliminate every story that we need to prepare about. We have first, a blur, a characters, and a more urban story. Applaud engages, captured our interests and draw our attention to the story. Let's take an example. I went up this morning, take a breakfast, and go to the storytelling workshop. Is this an interesting plot? Know Re, so how I can make it more interesting by adding some more 11 moment or unexpected thing happened to you. The main characters in the story, and wake up this morning, have breakfast, and go to take my car. The storytelling works up. The Cartesian work. I couldn't stand it. And my phone will our plane, so I couldn't even call a taxi, is worth about 20 minutes before the class. And I do want to be late. So I would thinking eBay could run a facet ICANN is could take me about 20 minutes to get to the glad. So I decided to change my spots so and run to the class. I will running really fast to be able to be on time. And I would kind of threading and our bread. But suddenly on the way to run here, I saw a tiger. Oh my god was so scary an agreement. Even think about it, I will run as fast as I could in my life. And luckily, thanks for the tiger. I'd got here exactly at 08:00 AM. And even now my Hurston bidding Hour of the reason. And I was reading so much, but I'm ready to start our storytelling lesson. How about that? Is that blurs more intriguing compared to the previous one. Story when have a characters and a bird. The characters is moving towards the desired goal, but the allure of town that challenges or difficulties this appear. And our character needs to figure out how to get overcome them. And thus what our interest in the story, and we want to find out what happens. Applause consists of three elements with an unexpected challenge, unexpected choice, and the outcome would get up, kay? Every day we have to deal with unexpected, small or large, no more ticket and movie theatre, you about to lose her job. The marriage is about to break up. We are constantly faced with unexpected. And when you're going to do as human being, we make choice as the present based on what we've remembering about the past and in machines of the future. But when we accept the routine, we don't make the choice with as follows routine. But only when the routine is break, when the guidelines are unclear. When no one can tell us what to do. That is when we make our real choice, we are creating our life, our future, our community. We are who we are for, what are the choices we make? Finally, we get the outcome and usually we hit the moral of the story at the end of the story. So a Maurer, a well-told story is fell understanding, not only conceptual, understanding, story t-shirt to know how to act in the right way. They are not simply example or illustration. When is well TO we experienced deploy and we fill the hole. And that is the experience, not the word esse says, let's move into X and now we have the characters, the bars, and the moral, putting them together how we tell a story? Well, a well-told story is where the listener can be able to leasing, smell, feel the way that you feel for the answer to be in the story. You need to paint a very vivid picture, provide even the South, the smell PR hat and how you feel. And remember to draw Spencer and important moment in the story. Remember, so don't tell. Usually in the story of cell we're going to talking about a turning point in the life. The moment when you have to make a very tough and difficult decision. But that time the life in a totally different direction. I'm telling you it's about the whole and the resource that gives you the courage to make that difficult decision. A spot, it's a reflection. What have you learned from that experience? And what do you want the audience to learn from that to let debrief is Story of self route Tomas, that ACL link in the description so you can wash it in a few minutes. In his story, he sat with his childhood Ray. What picture do you remember from his childhood? How detail his door, the picture in front of you felt when an image is a 8.5 years. Okay. Wait, Gavin a dagger, Canada. Every morning you have to open the band goes and there was a real alternative rise funding arouse. You put savviness, do is enable leader kid in Das seen. How could you feel re, how scarcity, and we're going to ask him dead, what did he'd reacted to his close a door and tell him go out to finish the char and never come back if you haven't finished yet. What good do you feel in that situation? I know that you could have the same feeling that too much. As a leader kick. He describes some of the events in the story that you can understand how he mean by him not growing up in a very supportive environment when he known that hit that getting cancers and couldn't live for long, he fight back next to hit dead. And there one question that he asked his town that and make you proud with the hope that they would be the first time in his life that he's dead gonna say something that encourage him. But no, unfortunately, he does this. Say that nothing that I could think and thus broke his life. And then what is a turning point in his life that he could make the decision to chain. That scored the term that he had a discussion with his mentor at real estate company rank. And he's meant to explain to him to understand that the way that he thinking about himself is not correct. And how he labor himself is how it's going to happen in his life. So now he can chain it. He can, I'm programmed the ways that he thinks about himself, what is filling up, that he described it very clearly when he's with driving home and he was so happy, so excited that he's screaming rally and were wrongfully had some animal rapidly handsome man. What's less than u and our cell learn from me, which I, you can change the way that you label the self and what comes up the IM following you. 8. Worksheet for developing story of self : So now let's learn how to start practicing through our story of self at home. So here, I already attacked the work cyst for developing those Story of self in the course material, we can go over it together and learn how to use the word cities that practicing the story upsell at home. So here the works is with some of the guideline for you to go over and practicing, think about how to create the Story of self. So before you decide what part of the story of cell, think about these questions. What when I be calling on others to do? What values move me to take accents and might also inspire others to see minimal action. What story can I tell from my own life about specific people or event that good? So rather than tell how I learned and acts on those values. And there is some sense of the experience in the light that you can think of that could save the lives, saved value in the way you are today and that coin you to take leadership. For example, you can think about the families or childhood experience. The experience with the family, the parents growing up, experience how the communities where you are going up that's safe to our values. Some role models have some scoring experience and also lay at it. We've mentioned in our glass that is the choice you make at a very challenging situation, the unexpected Sjogren's social values and about some of the life choices you have made in the light that save the values of who you are today. Some of the choices that we can think of a Bell School, the career choice, the partner family choice, though hobbies or interests. How did you find the passions? And how did you overcome some of the big challenges in their life? And we can also think of some of the leadership experience. For example, the first experience with some of the leadership is still at the first experienced leader Rome or some of the key moments when worse, when you look at it later, the structure of the story we already learn in details in our course. So when you think about the story of self, remembered three parts in the blood. The unexpected trillions that unprepared choice and the upcoming Windows story. So I already have the table here in the boxes. So highlights some of the key challenges that you're going to tell in the story. Where would the choice assessment and what would the outcome that you get? And the outcome would be what you learn in, in, in Edison to what does happen. Because we talk about the moral of the story during the class. I'm going to also give the courage to other people, but also for the story is give the lesson for the people to learn from it and trying to draw a picture instead of worst, we already talk about this a lot in the glass. Telephone story. Leave our listener with image in their mind that saved their understanding of US and calling. So remember the moment that email is the filling, they are also very importantly, you can think that we live in our life. We have a very complex live with so many challenges, many Choice. Similarly outcome both Fellow and success. And which ones to pick glee. And also, we can tell our whole story in just two minutes. So you have to choose only one specific values and situations that you're going to talk in a specific duration. That is CO2 target Aryan anomalies in our work. So when we practicing with students to develop their story of cell with a, limited them to quit the story in this two minutes. So those stories could be one hour long story, totally munis story. But it doesn't work this way. It remember as a leader, one of the very important skill you need to learn is to be very concise and go to the point. So when you learn the skills and you learn the structures of an effective story that we already learned in our glass. With tin, this two-minute story is thin. Enough time for you to deliver a very power of phone story with a meshes that create the connection to the audience. So now the challenge is to learn to interpret the life story as a practice so that we can taste as a base on their reflections and interpretations of the own experience. And choose a story to tell from the own light based on what appropriate in Unix duration. So you need to decide in that situation, who are going to be the audience wasn't going to be the values that you're going to choose. And to conveys that values, look back at all the live experience, what could be the best example, the bad challenges. And Steve, recently you making choice that good. So the really dark values is preparing to top. So that's we need a lot of practice. And also the reasons that we need to prepare a kind of inventories of all of the important values. When you already have the inventory of that story, you can quickly pick out some appropriate story. To talk to the different unique situation and audience. Take time to reflect on public story and beginning with the Story of self. You may go back es phi at the parents or grandparents, or you may want to start with the most recent activities and keep asking the cell why you are in particularly got involved in when you did. Focus on the challenge that we have to face, the choice you make about how to deal with them and satisfaction or the fluctuations you experience. Why did you make the choice? And why did you do this? Not that. And keep asking the same question. Why, why, why? That's it's also the way for you to be able to answer all of the why questions is also a chance for you to understand more about yourself. What did you learn from reflexing are Abdel Mona challenge, choice and outcome? How do they fill? Do they teach you anything about themselves, their families, the peers, the community, the nation's though, about what really mattered to use. I guess it's good. And trust me, I have been doing that all the process myself. It's very surprisingly for me that I could understand a lot more about myself, which I didn't pay $0.10 about that before. And I also see that the progress of understanding our cell in a lot of our student that I had been teaching this class for. And remember, the structures challenge choice outcome that we already discuss. The challenges you face, the choice makes and the outcome you experience. For the Chaldeans, why did you feel it? We're challenged. What was so challenging about it and why it was dollar challenge over the choice asking does sell question, why did you make the choice? Where did you get that courage or not? Where did you get the hope or no choice in making an predicted situations and prepare trial and says So the values and let people understand why you have the courage to make the difficult choice. Because I believe that for a lot of other people in the same situation, they would not have the courage to make a tough decision. So where the car is formed, when did you get the whole froms? And the last bed we already mentioned spot outcome. How did they welcome Phil? Why they feel that way? What did it teach you? And remember, we always says about the values and the moral that door story telling. Because we are now talking about leadership story is we are talking a story. We selling now store here with a purpose. So those story on we have a moral, something to teach other people, to teach the audience lessons about life, about experience. And so what do we want to teach it as the cell? How do you want us to fill? So far the practicing developing story of cell. Let's prepare our desk questions and say it's in our group discussions and I'm looking to hear the unsafe form on these questions about the challenge, that choice and outcome here. 9. The Connection (story of us): So in the story of cell, you already sell about who you are. What do you care about the life, and why you called to stand up to take the leadership. Then how you get the connection between your story to the audience. What are the common, the connection between you and the audience? And what is the values or experience that you wish? Either the listener, the audience could be someone you know very well in the life. For example, the family members, friends, or co-workers, or teamwork. However, there could be someone who you don't know or you never meet in real life. But you guys still have the connection. Eat, you said the same value, or are you care about the same thing in the life? For example, if you go to a football match and when the favorite team score one score, he was so excited and happy you resent being up and keys and have the person next to you when you get to know each other. But you bought cherry, the moment of the happiness, the winning moment of the team. So about the structure of this part, of the connection part is going to be similar to the story of cell wish you would have three main part. What is the challenge, that choice you've made and the outcome you get for me. And now similarly, we wouldn't have the challenge that you and the audience both families together now. And what is the choice that you all make together? What is the hole and the outcome you already get? You expect to get from me. For it. We are all facing the same challenge globally this year. I'm talking about the Covitz pandemics, which we all suffer in every country. So what did the same challenge that we face in here? You can be more specific about the challenge. For example, our hair, or it's all affect the economy globally. And then you can give some more specific example of the people around you who suffering for me. For example, my friends who are a couple in love with each other. And now they stuck into different countries and couldn't see and mid-range style for most a year. So that is a challenge we all face. And when you list out some of the specific example other people wanna have related to it because some where, some blame other people on still suffering the same challenge that we have in here. And now talking about the choice, what is the choice that we make together now? The AV one, we have to try that we when protect our cell and we will protect our family members and people around us. And we also tried to have And the people in the downtown, then what is the whore and the outcome you expect from it? So it read to gather, follow the guidelines from the government or the health care center when strongly believe that we will overcome this issue soon. Not in one area, one country, but all over the wall. So but to tell my story, you will learn one tape of how he gets a connection between his story to the audience who seem not related to his DUAs. And after you listen to his story, might think that, oh, I don't have that top. Chai Hou Lai He did, I didn't have to suffer thing guy he had in his life. So how I could have the same filling or the connection with his story. But do you remember the question that he asked you? Giving you the label? You have to sort. You are too tall, you are, you are introverted. And then you take that label and you think that that's worth just cell, that is the label of u. Now you'll look back at the life and you realize that, yeah, there's some moment in my life that people gave me the wrong labels. But I said carried with me as it is for me. But actually, this wasn't true. I was different. I know myself better than any other. So now you have to understand what he trying to say and what were his feeling at that moment. And that is the way that he get the connection between his story to you who are not really related in dusty ways and all, never met him. If you tell a story at work, you may have been working together for quite a long time. So then many experience on moment that you have sat with each other. So you can pick out one. The moment of the time that you were worked together. What was the challenge that you bought phase, you are in the team. What's the decision that you made together? And what would the outcome that you got after you make the cynicism together and fund the story, remember to try to Manson every one, every name of the team industry so they wouldn't feel they are part of it. So that would be one example when you want to encourage everyone work together, consolidate together to do the big thing. Like we already did such a good thing to gather in the past when we work together, we, our team work with each other. And now with that same attitude on motivation, we believe that we can do something bigger and better than it. And then after that, you can come to the next corner, accent what you want them to do together in this theories and now. 10. Worksheet for developing story of us ( the connection): So this will be similar to the story of self. Which Story of Earth? I already prepared the boxes for you to learn how to give a little horn. And now we're gonna go over the work, sit together to learn how to use that to practice it yourself. So here for the story of Earth or the connections with the audience, but the purpose of story of Earth to create a sense of community among individuals who may or may not yet see themselves amenities to give them the hope that they can make a difference. That is the role of literacy, its views on say, experience and outcome of previous action to establish the context in which to take further action. The goal here is to tell a story that evokes our cell values at audience. And so why we in particularly according to take responsibility for X and now those stories as maybe a story of what we've already done together, the challenge we already face and the outcome we achieved. It's maybe a story of some of our say heroes, the challenge they face or the outcome. Their chief hearing how we met the challenge in the past gave with the hope that we can face a new challenge together. So it's a way that you get the connections with the group of audience that we have experience to say it together, we have a thing to set together. But how about the weight for you to get the coordination with the Bordeaux audience, the audience that you've never met before. I'll never have any say experience with them before. How did you how you're going to get the connection with them? And we also learned that these techniques, and already in some of the examples that we debrief in our glass, that you can get the connection with them by selling the same challenges. It could be, you could think about some kind of with they call it universal challenge that pretty soon that led for everyone in their life they could face that challenge. At least one, for example, like I'm pretty so that everyone, there's some moment that we are going to feel lonely in a group. That you are to sort that people joking at you, you are too tall and people also make fun of you or lay for myself in my own story, I have the feeling of belonging when a leaf in US, they knew different countries and I feel like I'm not belong to this. So that is some of the techniques that you can learn when you talking with the audience, that they are a border audience. That's you never met them before and didn't have a chance to say that the experience with them before. And again for for those groups, the group in school, the team group four, you're going to have a lot of chance to work together, have experienced together things done together. So it can apply this kind of skill that renounce the things, the challenge that we face together and the choice we make together to get the outcome. And that's not so good the heart that we can easily deal with the new challenge together. So brainstorm on the story you know, about the audience and the collective story and experience. The story or brands may change each time you are talking to different group of people and see you or create a new communities among them. So that is some of the questions that you ask yourself when you think about writing those stories with us. What value do we, our communities of Earth's as Sarah specific example, have you had with this community that grief like there are values. And what story from this audience have emerged during this training to give you the center of the sales values and challenge the people in this room. What are some of the story of the period's work? The work of this comorbidities as gave the belief that together others could work to join you in creating a really tangible chain in the world. You can choose one of the story you brainstorm about two friends are in vivid detail. Remember, you can use this space to draw pictures instead of writing words. How you think about where to add detail and learned in those story. Remember, it's similar to storage cell. We have three-part challenge choice and now are in the challenge. Answer the questions. What were the challenges we face? What is the root of that challenge? And moved the choice. What specific choices we make, and what action did we take? And the outcome part, what happens at a reasonable choice and what hope kenny gave birth in the story of cell is that with one sentence, I care about what? Because of my own life experience and then moved to store it. But the connection bus, it take two minutes to tell the story of Earth as it's related to the people you're talking with. That's connected to the SAT values. And we're going to move to the story of nouns. Then finish things or story with a single sentence. When you join me to take this action. 11. Story to the Head (Story of now): Hi. In this lesson we will talk about the last part of the stories with at the Strait that the paths are the part of cone to action after getting the bonnie most annually with the audience to the story of cell and the connection to the audience. Now time for you to tap on the head with it, the shader, the data and actions. So back to this DUAs n. Now what is a challenging that we are facing together with its really OSes are serious that we need to work on it. What you want to do to join you in action in this topic. You need to be as specific as possible when your call to action, you need to have the detail of, for example, the location, the time, and detail of the action. So they are very clear what they can do and contribute to their project. Let us go back to Thomas story and see what he were asking it. He said, you get to redefine ourselves. Let's answer the question. Who you are and who you want to be. When you talk about a project or something specific at work, although career, you could bring it more in illustrated the paths and Twitter data and the specific detail that the Odean would know how to start to join you. And don't forget in the contracts and init to quit some hope in the audience what could be the result, the bright future after we started working together and have accident on JS ECU. So by creating the hope we give them more encouragement. And the Mohsen does that, working on it. Now, look at some negative feelings why people don't want to take actions. Very useful when we need people to take action right now, we need to let them see the urgency. And sometime in leadership, we might need to create the urgency. And why that. Because people I knew sierra, which mean that they have a tendency of doing nothing or remain unchanged. Don't feel the urgency, they probably don't take any action. So you need to bring some herbs in ECU for them. For example, like we don't like by next week, things are gone. Bad result, good happen. Sometime you might need to bring up anger, made people feel angry. Why? Because there are many of time people feel like an Internet, no concern on and to see them. One another reason that they don't act is because people have fear. The fear of doing that batting could happen, the fear that they couldn't success. So you need to bring up some h4, let them see the bright future. If they take the action now. Sometime people feel lonely or isolated. Like few so long and I couldn't do it myself. You need to be now the solidarity. No, you are not alone. You have arrived at a group who wouldn't fight together with you. There another term that people wouldn't take action because they sell tap about themselves. They are not confident that they have the ability to do it. So what do you count it that you let them to see that they can do it. They can make a difference. 12. Now and linking sheet with caption: Now it's time for us to practicing story up now. And I also attack a worksheet for you to develop the Story of NOW in material course. So download the voices than weekends that working on the worksheet together to learn how to develop their own story. I've now so you don't question to have you to put together the story of now is to draw on the work that team has been doing in the earlier straight disease sections to fill in the answer for the below questions. Why is Earth to support one another noun? What stories can you tell to make the challenge reared for the listeners? We already discussed in our section. Now of the feeling that most of our listeners have that prevent them from taking actions. So take some of that tip to make them change their filling, from inhibiting them, to motivate them to take actions. And all of the spells. Filling than the common feeling that we create for the audience is great. The urgency for our situation that for them to take action right now. And the next questions is, when the outcome look like EBUS successful? So one of the tip here that you can think about drawing the picture of the health and the heavens. What going to be the help look like if we could not take the action now or together. And in the opposite way, you can draw a beautiful pictures. Next do is what could be the Heaven doth haven't in front of them. So to sell them that if we take the action now and if we take the action to meet the chain together, what could be the heaven? So that's one of the tips that you can use to draw the pictures of the health and the heaven for them to understand why they need to take the x and right away. And doesn't mean that you can answer the questions. What, when the outcome look like if you are successful, give them some kind of hope for them and motivations for them to take the action. And the last question is ask yourself, what are you asking people to make? That is the cone to accident. Similar to the question that I asked before, what would the call to action here? So remember that we are at this cut up the specific call to actions you need to be to make it more specific and clear message you can, for example, you need to start with a very baby steps. Like let people always say that the first step is the most difficult. And when they already start with their first step, it's more easier for them because they already have the momentum to continue their actions later. So don't lay too ambitious that give them to. A big task and, and very difficult task to start with this stack with small things and easy thing, but clear for them to be able to take the first actions. And like we mentioned about the location, the time, and the simple item that you ask them to take in the intercom to action path. So that is some of the basic questions I already put down in the Story of NOW, work says that you write down in words is the answer. This answer gonna have YouTube view goes story of now. You are very welcome to share our story in the discussions sections here in the glass. So by that's where you also have some command from other Steven Hall. So take glass and I also give you some comment for you to first view some of the basics answer about the important questions. And then later from that, you can view the full story. Now it's time for us to move to the last sections, the last practice that, that we need to make. We already have the developing our story of cell, developing our story and story at now, we have three storied separately is, and now it's time for us to link tree story itself as now together to have a full story telling, to have d of flow, to honor our story and checked out. The work sits in the course material, the linking paths. Or if the IRT makes a table for you to pull all the details of sorry, of cells as and now next to each other. And now it's time for you to link all of them in one flow together in the food story. Works is by linking bus will win chai to link story of cells as now together and asked for the commitment. So in story of so that's habit to answer the question, what experience and value coin you take leadership, right? We already discussed about that. And you see all three paths of tweets story. We have the same structures which have challenges, but the choice bus and the outcome part in the story of cell is moved out though. All Challenge. One choice that you make and the outcome you got before. So tools or story of cell the challenge choice outcome is sewing the values and P1 understanding more and also to the story is going to give some kind of lessons for the audience to learn from it. And then we move to store a earth. And in the story of Earth, we answered the question, what value and experience do you say with the people you win be speaking to? So remember them. I mentioned about two way we got to you to talk with and have the connections with the group of people. If we have a small room that we have a rare experiences stairway shot that before, we can use this guy up tactics to connect with people in the group. However, if you have to talk with a broader audience, for example, E, be a speaker in, in a conference or at a school. A group of people that you've never met before or you never have experience to sit with them before. So we're going to use a universal challenge. That mean that the challenge that you guess that every one at Destination Index group good phrase as similar to doors. Telling the sad challenge. We gotta be the connections between those cells and their border audience. And here it's the same tree path, the challenge that the choice and the outcome the group make together. And because in the story of Earth, we tried to create a community is the link between individual who might not things or have the link between them before. So it also depends on the audience that you're talking with. You can modify the experience and the challenge that is suitable to the space fixed delay, Send them to the specific group that you are talking with. And now we move to the last part is the story of now here. This is part when we answer the questions, why is asean to find ways to support one another nouns and what it does so support. And what is the first choice each person would make to joys use? That is a three part that we already discussion. So people, first, they need to understand the urgency and why they need to take the extra now and what did the whole play? You can, you need to give them some carrier port. And the last but most important passage soil now is what is the cone to extend here? What is the chore you want them to make? And we need to have a very clear call to action. Here we have the challenge that mean that the issue now in the challenge here you can like as more some kind of datas or emails or Lozi edge to work on the head part of the audience and to, for them to see the urgency. And the outcome here is might not be the outcome, yes, but is going to be in the whole pack at the future outcome that we work together. We can see it in the futures. And here the choice, the choice here is the noun. That mean that. That is a commitment. What you want them to get the commitment would use that in the quarterbacks in part. And I already noted here, be sure to ask if very Greer commitment or clear call to action. So now you already have three parts to the story. You have self us now. And now you've put tweet next to each other and link them together to make a flow for the story to convey the same values, to lead to one cone to x. Now takes us works is filled out or up the space and so on up the questions. And doesn't mean that you have the basic, the backbone for all those story. Then you can start writing more detail in the story as that practicing it. 13. Debrief a Full Storytelling example: So let listen to James cough storytelling. It's Jane was a student at the time he would delivering the speech. He gave this bit to call people to take action against homophobic bullying in school. You can find a link of the video in the resource of the legend. Why you are listening to his talk? Pay attention to these following questions. Where the Story of self, the connection, the shaded x0 and x1 to x. And what was he challenged his choice and his outcome? What details in maize and moment due to this story brings to life? What value does this story commonly K. Now let listen to his spirit and then come back for our deep rib section. Okay, now it's time for our depraved section of James Dory. So which story that he's that waste story of self, a connection. The shaded the end coin two actions. You remember how his history with 600 and forfeit is about how far Tyler garment and fell after he jumped off the George Washington Bridge. Because his video footage of him with another man who was shim life on the internet. That is a 5K a number and that is what we taught in straight the Deepak gray. Do you remember the image? He mentioned very specify the name of the boy, Tyler joshua Washington Bridge, the height of the bridge. You remember and medicine in the cloud that we need to draw the picture for the audience. You see how he did that? He catch the attention? Yes, Ray, somebody already die. Then why did he start with the Quran ECU industry? The part because he wanted to bring up the urgent need Zu, He wanted to cut, draw attention. In the class. We learned that the phone story. First we talk about story of self and then the connection with the audience. And the last part is illustrated the M cone to action. However, you don't have to fake with this audio. In the story. You can be very flexible, is can be in any order then no fixed formula phi. And then which story did it moved to? He says, I've never experienced anything like what Tyler went to when I was at school, but I was bullied for being gay. That is Story of cell Ray. He started talking about himself. What he challenged, his choice and his outcome. He challenged here is he himself is a guy and he was bullied for being gay. Do you remember any maze from history of self? Do you remember layered task and blue si110 hard pans. He talks about how he loved music and his secrets leak like the alphabet. Did he pay the emails vivid in front of you? He doesn't need to say, hey, I'm a gay, but to the detail of the outfit, we can see that way. And you remember I said in our lesson, so not tell its head, Challenge, clear. The teacher, make fun of him. How going he was. Dancing is not something for boy. He filling at seven years. Okay. When the first time we'll call a fat. And he said, I was all along in the war that I would the only one who had this broke them. Now what story narrate? The linking story from his story of self. Now he moved to the connection and how he did that by mentioning that they some moment when everyone can feel long, perhaps U2 saw and the tone guy make fun of you. But have you a two tone and the salt guy make fun of you. Did you get the connection with his story? He was very smart in a way he connect his story and his filling to everyone's who even further taught that desk will not their problem. And then he continue connecting with people by asking you, you come home and see a strange safe hanging from the gene, the bandgap tweeting in the when and the crack of the branch. You can see how detail he saw the image in front of you and how he's still filling. Then he said, it's good. Have been the brother, the sister, the son, the daughter. So the audience and even new does sell fill like you are passive. His story was neck. A ten year. He waste his time and he doesn't want to waste any more time. Then he moved to Australia The by saying that he need to act now. We need to act now that how he created the urgency, we need to catch the kids before they jam. And what the hope in his story. He said, we are Harvard student with sparkling degree than we could make the difference. What he, his asked, just hold the camera to set the story. No contribution is small. Is this a specific as he means them? If you're a graduate student, you are undergrads. Who you should contact with when and where? A like five to 07:00 PM at this room. Everything and every detail he asks for is very clear so that everyone is ready to joy to take action with him. Now you can see shortly how storytelling half the power in bringing the meshes to the audience. Those story is a way for you to connect with the audience and motivate them to take action with U. 14. Make it your new skills : Normally when I walk score for the leader to practice their storytelling or the public narrative, we have the strict time for them to practice on three parts of the story. I wouldn't let them have about five minutes to prepare their story of cell. And then they wouldn't have two minutes to tell their story of cell. And then I'll gonna do one-to-one coach them and two minutes for story now, and then coachings. And then they wouldn't have the full public narrative or story telling by linking twe parts together. They will have the maximum five minutes normally with this, allow for minutes for them to tell the whole story which have the cells now put together. And you remember in the gym carve story that we have been discussing is not necessary for you to get to go one flow from self to us to now. But you could be very flexible in the way that you present tree paths. It's good. Start now with the purpose, a grid, the urgency. And then you'll go back to the story of self. And then you connect with Story of Earth. And then you go back to the story of now with the last two acts. And it really depends on how you want to present it to make a power form and more influencing story for the own story. So you can be very creative in the way that you presented. And they'll answer questions in self, knowing they're discussing paths that we're going to get the comments or opinions from other people before you start writing doll form, public narrative or story telling story. Let me have any questions. If you have during the time that you prepare the ONE story is could be quite challenging at the beginning. But it's just the first step I already mentioned. It is slightly. We bring Mosul, we need time to practice it. We ride bicycles, we can fill a field term. But when you really understand how to do it, you are going to have the sanding domains and you already have an inventory is a lot of story that you prepare before. So you can pick out any value that you want and edges to the specific audience that you are talking with as to how to connect them together in this specific group. And you access that the corn to accidents, specifically to that stimulation and based on my own experiences could be might be difficult the first few time you practicing it. When it's become the skill is could be very, very powerful for you. In x time. You make a conversation with other people. It make the presentation or start a discussion with team. Now the chained or idea. And now I totally changed my habit. To start my presentation. I will not start directly to what is the topic today and what is the content I'm gonna delivery and become a very flexible. I can start with, hey, today I want to tell you my own story. And then it's how I start my presentations. And if you have a discussion with the team today, don't go straight to the ECU that Dart team have to face the East still now we have to deal with and creates a lot more Tencent at the beginning of the conversation. Now as this chain the habit stack with something that create the connection among the team first, before you go in to the, the actual issue that we need to discuss today. Because you can imagine at the beginning, when you create a connection between people in a team, you tell them off the experience, the challenge in the past that you already facing, but you did pass is to gather a lot of connection between them and a lot of confidence for them. Like we're a team here, we can do a big thing. And then later, it's time for you to not too late for you to tell about the ECU. Okay. So now we have the another ECU here. But based on the experience we work together in the past, I believe that I am very confident that we can solve the problem now is like we did in the past. And then with that, talking about the shaders is, except we need to make some how we divide our tat between people in the team. Or similarly, when i also TCS to a lot of students who prepare for their score applications or their master or PhD personal statement and apply for a scholarship. So don't start with something 2n URL that maybe you see the ECU here and you want to solve the ECU for border people. And that's why you want to apply for the program to have the Northeast and the training to be able to solve that he sue. But before that, you remember that the admission committee day reading thousands, thousands of a big case and every day how you can make the story or the application that stand out that after they read a 1001, they still remember that application, that story late. They meet you before. So how we can make them feel and have the connection with the human. We have our filling. It's time for you to write your own story. Don't you? Niche story with the challenge you face, the choice digit makes and I'll come you get after reading the story, they wouldn't understand you as who you are. They understanding, what do you value most in life and why? This is so much importantly, we talking in the past in motion, this really important and when they read those stories, dislike a real live novel about does sell. The main character is those cells. And then later you connect to the committee or our dog, all communities. And then that's gonna be the connection between use those cells and the scholarship or the admission committee. And when you have already happened, inventories of storytelling that you have and start practicing it, start using it in different situations. Every time you have presentations, we'll have a discussion with 13, or you have a communications with the team, with even family members, friends. Start with draw ONE story. They make it a habit. All we think about how I start my presentation today, which story I'm going to use to study that related to the topic the Obama gonna tell today or related to the audience that I'm gonna talk with today. Make it a habit. And when it becomes a habit, and pretty soon, it's gonna change the way communications and presentations. And remember it's not only half full in the working environments for U2 to talk a little bit, but it's also very helpful, in many cases, daily conversation with the family members and friends than the levers trying to apply it. Because, you know, even a twin, twin brothers, sister. When they have a different experience in life, they also have a different reaction to the same situations and different way of thinking, different characteristics so that we are as individuals, we have our own experience in life, our own story, our own values. So even with people who have been with us for a lot of time, maybe long-term friends or our lovers are family members. But it's based on our own experience. We have a different story. We never celebrate each other. We will not understand each other or talking in the same page. There are a lot of time that quit the misunderstanding between ourselves. And it's time for me to start thinking about saying though ONE story. For example, you can talk with the wife that has spin. Tell them about those stories. When you were little kids, send me back, grab what it do our family experience, scoring experience, community experience, that it's BU, DO own values then why you care about this and why you reacted in that way. So for them to understanding more. Because sometime we didn't, when we didn't listen to our story yet with this understanding, I don't know why you reacted in this way, why you care so much about this, and why you do like that. But after we set our own story, the other person next to it, they would understand. Oh, okay. So now I know why you use a reacted like that. Why you care about that, why this is so much important for you. And that's why now and standards and support you in, in the way you want. And we'll support you to persuade the value that, that it's important to use, then I wouldn't support it. And in the weather you're gonna take care of the family, for example. So it's it's a lot easier, a lot in our way of communications via the mutual understanding between our self is very powerful and half-full in, in our way to connecting with people around, with deaf people in our team at work and in our life. So take this opportunity to learn a new skill that can change your life and studied from today don't delay you. The worksheets that I already provided in the description, write the first draft, right? The second draft riots a few times to make a first, full satisfaction versus inset the public narrative. The story telling is not only half-moon As a leader role, but it's also half full with us at a normal person. And remember that we are leader about cell where the leader of our own life t. But besides that, if you are doing any leadership position, like managers, CEO, a literal company, founders, leader of the communities, or uses to make lead in a positive change in society and in the community. That still is super powerful for you. So let learn about it. Let practicing make it become the habit. Is good. Change the way of communications and presentations and discuss. Good luck with practicing storytelling here. And let's say that the story, the experience, journey to learn this new skill. And I'm very excited to hear our story. And selling. That is saying the group discussion. 15. I don't have story to tell?: we learned the structures of a story. The first part it does sell story on. Then you get the connection between those self to the audience. On the last part, illustrated the past and the cone to action. Now is Tom for you to start practicing it, You might think that uses have a very normal life there. Nothing spells so about the life to talk about. But I tell you, every exhibit have our own story. There was a moment that saved our life that chain our direction to the way we are today. I have been teaching this class for 1000 of students on. They all have the same talk like that at the beginning of the class. But to the end of the class, they was on be able to make wonderful stories. I can take a next Sambora, one of my students, that by looking at her you can tell easily that sees look like or princess because he have been taken care so must by her parents. You can in Moses what could be a hard life or hot time for this kind of princess gone. But see toward the stories that C were bully at school at that moments, if you so weeks, he couldn't know how to protect herself because they never learn how to live her life independently. Christie was this crying and feel like she was loses after the moment, seeking back home and talked a lot about it. And she make her own decision that see winds that from today starting to learn how to live her life independently. Before you decide to do anything, just ask yourself why you want to do it. Why so important to you give thou inside you? Then you so said with the audience. So they understand you more that it's also the way for you to get connection between yourself on the audience. And remember, before you say with the audience the solos and to fix the problem, let's get them, understand why they need to do it, why they need to take the accent. Why now, instead of later, after they understand that is very easier for you to say about the Strait of the on the phone to accent right? This makes perfect less than practicing it. From today, it's to prepare a few stories that talk about some of the many important value in the life getting ready so that you can take it out and use it any time you need at exterior wise. And is this need to rearrange the story a little bit to be suitable with the audience at that moment? Good luck for storytelling, Andi, I'm very excited to hear the story you selling in the glass project. 16. Student story example & coaching process : Hi, guy. How is the percent of practicing the storytelling? Is it in treading or difficult or challenging? I get that there's some challenging from the first dry right. But I get is also very interesting experience for you, too. Look back in the life to fight the to value or the rear motivation for what you are doing today, right? And I'm very happy to see some of the projects that you guy only the submit after watching my class. They're all very wonderful and inspiring story. I did keep commend to the story that use of me on hope you're gonna have a new revisions of it. Wish out look better than it on. Do you know what I want to say? That we don't expect for the foot? Trier is the perfect version is a learning process. So keep trying, asking opinion from the people around youth and then revise your story. I'm prejudice so that it could improve after x time. You revived it. I can give you in one example of my students story on how I keep her command. Onda coaching her story so her neck versions would be a lot improved than the 1st 4 than even the first person is already really good. So I did ask her permission to sell her story so I can read it which you guys today. So let's get started with her. First was in of her story. I came home only to be late from about a party. I opened the door and stole my dad. He looking at me with her saw skirt. My having maker on my rent. New collar. It's a slap over my face. I don't even realize what were happening yet he was solving angrily at me. Look at you lie a prostitute. You're not my daughter. Get out from my house. I didn't know what to say. Was this quieting running out from the tour and since that day I moved to my school dorm. I grew up in a very strict Asian American family and in our my child, the memory All I have it does. My mom was staying at home during house work and cooking and my cash sounding at her whenever the food didn't taste like what he want. I knew I don't want to leave the lifeline. My mom's I finished. My coalition got a fellowship to study in humanity and then her equality from which I have opportunity to travel around the wall, meet a lot of people, listen to thousands of woman's story and got inspired by Laura Woman leaders. Now I'm supporting for United a U N Woman project to end violence again. Women one. Why some of you, my experience, the violence in the family? Or you might say that's happened to the woman around you. It's gonna be the related the neighbors, the friends, the woman, you know, and you don't want that outcome happen to them, Ray. So let's stop that. Don't let that happen to the people you love Joy OD now a campaign simply by cysts that by liking our Facebook, Sau opposed and spent the word about Xander equality. It doesn't matter where you are. Away your farm American of freakin European Asian. One contribution could bring a big change in the society, less that from today. So I really like her story on this is the story that have ah all food three pass up on inspiring story that I already mentioned in my class. So you remember the first part is the story of self. On the next pass, he moved to the connections on the last part of the story, which see have a very clear cone to accent to the audience. So let's get started with the story of self. Um, remember, see this quiet herself story wish an image of the night when she came back home, laid out her birthday party on its one very in 10 conversation between her and her dad on her debt to slap over her face on DSI were crying and running out from the house. She also gave it an image up her family, how her debt were treating her month in a not very respected way. Or we can say that it's abusing and violence, family, environment, time and house to get on the connection with the audience in Don't Experian you, my see violence somewhere around us could be in their families. Or it could be someone you know on D. C asked you that. You don't want that to happen to the woman that you know. You look right. So, um, it lead to the last pass. West RC, we're asking you for the action to contribute to her project on U N Woman project on what is the specific asked, That's he did ask you, which are very symbols this, like the Facebook page and say they're posed. So again, I really like the story. Everything very queer and structures on the all three pass is already having in just or so after, listen to you her story. How do you feel? Do you feel her motivation to do? Was he doing? Do you feel the connection that this could happen to the people around you? And do you feel that You also said the same feeling and motivation to ready to join her, prosaic to raise our welling to protect woman around you by So it's a very good story on I'm very proud of her first attempt writing her story, So there's some part that I want to hear more in her story. The first part is the story of self. When she was telling out about her experience in a abusive family environment, I want to hear more about her feeling her struggling in in home my aunt house. He get her motivation to get out. From of that, I think that there could be more convincing to the audience ifs in the shade early and corn toe axe impart to give us more daters off. The evident to So what about the urgencies off the serial? Open the violence issue to woman so we'll see that it's a really ocean thing that we need to, um, take action now's and we need to contribute to protect women around until Action Party's already very clear sand on those actions are question posed so that people will not hesitate to attack action to join her in the project. And one more point in the chest of the and corn toe action parts, which I already mentioned in my class that it should give us some that you should give the audience some hope for them to see the bright future. Andi. What is a chain that we could see in the near future if they contribute widowed in the project, my basic and give some data or I'll take one of the example of the woman that they already support on their life already chained significantly. Ah, happier after that. But let's listen to her second versions up the story to see how it's improved after the comment. I came home early to be laid from a birthday party and he opens a door. I saw my dad. He looked at me with a sauce skirt a little bit. Having makeup on reading new Kahlo's He's a slob over my face. I didn't realize Squad will happening yet. He was souring angrily at me. Look at you Look like a prostitute. You're not my daughter. Get out from the house. I didn't know what to say. I was this crying, running out from the door. And since that day I moved to my school. Anton, I grew, have you know, very strict. I used an American family, you know, or my child, the amazing my mind was my mom staying full time at home doing housework and cooking on my dad was a souring at her winner with this food. Didn't taste like what he want. I knew I don't want to leave my lifeline, my mom's but it was struggling to knew what I'd and my mom deserved to all have the right to ask for. I finished my colleagues and got a fellowship to study in humanity and Xander, equality from which I got opportunity to travel around the wall, listen to thousands of woman's story and got inspired by a lot of woman leaders. Now I'm supporting for Unite on U. N. Women Project to end violence again Woman who vow the war You know there's some stuff it takes Formed Avenue Asia from the data over 80 countries. Father. One in three women. You know, one in three women have experienced a six core are sexual violence. And the problem is why range from all regions from high income countries toe western Pacific Eastern military in to sow it. Asian reasons. That's mean it can happen and you wear away leave. And it even was when some women were fighting suicide at the solar. Listen for them to get out from those scenario. Some of you, my experience, the violence, indoor family, are you might see it happened to the woman around. You all could be there, doll related. The neighbors, the friends of the woman, you know, and you don't want that outcome happen to them, right? So let's stop that. Don't let this happen to the people you know. Are you love? Joyous And now a campaign by simply first step liked our Facebook page say I oppose and spent the worst about woman and Sandra You quality. It doesn't matter why you firm away Lee American a Facon European noise in one contribution could bring a big chain in self society less that action from today.