The Art & Science of Getting Referrals - 3 Sales Experts Share Strategies - Part 1

Alan H. Jordan, Writing & Instruction that Entertains & Empowers

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    • Discover just how strongly Joe Templin feels about his introduction system

    • Art and Science of Referrals Part 1 Section A SS


About This Class

Would you rather spend your day...

  1. Cold calling prospects; or
  2. Meeting with people who are excited to be with you because one of their friends, associates, co-workers or relatives told them about the great job that did for them?  

If your answer is, "2," then this course is for YOU! Don't waste another minute. Subscribe now.  Use the knowledge that you glean and In less than a day, you'll be getting warm referrals. This is the first in a series of courses that will empower you to sell more and upscale your lifestyle.

Otherwise, read on:

You're going to be delighted with your decision to take this course because you are going to meet experts who make a great living through referrals, get all of the referrals they need, and truly enjoy the sales process. 

Referrals or introductions are the lifeblood of most successful salespeople. Wouldn't you like to sell to people who know why you're coming, and who already value your expertise? Wouldn't you like to go to bed each night knowing that your referral generator skills are so advanced that your schedule is filled for the next two weeks, and that you don't need to pay someone to develop leads for you? If so, you need to take this course. It will show you how to get referrals for a lifetime.

We live in a referral economy. People who spend money easily, usually spend money with their friends or with someone who has been referred to them. Think about the last time you spent a lot of money on a major investment. Didn't you ask someone who they would recommend?

I interviewed three people who make a very good living because they use referrals (or introductions, as some prefer to call them) and every one of them shares valuable nuggets with you. Soon, you will be mastering the art and science of referral marketing.

Discover how to get introductions via email and how to get introductions that break the ice for you Discover how to ask for and get a referral letter. Discover the four-part method that makes it easy for prospects and clients to want to give you referrals.

I encourage you to ask questions. If you don't believe something will work for you, explain why. You might be surprised to find a simple solution to your situation, and you'll help others too.

This course just might change your lifestyle, and make every day of your sales career more enjoyable. Join now, and be sure to participate.

What Will You Get from this Course?

  • Confidence that empowers you to ask for referrals or introductions
  • Knowledge; three successful ways to ask for introductions
  • Choice: Select the best way to ask for introductions.

This course will help:

  • Any salesperson
  • Any retailer
  • Any spouse of a salesperson who wants to help their spouse succeed.

Joe Templin, an advanced member of the Life Insurance industry's coveted Million Dollar Roundtable shares valuable advice about how to get referrals. This advice is useful for most outside, inside and retail salespeople.

This is the first of a series of courses. Other courses in this series feature different experts, with different perspectives.

What are the requirements?

  • It is helpful, but not necessary, to have sales experience.

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An interesting twist in Skillshare classes. Very fresh and helpful.
Francisco Moriones

"The Insider "| Knowledge For Your Success.

Great lesson!
Carla C.

You are born as you are, try to become better





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Writing & Instruction that Entertains & Empowers


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