The Advanced PowerShell Scripting Crash Course 2019 - Learn PowerShell in less than 3 hours

Dolwin Fernandes

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23 Lessons (2h 43m)
    • 1. Main Introduction

    • 2. 1 Introduction and PowerShell ISE

    • 3. 2 Variables in Powershell Edited

    • 4. 3 Arrays and Hashtables Edited

    • 5. 4 CMDLETS

    • 6. 5 Operators

    • 7. 6 Set Operations

    • 8. 7 Conditional Control Flow

    • 9. 8 Loops

    • 10. 9 Functions and Advanced parameters

    • 11. 10 Advanced functions and parameter validation

    • 12. 11 Let s create our own PowerShell CMDLET

    • 13. 12 Parameter Splatting and Sending Emails via PowerShell

    • 14. 13 Writing Event Logs

    • 15. 14 PowerShell Remoting and the Invoke command

    • 16. 15 REST methods and downloading files with PowerShell

    • 17. 16 WMI classes

    • 18. 17 Working with CSV and XML files

    • 19. 18 Error Handling

    • 20. 19 Active Directory Module

    • 21. 20 Archive Module

    • 22. 21 AWS module for offsite backup

    • 23. Final note

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About This Class

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Advanced PowerShell course. My name is Dolwin Fernandes and I’ll be your instructor for the course. I have close to 10 years’ experience in Systems administration and operations and currently work for a Gaming Studio in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been using powershell for automating various tasks at my work and also find it to be one the most full featured and powerful scripting tools when it comes to automation. What makes powershell even better, is it’s ability to run on Linux and Mac as well.


In this course, I will take you through from the very basics to the most advanced powershell features and cmdlets. This course is perfect either if you’re new to powershell, a seasoned system admin looking to automate tasks or even if you need to brush up powershell for an interview. This course is very straightforward and practical. This is the course I wish I had when I started to learn PowerShell.  In under 3 hours, we’ll cover a broad range of topics from CMDLETS to Control Flow, String Manipulation, Advanced functions, different operations, conditional logic, loops, parameter splatting, parameter sets, writing event logs, sending an email with powershell, WMI classes, Powershell remoting, Error handling and a bunch of modules like the Active Directory module, Archiving module as well as the AWS module. 

 My goal is to help you become a powershell scripting expert in less than 3 hours.

That’s right, all of the things I’ve just mentioned will be thoroughly taught in less than 3 hours. This course is very handson and to the point.  Throughout the course as we learn, we’ll be creating a bunch of useful scripts that you can use at your work place and even our very own powershell CMDLET


Ready to show off your powershell skills? Let’s get right to it.