The Art of Paper Craft: Make Chunky Tea-Dyed Paper Beads! | Kerri Klein | Skillshare

The Art of Paper Craft: Make Chunky Tea-Dyed Paper Beads!

Kerri Klein, Photographer/Maker/Mama

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro-Make Chunky Tea-Dyed Paper Beads!

    • 2. Tools & Materials for Tea-Dyed Paper Beads

    • 3. Step 1: Tea-Dyeing Your Paper Beads

    • 4. Step 2: Cutting Your Bead Strips

    • 5. Step 3: Rolling Up & Coating Your Beads

    • 6. Step 4: Sealing & Finishing Your Beads

    • 7. Closing Thoughts


About This Class


Take a peek into the world of paper crafter, vintage picker & photographer Kerri Klein as she shows you how to make the tea-dyed paper beads that you see in her Etsy shop The Rehatchery using a few simple & inexpensive tools & materials.

In this class, I will lay out the steps to take basic watercolor paper & turn it into beautiful beads for your crafting projects & jewelry.  

This class is a great introduction for anyone wanting to get their hands a bit messy & sticky as well as anyone interested in basic paper beading techniques with a twist. This class is great for beginners & makers of all levels, & would be a great project for kids too! All participants should find a clean crafting space with plenty of room to work.

At the end of the class I will encourage you to share your finished beads & tell us how you might use them. These beads are great for jewelry, but they can also be used in making bookmarks, adding to tassels on sewing projects, constructing larger items like handbags, or gluing onto containers and bowls. I have used mine to add accents on my handmade ornaments!

Leave a project photo of your finished project & tell or show what you plan on using them for!

It's all about how you choose to combine what you make to create something simple yet magical.

Have fun!





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Kerri Klein


Kerri Klein is a Fine Art Photographer & Maker with a deep knowledge of analog photography & a love for printmaking, paper making, paper crafting & anything that involves her hands getting submerged/inky/gluey/pulpy.

She achieved the rank of Master of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005 & had wanted to teach full time, but found herself pretty darn burned out on academia. Instead she decided to get married, play roller derby, run her Etsy shops & have babies.


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