The Art of Crocheting: Mastering basic techniques- Double Crochet | Karina Hernandez | Skillshare

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The Art of Crocheting: Mastering basic techniques- Double Crochet

teacher avatar Karina Hernandez

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. What will you learn

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    • 3. Part 1

    • 4. Part 2

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About This Class

This course is going to teach students how to start crocheting using a double crochet and basic crocheting techniques. While students learn these techniques they will also learn how to make a pair of slippers. 

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1. What will you learn: and this class, we're gonna learn basic crow Shane techniques and we're gonna take those techniques and use them to create our slipper. For a project to start off, we're gonna need to learn how to make a slip knot. Next, we're gonna need to learn how to make a change for the foundation of our slipper. We will be using the double Cochet technique to create the slipper. And last week you may learn how to do an includes to start off our rose. So pretty much does. Although we're gonna need to learn for this class. Next. I want to show you the materials that we will be using. 2. What will you need: Okay, so I want to show you the materials that were going to use for this project. So we will be you see yarn. I have a big ball of yarn here. You not need this much. So this is the color that I chose. You can just a different color does not have to be this one. And this is a size of the yarn. I think this is size five. I'm not sure, but we're gonna be using yarn you would also be using The H hook also can be needing a tapas Zunino, preferably one with a hole bigger than this one. And we will be using some scissors to cut the ends off. So once you have gathered all of your materials, then we're ready to start off with a project. 3. Part 1: project, We're gonna grab our yard. And first we're gonna leave a long tell at the end case of maybe around this big the number two. So now we need to create its living. Also, this is the way I make my soup. I just grabbed my urine and I wrap it around my two fingers like this, and I insert my yarn inside of that hole and I just grab the ends in my yard and I pull my yard up like this. So there I have my slipknot. I'm just gonna take my hook, and I'm going to insert it inside. Nice lift. Not. I'm going to take the answer. My yard and I'm sitting bull slightly. Okay, so now next, we need to make a change. I'm going to make 32 chains because that's how big my foot IHS and the number of genes that you make is going to depend on how big or how small your foot is. Okay, so I'm gonna change 32. I had to make a chain. We're gonna grab our you're like this. Grab my index finger am rapid around my yarn and scrubbed the answer. My chain now I have my hook on this site in my yard on this site. Now, I'm just going to grab my hook and put it over my Jorn and I would go behind my yard and I was gonna pull it in value. So I have changed one. So I'm gonna show you how to do that again. Okay, so we're just going to put a hook over our yard into the back of a yarn, and I'm just gonna pull it in through my loop and I have chained to, So I'm gonna do this into, like, get a total of 32 chains. You can just make your chain long and then just measure your chain to your foot. Okay? So he already have my chain and I already changed 32. This is how big my chain ISS. So I already taken a chain, and I measured it. Oh, my foot. Just to make sure I have the right size. So once you have your chain made, we're going to go on to the next step 4. Part 2: Okay, So pretty much the foundation for slipper. It's gonna be a square or rectangle. It's going to depend on the size of your foot. So we're gonna keep making Rose until we get either square or a rectangle. I just have to make sure that when you create your roast, it's going to be long and nobody's gonna wrap around your foot. So we're going to start off on a first row. So we're gonna be using a double crow Shea to make this slippery. So to make a double crow Shea, I'm just going to yarn over my hook like this. Then you see the chain here. I'm gonna skip that chain, and I'm gonna go onto the 2nd 1 So then I'm gonna take my hook, and I'm gonna insert it into the second chain. I'm gonna grab my yard and pull it in through that changed. And now I have three loops on my hook. I'm gonna yarn over, and I'm going to pull in my yard inside of the first to change for the 1st 2 loops. I'm sorry. Now we're left off with two loops on her, huh? I was just gonna go ahead and yarn over again and pulled in through the last two loops. So we have done a double crow shape. We're gonna do that again. Just yarn over going to the next change, which is here. Put my hooking side that chain. I grabbed my gun from behind and were left off with three loops. You are over pulled in through the 1st 2 loops. We have to upset the end, yang over and pull in through the last two loops. So we have made to double Crow Shay's. So we're just gonna keep doing that until they get to the end over chain. 5. Part 3: because so I already have made my first road. And this is what your chain looks like when you do a double crushing. So every time with finished with the road, we have to turn a work around. So we're gonna work on this side now. So just a saying when we did our first row, we're gonna do a double crow. She on every single one of a chance. For first, we have to make an increase it to make it increase. We're just gonna change 31 to and three. So now you see the first chain here? We're gonna skip this change in that house are increased on there already. So we make our double Croshere, we're going to start on the second change, which is this one here. So just make sure that you go into every single one of change. Do not skip anyone. So we're going to continue doing thes rose until we get the without. We want for our square or for our rectangle. - When you're almost at the end of the road, just make sure that you go into your very last chain. Remember to tell your work around when you're at the end before you start your next row. I remember to make an increase before you start us. Well, we don't want to start your first double Cochet on the second change from your hook. Okay, so I'm already finished with a square for my slipper. And this is from my looks like so actually made a total of 17 rose. So whenever you have your square finished for your slipper, they were ready to go on to the next step. 6. Part 1: Okay, so we're going to start making a slipper. And this is where I ended off on my 17th. So I'm just gonna take my yarn and I'm gonna pull all of my yarn all the way in. But before that, the yard that you had a touch to your ball you're just gonna chi it a long town, and you're gonna pull that into the last loop. So once you have told your yarn into the last loop and took our tapestry needle and I have already Tuchman Tapestry Needle to my yard, we're just gonna waive our tapestry needle into our chains like this. So we're gonna take our yarn and weave through our chains like this. We're gonna do this all the way to the end of our road. Okay, so I have already moved my yarn all the way through my road. So once you have, once you have whipped your yard, we're just gonna go ahead and take my yard and within a pool. So we're gonna pull typed because they were just gonna go ahead. And so this part, just make sure that your edges are aligned 7. Part 2: Okay, so I have already sowed, um, the toe part of my slipper. Something's gonna take my needle. And I'm just gonna leave onto the top part of the toe till I get back onto this match. Just gonna pull my yard through. Yeah, is another. We are back on the top. We're gonna have to So the top part over slipper. So you're gonna determine how wide do you want to open it to be? So I think I'm gonna so up to here. - Okay , so I've already stone the top part of my slipper, so I'm just gonna leave my yarn attached to it for now. So now we're gonna work on the he'll take top issue needle out, and I'm just gonna go ahead and touch it again because we're gonna work on the feel part of her slipper. So I have already attached my needle onto my nine, and I was gonna so this part together, which is the same way us over the top part, is gonna so the hell part of your slipper just make sure that you align your ends and they start sewing from the edge. Just keep it so just keep on sewing your heel until you get to the end 8. Part 3: Okay, so I already so the back part of my slipper. So now we're just gonna take this part of my slipper? And I was gonna pull it like this. Now I'm gonna take the end, and I'm gonna put it up this way to create the hell now we're just gonna so all of this. So you can just So this part, how every way you can and I'm probably gonna have to attach more yarn because I don't have enough to So that part of my heel. - So if you had more yarn that you're just gonna waive your yarn through to get to the other side and then you're just gonna so on this side. Okay? Okay. So now that we have sold this part, we're just gonna go ahead and secure our gorn. Just going to do that one more time to make sure that wouldn't It won't come. And I was gonna wave it in anywhere that we can find. We are yard in. I'm just gonna go ahead and cut that part off. Okay, so now we're gonna turn our slipper to the right side. We have made the hell by doing that case, and this is how our slipper looks. That would still have that other yarn attached to our slippers. 9. Part 4: Okay, so here we have a slipper. Pretty much it's done. This is how it's gonna look. It's really nice and really pretty when you put it on your foot is gonna look really pretty . Remember that you are that we left from the top of our shit over slipper. So you're gonna do whatever you want with that young. You can either weave it around the edge of your opening here, or you can just hide it somewhere can just cut it off. I think I'm gonna wave it around mine. And then when I get to the end here, I'm going to attach a button onto my slipper. But you can do whatever you want with your slipper here, so you can either take ribbon and you can on We would around the opening here. Or you can even attach a bow like that. Just cut the ends off, or you can even take some chain like a little small seeds of chain, and you can even like we've it around. The opening of your slipper is what chain around here there's a pretty much to endure. Slippery can do whatever you want. You can just decorate it however you like. I think that I'm just going to leave my remaining yarn around here until I get to hear and I'm just going to so a plug in, like so. So once I have that done, I'm gonna show you how we looks when it's on your foot. Okay, So this is how your super looks when you put it on. It's very nice and very pretty. You can see I put my but in in the middle of my slipper. This is where we sold the toe part. And you can see the hell if it's really nice around my ankle. So you have to do nexus. Just make the other celebrity for your other foot. And it's gonna be the same way that you made this one. There really isn't a left or a right side to your slipper. Thank you guys so much for joining my course. I really do appreciate it. And I hope that you enjoyed making this slipper. I really have so much fun. And I hope to see you in my other courses. I think you guys see you soon