The Anxious Artist's Guide to Building Courage & Trusting Yourself!! | Pauline McKinney | Skillshare

The Anxious Artist's Guide to Building Courage & Trusting Yourself!!

Pauline McKinney, data loving artist

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Building Courage Intro

    • 2. My story

    • 3. You got this

    • 4. Keys to Success

    • 5. Courage with fashion & makeup

    • 6. Courage at work

    • 7. Courage with art

    • 8. Bonus Make a You Got This Booklet

    • 9. Bonus Draw with Eyes Closed


About This Class

Calling all anxious, worried, unable to enjoy the amazing moment right now (because you're too busy worrying about the uncertain future that lies ahead) peeps! I've been an anxious artist, partner, parent, creator my entire life! I started a practice of courage and trusting myself once I saw how much it held me back in my creativity, my art, and my ability to enjoy the small moments. I started small, and I've evolved and grown my practice of courage as I have grown the trust I have within. I'm SO EXCITED to share this class and my framework with you! I'm genuinely hopeful this class can help you experience more courage, and trust in yourself - which will improve every facet of your life! So click play, and let's start!

Resources: Here's the link to the class printable!



1. Building Courage Intro: Hi, I'm probably McKinney, and I'm an anxious hardest. If you're anything like me, you are an over thinker, a warrior, and fear holds you back in a lot of ways in your life. If you're looking for a way to break out of that and push yourself out of your comfort zone to trust yourself more and really grow into being the artist parent partner Pierre that you really want to be then pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, becoming more courageous and learning to trust yourself are critical components of becoming whatever it is you want to be in reaching those things that you want to do. I'm really excited to help you on your journey. I've spent the last several years experimenting with ways to become more courageous, become comfortable with standing out and tow, learn how to trust myself. These things have really helped so many areas of my life awesome and grow because of it. In this class, I'll help you uncover proof you're amazing and you've got this. You'll learn a framework for finding ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You'll build courage and trust in yourself each step of the way, you'll learn to start small and grow big. You'll have fun and find a new dimension of courage. And trust is you pushed yourself with every challenge. So I'm excited to share really small ways that you can start today to become more courageous person and I'm here for you and I can't wait to help you and let's get started. 2. My story: Hi. Thank you so much for joining the course. I'm so excited to have you here before we really get started. I wanted to just share a little bit about myself and to show you that you've got this. So I've been an anxious worrier my entire life. I can remember as a kid drifting off to sleep, wondering what problem it was in my life that I needed to solve. Ever since I was a kid, I worried about things. And my husband's main word for me if he had described me in one word, is an over thinker. Historically, I worry about everything. I think if I would hurt if I were a character, I'd probably be piglets from. So I let fear pulled me back in so many areas of my life at work. I was afraid to stand out. I wanted to just feel certain about things. I wanted to feel comfortable in my art. I wouldn't try things because I was afraid. And I think just let fear hold me back and I alive some of the ways that it really affected me. That I didn't realize until now is that I couldn't enjoy the little moments because I was always focused on the future or the past, and I couldn't just be here now. And so I knew that that needed to change. Because if I ever want to grow and become what it is I aspired to be or do I knew that I had to start becoming more courageous. I had to start going even if I was afraid. And so I started experimenting with lots of different leagues to do that. And I'm so excited to share those ways with you here because I think that those were really the gateway, the door openers to me becoming a more courageous person. And I'm really excited to be going on this journey with you, and I really hope that it helps you. I'll see you in the next section. 3. You got this: you've got this. I'm really excited to start with this activity because it's so important for you to sit down with yourself and recognise and acknowledge and really see yourself for amazing, awesome, badass person that you are. So I really, really, really insist on your doing this particular page in this challenge because this is really the foundation for me. Build encouragement, learning to really believe that I've got this no matter what. And that's that's the crux of all this. It's pushing past things that make you uncomfortable because you know you've got this because, you know, deep down that you can do it. So how I started Waas. I was starting a new job, and I was really nervous about my ability to do a job because I've never done before. And before I started my job, I sat down and I wrote down a list of all of the accomplishments that I've ever achieved, things that created or done things. I have survived that no one can ever take away from me, and I still I turned actually turn that into only gonna according book that I pull out in times of worry or fear and I use it And I remember Oh, yeah, I've got that's no matter what. So I want you to sit down and make a list. So one of the resource is that you have in this course is a credible that I made for you and, uh, in it. One of the sheikhs is you've got this, So I want you to really think about what it is that makes you amazing. And don't shortchange yourself like really acknowledge yourself. What is it that you've done and achieve that no one else can take away from you? You know, for me, it was being the first in my family to finish college and paying for it by myself having two kids all natural without any, uh, interventions. I'm really proud of that. And no one can ever take that away from me. And there are things that you achieved, are created or survived make you an amazing person. It's important to document that and have that somewhere where it will recharge your batteries when you feel worried or nervous about something. So, you know, put on a plane list that makes you feel really good and just start writing and If you mess offer, you need more space, there's back and you can always reprint another one and just so excited. So go acknowledge yourself. Go and claim yourself and all of the ways you are an amazing person. 4. Keys to Success: away. All right, We're almost ready to get to the challenges. I wanted to quickly go over a few things to remember before we get started. Number one courage doesn't come from comfort comes from conflict. So the rial working all these challenges is gonna be about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. That's how you become agents. It's okay to feel fear, you have to learn how to keep going even when you're scared. This is key to building. Were courage, always gonna feel that fear in your life and it never goes away. But you learn how to take action despite. So, as you embark on these challenges, pay attention to the fear that you feel And remember to tell yourself I've gotten this. Your head in your mind are going to say things like stupid wiring doing this. You look double. Don't do this and just push. Tell yourself you've got this. These challenges are also a way to start listening to your inner voice. So I I can remember not having an inner voice for a very long time. I think my inner voice was just a critic, a very mean, jerky critic who always talked down to me. And through building this practice of courage, I've really created an inner voice and an intuition that has really shined through in a positive way, an inner voice that can tell me that I've got this intuition that says, Go do this. You really wanted to. Even though it sounds scary, you've got it. So this is your chance to start cultivating an award that is loving and supportive and intuition because, you know, inside what are the right things to do and what you really want to dio. And by building this practice of courage, you're going to get there. You're gonna learn how to push past those fears. So when you're feeling afraid to take on one of these challenges and I were got over, try to keep going Anyway, you've got this 5. Courage with fashion & makeup: courage with fashion and make up. Okay, so this is the first section I'm starting with because I think it's the most fun. Uh, As you can see, I really leaned in on this one. Just a side note. I feel really stupid because I never wear red lipstick. I feel really nervous and out of sorts, but that's okay. That's part of the finest. So we all are still evolving and pushing ourselves like to this day. I still really enjoy doing this one in finding new ways to push myself. So I started with a current having more courage with fashion makeup because I think there are so many ways to start small and grow big. And that's really the goal for all of these sections is you find the really small ways that you can start with, and you really learn how to push yourself and grow bigger and bolder and still push through that feeling of discomfort like I am now. So, really, this practice is about using fashion and makeup to push yourself and make yourself uncomfortable, and to do it anyway, so you want to look different enough to stand out wherever you are using clothes and makeup . If you never wear red lipstick like I never wear red lipstick thin, slap some lipstick on and see what happens. Uh, lean and go out somewhere. Go for a night out or with friends, Or get on that zoo meeting and see you how people react if you are always wearing makeup and always look to nine. Experiment with no makeup going out and practice feeling gorgeous and beautiful in your no makeup. Ath leisure wear. Despite not having your normal face sign, push yourself to put yourself out there in a way that you are uncomfortable and that's really the key. Whatever it is that makes you feel like a low, then that's really the indicator that you need to try it. And if you are really risk averse with this whole idea, then try just wearing a really bold pair of shoes with an outfit that you would never normally pair together. People don't normally notice shoes, so that's a great way to start. Like we're bright orange shoes with a purple outfit. Although if you if you've got a purple out but bright orange shoes, the chances of you being courageous are pretty high already. Some people may already feel a lot of courage in this area, and if you do, that's wonderful. Maybe just keep doing it for fun. Keep finding a way to push yourself and, you know, keep going. I'm really excited. This one has a lot of opportunity to play there. So many cool, bold accessories. You know, necklaces and bracelets and shirts and, you know, makeup. And I know nothing about makeup, so I have a lot of opportunity in that area. Your hair. Don't be afraid to just be bold and exciting. Put together an all pink outfit and see what happens or where. Address to a place that you would never normally wear a dress like I don't know. I can't think of anything, but just have fun with it. So there's a spot. There's spot in your printable where you can right down you're ideas and your assumptions and thoughts, and then you can write down how it really went. Teoh. Collect that data on how you didn't die and everything's OK. Feel free to post a picture of yourself having courage with your fashion and makeup or agin discussion in the class and I'm really excited to see what you come up with. I have a lot of fun. Enjoy this one. Take your time on and really use. This is a chance to start listening to your inner voice and telling yourself practicing. You've got this. You've got this. You know, it's scary to take a risk. You prompt this. All right, thanks. 6. Courage at work: courage at work. So everyone's gonna have a different relationship to their work. They're gonna have a different circumstance for work. So this is just gonna be a framework to help you think about new ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone. So this set of experiments is really gonna be about brainstorming in finding ways to have courage with your co workers, with your boss and with the work that you do every day. So maybe the first step is to find your comfort zone. Where are you comfortable and what's away? You can push yourself out of there at first in a small way and gradually in bigger race. I'm gonna put a disclaimer here to say every workplace has its own culture. So please don't risk your job in the name of fullness. You know what is right for yourself and your situation. So I'm gonna say, Please don't risk it. If it's something that's very important to you, you know best chances are you already know how you can show up with more courage at work. And this'll is a great time for due to start really going inside, listening to your inner voice and really taking action from what your intuition tells you. But I'm also going to give you some ideas. You know, if you are a person who does not feel comfortable engaging other people like socially, then you can push yourself in a small way by saying hello to someone you don't know at work . Uh, maybe scheduling coffee date with appear that you don't really know you've never met or you've only met briefly and putting yourself out there to be rejected offer a coffee date or lunch even if its virtual that could be a great rate or just put yourself out there and the chances are they're not going to say no, but you never know and be okay with that, um, starting a conversation with someone who's higher up, not your boss, but your boss's boss or even your boss's boss's boss or founder of the company where you work. This is a chance, and I know it can be super intimidating, but it may be. Send him an email with a question or an idea were I offer to have coffee with them because you like to pick their brain on something where you just engaging with someone who seems really intimidating and, you know, if it seems risky to do at work, maybe you think about how you can do it in your personal life, finding someone on linked in or reaching out to author or someone who's working really admire just putting yourself out there in a way that you could be rejected and it makes you uncomfortable. And that's the key. Do find something as it relates to your work that makes you uncomfortable. So, you know, if you're uncomfortable giving compliments, maybe compliment someone on their hard work or the really great work product that they put together. Try asserting your opinion. I know for me at work this was something I really struggled with and had Teoh practice doing a lot. And I started out in a smaller team meetings where there wasn't a lot of risk for me to serve him where the stakes flow. I'm not gonna go do it necessarily in a client situation, but it, you know, in a place where I feel safe with my teammates, I'll just start my tenure and I'll say, Well, I don't agree with that or here's what I think we could do better. Um, another idea is saying noticed people are constantly asking you to do things, and it makes you really uncomfortable. They know, practice the different lease you can say no. Maybe I don't have time for that at this time. I'm really sorry, but I can't, uh that's so uncomfortable. And maybe you could just practice that saying no. Another thing, as you know, challenging something you don't agree with. I've had a hard time with this too, and, you know, finding the different diplomatic ways to challenge something has been very uncomfortable experience, but something I continue to work on if someone says something and I don't agree with it, you know, I think historically I would just keep silent. But that's not the courageous thing to do for me. So I started speaking up. You know, if it matters and people want my opinion than it's my job to speak up. So I've started to, you know, find waste diplomatically say, Oh, sure that really, I'm not sure I agree. Or what about this? And that could be a great way to push yourself another great way. Teoh, uh, experiment with courage is trying not asking permission. This one's really hard if you're used to constantly getting okay is what If you just did the thing that you thought needed to be done, what would happen? And you know, how uncomfortable does that make you? So I gave you a place in the credible to practice this. Just space here where you do maybe come up with ideas, right? Your assumptions and your thoughts and fears Test it out and right how it went. How did it make you feel? Did you die? Was everything okay? Is it something that you think would make sense for you to do? Moving forward? Um, stuff. There's so many things you could do for this particular challenge. I'm excited to hear about what? How it goes in what happened. So you can always shoot you note or enter, uh, something into the discussion in the class? Uh, yeah. Let me know. I'm dying to know. Thanks. 7. Courage with art: courage with your parts. This one is really fine, especially if you're really into art. Heard with your art is really about breaking free from how you normally do things and pushing yourself to try what makes for some people like me who have perfectionist. This is especially hard toe like purposefully make bad stuff or stuff. You bake where things that aren't perfect and that is the excitement are, too, because have encouraged with your art will help you not only evolve your styles but also break free from the constraints that are holding you back. If you find yourself making the same artwork over and over and it's time to introduce more courage into your heart, you're gonna be in a different place than I am, so I can't get super specific. But I can give you ideas, and I can help you brainstorm things that can help you find more courage with your heart. So what you need to do is really think about things that make you uncomfortable when it comes to heart. Um, for me, I really enjoy drying animals and florals and experimenting with different colors. So the thought of drawing a building or a fork or something that's not an animal or flour makes me pretty uncomfortable, and I don't generally enjoy it. So for me, I I've started working on taking a class on how to draw architectural elements and buildings because it can help me grow is an artist. So find this subject that make you comfortable that make a little squirmy and try drawing them and be OK with being bad. Be OK with making bad arts. That's how you learn. And that's how you grow. Take classes to help you grow your skills and and be okay with being uncomfortable and making the bad stuff. Um, some tips to try is, you know, one of the games I like to play with my family is just trying your favorite new favorite subjects or even Brandon subjects with Sloan's eyes kind of helps you break out of your comfort zone, consuming a weird position because you can't see anything, so you have to do it just by feel and structurally really funny to see the results. So that's a really great introductory, light hearted made Teoh. Another thing you can do is just try drawing something for like a week a subject that you're not. Cars, guitars still life ambles. Whatever it is, just sit with it. Be uncomfortable. Push, push yourself and see what you're capable of. Maps trying, drawing in a place that makes more comfortable go outside. What's it like to draw out in nature at a park? What's it like to draw in your backyard? What's it like to draw in front of your family? Wasn't like to draw in a new place in a new way. Try drawing with your friends. If you never do that, invite him over. If you're allowed to you okay? Paint with colors that you hate. If there's a palace, we always go to find a new palette, a tear like a bold one that you never use and just see what happens. Part of the fun of this can also be the frustration. So doing things that make you uncomfortable is. But there's another way you can deal with that, and that's to embrace it of unit and have fun to just be in the moment and not judge yourself and think all of the bad things and hate it the entire way. So this is also a chance to just embrace it and have a good time. Be okay with making bad art and never know what will happen to the key. Here is just a find. Whatever it is in your heart, that makes you uncomfortable and go towards that in small ways that first progressively bigger. So I really can't wait to see what happens. I know. I'm probably not gonna actually get to see what happens, but always feel free to post your art share what you've done. And, you know, um, my email address is on the front of your principal guide. Always feel free to share. I'll share some of my bad artwork and my dreams, and I hope to see what you think. 8. Bonus Make a You Got This Booklet: high. OK, hello. Welcome to this bonus video in this bonus video, I'm going to show you one of the ways that I did my You've got this. I transformed it from a list into an accordion book that I referenced whenever I feel like I need a little bit of encouragement and I just wanted to show you how to do it. Using regular paper, you can always make it fancy her by using watercolor paper or card stock that you decorate . I'll just show you like the technique that I've used, so I have two copies. One is like the first version cut I did, and then another is a little more decorated. But, you know, I was really nervous about starting a new job. So I put together a list. And then I put together this book and it's says proof. I am a forbid a ble. Impressive person says here, 20 says here 2018. And this was just me, sort of writing down all of the things that I felt for proof that I'm and if I'm a formidably impressive person, but just really it was my own. You've got this list right? And I ended up evolving in shortening it to you've got this. Here's the proof. And this is really what I pull out whenever I feel like I need a dose of encouragement for myself, a reminder that I do have this. So I went in and I decorated and I water colored and I wrote things and I just had fun with it. And, uh, I'm gonna show you just the folding technique for the paper and you can always upgrade. This is multimedia next media paper. I think so. It's a little sturdier. Feel free to use card stock or whatever you've got on hand. Another thing I want to say is it doesn't have to be perfect. This is just for you. Don't turn this into like a Niang's I ity written stressful thing. It's just for you. No one ever has to see it. It's not gonna be on instagram, so what you need is a few pieces of paper in case you mess up and a pair of scissors, and this is just for the full. This is for the you know how to make it and then you can with a red lychees paper and then you can decorate it, however you want Teoh. So what you'll do is you'll take. This is an 8.5 by 11 piece of computer paper, and what you do is you fold it first lengthwise and this is I've also heard it called a hot dog Hold. You just folded in half. It's like that. Then you're gonna open it up with the crease going this way, and you're going to fold it in half the other way. Also called the hamburger fold like this, then what you'll dio is you'll take this edge here. You'll have your to loose edges and your one crease. You'll take the list edge and you fold it up towards the middle and you'll do the same on the other side. And then you'll have this. You have a piece of paper that looks like this. So the easiest cut you can make. It's going to be cutting. See, there's 1234 panels here. 121234 You'll just cut three panels and leave one panel, as is so gonna cut these three and leave this one in touch. Cut along the crease. Make sure you can see me. My hides aren't necessarily super straight or on point. And that's okay. This is just for me. I'm not trying to make it perfect. I'm gonna move forward anyway. And I've cut three of my four panels and then I have one panel still intact and uncut up at the top. So then I'm gonna fold along the crease right here, and it's gonna go like this, and then I'm just gonna follow the folds. And then what you have is a nifty little book, and you can do with it what you will, you know, proof. I've got this. And then you can list out all of your things. All of your reasons why you've got this. So that is a nifty little way to turn your list into a little booklet. If you would like Teoh, have fun 9. Bonus Draw with Eyes Closed: Hi there. Welcome to the bonus video on a drawing with your eyes closed. Uh, this one is just really help you get uncomfortable with making art, and it's really easy exercise one that I like doing with my kids and my husband. Um, very casual. All you need is a 10 and a piece of paper. So let's get ready to draw together here way, May other supplies. Okay, so what you do here is sometimes that will make, like, pieces of paper that we all have toe just sort of pick out of a hat or would have us randomly called something. Or you could just put together a list or come up with whatever you want. The whole key here is just picking a subject and drawing it with your eyes closed. I picked this little exercise up from a domestic a class I took with Adolfo Sarah, and it was about it was like something with a blank paper. But it was a really good class in such a fun activity that I always go back to whenever I feel like I need a little bit of dose of courage and creativity. So for this particular exercise. Let's practice drawing a dog. That sounds pretty straightforward. So what you'll do is you'll just close your eyes. I have my eyes closed. I promise. See if you can see I have my eyes closed and I'm just gonna draw dog. So just close your eyes and draw dog. This is That's what I came up with. It it's it's really funny. Okay, now try drawing a shoe. Okay? Lets see. I probably don't. I'm probably been closed, and it's sort of uncomfortable that you do it anyway. OK, so there's my shoe. Okay. Try drawing a plant or flower flower. Try drawing. Um, tree. - Okay , try drawing a house. Nash, try drying a shirt. I was trying to draw collard shirt. Try drying a cat. Right. There's my cat. Try drawing a coffee cup. A coffee mug? No. With something big picture or some words on the mug. All right. Uh, coffee is the breakfast of champions. So you get the idea. Have fun, draw lots of crazy things and practice pushing yourself and having courage with your art. Have a great day