The Art of Logo Design for Non-Designers

James E. Walker, Graphic Artist + Designer

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16 Videos (36m)
    • Course Intro

    • Designer's Story

    • What Is A Logo?

    • The 5 Basic Logo Design Styles

    • Design Questionnaires

    • Design Consultation

    • Design Proposals

    • Work Agreements

    • Invoicing Collecting Payments

    • Research & Development

    • Design Presentations

    • Thumbnails & Refined Sketches

    • Digitizing & Refining the Logo

    • Finalizing & Formatting the Logo

    • Logo Design Style Guide

    • Course Outro


About This Class


In this course, I'll share my creative process on the art of logo design. This course is for non-designers without any experience as well as graphic designers at the beginner throughout the advanced level.

Students will learn what a logo design is, its different functionalities, as well as the basic logo design styles such as wordmarks, lettermarks, combination marks, icons and badges.

Students will also gain insight on the preliminary business practices in Unit 2, with lessons on design questionnaires, design consultation, proposals, work agreements, invoicing, and collecting payments. 

Lastly, students will learn about my creative process of designing a logo, starting with research and development, presentations, thumbnail sketches, digitizing, refinement, file exporting, and even logo design style guides.

The purpose of this course was to enhance the quality of communication between non-designers and graphic designers, in hopes to preserve the integrity of graphic design as a whole. Let's get started!

Music Credits: All music in videos 1, 2, 16 are provided courtesy of Bensound,

8 of 8 students recommendSee All

Thanks so much for this! I'm completely new to graphic design and couldn't have asked for a better introduction. Clear, concise, excellent format and so much helpful information. Feeling so much more confident about starting a design career after watching this and would recommend to anyone who's intimidated about where/how to begin. Good luck to you James, and keep up the great work! Nicky
Excellent detailed class for non-designers. Great job James!
Eduardo Martinez

Illustrative Designer

Really enjoyed the course. Even though I knew a lot from the course, it never hurts to go back and refresh your memory. I feel like this course seems more like a introduction course to something bigger that James Walker has planned down the line. I would like to see more of an in depth version of his process in another course that gives the impression or really is doing a logo or building a brand for a client where you able to see him draw his thumbnails, doing his R&D to see what really goes on in his process. That might be asking much (laughs). Lastly I want to say as James talk you can tell in some cases that it is scripted, I think what will help down the line is to make courses that feels like you are having a one on one conversation as if you are talking to the people right in front of you . Makes it feel more natural. I like that there is slides with the text on there as well so for folks that might be deaf and can't hear the audio they can read along. Overall great intro course in what I believe into something bigger.





James E. Walker

Graphic Artist + Designer

Hey! I'm James E. Walker, graphic artist, designer, and illustrator. For over 7 years, I've worked as an independent artist and designer based in Houston, Texas, where I specialize in layout, logo and brand identity design.

My mission is to explore and develop futuristic ideas to produce simple, yet sophisticated design and art. As a creative problem solver, this is achieved through the disciplines of graphic design, illustration, photography, typography, hand-lettering, screen-printi...

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