The Art of Saying Thanks: Create Your Own Cut Paper Greeting Card | Caroline Boyk | Skillshare

The Art of Saying Thanks: Create Your Own Cut Paper Greeting Card

Caroline Boyk, A World of Cut Paper!

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11 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Assignment

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. Concepting

    • 5. Creating a Mock Up

    • 6. Drawing

    • 7. Cutting the Final Card Pt 1

    • 8. Cutting the Final Card Pt 2

    • 9. Assembling the Final Card

    • 10. Creating an Envelope

    • 11. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Join illustrator and cut paper artist Caroline Boyk for a 45 minute class on creating your own unique cut paper greeting cards. This product is perfect to sell in online stores and to give to friends and family for special events.

Key Lessons:

  • Tools needed 
  • Creating a drawing
  • Cutting techniques
  • Creating an envelope
  • Final presentation

This class will be especially useful for experienced and amatuer creators alike. Get started on a new product for your online shop, or as a special gift for friends and family! Take this technique and make it your own!





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Caroline Boyk

A World of Cut Paper!

Nature inspires me. I have a soft spot for weird, cuddly, and adorable animals.

I was the kind of kid who constantly needed to be kept busy, so my mom would keep me busy with art projects. My favorite were cut paper projects. When I was five, my mom took me to see The Lion King. It pretty much changed my life, I went home and told her "I want to draw that." She taught me how to see and draw shapes. From that point on, I was mesmerized by drawing animals and it became a way of life.

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