The Art Of Storyselling And The Mind-Blowing Power Of Your Personal Story

Vladimir Raykov, Marketing and Sales Manager

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7 Videos (36m)
    • Welcome!

    • Why Should You Use Marketing Stories?

    • The Unlimited Power Of Your Personal Story

    • Who Should You Write Your Story For?

    • Top 3 Rules When Writing Marketing Stories.

    • Where Should You Use Marketing Stories?

    • Examples And Your Project.


About This Class

Welcome & Instructor

Welcome to the Art of Storyselling Course, where you will learn to how to write long as well as short compelling stories that influence your prospects to buy your products. My name is Vladimir and I will be leading you through the course.

I’ve been a professional marketer for several years now. My passion is online teaching and during the last year alone I managed to enroll over 15000 students into my course. As you can guess by yourself that didn’t happen by chance. I did a good job marketing my courses and one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that you have to build an emotional connection with your prospect first and then try to sell them.

And I think that’s the difference between experienced and inexperienced marketers. The best way to build such a connection is simply by sharing your unique story and this is going to be the focus of the course!


I designed this course for anyone who wants to increase the sales of their products or service. By the end of the course, you will be able to integrate your personal story into one of the simples and most powerful copywriting formulas ever created, not only that, you will be able to write potent and effective Google ads, Facebook Ads and Twitter ads.

Major Points

I’ll be teaching a formula for writing pieces of copy that will bring predictably good results. And this formula is flexible and effective because regardless of the length of your copy, whether you will write 3 sentences or 300 sentences – it will work.

We’re going to start by tackling three important question “Why should you use marketing stories?”; “Where should you use Marketing stories”, and “Who should you write your stories for?”. Then, we’ll have a look at the three vitally important rules when it comes to writing copy and of course, you’ll discover the unlimited power of your personal story!

Plus, we’ll examine some real-life examples to get a perfect understanding of how everything fits together.

I’ll walk you through entire writing process step-by-step.

The Ideal Student For This Course

The ideal student for this course is an entrepreneur selling products and services online. An entrepreneur who wants to increase the sales of their products or services without sounding or being salesy…. There are no requirements necessary to enroll, I’ll only ask you come open-minded and ready to learn.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, I’m looking to seeing you inside.

-Vladimir Raykov


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Amazing class! I will use some of the methods explained.
Samuel Naesen

It all starts with you

Nicely done!
Ken Wells

Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

This is an excellent course! Vladimir is a gifted teacher and story-teller who knows how to deliver value--I look forward to learning more from him.





Vladimir Raykov

Marketing and Sales Manager

Vladimir Raykov works as a Marketing Manager at an innovative and highly developing company for software solutions.

Vladimir has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and has successfully completed courses on a Master's level on Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Knowledge at Copenhagen Business School.

He is an author, blogger and one of his deepest passions is leadership - bringing out the best in people. Moreover, Vladimir is certified by Case Western Reserve University on a course - Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence. The course was conducted by professor Richard Boyatzis.

Social Media enthusiast with more than 60000 followers on the two of his Twitter accounts (@vladimirraykov and @tech_innovator).

His highest priorities are family and friends. He does and is interested in online teaching and learning as he thinks that these two terms are the new currency of the future.

A strong believer in education, Vladimir is willing to share his knowledge with others.