The Alchemy of Abundance: How to Spiritually Attract Wealth In Your Life

Robin Sacredfire, Author, Entrepreneur, Researcher

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4 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • Lecture 1 - How We Manifest the 5 Elements of Alchemy

    • Lecture 2 - How to Attract Miracles with Alchemy

    • Lecture 3 - The Relation Between Mind, Spirit and Success


About This Class

Description: In this course you will learn about the mechanics of life encoded in the hidden and ancient principles of alchemy. You will also learn what kind of energy are you manifesting in your personal relationships, investments and social life in general, and how to balance it in order to attract what you want faster and more abundantly. It’s an opportunity to understand the law of attraction more profoundly and scientifically, and this while rediscovering more about yourself and how you can be highly spiritual while being successful. At the end of this course, you will be more aware about how to change yourself and make better decisions, changing your entire future and attracting abundance.

You Will Learn to:

  • Identify your personal alchemic energy
  • Align your personal energy with your reality
  • Balance your energy
  • Achieve success more easily in life
  • Understand why the law of attraction doesn’t work for some people
  • Make the law of attraction work every single time
  • Recognize how your wealth reflects your energy
  • Become wealthier by just being yourself
  • Identify the lessons reflected in your personal reality
  • Create the life you want
  • Help others attract more happiness to their life
  • Overcome your spiritual challenges to wealth
  • Overcome your fears and spiritual barriers
  • Follow your life purpose by following universal laws
  • Become more conscious, rich and enlightened

Target Audience:

  • Anyone interested in the law of attraction
  • Anyone interested in getting richer while being spiritual
  • Anyone interested in studying how money can be used for good purposes
  • Anyone who wishes to achieve more self-understanding
  • Anyone who wants to know how reality reflects our inner self
  • Anyone interested in knowing is true self and becoming wealthy at the same time
  • Anyone interested in studying ancient and hidden spiritual laws
  • Anyone who wants to understand the relation between spirituality and the physical world
  • Anyone willing to work towards improving the world with positive vibrations
  • Anyone interested in helping others become happier
  • Life Coaches, Motivational Speakers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and other professionals in the field of mental health and life-improvement






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Robin Sacredfire

Author, Entrepreneur, Researcher