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The Antidote to Procrastination-Building Your Mental Muscle

Youshaa Motan ☯, Founder - The Digital Branding School

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16 Videos (34m)
    • Building Mental Muscle Introduction

    • Follow me for all new courses.

    • The awareness 5 Minute mental meditation exercise

    • Defining the awareness focus loop

    • Curing procrastination with the awareness focus loop

    • The Antidote to Procrastination

    • Deliberate Practice

    • The 3 Types of Procrastinators

    • Type 1 - The Rush Seeker

    • Type 2 - The Task Avoider

    • Type 3 - The Perfectionist

    • Animation

    • How to Identify and face procrastination

    • Identifying the painpoints

    • Solutions to the 4 key painpoints

    • Outro Animation


About This Class

Difficulty level: Beginners to Advanced will appreciate this course.

In this class you will learn:

  • Meditation or mental intentional focus is possible.
  • This is trainable just like when you hit the gym.
  • In this video is a meditation exercise which Builds Mental Muscle and Cures Procrastination, you will learn it and then implement it in your daily systems to overcome procrastination and grow your mental muscle.

In the next few videos you will learn the antidote for Procrastination in terms of psychology and philosophy. The strategies are simple to implement daily with focused intent and practice. The methods are big on simplicity and are made simple for you to apply in your life. Just copy and paste them to your circumstances. They yield great results instantly and with concerted effort.

You will achieve mastery over the mental muscle building meditation which will overcome procrastination, one step at a time.

This class is suitable for beginners, intermediate and more experiences learners.





Youshaa Motan ☯

Founder - The Digital Branding School

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