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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Enroll in the art of editing fast

    • 2. The art of editing fast explained

    • 3. The one edit editted

    • 4. Project for the art of editing fast

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About This Class

Enroll in this class to see the system I use for editing audio and video so fast that I have been able to make over 2,600 videos plus hours of audio books within the last two years while having a baby and moving!  The basic idea is to trust the audience and make minimum edits to produce many more good videos or any similar creative project instead of trying to make a very few "perfect" products.

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Jerry Banfield

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BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in the art of editing fast: thank you for getting started with the art of editing fast. This is one of the most powerful tricks I use for creating videos, audio books and anything else online. It helps speed by workflow up exponentially, and it actually adds life and character toe everything I create. I'll show you the proof of my results here. I've made over 2600 videos in the last two years. Less than two years I've made a 72 book chapters, now answered thousands of messages, and I've done all this while having a newborn while my mother fell off her horse and got her while taking trips and vacations while live streaming video games while running an entire business online while moving. I've lived a normal life in this period of time, and yet I've done unbelievable levels off creative work online. The secret is in this course I'm going to give you very quickly here, called The Art of Editing Fast. Enroll in this course now to see exactly how I'm able to do so. Many create 2. The art of editing fast explained: the art of editing fast is starting right now and I'm honored. You've watched this course with me. It is really crazy Simple. You take minimal time and energy to edit. Now this seems okay. That's really easy, really are enrolled in this course. It's not so easy. It takes a giant leap of faith to just talk to just present things as they are without trying to hype them up without trying them to look super good. And it takes a lot of love and trust in your audience. You see, a Are you here? Rather, I just tripped up over what I said. I love and trust you enough that you'll deal with it. I trust that my message is still coming through. Despite my in perfect speech. I'm able to do this amount of creative work and you can see just course after course video after video. I'm able to do all this because I waste almost no time editing. I essentially cut the very beginning off and the very end off. For example, when I'm recording a book on Audible, I just cut the beginning and the end off the very 1st 2 seconds in the last second or two where there's a click and the very getting started now on skill share because of my particular limitations on skill share. If I go to even render a video, I'm talking an extra 5 10 minutes to just cut off the very beginning of the video to just cut off the very end of the video. As you can see, this course is living proof. I literally I'm not editing this at all now. Let that sink in for a minute. This whole course is straight through, not even one at it now. Think about how much time that saves. I just talked to my friend a day or two ago, he said. He spent four plus hours making a four minute video. When I make a four minute video, guess how long it takes four minutes. When I make one of these classes on skill share, it takes just slightly longer than the actual time that courses going. Now what's hard about that is having enough love and trust in faith in everyone, in me, in you, in life, the universe to just go forward and teach and share what I have to say without chopping it up. That's the art of editing it fast now. Yes, if I totally butcher the beginning of one of these videos or I get 30 seconds in and say something so repulsive, like a big, bold, outright lie, which happens more often than I would figure should happen. Then I'll totally scrapped the video. If you watched one of my previous courses, I butchered the end of it. I literally butchered it, laughter and figure. I was going to cut it and delete it and do it over again. And you know what I said? No, that's the last video of the course. I'm almost done with the course. Where I'm going to do is just work through this, apologized from I don't know what I was thinking and go forward, and that saved me at least five or 10 minutes. Now, you might not think that's much time. Most of these videos in the last year and especially the last three months you see all these videos I've made. So let's go videos I've made since I moved. I moved right here and I got suspended from you to me right there. So there was a little period of time. I didn't know what was going on. So let's start off here. Let's look at these last How many days is at 129 days, an average of 1.8 videos every day, even in a time of uncertainty where I didn't exactly know what I was doing. And now I don't even know if I'm counting these exactly right, because technically, skill share course has three or 45 video. Sometimes I'm just putting them in his one I track each thing I make so that I can show you and show to myself how powerful this is. Almost all or many of these 234 videos I've made in the last 129 days. This course is being made in an hour and 1/2 period where I also recorded 45 minutes of an audiobook or something like that. Jury, that's a lie. You need to restart this. I don't know exactly how long it is I recorded. A lot of an audiobook are ready, and I'm sneaking this course in while my wife is across the street with our daughter having breakfast with her family. I only have a good hour to two record videos without the air conditioning running in the background videos without my wife and daughter having fun and making noise in the house. I only have an hour, an hour and 1/2 a day to do my videos. If I take a whole bunch of time to head it, then I am not able to make hardly anything at all. And my whole business. If you're creative, if you're an artist like me and you're designing and creating your whole business, the bottom line values what you create and how much of it you create. So today I try and create a lot of good things and accept that all those good things together make something great instead of trying to edit myself to death and force something great out of something good. 3. The one edit editted: thank you for continuing with this course. I hope this courses motivational inspirational for you because I have found this is one of the most powerful things I do in my creative work. And I would love for you to be able to have trust and faith in a fast, rapid editing process that you can use to create more than you ever imagined For all the people who want to hear what you have to say and see what you have to show, I jury, you've got to put some actual editing and this course or it's going to suck. OK, here's some actual editing examples in here editing fast. This is a video taken from my YouTube channel. So I uploaded this video over here. Why, you skill Sure to teach all of my new video courses. You notice this video here If I scroll over to the end of it is 38 minutes and 24 seconds on my YouTube channel. It's exact same length I've made and recorded this video and uploaded it straight without editing it at all, just the same as I'm doing with this course. Now I'll give you some examples with rapid editing. Let's say now some of this will take a little bit of time and energy. You may not be able to jump straight into not doing any edits at all. I've worked my way into doing this after making thousands of videos where now I consistently just shoot the video Straighten uploaded with no editing. What you may need to do is a couple of quick critical edits. For example, let's say if right here in the video, I had accidently revealed personal information like, I showed my email address for my bank account number by accident, and I've done this many times, and some of the older videos I used to make and then when I would do is pause for about 10 or 15 seconds. You can see in this video there's no silences for an extended period of time, and this is zoomed out enough. So Ah, silence of 10 seconds is only a little small gap. So what you can see in this little bottom section here is all zoom in. So it's more obvious. Now you can see these little silences in here where I mercifully stopped talking for a second and then these air the spots. If you make a little mistake like that where you are 15 minutes into a video, you go and show some critical personal information or something else. You absolutely, really do need to edit. Then bake a pause of 10 or 20 seconds so that when you come back in the video, you can easily edit this. You can do the same thing if you're recording an audio book. I make some mistakes like this in my audio book, or the dogs will bark or the door bell will ring. Something like that happens. Then what I do. I leave a space of 10 or 15 seconds of silence so that it's really easy to see when I'm zoomed all the way out here. So when I'm zoomed out to a 38 minute video, it's hard to see more than a second or two of silence at a time. Actually, Jury, you just said it will go back and edit it. I won't. I won't because that's what makes some life to this. That's the second key point for this editing session. While that you practice doing this, you may need to edit critical mistakes but just add it. Critical mistakes don't edit minor imperfections like what you just saw was a minor imperfection. I misspoke. I said this parts of silence are harder to see than more than a second or two. There are no longer periods of silence. You need, like 10 or 15 seconds of silence zoomed out this rate to even see it. So you want to intentionally leave blank spots, and these will help you re center yourself. The second thing to this, though, is don't edit minor little mistakes. Try and make them funny work through them. I made a power editor to toil with Facebook ads in 2000 and 14. I was rolling through the tutorial and I just put the whole thing up like an hour and 1/2. I literally did my ads live and just explain what I was doing. And back then, I still used to cuss a lot. So I'm sitting here kind of going in a monotone like So you go over here and make the ad and then when you go down here you go put this up and hey, let's put an exclamation point on it to get a mother f er excited. And you might have thought, That's the exact kind of thing you need to edit out of that video. Oh my God, you literally dropped the mother f bomb right in the middle of your power. Editor tutorial. Please edit that out. I didn't even remember doing that. That's the best part. Someone came along and commented with the exact time point and said that that absolutely killed them. That that was so funny and unexpected in the middle of the tutorial that it gave them a great laugh. If you will make someone really laugh with your creative work, that's the best thing you could do. Whatever you're teaching is secondary to that. I've gotten thousands of positive feedback that people love that. I'm honest that I just present what I'm doing as a real down earth person. And you know why those feedback those comments come in and you may even be have said that yourself. Those comments come in because I leave in my vulnerabilities. I leave in the spots, right? True it over my words. What's this is just a stunner to get something out, right? Lie and say the wrong thing and I go back and apologize. My bad. I don't know why I just said that. That's weird. Maybe should ask my therapist about that jury. You don't have a therapist. You just lied. Ah, you see, this is more fun. Jury, this sucks. It's stupid. It's a lot more fun comes down. You suck. The thing that helps me is I realized, no matter what I dio, there's a person out there who's liable Lovett and a person out there who's liable to hate it. Would I rather have you love me honestly, presenting in the shortest period of time the best I can do with a little bit of humor or die. Rather, have you love something that's kind of dead, where I've stripped out all my humanity from it We're going to Now look at the art of editing period. Start new sentence. We will continue from here by learning how to quickly add it in Camp Tasia. And when you look over and see in this part of camp Tasia O g o it, Nora, it's about a blow. I would rather have someone dislike my humanity and dislike my vulnerabilities, then dislike how dead and boring. I am. I would rather have you love and embrace the whole package of me rather than try and get you a toe like something that's perfect and edited whatever that looks like. I'd rather you watch my whole one hour video full of out takes and mess ups. Then have you watched my four minute video where every interesting thing I do has been stripped away? If you see this 38 minute video here and you could go through it, I'm sure you could go through it and you could find all Jerry in 11 minutes here. 11.5. You said something stupid. You could just cut that out. You? No matter of fact, Jerry, let's zoom out here. You could probably just cut this whole middle section is just crap. Why don't you just cut that too? And you could probably get this down into a five or 10 minute video and then more people would watch it. You may be wrong, but oh, I know. You may be right. You might be right. You might be wrong. Let's look at this from laziness. I'm lazy. Which ones? Easier. Mm. Do I have to edit it and watch the whole video. I just made again. Go back and watch in another time, Forgot what to cut. That's probably going to take on this 38 minute video that will probably take a good 2.5 3 hours. That blows my bus right there. Nope, not doing that. Let's look at my YouTube channel. Instead, I pumped out to different videos in one day and then did a two hour live stream that day also all while spending some time with my family going toe in a meeting and doing a bunch of other work for my business online. That's three hours of video I put out in one day, and here's the crazy thing, while someone dislikes almost every video I put out. Now, more people like it than don't I know. This takes a giant leap of faith. It takes a lot of trust to show your mistakes, to just put out imperfectly what you're doing, and some people won't like it. Some people, Jerry, your stuff. I can't stand that you ramble on and on and on, and you make me listen to something for an hour that you could have said in five or 10 minutes you could have just said Do this this this and that on Facebook Done Instead, you said Do this and this and that and this and that and let me find 50 different ways to say the same thing. I find I learned really well with repetition. But if you go to my audio book on what website is that I'm, it's on audible. If you go to my audio book on Audible, you'll find people. Let's go look, right now we're gonna go click over here. Jerry banfield dot com slash books will put my little header up over there warm and it let's go down and look at the ratings. It's a rambling waffle with no content. What disappointed you about Facebook Marketing Advertising 2016. It's not a structured book. Give me new considered steps and advice to improve your knowledge. It sucks because he didn't edited it all. Oh, my God. Well, let's go over here. Whoops. Just showed a little personal information there. Now I guess I'm going to have to edit that out. I don't know. Maybe I'll just leave that in, so I actually accidentally showed a little bit of personal information. There should have known that was coming. So now I actually am going to have to edit this video. But here's the thing. This imperfecta book that got a one star review in the first couple months has been UPS made, $262 in sales. And these this newer book has also made some sales enough. I would have edited this better. I might have avoided getting that one star review on it, but I wouldn't have this second book out, either. That's the tradeoff you make. You put all your eggs in one basket when you try and edit too much. When you edit a whole lot, you don't give yourself the chance to make all of the different products, and you can always go back and make a better product. What's hard to do is take a bunch of time and edit and edit and edit, and then you get out fewer products, and then just sometimes people won't even like you're finished, added product. What happens when you work really hard and edit everything in People still don't like it. Then you're like, you know what forget it. I might as well just put stuff out without editing it. And if people don't like it too bad. That's what happened to me. I edited made this nice, perfect Facebook ads course. Some people didn't like it. I said, Fine, I'm not even going to bother editing any more than I absolutely need to like on this video . I showed my Amazon sign in email address, and I'm saying this past tense, even though its future now. But from your point of view, I edited out quickly where I signed into my audible account because I showed personal information there. So this video is going to cost me an extra five or 10 minutes off rendering wall, which will cost me get any skill share course up. However, I only had to just make that one little edit and render the video again. That's a lot better than having to spend hours editing this That allows me to publish a new skill share class every day. Instead of publishing one once a week or once a month. Would you rather have 28 skill share classes in four weeks or one or two? I'd rather have 28. So that is the summary. Well, that's the whole art of editing. Fast, as fast as I can explain it. 4. Project for the art of editing fast: thank you very much for watching the art of editing fast. I hope in a very short amount of time, I've given you some clear technical concepts and principles that have proven successful for me to make things people love in a short amount of time with minimal editing. My friend is going through this right now with his new YouTube channel. He put up a bunch of videos with minimal edits. Then he got into this perfectionism editing where it takes four hours to make a four minute video. What I want is for you to be able to do your best creative work in the shortest amount of time, so that you can give all that you have to give to the world. And that's what I'm trying to do is just give the most that I can give to the world today. Do my best to be here of loving service with you and hope that this makes ah good impact. I realized that not everyone will love what I do and I'm okay with that. I see how what I make is amazing and I see how what I make is total crap. I see both of those points of view and neither of them are wrong. Neither of them are completely right. And what I do is just try and honestly show up, and that allows me to practice the art of editing fast. I hope this is useful for you because I never saw anything like this. I just kind of came to this through my own experience. If you found this helpful, would you please help me by sharing with me an example in the projects of something you did with minimal edits that people have loved and enjoyed show proof that you're able to apply this also or Shoah Project you've just completed If you don't have any videos and you just complete a one show something you did recently and took a leap of faith on this, I will show you a screenshot of videos I've done that have been very successful practicing this principle. I'll show you a video in the class project that's got over 500,000 views even though I hardly edited it at all. If you enjoyed this course, would you please leave a review on it? The best thing you can do to help me is to take the time and say if this course was helpful for you so that other people like you who might benefit from it will be more likely to find it and received the same help you've received. When you help the others, you end up helping yourself. Thank you very much for watching this. I hope you have a great day today. And in conclusion, out of all these videos, I only had to make one edit in the last video you just watched to take my personal information out. Therefore, on this entire class, I spent a grand total of about five minutes editing.