The Art of Paper Craft: Simple Geometric Ornaments With Upcycled Greeting Cards | Kerri Klein | Skillshare

The Art of Paper Craft: Simple Geometric Ornaments With Upcycled Greeting Cards

Kerri Klein, Photographer/Maker/Mama

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6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro: Making a Geometric Paper Ornament With Upcycled Card Stock

    • 2. Tools & Materials for Your Geometric Ornament

    • 3. Cutting Your Template

    • 4. Choosing & Punching the Circles

    • 5. Scoring & Folding the Circles

    • 6. Assembling Your Ornament


Project Description

Make your own Geometric Paper Ornament


Your assignment will be to create a unique ornament using your hands, some simple tools and your imagination. You will take into consideration the color, pattern and style of the materials.


Gather all needed tools and select the card stock you will use for your project.


Punch out your design and cut the pieces as shown.


Arrange your paper pieces in the order you want, and carefully glue your ornament together.


Hang your finished piece up to dry and dance a little jig of accomplishment, with or without refreshment.


• Compass for for triangular cutting pattern

Circular Paper Punch

1.5" or 2" in diameter-Any size works but these are the most common

• Craft Knife or Retractable Razor Knife

I use the retractable razor because it is safer and lasts longer, plus I love not having to change the blades out-you do have to be careful when breaking off a used blade, however!

• Cutting Mat 

Any size 9" x 12" or larger

• Binder Clips, Small Size (3/4")

A set of 12 will do, as will any strong clips near this size.

• Mod Podge, any finish

Plastic or Glass Cup

• Flat Paint Brush

• Scissors

• Pen/Pencil

• Straight Edge/Ruler


• Vintage or Used Card Stock or Chipboard 

Can be sourced from old greeting cards, file folders, junk mail or (clean) food packaging. You can also print patterns onto thinner card stock or cover stock, but your ornament may be more delicate. Get creative with your materials and experiment with what you can find! 

Fancy acid free papers will have more longevity, but found materials often do interesting things as they age-it's your choice!

You will need the equivalent of at least two 8 1/2" x 11" sheets, enough for 20 punches of your chosen size and pattern.

• Sturdy Cord for Hanging, 12-15" piece

I use inexpensive hemp cord or twine(20 lb. is good) or any sturdy cord of equivalent size

• Small button 

Make sure holes will fit the cord you chose.




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