The Art of Cropping: A Way to Better Photos | Adam Rubinstein | Skillshare

The Art of Cropping: A Way to Better Photos

Adam Rubinstein, Engineer and Photographer

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6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The cropping tool

    • 3. Cropping facial portraits

    • 4. Cropping half body portraits

    • 5. Cropping pictures of groups

    • 6. Summary


About This Class

We all take pictures. However, most of the pictures that we see are mediocre at best. What are the secrets of the masters of photography that make their pictures so catching to our eyes?

One of the most important ingredients of a good picture is its composition, but this perfect composion is hard to get when we take pictures in real life situations.

Contrary to what one may think, cropping is not the way to save a crappy picture. It is the way to make a good picture better. You may be shooting pictures of your kids in the playgroud using your smartphone or taking pictures of wildlife on a safari in Africa, using 20000$ worth camera and lenses, cropping can make your pictures better.

This class is intended for begginers and professionals alike. It is not about the technique of cropping, which is quite simple, but about the why and where to crop in order to achieve this better look. In this class I shall use a simple freeware program to demonstrate cropping, but you can use any picture editor you might have, including the one that you have in your smartphone.

By learning and excercizing cropping we shall also improve our photographic sight, because by practicing cropping on your finished pictures you will also get the habit of composing your pictures better as you shoot them. This is how I learned it when I started to take pictures, great many years ago.

And hey, don't think this will make cropping unneccesary. I still do cropping on many of my pictures, the good ones, and they gain by it, as you will see in the examples.  





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Adam Rubinstein

Engineer and Photographer

Retired mechanical engineer, with decades of photographic experience, expertizing in optical instruments, and some academic teaching too. Interested in the graphic arts and music as well.

I beleive that the single most important lens of a photographer is the lens of his eye.

I hope to combine my photographic skills with my teaching experience and my knowledge in optics to create good and useful classes.

Shall I succeed? Try me and be my judge!

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