The Advertising Sales Process From Lead to Close

James Hill, Advertising Sales Training

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8 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Welcome to my class, todays lesson is on making a strong introduction

      The Sales Process.pptx
    • 3. Welcome to the class, todays lesson is on questioning techniques

    • 4. Welcome to my class, today's lesson is covering the presentation stage of the sales process

    • 5. Welcome to my class, today's lesson is about closing the sale

    • 6. Making Appointments

      The Art to getting Appointments.pptx
    • 7. Welcome to my class 'Handling Objections'

      Handling Objections.pptx
    • 8. Welcome to Closing the Sale


Project Description

We all sell ourselves, now Learn The Sales Process from start to end in the world of advertising!!

The Advertising Sales Process

  1. Making appointments, clear Intro, questioning, presenting and closing

    See 4 short video lesson's on the sales process broken onto 4 bites

    1. Introdcution

    2. Questioning

    3. Presenting

    4. Closing


    3. Handling objections

    Video couse on handling client objections


    4. Closing 

    Detailed video lesson on closing techniqies


    Making Appointments

    Video lesson on making appointments and the importance of appointment planning and objectives behind getting the right appointments


Why getting the right appointments is important

  1. Research, identify the DM, Territory planning

    •Research about the prospect online

    •Why should the prospect buy from you?

    •Who is the DM?

    •Obtain their email and direct line

Handling Objection and obstacles that will come up

  1. My Class on Handling Objections

    •Define the objection

    •List the buyer needs

    •Present the product features

    •Present the benefits

    •Gain agreement

Details on how to close the sale

  1. Return to the questioning stage

    •Stay close but not to close – When a client needs more time to think about the proposal, you have to be very careful, as anything could happen

    •The client might be close to signing off the deal but there are some internal factors or management issues that is preventing the green light.

    •Many Sales people make the mistake to leave to much time to pass, allowing the prospect to go cold, here are some tips

    • Find out how much time the client needs before to give the final OK, then in between that time, every 3-4 days send soft emails with news updated about the project, or press releases from your Marketing department to give 3rd party integrity, the key is to stay close at all times, then go back to the question stage and your notes to see what little micro details you can use, for example, premium positions, you can send an update with the premium positions you are putting by for them to show you are taking good care of their interests while they get the green light, Editorial support, use this to get them partly committed, by having the editorial department ask for press information related to the project

    • By the time you arrive at the agreed  follow up date, the client will still be warm making it easier to close the sale,

    • I would recommend fixing a face to face meeting for the follow up, once they accept the meeting you have a better chance of closing the sale for sure.

Additional Resources

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