The Art of Revision: How to Make Your Good Film, Great in 6 Steps | Dandan Liu | Skillshare

The Art of Revision: How to Make Your Good Film, Great in 6 Steps

Dandan Liu, Documentary Filmmaker & Cinematographer

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9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. Getting Constructive Feedback

    • 3. Strengthening Your Story Spine

    • 4. Exposition: Starting on a Strong Note

    • 5. Building Momentum

    • 6. Enhancing Your Visual Power

    • 7. Bonus

    • 8. Thank you!

    • 9. Before and After Version of "Monburan Micki"


About This Class

Just finished the first cut of your film?

Before you go ahead and export it, you have one last golden opportunity to harness the maximum amount of power and resonance from your edit. This stage, known as revision, is the most critical process filmmakers use to refine and strengthen their story. Focusing on 3 main things: clarity, direction, and momentum, it is where films transform from being mediocre to being unforgettable.

This class guides you step-by-step in this revision process, used by Academy Award winning directors like Ron Howard, which will help you see your story with fresh eyes and transform its weaknesses into strengths. 


  • How to get constructive feedback
  • What makes a strong story spine: the essential ingredient
  • How to strengthen the clarity, momentum, and direction of your story
  • How to refine your exposition so it engages immediately
  • How to build the power of your imagery
  • And more!


By the end of this course, you will have a clear 6 step roadmap to guide you in strengthening the weak spots of your edit. Used by Academy Award winning directors, this process will take your film to another level, building its power and resonance with audiences. 





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Dandan Liu

Documentary Filmmaker & Cinematographer

I come from a long line of scientists, so I'm not called the "black sheep" of the family, but the "genetic mutant" as a self-taught commercial and documentary filmmaker. My love of filmmaking came when I embarked on a four year journey living with people of different religions and lifestyles around the world. From waking up at 3 am with Zen Buddhist monks in Japan to running a guesthouse with nuns in Jerusalem, I started making films as a way to understand the local realities around me. These...

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