The Achiever's Secret - The Secret from "Think and Grow Rich" Finally Revealed ! | Heenak Singh | Skillshare

The Achiever's Secret - The Secret from "Think and Grow Rich" Finally Revealed !

Heenak Singh, Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing !

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8 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction to The Achiever's Secret

    • 2. The 3 Secret Ingredients

    • 3. The Beginning - Here you Start

    • 4. This Step will Teach you the Law of the Laws

    • 5. This is Where it Gets Exciting

    • 6. Lets Build Momentum

    • 7. Everything Till Now is This One Step

    • 8. Your Daily Ritual to Become an Ace Achiever


About This Class


This class is about learning a Skill, A Practical Formula or a Mechanism to Achieve your Goals Effortlessly.

If You have read the Bestseller "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon hill which sold 20 Million copies.You may know he mentions about a secret which if followed, can make someone Achieve everything he wants in Life.

The Secret Formula to Overall Riches was Followed by Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Charles Shwab, Henry Ford and Many more.

In this class, I will reveal the Secret and How to Apply it practically everytime You have a New project and Goal and achieve it Efforlessly with 100% Success rate.

This is The Skill of all Skills.You Need to learn this if You are Goal Oriented and Have Goals.

See you Inside.Join Now.





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Heenak Singh

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing !

Hey guys,

My name is Heenak Singh and I am a Business Consultant and Strategiest.I teach people how to enhance there life using simple but powerful tools and mechanisms.

I have a great hobby of reading the Lives of Successful people and How they achieved what they have aquired in their life.

I am also into Painting and love living around The beautiful Nature and drawing life lessons from the Nature.

I feel Creativity is the key to success.A definite purpose is what...

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