The Art of Asking [Questions] | Erika Harano | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Art of Asking [Questions]!

    • 2. Why ask questions? (and how?)

    • 3. Knowing who to ask: defining a target audience

    • 4. Crafting [good] questions

    • 5. Important considerations for framing questions

    • 6. Synthesizing findings

    • 7. Wrapping up


About This Class

Asking good questions is a stepping stone to breakthrough innovations and powerful human experiences. 

When it comes to UX design and design thinking, the process of forming, asking, and exploring questions is crucial to understanding people's goals, needs, behaviors, and frustrations -- and it can make or break a design process. 

In this course, we explore what good questions are, why they matter, and how to generate good questions for your own projects. Students will practice creating and asking questions through a unique real-life project. Beyond this class, students can use insights gathered through the project to ideate and prototype research-informed approaches to simple and complex problems.  

This all-levels course is ideal for people interested in UX research and strategy, design thinking, systemic design, and creative problem-solving. 

No prior experience or tools necessary.