The Art of Color: Using Color in Your Design Work

Faye Brown, Faye Brown Designs

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10 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction to class

    • The Project

    • Color Theory

    • RGB or CMYK?

    • Color Psychology

    • Color and You

    • Color Trends

    • Color Palettes

    • Illustrator swatches tutorial

    • To Finish


About This Class


This 40 minute class will look at color and how to effectively use color palettes in your work. Whether you are a designer, illustrator, artist or stylist you’ll have a new appreciation for color at the end of this class. 

We will look at color theory and color psychology before moving on to creative ways of finding color palettes to work for you. There will also be an Adobe Illustrator tutorial on working with color swatches. 

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Great class, learned a lot. Thanks Faye.
Helpful tips thx!
Cheryl Oed

Feng Shui Consultant, Instructor

Really helpful overview - loved the mix of theory vs. practical suggestions. Going to get stuck into creating some colour palettes now. One thing I'd love to get into more depth with is CMYK vs RGB. I've been using some watercolour fills/patterns in AI that don't print correctly when using CMYK - I think perhaps because they originated from photos that perhaps had RGB embedded. Also had problems when using transparency less than 100% in CMYK but I don't know why! Something for another class?
Zoe Power

In love with brush lettering





Faye Brown

Faye Brown Designs


Faye is a graphic designer with over 15 years experience in motion graphics, branding and illustration. During her Graphic Design degree course she won a DandAD yellow pencil for a corporate identity brief. 

Faye has designed and art directed for interactive TV, DVD menus, title sequences for film and TV and commercials. Clients include the BBC, ITV, Discovery Channel, SyFy Channel and Aviva. Many of her projects required elements of branding and strong typography. Faye has designed logos from singers to visual effects companies to salad producers. 

Following the success of her first Skillshare class - The Art of Typography, she has since created a range of classes sharing her knowledge, experience and passion in subjects on branding, creativity and business. 

If you’d like a dose of inspiration and to join a group of fellow creatives come along and join Faye’s Skillshare Tribe new Facebook group here.