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The Art of Effortless Drawing

teacher avatar Tania Schmieder

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. 2. Introduction to Effortlessness

    • 3. 3. Kindness and Understanding

    • 4. 4. In Practice

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About This Class

Warmly welcome to this class about effortlessness, which I have made in case you are interested in a kinder, more intelligent way of approaching your drawing.  

Subjects that are covered include doing less to achieve more, kindness and understanding, composure, poise, relaxation, giving yourself a break...skills that transfer to any activity you can imagine. 

I'm excited to share this beautiful approach with you!  

Thank you Johan Nilsson for the beautiful music. 

With love and thanks, Tania 

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I am a painter based in Freiburg, Germany and I am delighted to be here!  Thank you to all the great teachers who have inspired me.  

I am learning videography so I am very open to your feedback on how I can make my classes better, if you have insights to share. 

Thank you so much, 

With love, 

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1. 1. Class Introduction: I tend to approach painting and drawing from the perspective of the innards. It's a practice ground for the study of effortlessness, a kind of meditation election. Hello, This is me, I'm telling you. And I'm really happy to meet you. Before I started painting, I had been living life in quite the opposite way. Extreme hard work, striving and effort had led me to the brink of insanity. And so when I learned about effortlessness, I embraced it with every cell of my being. I've made a class here in case you're open to a kinder and more intelligent way of approaching or work. I'm not at all the inventor of this, but I share with you what I understand about it and show you where you can learn more things. Approach isn't just a jury. It can enrich any activity you can imagine. I think I show you how I apply it. Practice to drawing a simple egg which is also a project You don't need any previous experience. Just a night in mind. On the any materials you need are a piece of paper, a pencil, a rubber on an egg. I think if this is your first brush with effortlessness. It's a privilege to share it with you. I'm excited for how this might revolutionise your work Life like it has mine. Thank you for being here. 2. 2. Introduction to Effortlessness: it was this book, The Art of Evel is living by Ingrid party, where I first learned about the concept of effortlessness. It was a beautiful introduction to the idea that effort, hard work and striving can be counterproductive and that there is another way. Rooted deep relaxation. She describes many examples of musicians and athletes who approached their practice with a clear, relaxed awareness as a way to perform their best. She quotes the world famous violinist Isaac Stir. Someone asked him once how he achieved such incredible technical ability at such a trial on stage, and his response was that he focuses on relaxing his fingers between the notes. I was hungry to learn more, and my curiosity led me to find this concept in one form or another. At the heart of many traditions and schools of thought, I found Zen in the art of archery. Warrior tradition applied to rock climbing Alexander technique of like to swimming on. Much later, to my delight, I found those NFC seeing drawings meditation by Frederick Frank. I was discovering a welding poise and composure, clear, spacious, relaxed awareness, making way for strength, responsiveness and precision. They will, describing a way of learning smarter instead of harder, doing less to achievable, a sort of unlearning returning to a more simple, direct way of being. And I loved everything about it that way. Next video, we get to give ourselves a break. 3. 3. Kindness and Understanding: this'll post of the classes to prepare ourselves during so that it can happen within a space and restaurant. He's kindness and understanding. I would say that learning to do this for myself has been more valuable than the drawing skills themselves. If you're like me and went through a conventional Western education system, there's a high chance that you've been marinated in the culture rooted in contests and achievement. Why the dominant motivating force for those achievements is fear and anxiety things. Culture also often results in your sense of self worth being associated with your achievements, which could make being a beginner learning anything new, very daunting. Drawing and painting can be even more daunting than other skills to learn, because the results of your first attempt stare back at you. Unlike singing or dancing, for example, which leave no trace, this'll means expectations can be higher earlier because each act of drawing can already feel like I could see clearly that to learn how to draw and paint, I was going to have to learn to school myself in an entirely new way way. I didn't do this alone. I was supported and influenced by my spiritual teachers on the artists and writers to have gone before me and written so beautifully about this process, all included with the class resources say you can soak it up as much as you like. Here is some insights to help me in case they reassure and inspire you to. I love how Julia coverings as we only need to take care of the quantity and we can let go take care of the quality. I learned to change my measure of success from what I had achieved to the amount of time I'd implied myself on how gentle I was able to be with myself in that time way have perfect as we are, and there is nothing that we need to change about ourselves. Our worth There's a given by the simple fact of our existence has nothing to do with what we achieve, what we can dio recon. Relax completely. Nothing is under control and there is nothing we need to control with skills you wish to develop are already fully formed within us. The best and most effective weight acts with them is to relax our judgments of our own work , hold the weight you might notice how it flicks from one extreme to the other in a matter of minutes. Disappointment in our work is simply a sign of our good taste at potential. It is no marker of our ability wear all artists and everyone is welcome and belongs equally in all art forms. I enjoy dancing and singing, even though I'm not the best dancer Singer E. I love this quote from Henry Van Dyke. Use what talents he possessed. The woods would be very silent. No birds, except does saying best on this 12 from Bill Plotkin. Many nature based cultures have no word for art artists because producing a week while art is simply part of being human trash said. Start where you are. Use what you have and do what you can Penneteau the gonna, Rihanna writes. Nothing worthwhile is achieved overnight. Patience is the key to any profound change. I hope some of this enables you to hold a working space for yourself with kindness and understanding if you like, you can also find the body scan on YouTube to relax completely. We're now ready for the practical part for class 4. 4. In Practice : Now, for the practical part, I seem to return again and again to drawing eggs. They're so beautiful and worked perfectly as a simple, self contained short meditation, and they're normally some in the kitchen. I try and get the lightest color I can because I find easier to do the shading, and I find the more beautiful to look at quests. Example, So gorgeous e like during with natural light coming in from the left and I put the egg on a white background. My whole body is involved with the touring, so I make sure war I let give attention in my belly. I breathe easy and I have to soft grip on the pencil that I can manage. I say my friends of them use to join an effort. This way, I hold an intention that relax ation as a higher priority than joy. As I draw, I'm curious about tension arising when I see it. I left to go. To start with. It was to separate things, drawing and relaxing. But gradually I played with expanding my field of awareness to include both together. When I draw, I often experience tension in my mind, mostly in the floor of a strong sense of urgency and impatience to see a good result. It could be so compelling to rush. Learning to stay composed in the midst of dying patients might be the most challenging but game changing of my practice, I asked myself, Can each moment of this joy being fused with unhurried, relaxed spaciousness? Although this is more of an exercise, relax, ation, I'll share with you. How did this egg, in case you were also drawn to this style first step you seen up until now it's during a very faint outline. Then I start shading the lightest script very softly. With a round of movement like a fly in the summer, Swarm seems to move in a random way. That's how I made my pencil. I'm trying to avoid any individual mark standing out, and most importantly, I relax and trust that the next step will reveal itself. That was just an aside in case you like that style. But you can draw your egg with whatever pencil opinion like how much ever star like I invite you to play with theirs and be curious about how little effort you are able to use How softer, relaxed can you stay? And how tenderly can you draw? Maybe you see the softness, precision, good playmates. You might like to try drawing the egg with your non dominant hand. I predict it with this hand. It will be easier for you to get a taste of how it feels to draw completely relaxed and pre expectations. So now we come into the end of this class. If you resonate with this way of working, you can play with it and see how it enriches your work. My own approach was to integrate this into my life as much as I could. So I had a morning meditation practice and was learning to relax deeply. It will. I was consciously applying it to my swimming as well. I've included a list of resources so the you can dollars deep clear situation to this subject. I heard this class of served you in some way and thank you for taking on. You're welcome to upload a picture of your egg or even better, a couple of lines of reflection. Please be in touch If I can help in anyway. Thank you so much.