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The Art of Magic: Perform Impromptu Magic Tricks with Playing Cards

teacher avatar Tim Domsky, Close Up Magician / Filmographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Necessary Tools

    • 3. Lazy Man's Card Trick

    • 4. Lazy Man's Card Trick Explanation

    • 5. Hands Off Mind Reading

    • 6. Hands Off Mind Reading Explanation

    • 7. Poker Deal

    • 8. Poker Deal Explanation

    • 9. STOP

    • 10. STOP Explanation

    • 11. Impossible Selection

    • 12. Impossible Selection Explanation

    • 13. Spectator's Destiny

    • 14. Spectator's Destiny Explanation

    • 15. A Number and a Thought

    • 16. A Number and a Thought Explanation

    • 17. Outro

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About This Class

In this Class you will learn how to perform seemingly improvised Magic Effects with nothing more than a Deck of Cards. No gimmicks, nothing extra to carry and the cards can also be borrowed, if you dont have anything with you!


You might have noticed the word impromptu in my class name. Now what does that mean? Impromptu means that an effect seems to be improvised with no preparation, to the eye of the spectator. This doesn’t mean that you dont have to prepare anything before performing the effect. You still need to do that in some cases. But what is most important is how it looks and feels like to the spectator. And that is the strength of impromptu magic.

That is why I will teach magic effects, where you handle the deck as little as possible, which also means that these effects are easy to learn, because they dont require difficult sleight of hand. That makes it perfect for the beginner who wants to amaze their friends, but is still trying to master sleight of hand moves. With these effects i will teach, you can be confident that if someone asks you to show you something and hands you a deck of cards, you will be able to keep them entertained for quite some time. 

And the best part is, you only need one simple thing: A deck of cards!

This Class is divided into 17 individual lessons that showcase the sleights, the performance of the effect in front of a spectator and the explanation of how the magic effect is achieved. Furthermore there are slow-motion clips for every effect, so that your learning experience is even better! They clarify the finger positions and showcase the workings of the effect from start to finish.

I have been a professional close-up performer for over 11 years now and I'm constantly showcasing my magic for clients at weddings, birthdays, bars, clubs or other social venues. My main goal is to let the spectators feel the magic happening right in their hands, which is why i created a class dedicated to hands-off magic effects.

If you have any questions or find anything that is not understandable to you, please do not hesitate and ask me. I will help you with any problems that can come up. Also please review and rate my class and tell me on what I can improve on. I've spend a lot of time and effort on it, so that you will have a completely new experience in learning magic tricks. So sit back and enjoy this class! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tim Domsky

Close Up Magician / Filmographer


Hello, I'm Tim and I love performing magic and have been learning magic for 13 years. For me, it is one of the most fullfilling passions, that's why i decided to share my knowledge, so that everyone can learn the art of magic and feel the joy of putting a smile on people's faces by showing them the impossible.

I also studied film at a university and specialized myself in lighting and cinematography. I want to share my knowledge and the obsession of mine that is film. That is why you will also find classes about Videography and Photo related topics in the future.

I hope you will enjoy my classes and have fun while you practice and perform ! If you have any questions regarding the topic feel free to ask me.

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1. Introduction: way. Welcome to class and prompt magic with a bar deck off carts. In this class, you will learn how to perform seemingly improvised magic effects for the Spectators with nothing more than a deck off course that can be bored by performing thes effects, you will create an image in the mind of the spectator of a magician can just take any random object borrowed and perform miracles with it That makes it perfect for the beginner . Wants to amaze their friends because you can learn those tricks very easily and you can concentrate on the presentation and make it look like your real magician. Us superhuman powers Again as a class project, I invite you to perform the effect for friends strangers and film yourself while doing it. You can also perform it in front of a webcam on a share and upload the video to skill share so we can take a look at the video, give you tips and see what amazing a presentation you came up with. Because again, my presentations are what I chose. Maybe you don't like the kind of presentation that I'm going with so you can change everything in a way that you want to. Now let's get started and let me show you with these amazing miracles, just a big of cards. 2. Necessary Tools: thanks for joining my sculpture class. And let's get started it with the first lesson what you will need. As I said, Just a simple deck of cards. I use a bicycle band, uh, playing cards you can get from Amazon for two or $3 that's pretty much all you need. You can also take a deck of cards that has 32 cards. Doesn't have to be, Ah, poker playing car attack with 52 cards. But what you have to emphasize when you're performing these effects is that you're doing it with a normal UN prepared and if it's borrowed a bar deck of cards because that is the strength off each and every effect. Because if you just take the deck of cards out, you could you could be doing anything fishy. So please emphasize at the beginning of each effect that you're performing it with their deck of cards or with a deck of cards that is normal and completely un suspicious. One more important point that I will mention it's that you have to take the opportunity to shuffle the deck or let the spectator shuffle at any time, because that is the strength off impromptu magic, and I keep saying it. But then the spectator feels secure. They feel like they had a total control off every aspect off the effect on every aspect of the situation. Tried to give them the cards or try to let them handle the cards as much as possible. It only makes the effect better, and the set up is the most important thing. If you say beforehand, you shove the card. You handed the cards. I didn't touch the cards. That is the great outside off, then going into the effect and then revealing the effect or revealing the selected card. And they think back to, oh, I shall for the deck of cards. It was my deck of cards. It was borrowed, hid. He didn't even touch the cards. That is what makes a magic effect or magic trick into a miracle. 3. Lazy Man's Card Trick: this effect is called the Lazy Man's card trick. I don't I don't want to do anything. I don't want to perform magic. You do the magic now you will be the magician. Can you take a car from the middle? Please show to the camera. Ensure to me, Look at it yourself. And when you're done, put it on top and cut the deck and complete the cuts. So I don't know where the card is again. I won't touch the cards because I'm lazy. I don't want to do anything but talk. Cut the cards again. Cut them again. Um, cut them again and again. Now we'll turn them over, face up. Turned the entire deck. Face off and cut again. Figure Don't forget your car. Don't forget your card. OK? Okay. Let me let me try and, uh, try and see if I can find your card. I have one. What's the name of your card? The 10 of diamonds. 10 0 diamonds only. God, It's amazing, right? No, that's the lazy man's card trick. I did one thing, Ok? I'm sorry. 4. Lazy Man's Card Trick Explanation: Let's get into the explanation off the lazy man's card trick one of my favorite effects because you're not really touching because you don't have to in the end, because the situation was pretty good. I chose to take the deck and review the card in a certain way. But you don't have to do that. You can let the effect happen in the Spectators mind now you need to prepare something before you do the effect, but it's pretty easy, and you can still shuffle the deck or partially shuffle the deck. You need toe. Arrange all the spades or yeah, all the spade cards on the bottom off the deck in ascending order. So from AIDS 23456789 10 Jack, Queen King. Those are on the bottom. Off the deck, you can still shuffle. You can overhand shuffle and then just put the packet with the bottom cards to the bottom. You're still shuffled on, Ben, say now. I don't want toe help with a deck of cards. I don't want to do the effect. I'm lazy. I'm a lazy magician. That's kind of the presentation. I want you to do everything and now she can choose a card. Any card from the middle of the deck. I tell her to choose the card from beloved deck, not from the bottom, because your spade stack or your spade cards, they need to be in that order. They you cannot change that. And she takes a cart. Looks at it. In this case, it's the jack off hearts. And then, I tell, are to put it on the top again. I'm not touching anything. So she feels secure. She feels like she added the choice and she could do anything. Andi, I am not interfering or doing anything. Anything suspicious. That is why I tell her now. OK, cut the cards and she cuts. So sorry. Cut the deck of cards anywhere. This puts her card below the spade pile. I mean, they're the spades now in descending order and to the ace. And then you have her jack off hearts, and now she can cut. She can cut again and again because cutting doesn't change the order off your space and you will see why you can still reveal the card later. And after a few times where I say I'm so lazy. I tell her to turn the cards face up because I need to look for a spade Now, in this case, not a space. So I tell her to keep cutting and I don't undoing this like I don't even care. And I'm not trying to look or anything on. It's just Yeah, And you can't keep on looking until you see a spate. Maybe sometimes they would cut it the same place just But it takes time. It's part of the presentation to say, OK, just I don't care, just Oh! Oh, I see a spate. I see. Spend tell. Okay, stop. Just okay, let's try this. But just a glance and I see the queen. The queen is the 12 in those ascending cards because you have a 23456789 10 Jack, this 11 queen is 12 and the king is 13. So I know this cartels me where her Cardiss and I don't need to touch anything. This car tells me it's 12 cards from the top now and now I tell her. Okay. Turned into cards over. Um I just want you to go through each cut, take them in your hand. That would be the presentation if it's not the ace, because if it's the ace, you know the card on the top immediately after is her selection, which was the case in our presentation. But now it's the 12 card from the top. And if you see the seven of spades, for example, it's the seventh card from the top. That's how you can remember it just by counting them. So I will tell her to deal the cards on the table singly, and I will, like with the presentation, I will say OK, while you're dealing the cards, I will stop you when I feel like you've arrived at your card that you picked and she does that and why she does it. You can start now. I count you still, you need to start counting. 1234 56789 10 11 12 for 12. And they say stop! And after she's she has dealt the 12 card in this case, I know that this card, because we turned it around right now, is her selection. And then you can really reveal it like this on you have an amazing effect where you didn't even touch the cards when they attacked. Started. So it's pretty good, I guess what you did. You think about the effect I liked it very much. And even of you or the spectator or anything has ah special relationship to any of the the numbers. Like from 1 to 13. You can also put it in your presentation or something, like a special of all your my my personal number is number seven, the birthday or something. I birthday on the six stuff. Yeah. I mean, if you know the number, of course you know her birthday or something like that, that that's kind of like an extra effect if you know that. And it depends on which card which spate, of course you see. But if there's a special number that maybe means something to the person, of course, take it and try to make up your presentation or change of presentation. And that way it's good point and very good affect the lazy man's card trick 5. Hands Off Mind Reading: way. Let's get with effect, which is called Hands off. Mind reading. Can you please take the deck and shuffle the cards and the way that you want to? You can also shop them on the table. If that's easier for you. For you. I will not try to touch the cards. Um, but try toe trouble them very well. Yes, I did. Good. You finished? Yes. Like this. Maybe you just do this a little bit mess. Help you a little bit. I don't need help. I'm just giving our game. Okay. In a second, I want you to go behind your back with those cards and take a card from the middle. Just take any card from the middle and show to the camera and look at it yourself. I'm gonna look away from the middle anywhere. Okay? Yeah, Yes. I'm gonna look away. This is the card I chose for all of you. Yes. And you? Did you put it on top? Yeah. Then cut the deck So it's in the middle anywhere. And cut the deck one more time if you want to. Okay. And now trouble. So maybe if there was some preparation, I don't awareness. It's gone destroyed. I will try to find your card. Okay. You don't think off your card thing really strongly. I'm going to try toe. Make it out. I think it should be. I'm not sure I'm thinking gonna be easy. Uh um let me to break up. What happened? You shall for the deck of cards, right? Yes. I didn't go anywhere. New them. Then you went behind your back, took a card from the middle on, put it back in, or put it back on the top and then shuffle the deck of cards. Yes. There's no way for me to know which cards you're thinking of, right? Let me try. On the count of three, you were Just name your card. OK? 1234 Close. But that's in the club. That's a spate. Was it a four of clubs before spades? OK, say it in English now. So you mean for a I mean, you saw it because it's on the camera. That's a spade. But it wasn't the fourth class. It was far space. It was the fourth space for flips. Yes, back when the fourth clubs there are four plus that have before. But that's the effect that it's called. Hands off, mind reading 6. Hands Off Mind Reading Explanation: Now let's get into the explanation of this awesome effect. I love this effect because the spectator can shuffle the deck, they go behind their back and then they can shuffle again. This throws off so many people because I'm telling them, OK, put it on the top and then cut it and then shovel. Oh, I can shuffle. So this means if there was any order or anything or looked at something, it's destroyed. But what you're doing is after she shovel you, Pete, you're peeking the bottom and the top card. It's very easy. I just That's why I tell them to do it like this, and in this case, she wanted to square them up. But that's fine. I just take the cards back and in one motion I will try to peek both cards, and that's it's actually pretty easy what I'm doing as I'm pushing the top card a little bit to the left so that it's step to the left in my case because I'm Leftenant and I hold the deck of cards in my right hand and then I grab the cards on the short ends with the other hand and I turned them like this. I turned the cards like this around and the right hand goes into the other direction. And then I look, I see both cards. Now, in this case, I'm seeing the queen off hearts and the three of hearts you have to remember. That's the only thing you have to remember. Those two cards, the queen of Hearts in this case and three of hearts. And in this movement, I screwed everything up. And I tell her to go behind her back with the cars and she does that and take a card out from the middle, not taking cover from the middle. Andi, show it again. It's behind me Now there's one. Okay, Which one is it? Their queen off clubs. And now I tell her to put it on the top off the deck and cut the deck. This puts her card in between your two key cards. The three of hearts and the Queen of Hearts need to remember that. And now she can shuffle and she really can shuffle. In most cases, the overhand shuffle. It's the best. And if they shuffle just lawfully, it worth no change. Any order off your key cards and her cards. At least the percentages like 80 or 90%. Nothing will happen In my case. When I did the effect for her, nothing happened and her car was still between my two key cards. Let's take a look. If it's still the case, um, I go through the cutting. I will divine her card by looking at her. Oh, are your presentation? I see the three of hearts now, and you see that the the Queen off Hearts is nowhere near it. So it changed. And that's good example, because now you know the effect is still or the card is still near. Are still has to be near your two key cards. There's almost in 1990 95% of the time. That's the case. So I tried to remember those cards. So that's a bunch of red cards. And I ask one question. I keep on, um, going through the cards until I see my second key card. My 2nd 3 card is the queen of Hearts, and you can see that's the selection. But I'm again looking nearby. So you're looking at the first few cards to divide into the left off each key card. And now I ask a tailor, Your Carter is a red card, isn't it? No, it's not OK. And now I'm pretty sure because that's everything there is. Read. It can only baby be this, but that would be too far away. But you can ask for one more question. Oh, it's a picture card yet, right? It's a picture card. It's the queen of clubs. Or, if you know that it's the queen of clubs, you can, uh, after asking before revealing the name, you can cut the deck and do this little thing that I like to do. That's a cool reveal off the top card. Um, you have to practice a little bit, but, um, a few practice like a couple of times when you get it down, you need toe. Put those cards your cards into the left hand. In my case and with the first finger, I am bowing the top card like this, and that is what makes the movement of what makes them, uh, spin in this way and you only have to let go off the card and then this happens. Just try it out. That would be the next step. The first step is to make them spend. Just do this for every single. And when you're ah confident that you can do it, just try toe try to catch, Try to catch it. Um, that's a fun little Just a fun little reveal that you can do OK On the count of three, you say your name 12 s your name on the kind of three. Say your card. There you go And then you can read. It's a nice review and a nice effect again because also good for magicians. If you're doing the effect for a magician, they if they're hearing the word Okay, shovel, I can shuffle. But the key cards were other key cards. It throws them off, and it's a very, very good effect. Yeah, this is Hands off my greeting. 7. Poker Deal: Okay, let's get into next effect. Which is called poker Deal. That 10 card poker deal its place in poker. Okay, One of trouble. The cards. Yes, of course. It doesn't really matter. But if we're playing Texas, hold em. You would get two cards each and five parts on the floor turn and river total. But let's play the old school kind of way where each and everyone gets five cards. Okay, so we need 10 cards. Let me. I never played for good. I think this is a good card. This is a good card. Let's get this card. Andi. That one at 101 Too much, Right? Much? This'll one. Um, this one one. How many do I have? 12345678 Any tomb or I think this Let's get the queen's good. So it doesn't really matter. You can shuffle the cards now. We have five cards each. Andi, I will bet you that I will win. Ok, let's hope this happens. Okay? The first time we're gonna do it like this. We're gonna spread the cards out like that, and each and everyone is going to, uh, push a cart towards them. OK, so we'll get to choose a card each You want me to start, or should I start? Tricky question, Captain. Do you want me to start or do you want to start choosing without looking? I can start. I'm gonna choose. Let's for meat. You can choose one now. Okay, I'm gonna choose one now. It's good. Now, before I show you want take before you're taking the next card. You can turn any off those cards over, and you can choose if you want it or not. Just It's an option for, you know, I think this one. You sure? Yes. Okay. Okay. So you have two cards. I have two cards. I will. I wanted to give you an advantage, but you don't want Oh, it's fine. Okay. I took my third card, but now I would give you wanna give an advantage? You know, the poker hands, like one pair. Two pair through three of a kind. Straight, Like a little bit. Right. You can take a look at your cards Now. I won't look at my cards, but you can take a look at your cards and see what you have, huh? and home. And now you can turn any off those cards over and see if they will make a good match for your hand. So you have the advantage. Uh huh. And if it's good, you can take it. If not. Oh, so it's good. I hope it's good. Okay, I will make it easier. I will take this card, and now you can turn over any single every single card on every every single card. I don't know. My end. I am looked. And now you can look at your hand and see what's the best card for you. I think that one card, but don't let me influence you. Okay? Uh, I don't know. I want to take cases because it's the best card. But I give you one more advantage. You get to choose which card I get. Which one to help me today. Okay. So you could days get the ace. And now let's compare our hands. What do you have? Turn them all. We have three of a kind three queens. That's a very good hand. Very good. Had one of the best hands, but I have three kings. Okay, Maybe you I did something I don't know. I gave you an advantage of Let's try again. You shuffle the cards again. Let's do this one more time, okay? No. Okay. It was like, No, no. Was it about Mm. I will take this one in this case. Yeah, we'll take this one. I'll take that one. This one and this one now. Pretty straightforward. We just took any card. We didn't do anything of the fancy advantage kind of thing, but let's compare again. What do you have? I don't have a three of a kind by the bear of aces, but that doesn't beat two pair I f kings and queens. I'm very sorry. Very okay. Last time. Let's do it. Shuffle again. Last time I give you good advice. Do not bet on this. I just do not. Okay? Yes. Okay, let's do it. This one, um, as a first card. And now I will turn those cards over like this. In this case, it's pretty easy. And you get to choose which card you will you want It doesn't matter. I get this card okay. Again. Which 21 doesn't matter? Right. Okay, that's it. I'm gonna shovel tryto, change things up a bit. Okay. Mm. Look at your you know. Yeah, you need to queen. But I also have a king. So Okay. And two aces. Let's compare again. Where you have two queens. I have to fair. I have two aces and two kings. Things. I work. Okay. Sorry. That's the poker to you. 8. Poker Deal Explanation: okay, that's getting to the expression. You know how it's done. Three times You have to be careful not to do too often because those are special cards. And that special about 10 special cards you have to pick out after she shuffled. You can pick out any three of a kind. You have to pick three cards. Um, off three pairs like this. Anything Or 37 3/8 and three tens, I don't know, but there has to be one odd card that is the odd card. And each and every time you have to make sure that this card it goes with her, you have to kind of force that card on her or hope that she will pick it. And in our case, in my case, you picked up the first times, and in the first time you picked it with the first card you picked. The first card is this card that was perfect because then I can give her more freedom because I know she's losing. Because if I know that she has this card, she will lose. It doesn't matter which card should takes, so she could look at every card. She will lose anyway. And that's why I also marked those car. This card you have to market. But you can do that before either with your fingernails, like just punch in on each end here or just with a small. Do you see the marks now with a small a pencil Just used pencil and put a small mark. I'm gonna exaggerate now, but that is the mark. But you didn't see it, right? I was the only one. And you just have to know where this odd card iss Andi. Then you're good to go so and again. Three other cards she can shuffle. It doesn't matter. On the first time, we're gonna lay it out here and you're just looking for the ID card. And I see the six of spades your cars here because I see the markings year. Make that a little bit. Don't do that in the presentation, please. But that would be the case, and I will try to make her pick this card. I will begin by, um, choosing this one on. Let's just say she picks this one. I picked that one and then she picks this one. Okay, Now, you know she has lost, but the game didn't even start or the game is impressed. Progress. Right now, Now you can start to have a little fun. You can give him a freedom and say, Oh, maybe you want to turn some cards over and decide which card is better. I see an ace and ace could be a good card. And the spectator would say Alberta case, of course. And what you can also do, of course, is turn a few cards over and say, OK, which card? Um, I going to get That's also a very good option because then she has the freedom of my cards or she gets to control my cards. And then the effect will be more amazing because you controlled which card I get on control . Which card you get, But still you lose and I win house that possible? Amazing on Yeah, it's the case. So you will take those two kings because those are the best. Return the rest over. I just get the queens and you get the king in the ace. Oh, no. I get you want this on, Then we compare it and I have a full house. Three of a kind and appear, And she only has three kings. Andi, you can continue doing that like two or three times. What I did in the last face was because I saw when she shovelled, she shuffled the odd card to the bottom. I just shuffled it to the top and said, OK, you're going to make every decision. We're gonna put one cartoon on cartoon and turn those cars. Are we? Of course you have to shovel. Well, now you can turn each never card over and she gets to make every choice. Okay, Of course you will take the ace and so on. This case does matter, but of course she will take the A skin. I'll get the Queen. We have an ace and a queen. I would get the queen again. But still I win because I have Tweens and case and she has three of a kind. And that is the whole mechanic behind this effect. Just one odd card you need to keep track off and then you can do many things. Give her freedom, give further cards. She can also take a look at her hand and see OK, which card is best I will take this one. That's also a very good option you can do but that are the mechanics off the poker deal. And after all this time, we played it three times three times, and I did not realize that I had this card each and every time. That is the one thing you have to be off course a little bit careful about, but the effect is pretty you don't have. You must not overdo it. But I think three times it's fine to see it. Or if you want to be less suspicious, don't pick Queens Kings and Aces. Pick maybe nine Livermore number. So the 6th 1 ought card kind of yeah, between the other cards on. That is a fool proof methods so that they won't notice that each and every time they will get the specific card. But they're not looking for this kind. Of course, if you're looking at your hand, you're looking at your best cards and you're discarding the others. That's why it it kind of works, right? Yeah, that is the poker dio 9. STOP: this effect is called Stop, Stop. Okay. Yeah. Can you take the day? Shuffle it just like this? Like, anyway, Which one toe again, as I said, Emphasized the strength off each and every effect. OK, each time, but there can be shuffled, and then I want you toe, please. Yeah, just cut off, like, about half or a little less than half? No. Now, I'm just gonna tell you, Andi. Then you will take a look at the card and put the card the card back. Okay? Just do. There. Now on. Take a look again. And when you're done, put the cards back. Andi. Now, do you want to use four packets, five packets or six packets for for okay, then take the cards into your right hand again or left hand. How you left this. You're right handed. And, um, deal out four cards each and four packets and keep on going until you don't have any cards left trying to be quick. Um, but don't forget your card. Yeah, I think if your card Okay. Now, can you take a look at each off these packets individually and tell me, uh, just in which package or card is you can discard the other packets and put them away. We're not going to use them anymore. It's gone. Okay, It's in this one. This one. Okay, get rid off the others. And can you take those cards in your hand again? In your left hand? I'm not touching anything. And count the cards each other individually on the table. So how many do we have? We have 123456789 10 11 12 12. Okay, take the cars again. I will try to mentally study. You don't know. You just know it's somewhere there. But you don't know where we will not look at the cards. Just deal each card. Singley singly, and I will try to mentally find the card. Okay, Okay. Okay. Stop. Stop. I think I felt it, I think. Yeah. What was the name of the card? The 10 of diamonds. The 10 of diamonds. I know it was the card. Next toe tops or what? Just inches away, but yeah, the 10 of diamonds that's called. What's the name? 10. STOP Explanation: So let's get into the explanation off this effect called Stop. It's pretty easy. Not pretty easy. It's simple, but you still need to do some, uh, calculations in your head again. The spectator can shuffle the deck, and then they cut the deck about at 1/2. I would say about half of the cards, because you need to estimate how many cards they have cut. I tell her to cut off about half of the cards, and she's doing this. And I would say, I mean, while I'm glancing or your glancing at how many cards roughly she took, I would say those are 28 28 to 29 cards. Let's count them. 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1920 1234567 So my estimate was 28 its 27. So let's just keep in mind. 28 because you estimate about that's 28 cards. You don't need to know the exact number. This is her card that she is picking, that she's looking at the jack of spades and then she puts it back and then she gets to decide how many packets we will. She will deal out like four or five or six, an ideal range on while she's doing that. Let's say she chooses for four packets. Can you deal out the cards? And meanwhile I am dividing, she says. Four. So I divide four by 28 or 28 by four, and I get seven. That's your only calculations that you have to do. I remember seven. Now. I forget about 28 just seven. Sometimes if you're like and if you maybe guest or if you, if your estimate was 28 or 28 26 maybe or 25 you tried toe divide to 25 by four. You see, it's it's not a not a round number. It's like a 4.5 or 5.5 something five point more. Six. I don't know six point something. You have to move your estimate up. It's always general rule if the if you don't get around number. When you're dividing the cards dividing your numbers, you have to move your estimate off in 26 cards up a little bit so that you get a Brown number so, but in my case, it worked out perfectly. Was 7 28 divided by 47 Now she gets toe look at each single packet and just tells us in which packet her Carter's. And in this case, it's here. And if we take a look now 1234567 It's on the seventh position, and that's all you need to know. She you're still not touching the cards. She's just taking a look at them. And then what I do is she deals to them. And so we know how many cars that she have. That's just a presentation for point, but that moves her card now to the seventh position from the top. And now you can get to do the think stop the mental stopping while she is dealing 1234567 Stop! You know that's her card. In our case, my estimate was not very. I was off by one, but again, if that's the wrong car, then you can immediately no. Oh, it's this one and you turn that over immediately, and it's just as good as an effect. You did one mistake at first, but you still divined it. So, yeah. What do you think? Was it kind of fishy that at first? Oh, you got the wrong card? But you can always say, because you thought Stop or you try to mentally find the stopping point. It's just as impressive. Okay, so that's the effect called Stop. 11. Impossible Selection: this next Victor's called an impossible selection on. Can you please shuffle the deck of cards again? Take a look at them. Maybe if you still think that something fishy going on. But I guess after the last effects, you won't see Okay, They just go for this this yet? I think I'm fine. Okay. I will try to go. I will spread the cards and just second. And I want you to just Maybe I'll pick any card from the middle of the deck somewhere, and yeah, push it towards yourself. Take a look at it. Don't show me so and I'll put it back. Maybe some of their some of their, um I come to know which card that you pick, right? Yes. Can you cut? A couple of times and again, you shall within the beginning, right? Yes. Okay. Just to make sure. Is your card still in here somewhere? Is it? Yes, Yes. Can you do me a favor and write the name of your card down on this piece of paper? I'm just turn around so that I can't see anything on when you finish. Just tell me. Just do it. Yeah, Okay. I didn't see anything. Okay. Can you crumple it up into a little ball so that I can see? Okay, let me try. I can't. Really safe to divine your card. Whoa, whoa. Ace of diamonds. Yes, yes, yes. Of diamonds. I knew it. What just happened, but showed me. 12. Impossible Selection Explanation: Let's get into the explanation off an impossible selection again. She can shove with the deck, and it's a un prepared for a take of cards. The only thing you're doing again is peaking the bottom card. After you've piqued the bottom card, you cut the deck swing cut. I've taught the swing cut in my first class that you can check up on if you want to. The magical experience Volume one on their explain it there and also the pinky break. After you've cut the cards, you put it back here and retain a small gap so that you still have your key card and this card, in this case, the eight of hearts on here. And then you slightly bevel the deck into this direction so that you have this configuration, that the cards are low but stepped to the side. And when you then can you give me a little bit more space off course. When you in this confusion, when you're spreading the cards, there's a step formed right here. You can see whether spread just kind of breaks and is a little bit different. And if I do this and turn, this got over I know this is my key card. So you have, like, an invisible key card, Andi, that way, you know, kind of where she takes a card and puts it back. And you can. The your key card is Theo orientation for for her cart again. The nine of spades in this case is your key card. Use wind, Cut the deck, Put the card on top, keep a pinky break here, bevel the deck and to this direction here and then spread it on. This time it's easy. And you see there is the nine off space. Now let's get into the next phase. Um, we will still use the nine of spades here. I will cut special the dig and like this. So I know it's here. Andi Now, I said to the spectator, please choose any card. Take it from the middle. They could also be a case where she takes the the key card. Then you have a miracle because you know the identity of the card. You can just feel it. That's perfect. But it only happens a couple of times. And so, But then you she turns it to yourself. Takes a look at it and shows it to everyone else and puts it back and put it back somewhere in the middle. I That's also important. And now I count where she puts the card back. So I see she put a bag here. I know this is my key card. This is the nine of spades, and I count from that point until I arrive at our card. 123456 So I know that her card is at the sixth position or the six position above my key card. Now you can still she can't shuffle. You could try, but it's very, very difficult so that the card still maintain the order. Just let her cut the cards a couple of times. Doesn't matter. And now you turn the cards over here like this and spread the deck. And now you look for your key card here. This is the key card again, this is the nine of spades. And like we said, it was the sixth car, the sixth card above the key card. So I count to the left. If she puts it below your key card to the right, then you count in this direction OK, very important, so I'm counting. 123456 nine of clubs. Now I have ABS supports the selection and then you can reveal it. And in my case, I used fresh paper again. You don't have to do it, but that's it's a cool way to reveal a card. She just writes it down. The wasn't nine off clubs that also gives you time while she's doing that gives you time to look at the spread. What I did. I reassured myself by looking at the spent like this and again countered, If I got the right card, that's a good point that you could do, why she's writing and then just board up. And I still have the spread right here started like this and then say own enough. It's this one. I felt it and then your view. And then you have a beautiful effect, a very impossible effect with a nice finish. 13. Spectator's Destiny: this effect is called Spectators Destiny. You would choose a destiny. You will take the cards. Can you show from the cars? Maybe some of them on the table. There. There really properly shuffled, perfect family help you. Perfect. Now it's, uh just think about one thing for a woman, whatever you do now will change your destiny. Okay. I will, um, get a piece of paper and write something down. I don't want you to look. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna show it to the camera this time, hoping they we'll see what I've written here. Okay. And now I'm gonna to that I'm gonna just leave it here and I'm not gonna touch the cards again. From now on, take the deck into your left hand and start dealing from the top each and every card singling. And now I want you to just stop at any point. And like I said in the beginning, wherever you say is away, wherever you stop will change your destiny. Whatever you do now, from now on will change your destiny here. Going to stop here or keep going. One more card, one more card can make the difference. Okay, Get rid of those. Take those cards again. And now you deal again. But in two packets, one car there. One card. They're single until you don't have any cards left. Now, what do you want to push? Push one packet towards me. Okay, You keep that. Can you please look at the top card off your packet and remember it. Show to the camera. And so to me. Actually, that's the trick. I said every decision could change your destiny. You shove with the guards. In the beginning, I wrote something down. I haven't touched that. Right you Down. You stopped at some point. You don't want to do one card, One more card. And then you dealt into two packets again and chose to this packet for yourself and took a look. Took a look at the top cart there. So what I find strange is how could I have predicted what you will be choosing which card you will be choosing. That's your destination. It's eight of spades. Native space. That's a Spectators distance 14. Spectator's Destiny Explanation: Let's get into the explanation off Spectators Destiny again. They can shuffle the cards. How long they want doesn't matter on do the only thing you need toe take care or keep track of is the top card again. The top card is your prediction in this case peaked the eight of clubs in the same way. Or you can also do it while your During this, I just picked the top card. In this case, it's the three of diamonds and then she takes the cards. I will not touch the cards. From then on, I will write down the three off three of diamonds in this case and have my prediction here to one side of the table and you can take the deck into the left hand, deal down. And if she goes down the cards, this moves the card, our prediction to the bottom and she can stop anywhere. It doesn't really matter. She wants to stop here. OK, she gets rid of those cards, and now she deals into two packets and one card each, and that puts our prediction on the top off one of the two packets. And now I say to her push one packet towards me. And if she does that, I know. OK, that's out of the way. And take a look at the top card there. If she pushes this packet towards me, I say, OK, which the car towards me. And we will use this car to take a look at the top card. That's the only time you really have to take the pack into your hands. But that is kind of like a magician's force style. It doesn't matter which package who pushes towards you. You were try to steer the presentation to the direction where she will take a look at the top card off the packet that has your prediction. So just worded in this way, if she pushes this package towards me, i k I say Okay, this one's out of the way. And if she pushes that one towards me, Okay, you want to use this one? Let's take a look or you take a look at the top card and she remembers it, and then she can actually actually just turn it over. And I have to reveal my prediction on and the prediction matches the card and then you have an amazing kind of impromptu prediction effect that you could do anywhere and again with the BART deck of cards and just a pen, it's a favor. 15. A Number and a Thought: Okay. This is a fund of effect you could do with a couple of cars. You don't need a full deck of cards. We're just gonna use eight cards. You can choose any aid cards off the deck, Whichever one you want. You can also take a look at them or keep them a secret for yourself. Whatever you want, Andi. Then you can also shuffle them. But because you didn't see them, I guess it's not really needed. But into every 36 eight way. Get rid of those. We only need those eight cards now. Okay. I now want you to think of a number from 1 to 10. Any number. You have one number. Yes. Okay. I will show you these cards individually. And I want you to remember, Think off the card that falls on your number. Okay, So if you think of three would remember the third card and so on. Okay, let's start. Don't give anything away. Just gonna show those car stuff too. That would be three. I said from 1 to 10. They But you, of course, You didn't choose a number that is nine or 10. Because we only have cars That was my mistake. But you have a number from want aid like Okay, um, I'm now going to show you a couple off cards individually and just want you to tell me if your card is in this packet or this packet. Okay, let's do this one more time. I try to think of the card again. And where is it? Is it here or there? Here again, One last time. You have to trust me in this home because you don't know my number. It's here, Here now. No, I don't know what car just thinking of, but I know it's here, right? Yes. Is it? Yes. Okay, but it's still I still don't know your number, right? Because I didn't look at the cards. Um, can you take those cards and deal from the top and think stop at your number, Okay? I think so. Yeah. Just thinks up. Don't say okay. Stop. E think you you thought of the number four right for Okay, That's the effect Called a number and a thought 16. A Number and a Thought Explanation: Okay, let's get into the explanation off a number and the thought again you can use any aid cards does matter. Um, I kind of, uh I didn't do one part of the effect you can still do, but I will explain it any way she can shuffle in after she shuffled the cards. You are bending the bottom card. You don't have to look at it, but it's an extra effect if you look at the bottom card. So I again peak the card in a casual moment when I'm talking to are telling her what she's about to do and I bent the card. I do this with my little finger again. I explained the crimp and one of the other magical experience volumes. But again, in short here, you just, um, with your little finger touched the bottom card and bend it down like this so that you create just a little. A tiny Bendis is fine. I'm exaggerating here, but just so that you can see where the bend is right there. I guess you can all see that. And now I'm telling her to think of a number from 1 to 8 and to think of the card. It falls on that number, and now you show her each and every card. Individually, let's say you think of the number four like you did last time on. She thinks of the ace of spades, and I showed her the rest like this. And now I have. You have to repeat three times the same thing three times you are. I'm in jogging this card and are talking this card. Enjoying this are dragging this and that just that's called an anti pharaoh. That's displacing the cards. And I pulled these cards out. So you have four cards here and four cards here, and I asked her then in which package is her thought off card? This one on whichever one she points to our says, I put on the top and I continue doing the same thing. This this time, the second time out. Joking it, enjoying enjoying enjoying this like this, like this, stripping those out, showing her both this time again one last time. You need to do it three times because that positions the thought of card at the top, Does matter which number she thought off. It's always gonna be where is it? It's here at this time, and it's years of Speight's on top. That's the first effect. You have a thought of number, you evolve card thought of card revealed. And now you can take a look at your crimp. You can search for the crib and you see it's here. In this case, I have my crimp, Andi, the car that goes with it here. And I know that this what? What tells you which number she thought off on this case? You thought of four, right? So it's for with this extra card and I give her the cars and let her deal the cards Until I come to the crimped card. I just take a look before she does that. I take a look at where the crimp is, where the bend off the card is and count how many cards it is from the top. So I know the number, Andi. Then I let her deal 1234 And I know that is her thought off number. And if you remember the 10 of hearts in the beginning the crim card, then you can also review the identity off this random car which is an extra extra effect, so kind of 1/3 effect, if you will, and that's a number and assault. 17. Outro: So now I guess you have a full understanding of what makes impromptu magic effects so powerful that you can just take a deck of cards and perform each and every effect with no preparation, one after the other and get amazing results with it. So there's nothing left for me to say then, Teoh, thank you for taking part in the scores. I hope you try to learn these effects and try to share them and upload them to skill share . If you have any questions or maybe didn't understand, move off the effect. You can always send me a message, and I hope you have a lot of fun performing and sharing these impromptu magic effect with others. I hope you will also maybe send me a message about what you want to see which effects I should do next time or what Scotia class you would want to watch