The Art & Craft of Making Clothes: Sew Your Own Best Pair of Jeans | Anna Perez | Skillshare

The Art & Craft of Making Clothes: Sew Your Own Best Pair of Jeans

Anna Perez, Illustrator, Designer, Seamstress

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13 Videos (2h 21m)
    • Intro

    • Tools and Materials

    • Measurements

    • Drafting the Pattern

    • Cutting

    • Prep

    • Back Pockets

    • Front Pockets

    • The Fly

    • Waistband

    • Front to Back

    • Finishing Touches

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In this comprehensive class, you'll learn how to create a pair of fitted denim jeans from start to finish.

Throughout the course, we will...

  • Cover materials and machines used, as well as alternatives
  • Take a few key measurements
  • Draft a complete pattern using our own measurements
  • Learn how to speed up the sewing process with a few simple steps
  • Design and arrange the back pockets
  • Create and assemble polished front pockets 
  • Construct the fly and attach the zipper
  • Measure, draft, and sew our custom waistband
  • Learn two different ways to create a buttonhole
  • And add a few finishing touches to create a polished final piece!

We'll utilize skills such as....

  • Using a French Curve
  • Correctly measuring a crotch curve
  • Using basic equations to split up measurements
  • Drafting a custom pattern from scratch
  • Arranging patterns to save fabric
  • Using a Serger
  • Sewing a French Seam
  • Understanding and correctly assembling a zip fly
  • Creating a buttonhole without a special foot
  • Adjusting the crotch curve to better fit your body
  • Hemming, and more! 

The jeans we'll be making during the class are high-waisted, but by the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the skills to create the waistband height of your choice.

You can make your own pair of fitted jeans, fit to your body, at home, and on your own machine! Let's get started creating something you'll use and cherish on a daily basis!

This is an intermediate sewing class, so a basic knowledge of sewing is required, but no prior experience drafting patterns is necessary.





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Anna Perez

Illustrator, Designer, Seamstress

Hey guys, I'm Anna Perez. I love to (and try to) do just about anything creative. My background is in Fine Art, but my true loves are sewing and illustrating.

A handful of my illustrations have been published in the children's book, "Little Me," by Marka Sawyer. I share some of my techniques in my Skillshare class "Illustrating with Pen and Watercolor."

I've been sewing recreationally for almost 20 years, and professionally for the past five, working as both a prototypist and ma...

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