The Art of Getting Stuff Done- The List | Dana D'Orazio | Skillshare

The Art of Getting Stuff Done- The List

Dana D'Orazio, Collaborator Strategist Designer

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5 Videos (15m)
    • Welcome!

    • Your List Style

    • List Warm Up

    • Capturing It All! - Make it Work for You

    • Capture & Conquer - The Work Week!

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About This Class


The first step to being a masterful project manager and strategist is getting your tasks and projects organized! 

In this class you will learn shortcuts to cutting through the clutter and organizing deliverables and timelines. Whether you are organizing a team of one or one hundred these tips will help you not just get stuff done but be a master GSD-er!

I will tips, tools and expert advice from my years in the startup, public and nonprofit sectors building  projects from the ground up and scaling models across the country.

Brought to you by The Good Hustle! 





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Dana D'Orazio

Collaborator Strategist Designer

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