The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security - Part 3 | Alexander Oni | Skillshare

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security - Part 3

Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security - Part 3

Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

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30 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Mobile cyber security promo

    • 2. Welcome to the Course

    • 3. Connect with Me Cyber Platforms

    • 4. First things First

    • 5. Mobile Usage Stats

    • 6. Android vs IOS vs BlackBerry

    • 7. Introduction to Mobile Applications

    • 8. Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

    • 9. How to Identify Legit Apps

    • 10. Whatsapp Scam

    • 11. The Truth about Jail Breaking the IOS

    • 12. Understanding App Permissions

    • 13. Checking Default Android App Permissions

    • 14. How to Check for App Permissions IOS

    • 15. 4 Tips to Working Safely with Apps

    • 16. Mobile Malware Introduction

    • 17. Mobile Ransomware

    • 18. Removing Ransomware

    • 19. Mobile Trojans

    • 20. Mobile Viruses and Spyware

    • 21. Symptoms of Mobile Malware Infection

    • 22. How to Use Malwarebytes

    • 23. Introduction to Mobile VPNs

    • 24. Using NordVPN

    • 25. How to Access FREE Public Wifi Safely

    • 26. Android Security Tweaks

    • 27. Find my Android Device

    • 28. Find my Iphone

    • 29. Top 10 Mobile Security Tips

    • 30. Mobile Cyber Security Conclusion

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About This Class

In a world where smartphones and other mobile devices generate over 52% of all internet traffic, the security of such mobile devices has never been more important.

Welcome to the complete 2019 cyber security guide for mobile devices. In this short but intensive course, you are going to learn practical skills and techniques to protect your mobile device against hackers and malware.

** Perfect for Android & IOS Users **

This course is designed for both android and IOS users. You will learn techniques and applications for both types of platforms that you can use to properly secure your mobile devices.

** App Safety **

The Google Play and Apple App stores combined have nearly 5 million apps available for download. Unfortunately a lot of these apps are also malicious programs pretending to be real applications. In this course you will learn how to identify the legit apps from the fake ones and prevent yourself from falling victim to malicious apps.

You will also learn the truth about app permissions and you can restrict the apps you have installed on your smart phone so they have access only to the necessary information that is required for them to function.

** Practical Skills **

This course is loaded with practical skills designed to help you secure your mobile device. You will learn

  • How to work with Malwarebytes - one of the best anti malware apps

  • How to backup your mobile device

  • How to install a configure a virtual private network on your mobile device

  • How to safely access free public Wifi networks

  • How to properly tweak and change the default security settings of your android device

  • and so much more

Enroll now and start learning how to protect your mobile devices against hackers and malware.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexander Oni

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. Mobile cyber security promo: the mobile device. With this simple handheld device, we can connect with our loved ones and friends, phone calls, text messages and even social media. But this same handheld device weekend do things like send e mails, shop online or the pizza, pay our bills, book a flight and do so many other things. In fact, mobile statistics have shown that most people now spend more time on their mobile device than they do on the computers. Unfortunately, cybersecurity experts have also shown that a number of cyberattacks against mobile devices has grown tremendously over the last few years and continues to be on device. Hi, my name is Alex, and I wanna welcome discourse cybersecurity for mobile devices, a course designed to teach you how you can protect your mobile device against online threats. In this course, you're gonna learn the major security differences between the Google enjoyed and the apple IOS open systems. So whether you own an iPhone or you have an enjoyed you'll and the best techniques that you can employ to protect your mobile device, APS at the lifeblood off any mobile device, which is why in this course you're gonna learn how to properly manage your applications and also how you can identify a fake malicious application. You will also learn about all the major forms off mobile malware and how you can fight against them. And finally, you would also learn how to use a wide variety off security tools to ensure the protection or few mobile device against online threats. I am a trained cybersecurity expert. I have a masters degree in cyber security, along with a host off several secret certifications. And I'm also the proud creator off several best selling online cybersecurity courses that have been taken by tens of thousands of students all over the world. There has never been a better or more important time to learn about mobile cybersecurity, which is why I hope you enroll on the course today and start learning how you can protect your mobile device against online threats. I hope you sign up for the course today, and I hope to see on the inside just 2. Welcome to the Course: Oh, I knew. Welcome to the course. Thank you for enrolling. And just by enrolling, that tells me that you are security conscious and that you're serious about learning how to protect your mobile device against online threats. Now, before we get started, I want to give you a few tips on how best to take this course. Now, the first thing here is that this course we're gonna focus primarily on the two major open assistance which would be the Google enjoyed and the Apple West because, well, like I said, these are the two most popular mobile open systems out there. But it doesn't matter if you have a window, stone or blackberry. You can still take this cause because you can learn lots of techniques that you can use to protect your mobile device. All the same. Now, in terms of questions, please. If you have any question, maybe you watched the video and maybe something wasn't clear. Ask your question. I've always had stood, Isn't it Pasto a shy about asking questions? Do not be shy. You've paid for this course. You have every right to ask a question. And on the type of instructor who loves to answer questions. So, please, if there is anything unclear, ask a question and I'll answer questions as soon as I possibly can. Now, also, in this course, you're gonna learn some practical techniques on how you can secure your mobile device against online threats. Please be sure to take the steps into Constellation Practice this steps, take this steps. Don't just take this course and forget about anything that you've learned in the course. There is nothing worse than you and will in the course pain for the course learning. And they're not applying what it is that you've learned. So please apply detectives that you're gonna learn in this course. All right, so we've not been said, Let's get started, No. 3. Connect with Me Cyber Platforms: so welcome to this very special video. And yes, I know that I do look very different from some of the other videos that you may see in this course. But that's because this coast was made a couple of years ago. And, as you can imagine, with cybersecurity there a new technical just coming out every time and in an effort to keep the course updated and ensure that you get in the best information, I do have to go on updates. Now this particular video isn't about an actual lesson in the course. It's more about ways how you can connect with me outside off the platform where you may be taking this course in. So essentially, I would like to invite you to connect with me outside off the educational platform. And if you're on LinkedIn, I do have a London account. My name is Alexander Bony. That's me right there. You can send me a connection requests, and please just mention that you are a student of mine and I'll happily accept your connection. I also have a page on it linked in a brand new page. It's called Lab Cyber. That's actually the name off my cybersecurity Educational platform lab cyber. That's the logo right there. So I do have a page on lengthen out, encouraged to please follow the page on later. Because I do update and provide lots off news regarding cybersecurity in general. So if you go to send me connection request only, then please also follow the page lab Seiple on Lincoln as well. I do have my page on Facebook, Lap cyber as well. So if you do have a account on Facebook, it's actually ah, love cyber training. But you can just sit for lab cyber on the sidebar. Andi, I believe you will find the link for you to follow now. Very, very important. If you do have a page, I'm sorry. An account on Facebook. I would encourage you to join the group. I do have a very special are private group. It's called the Cyber Monks. So I would encourage you to follow or join a group at least that where you can reach out to me a lot faster, a lot easier. Plus, you can also learn from other students who are in the group as also anything cybersecurity relate head are we discuss it in that group. Now, when you try to join, you will be acts. Two questions first is you'll be execute from that you have purchased one of my courses or that you enrolled in anyone. One, of course, is say yes. And then, please, the second question you'll be asked. Okay. Name one of the courses. Please ensure that you answer these two questions. If you don't, there is a possibility that I might not let you into the group. This is just to ensure that you are who you claim to be, because I don't people from outside who haven't and all that any of my courses to join the group. So it's not the most effective way, but at least it does help in in a certain way. So please do ensure that you answer those questions. And finally, I do have a brand new YouTube channel. It's called Lab Cyber Brand new. I just publish this channel about two days ago, so they consider. Right now it's still new. Only have three videos, but by the time you watch in this particular video, I might already have probably will have already are some other videos in there is also, if you if you want to learn more about cybersecurity because there's just so much so much happening in seven security, it's hard for me to make a course out of it. So I have referred making videos on YouTube and just to explain to you what's going on and things like that. So if you're interested, it will help encourage you to subscribe to the channel and also hit the bell S O that you notified whenever I upload a new video. So that's basically it's you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. So that's a thank you so much. Now let's continue with the vest off the course. 4. First things First: Well, hello. Thank you for enrolling in the course. And before we get started, I wanted to spend a few minutes to introduce you to a few tips on how best to take this course here on skill share. Now I've pulled up one of my courses, which is the absolute beginners Gate of Cybersecurity. Just as an example. So don't worry if you taking a different course this video festival event to you. Now, if you go to the main course page, you should see a few tabs down in here. You should see the about tab, which is basically a short description of what it costs about reviews. If this class hasn't reviews, you'll find them in here now. Community is very, very important. This is where you can either aesthetic conversation. You can ask a question. So please, if there's anything that took the boat in this class that you're not comfortable with, maybe you didn't quite understand. This is exactly where you can ask a question. So please make use off this future. You can also share a project. So if have access to do something, maybe quitted project to do something like that. This is where you would be able to do so. All right, and then finally under Thank the teacher, which is under the committee tab. This is where you can leave a review for the course, and I really hope that you will enjoy the course and you will be motivated enough to leave a review. Just click on thank the teacher, and then you'll be prompted to write a review about the course of Please do that. If you really like the course now, your project is also a very, very important tab. This is where I will provide you with an assignment that you may have to do dependent on the course you're taken. Not all causes on Scotia will have in a 7% but if there is a product that you have to take for this course, this is where you would find the description of that project. Now, to the white, you can see I have attached files. This is very, very important because in this cause she about to take I will make a reference to the resource is or the downloads. Whenever I say seven things like that, I'm referring to the attacks files here on the your project. So please go right now to your project and then download all the attached files. That could be pdf's files that you'll have to read to improve your knowledge on the topic just discussed. Or you would also have zipped files contain images or logos or your father, maybe even video files. You can download them in all likelihood you'll have to use them and this particular course . So please take a moment to download all the attached files that you have in your pocket and finally, under all projects, have other students have done the project or something like that. This is where you would find such our products. That's of course, if they chose to share their projects. So that's basically how to make use of the features here on skill share. Now, if you'd like to connect with me outside of school share, I'm on LinkedIn. You can sit for Alexander only send me a request to connect, but just please make sure that you what time is it saying you a student of mine from school share so they know who you are? I'm also on Facebook. I have a page for my Web monkey, which is the monkey online. So if you're taking any of my what press or Web development courses all the commitment, you like this pitch because in here I upload tutorials are shared lots of useful information about what? Press some of development. So if you're interested, you can like my page on Facebook. I'm also on YouTube have YouTube channel, which is the Web monkey. I upload tutorials on the weekly basis, so as regularly as I can anything regarding website creation. What prayers With development. You will find such cereals in hip. And finally, I also have an about me page if it interested in learning more about me both as a person and as an instructor. I have an about me page on my period platform, which is the Monkey academy. Calm. Just go to the mechanic will come four slash pages for slash about and here you can basically read my life story about my family, my education, my work experience, how I stayed teaching online soon and so forth. So that's it. Just wanna learn more about meat, so that's basically it. Thank you so much. Full choose into in wool in this course and ah, let's get started 5. Mobile Usage Stats: according to City Star. In January, off 2018 the global mobile population amounted to 3.7 billion unique users. The average person now spends more than five hours a day on their smartphone, also in 2018 52.2% off. All worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones. Now, according to Consumer Technology Association Worldwide, more people on a cell phone that a toothbrush ridiculous. Unfortunately, with this tremendous lies in mobile device use age, the number of mobile malware has also grown rapidly. Now. McAfee, one of the world's leading cyber security companies, reported that while it took 20 years to which two million mile West symbols on the PC, it's taking just five years to the same on Mobile. Coming up later on in the course will be taking a look at all the major forms off mobile malware and how they're able to infect mobile devices 6. Android vs IOS vs BlackBerry: All right, let's now compare the top three major mobile operating systems, the android against the IOS against the BlackBerry. So in representation, I'm gonna walk you through the major pros and cons of using each one of these kinds of a princess stems, and we're going to start off with the Android. Now, The major pro reason the android is the fact that it is highly configurable. In fact, it does offer the highest levels of configuration amongst the three major open systems. But the major corn is the fact that by default the android has very weak security settings by far the weakest off the three. So the major tip for using Android is that if you're going to use an enter device, be ready to adjust the default security sentence. Just because you want an android does not mean that you cannot provide good security for advice. You just have to be ready to take the necessary steps and precautions moving on to the apple. The ill Wes. The measure, PO, is the fact that the IOS is very consistent and very, very reliable. The major corn is the fact that the device the IOS tends to be the most expensive and contrary to popular myths and beliefs, IOS are still vulnerable to malware. A lot of people think that it's only the android and susceptible to Mali. But in fact, I was. Devices are also vulnerable to malware. Now. The major tip for the IOS is that it is by far the best choice for balance. If you're looking for a phone, the mobile device, I would offer you good levels of configuration as well as good levels of security. The IOS is by far the best choice, and finally we've got the black berry and the measure pulled the BlackBerry is that it offers excellent security by far the best security off all three major mobile open systems . But the magic corn has the fact that, well, you've got limited APS and flexibility. The black barrier is kind of like a tank, all right. It gives you great strength, grit, security, but not a lot of room, full flexibility and customization. The main tip for the BlackBerry is that it's by far the best choice for companies with sensitive data. So very quick recap. The Android is the best dressed for flexibility. The IOS is the best choice for balance, and the BlackBerry is by far the best choice for security. Thank you for watching the video and hell, let's move on to the next video. 7. Introduction to Mobile Applications: All right. So welcome to the new section Will be talking about mobile applications. You see, for every mobile device you have lots and lots of different kinds off ABS, in fact, APS at kind of like the life blood off your mobile device. That's what essentially separates your smartphone from the regular ALS school cell phones, the applications that exists in a mobile devices. And, of course, we've got Absecon helpers, take pictures, download YouTube videos, withdraw money, sent money, and someone there are ABS for just about every kind of thing. Unfortunately, abs can also be a very serious liability. You see, think of your smartphone as house, Okay, Without a door without windows. Now, anything that exists inside of their houses spilling more secure because there are no doors there, no winners to get into the house. Right? But then I think of the Internet installation on your phone as a door and think of APS as windows to your house. Now, once the door exists and once windows exist in your house Well, guess what Douglas can now get in and take whatever you have stored in your house. So, as a general rule, the more APS you have one. And on your mobile phone, the more risk you have of becoming attacked by in the hallway or a cybersecurity criminal. So coming up in the next few videos that we're talking about applications. How can you identify a fake act from alleged application? Will be talking about the differences between the Google play stole and the Apple App store . And, of course, I will be giving you the major step that you can take to secure your phone and stay protected. Whenever you download and use applications, let's get started. 8. Google Play Store vs Apple App Store: a very common question I get amongst mobile users is which is more secure, the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Before I enter this question, I wanted to share with you a few interesting statistics about this to APP stores in terms of revenue. It turns out that the Apple hapstall has actually made mom money. Then in the Google play Stole as of 2018 the Apple have stole genital between $2.6 billion in comparison to the Google Play store doesn't generated about $11.8 billion. However, it should be noted that unlike the Apple app so that's available in China, the Google play store is not yet available in this country. And we all know China is a huge mark with over building people there in terms of growth. It turns out that the Google play store actually outgrew the Apple App store in 2018 the Google Place told grew by 29.7% against the 26 point 8% off the apple stole. Also, when it comes to them off APS available as of December 2018 there are about 2.6 million ABS available in the Google Play Store, compared to the 2.1 available in the Apple App store. And one more very interesting statistics is the fact that games actually the most downloaded app, in fact, off all the revenue Djinnit through yourselves off APS games account for a whopping 78% off all those sales, which is just insane. So if you're thinking about making money through APS, you might want to invest in making a game with two. So now to the most important question, which is more secure between the Apple App store and the Google play store. While in terms of security, there's really no comparison. The Apple App store is far more secure. But why? Why is it that the Apple App store is more secure than the Google play store? Well, there are four major reasons for this, and the very first reason is the fact that Apple have a very strict policy when it comes to publishing applications on the platform before an AB can be published on the platform, it has to go through a very regal a vetting process. Now, even though Google do try to vet the bad acts on the good APS under store. The rules and requirements needed to be satisfied before an APP can be published on Google Play store is not as vigorous as that off the Apple App store. The second reason has to do with security updates. You see Apple always make it mandatory for the users to download and install updates whenever the available. But Google, on the other hand, always give. The user has the option off the virtues into download and stole the objects whenever they're available, all chosen to do so at a time. So in reality, while introduces, have more flexibility, they tend to be less secure than their counterparts who used the IOS devices. Now the third reason has to do with hardware You say it, like Apple, that have full control over the kinds of had with the manufacturer. Android, on the other hand, half different cancer manufacturers. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of android devices do not take security into account. We never did manufacturers these devices rather than place and security as a top priority, the old rather focus more on things like the design or the customer experience. The fourth and final reason has to do with something known as device fragmentation. You said before you, as a user can use a mobile device, two things have to be present. One would be the harbor, which would be phone second would be the software, which would be the open system. Now, the more visions that exists between the hardware software, the greater the fragmentation and the greater defendant ation, the more vulnerable you become to security loopholes. Now Apple have the advantage of having very limited visions off their prince system and also very limited visions off their hardware. Android under their hand, have so many variants off. It's up in the system and, of course, so many different manufacturers manufacturing different kinds of under devices. As a result, the fragmentation of exist on Android is far greater, and because of this I enjoyed, it tends to be fault list secure than the Apple App store so that you have it. The middle comparisons between the Google play Stole and the Apple App store. I hope you enjoy the video and I will see the next one, says 9. How to Identify Legit Apps: okay, So I don't want to do in this video is to give you a few tips on how to successfully navigate the Google Place store and download the white kind of application. Now, it doesn't matter if you're an iPhone user, you can also make use off some off the steps. So let's get started. Now. It's going to see I am on the Google. Please stole. And yep, there are quite a few nice movies to buy. We've got some booksellers music and so on. All right, I want to do this, right. I'm gonna come in here right now, and I'm gonna type in Facebook. All right? Now, here's the thing about downloading very, very popular APS like Facebook. Be extremely careful that you're downloading Do right version off. That kind off application is a Facebook Now has lots off APS that have similar names. Like you've got the actual Facebook app right here. But then you've got Facebook. Let you've got Facebook, Creator. You've got moments by Facebook. Let's click on Seymour here. And there you go. You've got Facebook analytics. You've got F eight, which is I actually have no idea what this is. You've got Facebook local. My point here is be very, very careful. Whenever you're trying to download an app, that is, that is either the main application in this case, Facebook, all an app that has something to do with a men application. In other words, if you try and download Facebook, Messenger's an example. Be extremely careful because then you've got various types off messenger APS for phrasebook . If I wanted to infect users, I could come up with a very crafty named like Facebook lit Messenger or Facebook Fast Messenger or something like that. And a lot of people out there are not security conscious. They see Facebook. They see messenger to think Oh, yeah, this is Dwight application. I'm just gonna go ahead and download the application. Long idea. Bad move. Be extremely careful whenever you're trying to download either very popular abs like Facebook. What's up? All an app that has something to do with sort major applications. Be extremely careful. Now let's take a look at this Facebook local as an example. It's take a look at this. All right, All right. So from here, right now, you can see Okay, It's by a company called tin. It's for teens, whether it is by Facebook. OK, and it's got 9000 488 reviews. Okay, that's not bad. That's cool down here. All right, So this is where you cannot begin to tell that, at least to a certain extent, this is a legit application because you do have negative reviews. Negative reviews isn't always a bad thing. It tells it, lets you know that there are people who have actually used this application. And it's not like the APP has so many good reviews and just very, extremely little negative reviews. If there's any app out there that has just five stars, five stars and five stars, and everyone says, Oh yeah, this is the best app ever This app changed my life. You know, this app is the best and ever bubble bust a fiver. You want to be very, very careful about such applications that have nothing both great reviews. That's often Ah, big, big red flag, All right, so we can see some of the reviews here. Our thought Well, I hope I think he's related to the main four guy and he says, Wow, what a let down Here's an idea. Facebook. If you're going to migrate the event filtering features of what may now have a blob. Okay, well, you can read some of these reviews and get, like a general idea of whether or not the app is for you. Typically, you want to focus on the two star reviews or three star reviews. Those tend to be a bit more constructive than either the one Star Review or the 45 star reviews. Okay, all right, let's just move on. I'm gonna come in here right now and type in our updates. Okay? Now here is the night. I do not under any circumstance download any kind of app that has updates in its title. Please don't. I'm not saying that every app out there that has updated its title is is a bad app. Know they'll let it after this, but the chances off them been good APs actually kind of on the low side. In my humble opinion, let's take a look at these updates checker by me Hasker. Let's let's take a look at this and that's what this is. Updates checker free. Okay, let's see. All right, so it's a XYZ update check allows you to check all the applications for updates on Google Place store, regardless, even if it was installed directly from play store, just downloaded from the Internet. Okay, look, the reason why I discourage APS like this description from he's an absolute This is because if you do have the app on your phone installed ideally, you should already said that App to download updates whenever such updates are available. You don't need another application to tell you that. Oh, there is an object ready for your Facebook apple. There's an obituary for your what's up app. You don't need these kinds of applications. If you perform your own due diligence, you're not gonna need APS like this. Now, one of the important shit whenever you're trying to verify whether or not an app is legit, is to check the awful off that app. And this goes right now, the author here is Baha Scott. I'm gonna click on me. How, Scott And check that out. Nebraska has created just one single application. This is another red flag again, I'm not saying that this app is a bad application. I'm just saying it becomes more suspicious when the author of it. But glad APP has only that app. Veg. Instead, that is kind of a little bit suspicious, all of a less suspicious. If me Hasker already had like 10 15 20 author Kenseth, APS, that's that's typically a good sign. So me, Haskin, this guy's right now only has one application, so that's kind of like a red flag right there. Blood school down and let's see someone to reviews. Okay, it's not working. It's not working a mobile. Nicholas a Ximen AB junkie although I don't keep any bat ones installed, is one from the G Ah, blah, blah, blah, blah. OK, well, I don't kind of make sense of that of that review. Got school down here? Great concept. Poor execution always crashing the crash report. It's an absolutely good app. Let's cool down some more. Let's see what else we have here. Ah, worth less Okay, Absolutely blame it needed. So the reviews A candle on and off. You've got lots of positive reviews, but you also have lots of negative reviews. So I would encourage you to spend some time to read the reviews for a particular kind of app. If you've got People complain about the app constantly crashing or collecting are lots of data or having like lots of commissions. You typically want to shy away from those kinds of applications. Be sure to check the author of the Abbey. If the that. If they author only has one apple Tuapse created that could be potentially a red flag. Now, also, one feeling to point out here is when your school old way down here, uh, let me hit back. So on the main page for the AB down in here, you can see the additional information Second, See? Right now it say's installs a 100,000 plus. Do not let this fool you there. People out there who believe that Well, if an APP has hundreds of thousands of installs, that it must be a good application. No false, absolutely false. Some of them was successful. Bad applications have had Muay had over millions of installs. So do not let big numbers like this fool you. On the other hand, if a particular hap has very small numbers off installation, maybe like 10 installs 100 installed, maybe even faster, it installs. That's also a very big, huge red flag. All right, so what I'm trying to say here is that be very suspicious off abs that have fewer than maybe 1000 installs. But then do not take it for granted that just because an app has lots of installs, then it must be Ah, good app. Do not think that way. So another thing here is the developer as well. There is no real address here. It say's Ah, silica 23 Riga, Latvia. Okay, well, this looks like an actual address. I don't know if this is a genuine address to verify. You might want to look this up and see if this address actually exists. One huge red flag is when the author of an APP doesn't have a real address. That's typically like a like a big, big fungal if they don't have an email or they have a very are weird kind off email address . And to be honest, this is kind of weird to Q exchange me Hasker at gmail dot com. Okay, well, I guess I I don't know. This looks a little iffy, but, hey, you know, I don't know. So this is just a few things to take another look whenever you're trying to download. Ah, an app from the play store. Maybe even from the apple app store. Be very, very careful. I'm just take one more. Look, Let's go to YouTube. Of course. A very, very popular are kind of application. YouTube. Okay, this come in here and just typing YouTube in our search bar, and that's what we have. All right to take a look at this. You've got lots and lots of different visions of YouTube. You got YouTube, The real YouTube. You've got YouTube for enjoyed. You've got YouTube, Google to go YouTube kids. Ah, YouTube studio. Now, I wanted to point out that you see this green check mark at the bottom right here. That does not mean that it's a very fired apple. And if like that, it just means that my advice that I have attached to my computer already has the app running on the phone. So you can tell. I know that on my android phone I do have the YouTube app. I have a studio and also have you to music as well. So again, you can see all different kinds of funny, strange looking APS You've got the free music for YouTube music player Free music for you to player again. Be extremely careful. Whenever you're trying to download APS like this that have some sort of association with the main app which is YouTube. Just because they've got a YouTube in the title does not mean that it's a real kind off application. Alright, well, those are pretty much my main sips and one other thing again the details like if you go to the main page for a nap when you school down here and you would like the additional information If you see lots of spelling errors, that's typically another huge red sign that Hey, this is a bad application. If the local looks kind of blood, that's on the low quit flag. And now in here, you can check this out. You see, Developer, visit website, if they've got the website in this case right now and they've got a real address again till this is a real address right here. And of course, this is Well, I think this is by by Google, I believe uh, yeah, OK, yeah. So it is by Google. Elsie. Okay. So obviously this is a real legit application, but typically again for the developer. You want to see a real address, Everyone Physical address are really kind of email address as well and, if possible, a website. All right, These are things that you typically take note off whenever you're trying to verify the authenticity off a particular app or the author off that particular application. So those are my few general tips full stains save while trying to download an app from the Google play story that any questions about this to let me know. Thank you for watching and I will see you the next class. 10. Whatsapp Scam: So we've just talked about how you can identify fake abs from the Google play, stole all the Apple App store, and I found this article, which kind of illustrates the points I was trying to make in that video. In here it says, What's up? Scam tricks over a 1,000,000 reduces into download in fig version off the app. Now I mentioned that whenever you're trying to download abs that are very, very popular, like what's up? Or YouTube? Facebook? Be especially careful because there are lots of APS that would look like the real thin but in fact, actually fake. So what actually happened here? Well, it turns out that some developers created this fake AB known as the update. What's up? Messenger? And you can see the even included the developer name as What's up Inc incorporated in order to fool ah users. And you can see they ended up getting this fake app installed over a 1,000,000 times. Remember when I said that the number of times and app has been downloaded really doesn't say much? It is exactly why, because lots of people get fooled into Donald and fake applications. So these app and it had been installed over a 1,000,000 times and they were able to make money because when these AB got installed, it's the lettuce plane, adds instead has been ads on the phones of the victims. And that's how the developers off this fake AP were able to make their money so well, there you go. You can see right now that Ah, you have someone here Cold Crease aid us. Let's see. Let me just school back up here. Ah, creases. All right. So Nicholas Creasy, this is cigarette use Such a at antivirus company Invest said that the fake AP was actually being used to creative a new through ads. OK, But then techniques that he also said that it's far from unique. There was also a fake Facebook messenger, Abdullah Stella, 10 million times you can imagine. So again, be extremely careful whenever you're trying to download a very popular app from either the Apple App store or the Google play. Still be very, very careful. And of course, down here there are some suggestions which already talked about like what's the name off? The developer is the name of the developer doesn't match up with the name off the app. It should set alarm bells ringing in. Do the reviews and written seems suspect. Do the performance and promises seem over the top. This is just a few ways how you can try to identify a fake app in the APP store. Be extremely careful. There are lots of other cases like this in the past, where people have downloaded millions off. What an ambulance. People have donated a particular fake application on Lee to end up ah, destroying their data, having as minutes played and so on. So again, be extremely careful about the cans off APS that you installed on your phone. Thank you for watching. We'll see the next class. 11. The Truth about Jail Breaking the IOS: all right, So let's talk about a practice that's very common with many iPhone users, and this is the practice off jail breaking. What exactly is this Now? If you've been using an android all your life, you've never used an Apple device before. One thing you should know is that Apple imposed setting council regulations and restrictions as to what the users can do, either on the iPhone or on the iPad. So unlike Andrew Jesus that have old freedom in the wall to install any kind off AB to perform as many costume positions as they want. Apple users don't have this kind off freedom. So this is where the concept of jail break in Compton to play jail breaking does means hacking the iPhone or the iPad software to remove these kinds off restrictions. That's basically the whole idea behind our Jill Break in. Now it's not the same as on locking. Do not confuse Jill breaking with on lock and unlock. It just means that you want your phone to be able to use any kind off network career. Your phone is in tight down to only walk with one particular kind of network are in other words. Your phone, when unlocked, can use any kind of SIM card to make phone calls and text messages off the Internet and so on. So it's not the same as Jill. Break in. Now. I don't know about you if you've ever seen this TV show called Prison Break. But this was a TV show that was very interesting and very popular back a few years ago, and it's basically involves a brother who about a guy who had to go into jail. Teoh get his brother, who was ready in Jill out of jail. So every time I hear the world Jill breaking a jailbreak, I always think about prison break and wait. All right, so I have exactly do you Jill Brick? What's the process like? So there is a program known as the Colonel. The Colonel is the core program that controls everything in your mobile device. It's kind of like the master program and, of course, by default. It's also one of the very force programs that would load when your mobile device is powered . That is the colonel light. So with Jill breaking, what Dilbeck indoors is that patches are applied to this colonel. The Patties are like very small programs that are used to edit the default way the colonel behaves. So this is kind of like the very simple. We have explained how Jill Brickner calls. They simply applied patches small programs to the colonel to modify the way it actually works. Now, Apple try to counter this measure by releasing new hardware or software updates. So whenever there is a new update to their Iove A software this jail break as the guys who had to court for Jill Brick and will have to now come up with the new chord designed to specifically Jill Big, the latest hardware or software update has been released. So this is exactly how Apple try to counter against you, because and it's kind of like it never ending cat and mouse game between Apple and the Jill Breakers. Now, a very important question is, Is it legal? Are you legally allowed to Jill break? Yo, I was device. Now Apple have confirmed that it is indeed legal for you to do so. In other words, you can Jill, because device. However, in certain countries, I believe, like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, I think India. To a certain extent, and some other countries, you're not allowed to Jo Baker device. But in truth, no one really knows that when it comes to the digital world, laws and things like this are very, very market. They kind of like fall into a gray area. There are no clear definitions of what's allowed, what's legal or what's illegal. But as far as Apple are concerned, it is legal for you to Jill break your device. And even more important, question is, is it safe? Is it actually safe for you to chill Brick? You'll Iowa's device And my answer is it's a risk. I cannot say that it's safe and they can say that it's not safe. It's kind of like flying the plane all getting on the plane. Yeah, you could say it's safe to fly, but then again, we've had Aircrash is so you can't really say it's safe to fly on the plane. When you decide to jail breaker device, there are consequences, their potential consequences that can be negative and their ideas that could be positive. So I'm not going to say it's safe to do so, and I will not say that it's not safe. I would just say it's a risk if you decide to Jill break your device now. You. Obviously, by now I didn't know the advantages off Jill, back in your device. You remove any kind of restrictions you are allowed to installed any kind of obvious that you want in Still, in a kind of abs, you can customize your iPhone to do whatever you wanted to do. But then, here are the four major reasons why you may not want to jail Break your iPhone device. The very 1st 1 is, of course, the loss of warranty and lack off customer support. If anything goes wrong When you Jill Baker device well, the customer support guys at Apple pull jokes laughter to Ha ha ha ha ha. You know, they will just say, Well, who told you to kill Baker device you on your own? So that's kind of like the middle reason why you may not want to drill a bigger device. The second here is the consequences off freedom. Now I'm trying to be very, very poetic when I, you know, say consequences of freedom when I'm just going to say here is that you see freedom Having unlimited freedom isn't always a good thing, because then you run the risk of doing things that ideally you should not do like you know . So when you're jailbreak, your iPhone and you allowed to do whatever you want to do, you might be tempted to start doing seven things that you shouldn't do in the first place. So that's what I mean by consequences of freedom. The third here is any updates that you decide to one will break your device. So if you're gonna Jill, break your iPhone and there's a new update ready to be downloaded and installed, you probably don't want to do that because if you do so, you can break your device. And then the fourth reason is because you can have unpredictable negative results when you jailbreak your iPhone device. You never really know what you're gonna get If it's done properly. Yes, the chances of you have a negative results will be greatly reduced, but there is always that possibility. So my verdict should you jailbreak? Yo, iPhone. I'm going to say no if you are happy with what the iPhone does for you, what the EPA does for you. If you're not looking for any kind of further customization, then by all means you don't have to. Jill. Break your device. On the other hand, if you're extremely unhappy with the restrictions Apple has imposed, you could decide to jailbreak your phone. But then again, keep in mind that you and only you would have to face the consequences off doing so. So, in other words, I'm just going to say it's up to you, weighing the advantages and disadvantages and then decide whether Jill Break in is right for you. The alternative may just before you to buy yourself an android. Defy. So that's it about Jill Brick and thank you for watching, and then we'll see the next class. 12. Understanding App Permissions: So let's talk about a very important topic here, and that would be up permissions. The Kansas permissions of applications demand whenever you install them on your phone now. One thing you need to keep in mind is that every application would always declare its permissions whenever you choose to install that particular kind of application. Now this permissions are meant to be features or tools that the APP needs in another function properly. Now, such commissions could include things like access to your address book, your ideal location, your camera. You could also add some absolute demand that they are able to send SMS on your behalf, and then you'll have also got some abstract require or demand access to your system tools. So these are just examples of the cancer permissions that APS can request. For now. On. Droid in particular, would always force applications to declare these permissions that they require whenever you choose to install them. So this way, Andrew treads to protect its users by letting them know the kinds of permissions will be granted to applications. Should they choose to accept the permissions those APS our demand. Now I keep using the word demand because it's basically a take it or leave, it can installation. If an AB say's look, I need access to your address book, and I also need access to a camera. You as these they cannot say. Well, I don't want you to have access to my camera, but I'm still going to install you anyway. No, most applications will not function that will not even install if you choose not to accept the permissions that they require. So it's basically a Either you accept the permissions that this app demands you install it or you just simply say, you know what? I would just look for another app that doesn't require the same kind of permissions that you require. All right. So permissions must always match the objectives off the application. This is one way how you can sport an app that could be fake. What I'm going to say here is this okay. Lets it, for example, you installed the Facebook application on your phone on Facebook is a social media platform by the AP. Assesses with me the app. So naturally, if this app required access to your videos, your pictures, your address book, then yeah, you would say, OK, it kind of matches because it's all about social media. So yeah, it's only natural. The apple require access to my media library, pictures, my videos and so on. But then, if you installed, let's say an application that was meant to help you download videos from, let's say, YouTube and for some reason these APP wants permission to able to send SMS messages on your behalf. Then you know something is wrong that you know. Okay, why would an app that's supposed to help may download videos from YouTube require access to my text messages? That seems kind of odd. So this is one way how you can potentially particular from downloading and installing. Imagine APP. The permissions requested by the most always matched the core objectives off the application in the first place. Now, also, new permissions prevent automatic updates. When I'm going to see here is that typically whenever you install an app on your phone, you can choose to have that app automatically update itself whenever a new orbit is available. But Android in particular, prevented APS from automatically updating themselves that now have new permissions added. The whole idea here is to protect you from an AB going vogue with new militias features. In other words, let's say you installed in application yesterday, and that application only required access your camera if a month from from today that APP had a new update. However, with that new update, if that app now required a new kind of permission and that permission to your address book as an example, Android will prevent that from automatically updating itself. So whenever you see an app that you've installed before, you've chosen to have the app automatically. Oh, but it itself. If that app refuses to update itself automatically, then you know it's because a new kind of permission has been added to the application so you can double check. It can go through the new preventions requested by the APP and then decide whether or not you want to update the app or just choose to go ahead and install a different kind of application. So some APs may continue to work after you've revoked their permissions. It's possible, but many appetite in the many app that I use. If you choose to revoke the default permission that they requested for, they will not function properly but attractive on those absolute terror that look, we need access your camera click here to say yes. Click there to say no. If you say no, the app will not one. So most absolutely would not walk if you choose to evoke that for permissions, However, there is still some out there that could potentially work even after you revoked their default permissions. So how can you check the cans of commissions that your absentee vote installed in the phone have access to coming up? I'll show you how to check for these permissions. 13. Checking Default Android App Permissions: All right, So I want to show you this video is how you can check for the cans of permissions that your APS have access to. So I'm over here on my enjoyed. I'm gonna click on the settings button and I'm gonna come over here to where we have the apse default APS, app commissions. I'm gonna click in there and all right, So what I'm gonna do is, let's say, for example, I wanted to check the commission's That's let's see. Let's see the tens of commissions that INSTAGRAM has access to. I'm gonna click on Instagram. All right, well, school down here and now you can see you have the commission's sections. I'm gonna click in there so you can see right now that Instagram has access to my contacts , my location and my story, which kind of makes sense. At least it doesn't have access to my tools or things like that. So this makes sense because instagram is a social media platforms of social media app. So it's only natural that it should have access to my contacts and the location. I'm actually surprised that it doesn't have access to my camera, but a I can give it access. If I wanted to buy turning that on, let's hit back. Let's check out another application. Let's go over to reptile. All right, Well, tell, that's what Reptile has access to school down here. So until is basically the apple use for making international calls. So naturally it has access to my contacts. Okay, My location, my microphone and my telephone, which makes perfect sense. So again, you can see there is nothing unusual with the kinds of permissions that this particular app has access to. Now, I could recommend that you install one particular kind of app, and this app is called the A sport cat app. This app can allow you to properly and effectively minus two cans of permissions that your APs have access to. So if I open the app right now, all right, so right now you can see right now that I can least out by permission, I can least aspect bookmarks, or I could just lift my APS in alphabetical order. So basically, this is an app that allows me to properly and quickly and effectively manage the cancer permissions that maps have access to. So if I click on the very 1st 1 here that stays least APS by permissions up. Sorry for me back at least Outback Commission in here right now, you can see all the available kinds off applications of permissions that APS can have access to. They can have access to body sensors. They can have access to the calendar, camera contacts and so on. So if I wanted to check reach off, my applications have access to my calendar, I can click on calendar right now. You can see a good three APS that have access to the count out my Bank of America app, my Facebook messenger app. And also my smarts, which averages it makes sense. Okay, let's go down here. Let's take a look at location. Look at that. Lots of different APS have access in a location, body weights, Bank of America. Smart view. I might need to tweak one of two things in here. I don't see any reason why blunder weights should have existed on locations. Allow have to disable that leads up, but you can see right now this is an excellent app, really full managing the cans of commissions that your abs have access to so if you just want to very quickly see the kinds of permissions that your abs have access to all the commended to install the are a sport cat app that does click outside and before I go to show you, one more setting will quickly if I go back to my citizens and I go over to say I have my AB stiff elapsed permissions. Now you can see there three buttons in here, which is kind of like the gay book settings button. I'm gonna click in there and I'm gonna click on special access. Now, from a special access, I'm gonna come all the way down here to weigh I've got the install on noon APS Click in there Now, remember that by default, android will prevent you from a stolen APS from thought party sites in here right now, these are all the APS that have bean disallowed from being able to install applications on my phone. So, in other words, if I got a link via micro app and that link wants to download some sort of application, my phone will not alive because it's under the crew. Map is on the list of APS that have been banned from installing our third party applications. So if for some old strange reason you wanted to allow let's say links from Facebook to be able to download and install what have that APS that the Facebook link I provide? You can go to Facebook right here and then simply just turned this on. But right now, you consider Mr They're saying your phone and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by own APS by insulin. APS From this source you agree that you're responsible for any damage to your phone all loss of data that result from their use. So again enjoyed doing their business. College you from downloading applications from foot party sites on Lee download applications directly from the Google play store. So in any case, I'm gonna go ahead now and Tony so because I don't want to get into trouble. So ideally, please check your special access and take note off all the apse in here that I've been prevented from being in between stall on known applications. All right, so that is that. Think of watching the video. If you have any questions about the AFP permissions or anything I've done in here, do let me know. I will see in the next class 14. How to Check for App Permissions IOS: All right. So how do you check for app Permissions on an iPhone? I am using the knife on 10 hour. Here is an example. So what you want to do is want to go to your settings, right? And then you scroll down, look for the tab that says privacy. You can click on privacy. And now in here these are basically the kinds off promotions that can be granted to any kind of app. So it's an example what APS have access to my calendars and click on Calendar is and well, there you go. I don't have any app that has access to my calendars, which is okay, I guess. Let's see under contact. So in the context of Got the Messenger, a book deadline app and also have a banking app that has access to my contacts, which is fine. Let's see. Camera. Okay, Class dough, Joe Snow Facebook. Slack Line Again. These are all natural after should have access to my camera. So this has been much how you can check which kinds of APS have access to certain kinds of tools on your phone. Now it's very easy to disable If, for example, you wanted to prevent Facebook for American access to have to your microphone on the microphone. Just turn it off right there. And Facebook will no longer have access to your microphone. So it's very easy to disable permissions on your iPhone. Now. One other thing honor to show you is if you go to general under your settings and you school old way down, you will see reset. You can click on the set, and now in here you have the option off resets in all your settings, but you can also research location and privacy. So if for some reason you feel like you've installed that synapse that have access to things that they shouldn't, you can tap the recent location and privacy. Botton and your iPhone will simply reset all after not have access to your location or privacy anymore. Keep in mind that, just like with the onto its setting up, so not function until you provide them with the necessary are kinds of commissions. But that's exactly how you can check for permissions on your iPhone. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class 15. 4 Tips to Working Safely with Apps: Okay, so what I want to do this presentation is to provide you the four main tips on how you can stay safe whenever you're downloading and working with applications on your phone. On the very first tip here is gonna be avoid APS from thought party sites, download your APS Onley from Google play stole all the apple app stole. Avoid APS from thought participates at all costs. I don't care if the application and promises to make you a $1,000,000 or get you the boyfriend or girlfriend of your dreams. Do not go with that application. If it's from a thought party site on Lee, get your perhaps from the Google Play store or the Apple App store. The second CPR is gonna be less is more again. Think of APS as windows to your house. The more APS you have, the less secure you become. So there any acts that you have installed on your phone that you've not been using for several months, go ahead and delete them. If they're APS that haven't worked for you like me, for example, I've had a tender on my phone for a very long time. I tried getting the dates. I couldn't get a day to attend us, so I ended up losing the app. So if you in my shoes as well. If there's an app that doesn't that hasn't quite worked well for you, just go ahead and delete the app, the less apt. You have one in your phone, the better. The touch tip here is going to be restrict permissions. All right, go through the app that you have installed on your phone and running. Check the permissions that these APs have. If there's an app that has permission to check out your camera or your videos and you feel that app shouldn't have that access restricted. Okay, make sure your abs are restricted on Lee to the kinds of data that they need in order to function. The fourth and final T Pierre would be too long updates. I know this sounds very repetitive. I know the seven sounds kind of cliche. Everyone should always on updates, but there are so many people who always take updates for granted, especially guys or ladies using the android phones. Please. One. Your updates knows this, and it's available, downloaded and installed that hope they do No, wait until you get infected and then you start weighing around. One updates as soon as they are available. So those are the four main tips. Avoid absolute thought party sites. Less is more. Restrict permissions and one updates. Hope you enjoy representation. Now let's move on. 16. Mobile Malware Introduction: when woods like malware and viruses are mentioned, most people typically think about Dex stops and regular computers. But perhaps it is tiny for people to start thinking about mobile devices when such words are used and why. Well, it turns out that malware specifically designed to attack mobile devices has grown tremendously in the last few years. G Data Security Blawg reporter than the first half of 2018 more than two million new samples of Marlboro recorded a new negative record. They also reported in the second quarter of 2018 more than 1.2 million new Moloch APS were published. It gets worse. Kaspersky, one of the world's leading security vendors, reported that in the second quarter of 2018 they detected more than 1.7 million militias mobile installation packages, which was over 400,000 more packages than in the previous quarter. Mobile malware are typically administered through the use off APS. Now, potentially handful abs can come in all shapes and sizes. Now you do have some APS that may not treat data the way you expected them to, but they would otherwise do nothing there. Farriers. You do have some other abs that are specifically designed to exploit software or zero day vulnerabilities and still your data. You also have some other malware that may just focus on the living pop up ads for quick monetization. And, yes, you do have the really militias abs that are designed to you the spire. New still your data. Why parted ater or just hold it to ransom? So what do most security vendors generally considered to be mobile malware coming up will have a breakdown off some off the most common types. 17. Mobile Ransomware: all right is the very first kind of mall way I'd like to talk about is run somewhere. Now the concept behind him in some way is pretty straightforward. Basically, once your phone has been infected with this, um, of malware, you will be denied access until a ransom is paid. So in other words, you have the developer off the malware that will hold your phone hostage until you, the victim makes from off payment, typically with the use of Bitcoin or any other form of Cryptocurrency. Now, once the ransom has been paid, the developer of the mall wake and then decide to provide you with either a key or some from off code that would allow you to decrypt the files or give you access back to your phone. Now a ransom way have gained some serious notoriety in the digital wall. To the extent that they have now been nicknamed the Hans Gruber off the digital world. If you don't know who Hans Gruber is, he was actually the family antagonised in the classic 1988. Dy had movie staring Bruce Willis as John McClane. So the whole point of the movie involved John McClane transfer, rescue his wife and other people who have been taken hostage by the German terrorist Hans Gruber. Now Hans Gruber has been considered by many to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest bad guy in an action movie. So for Ransomware to be nicknamed the Hans Gruber off the digital world tells you just how powerful and how notorious these from of malware have become in recent years. And by the way, if you haven't watched die hard, I seriously recommended to watch the movie. It's a quick action will be and you will not be disappointed. All right now, Mobile Ransomware has grown tremendously in the last few years, and in fact, in 2017 the number of incidents of mobile ransomware attacks skyrocketed by more than 415% . And a lot of this had to do with the fact that Wanna Cry, which was a particular in some way affecting desktops and PCs, was hugely successful. So a lot off cybercriminals saw the potential for attacking old vices, using her in some way. And as you can see, well, the numbers have any Chris in our ever since ransom are generally falls on the one off two major categories. First, you've got the crypto ransomware that encrypts your files to prevent access, but these are a lot more common on regular computers. But then you've also got the locker from a van summer that would block access your device by simply looking the user interface. Now these are the ones that are very common on both devices and especially on Android devices. Now the primary forms of infection would be through the use off APS violent off infected software updates. And, of course, when the victim would click on a spam bling has been sent to him or her via a text message or even an email. Now, in natural question, you might have a swell How will die prevent myself from falling victim Trayvon. Summary attack. Do not war. We will cover this much later in this particular section. But what would you do if you have, in fact been affected by around somewhere or your friend or relative has been infected? How can you get lead off this form of malware? So coming up in the very next video, I will show you the different techniques that you can employ to remove run somewhere from your mobile device 18. Removing Ransomware: All right. So how can you get rid of ransomware on your phone? Well, the first thing you will need to do with you to such of your phone and then switch back on on those safe mode. You can see I've got the text right here. That stays safe mode Now, how you would put your 100 to save model. It depends on the type or phone that you have. And using a Samsung ast seven, I believe. And in here how I built to save mother was by our parent up the mobile device and then holding both the volume open volume down buttons, holding them while the phone booth. And that's how I was able to get my phone to boot to the safe mode. So on your own device, it could be a different style. It could be that you have to hold the power button all through while it powers up or something. I really depends on your particular kind of device, but you have to boot first of safe mode. Now, what exactly is safe? Well, right now you will notice that I have some absolute great out and I've got some of the abs that look normal, like Facebook instagram. But I've got this other abs great out, like the reptile studio uber. What this means is that the app that came with the phone by default are not great out. So all these as you can see the calendar camera, these are the absolute came with my phone prints told, But then the other ones like What's up? Uber studio Reptile, Bank of America? These are the AP, Science told after I got the phone. So the whole idea behind safe mode is that it basically allows you to test to see if a new effort to just installed, maybe caused an issue on your phone. So let's say, for example, he afforded the working really well. You installed an apple phone and then all of a sudden, things said it could come in and weird. Maybe your phone wasn't working properly. What you can do is to boot to the safe mode and then check to see if your phone actually works properly. If your phone works properly, they're not means that it's that app that you just installed. That was the cost off your issues. But anyway, how can you remove the van somewhere from your phone. So once you've been into safe mode, what you want to do is to simply go to your settings. I never miss settings Look full, the APs or permissions like that trickle naps and then for me. Right now, you will see the abdomen somewhere APP listed right here on the your applications. So all units do. But just be, too. Let's effect. So let's just imagine that non VPN was deep and somewhere you just click in there, all right? And then from here, you can just for stop and then go ahead and on. Install the application. So this is exactly how you can remove. Run somewhere from your under device boots into safe mode. Go into your app listings. Look for any suspicious looking ab sets you may not recognize, and then just simply on install them. That's probably the easiest way how you can get rid off the ransomware for your android device. So that's it. If you have any questions about this to let me know, thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class 19. Mobile Trojans: Now let's talk about the mobile Trojan horse Mull. Been out. Trojans are very no terrorists and that they have the ability to disguise themselves as really all legitimate applications. So it's an example. You could have a victim who goes to the APP store downloads a game now to him, he might be thinking, Yep, I'm plenty cool. Give on my phone. But behind the scenes that game, that application could be performing something far more nefarious. No one particular from off Children that's gained no to write in the last few years is the banking Trojan. Now these are turtles have been designed to attack banking applications and, unfortunately, for 100 users. A staggering 98% of all known bank intelligence were designed to specifically attack android devices. So with these kinds of shocking statistics for the enjoyed, the natural question right now would be what off the iPhone are iPhone users also vulnerable to banking Trojans? The good news is that there has yet to be an incident recorded where an iPhone was successfully infected with a banking fortune. But with that been said, iPhone users still need to be security conscious at all times, so how exactly those a banking Children look. Well, it's a 60 process, and the very first step here would involve the victim downloading. It took an application onto the phone. The victim, let alone, could end the sexual on the real legitimate banking application. But the Trojan running behind it since will detect the appetites running. And then we'll overlay the application of the real banking app with its own Now the victim not knowing that the interface there staring at is that over the torch in would enter the user name and password. And then, of course, it wouldn't would copy this credentials and send that information to the criminal or the design of detergent. The colonel will then looking with credentials and will perform any desired financial transaction now in attempts to defeat the banking fortune secretly, experts introduced the two factor authentication, where, in addition to having or requiring a pass with the user name, the user would also have to receive an SMS on the phone before they could perform a financial transaction. But unfortunately, banking trojans have evolved to the point where two factor auth medications no longer walk . You're still susceptible to a bagging toward and even with the two factor authentication. Now one of a powerful bank intelligence is the ace cat banking Trojan malware now on like regular Georgians, that could overlay the interface off on Lee Warne. Banking application The A's cat could over late in the face off, 30 different banking applications. Very, very scary. So how exactly can you remove a Trojan horse from your phone? Well, you could install the application, which is by far probably the best way you could, also on the Malbert, by its application to effectively remove the Trojan Molly from your phone. And then, in certain circumstances, if your phone connects to a Volta and you believe the voter has been infected with a malware, you could decide to reset the router to the default factory settings. These other three Mitchell weighs. How you can we move on the Trojan malware from a mobile device coming up? We'll be taking a look at the to all the major forms off mobile malware, which are viruses and spyware 20. Mobile Viruses and Spyware: Let's not talk about the remaining two major forms off mobile malware. Starting off with your typical virus. Now, I'm pretty sure you've heard of the term Firas before. Many, many, many times. Now, mobile viruses are pretty much like their counterparts on the regular deck stops or computers. They are designed to corrupt your data. That is the major objective off any kind off viable malware. No viruses can potentially be very dangerous in that they have the ability to replicate and spread themselves. So, like Trojans, or run some way Varis is can duplicate themselves and spread very, very quickly. So take note. Viruses can be very dangerous if they are not checked now, the next kind off Malbert would be the spy win. Are these on? Like Vallis is these are designed not to corrupt bought record your data and I remember thinking to yourself, Well, this isn't too bad. I mean, after all, they don't destroy corrupt data. Well, the fact that they record your data means they potentially could be even more dangerous than irregular virus. Now what kinds of data can a spiral record well can record your credentials like passwords and user names they can record your browsing habits. What kinds of upsets to you visit what kinds of videos or audio files you download or to upload, and so on. They can record the location. And, of course, yes. They can also record your credit card information now on a bring your attention to a particular spiral that was called Tryout, and these appeared in the Google Play store back in 2016. Now this is one of the most sophisticated spyware is ever created because this particular, from Office by way, had the ability to record your phone calls, my little text messages and even secretly still photos and videos. Now, what makes this pie way even more sophisticated was the fact that it appeared as a legitimate application. So technically, this could be a hybrid form of malware that pretended to be a real application there by displaying the characteristics of a Trojan. But then it also functioned as a spirit because it's simply recorded information so you can see just how really sophisticated many forms of Molla can be when they're designed by really, really good programmers. So now that we're this caused the major forms off mobile mall way. How can you tell when a mobile device has been infected by malware so coming up? But we'll take a look at the major symptoms off a malware infected mobile device. 21. Symptoms of Mobile Malware Infection: So what? All the major symptoms off a malware infected mobile device? Well, from my experience, they tend to be or four major symptoms, and the very 1st 1 would be the slow speeds and performance now on. Like Usain Bolt, who typically lawns very, very quickly, he performs very efficiently. Whenever he runs, your phone will be dragon. You would not be able to own applications as efficiently as used to, or whenever you try installing a new application or maybe even open an application it could take forever. That, typically, is a very strong sign that your device has been infected with malware. Now, the second major symptom would be the appearance off pop up ads, and these are extremely annoying. And this is one off the show. Rest symptoms that your phone has been infected. When you start seeing pop up, ads are just appearing on your device, and the third major symptom would be a surgeon, your data usage and, of course, your spikes in your phone bills. If this happens, then you know there are applications running in the background that are using your data that are making your phone bills go higher. So this on a major major symptom off malware infection, and the last one would be battery consumption. Now, just to be on the safe side. Don't assume that just because your battery life has reduced and it's because off malware it could be more off a hardware issue. Maybe your Patrick does have a false and instead placed. But if you're satisfied that your battery is off good quality, then most likely there is a from of mall way that is draining the usage on your battery. And this could be another major symptom off a malware infected device. So now that we've discourse the four major symptoms off Mulholland figure device, how can you prevent your mobile device from falling victim to malware? So coming up, we'll take a look at the major ways how you can keep your phone safe and secure for malware . 22. How to Use Malwarebytes: when it comes to anti malware software. One of my favorite tools would be malware bytes, and this is the tool I can recommend for you to install either on your under device, all on your iPhone. They do have a free version that you can use for 30 days, and then you'll have to buy the pay division. But I think it's only like $1 per month. It's very, very affordable. So as you can see, it's available on the Google play store. Just search for multi byte security, and also it's available on the Apple App store as well. So what I want to do right now is to show use to give a demonstration off how you'd actually use this software on your mobile device. All right, so let me show you how to use the malware by its application on your device. Now, take note. I am using a Samsung Android phone, but it work exactly the same way on your iPhone. So don't worry if you have a knife when you can use Molly, but I just full exactly what I'm gonna do in this presentation. So I'm going to launch the moment by its app. So there you go. That's its load in Molly. But it's low then, or Kate. All right, so here is the first you're probably going to see critical issues found. You're going to see the fact that your last device can has been set to never. Because this is the first time you're installing the app and you've never ran. Ah, backgrounds can't. For now, you might also see the fact that your database vision is out off date what you simply need to do, just be to update. Now, that database just contains a list of all known mile way of things like that. So your own app might need to update its own database. So just click on update. Now, our real time protection will cover this very, very shortly. But what I want to show you right now is what you have over here. You have the ability to one it fools can, which you can do later. However, in other for the app to be really powerful, you need to give it the power. And in here you've got two options to enable will 10 protections. I'm going to go ahead now and enable built in protection. So what this means is, as you're using your phone to send emails, Donald videos, the APP will be running in the background, making sure that you don't fall victim to any kind of malware attack. Now, this one here, the vice administrator is not a noble. This is extremely powerful. Basically, when you enabled device administrator for Margaret bites you essentially saying Molly bites can do whatever it wants to do to protect your phone. So basically, it's about trust. Right now, you're giving the app all the power it needs to monitor all of the apse on your phone until your e mails things like that. But that's exactly what you want. So I'm gonna go ahead now and hear the check mark there. Let's it enabled device administration. All right, so you can see the note over here saying the vice administrator rights lets us do a large number of tends to protect your device so you can see all basically doors extreme, powerful. So I'm gonna hit to do it now. All right. So you can see all the potential planes that this particular oh napkin do Now I know you might see the ways old data, this tones a lot of people off. Most people would not want to give the abdominal back app. The ability to raise all that on the phone, however, note the mala, but will only do this in case often extreme emergency. Maybe there's a particular data on your phone that's very corrupted. It's it's destroying all of the files. Your molly bites at my just decided the best thing would be to is all dates up. This can be avoided. Or that the severity of this kind of issue compared to if you want daily backups to make sure you back up your phone whenever you can. So I'm simply gonna go ahead now and activate. I'm gonna give all the power to mile where bites Pretty awesome. Okay, No, a few more things. I want to show you over here in the menu. You can click in there. You can come down here where you have the settings can click on settings. Let's go to scan in. All right, so in here you have the option off allowing the aptitudes. Can your phone after a reboot, you can do this like a deep power scan power seven scan. So you can also schedules Kansas. Well, to learn. Maybe when you're asleep, you can do cool stuff like that. Now, on the protection. This is really important. Over here. I'm going to enable the real time protection might Let's say that's do that enable now. So in other, for the app to actually provide real time protection, it needs access to your data. How you are using data. What kinds of websites are you visiting? What are you uploading or downloading? So to give that power to the FM, gonna school the way down here and under mother bites on the off, gonna click in there, and I'm gonna allow usage tracking for milder bites. So right now, Molly, but will have the power of mannitol. What other abs are functioning on the phone? What? They're doing things like that. So that's also providing more power to the mother bites app. Over here, you can also scan link sent via SMS. Extremely important. Double definitely, Commander. You do this this week and avoid falling victims to our phishing attacks and save buttons Kinda enabled. Also, you can enable that so you don't fall victim to our malware attack. So that's basically all you really need to set up on your phone once you've installed the app. And, of course, make sure that you run a scan one years can just make sure that you don't have any malware infections on your phone now. I already mentioned that the APP isn't free, but you get a 30 day free trial. So in here you can see the premium features available with the full vision. It can scan for malware and bad APS built in protection. And, of course, it can also detect around somewhere before it can look your phone extremely important. So one great way how you can avoid falling victim to ransomware attacks would be to get this particular app, and it's very, very chip. You can see it's actually a dollar per month. I mean, seriously, this isn't something you should even think about. It's just a dollar for a month, so highly recommend it's you take advantage of this fantastic app I use it into with affliction. To have on your mobile device won't last into mention if you decide not to go with the premium vision and just secretive prevision once you're free trial expires, you will still be able to scan your phone using the APP. But the APP will no longer provide real time protection, which is very, very important. That's basically how you could want mother bites either on your android phone, all on your iPhone. Thanks for watching and also in the next class. 23. Introduction to Mobile VPNs: Now let's talk about one of the most powerful security tools you can have installed on your mobile device, and I'm talking about the VP and otherwise known as the Virtual Private Network. And this is one of the best security tools because it can provide you with lots of really cool features. First of which is the fact that it can create a secure connection to another network or website from your mobile device. In other words, it can provide encryption field data whenever you use the Internet, which is just a fantastic feature to have. It can also provide privacy, which means if you don't want your eyes speech in no the kinds of websites you visit, you can use a VPN to prevent them from knowing that's another fantastic, powerful tool that EVP and can provide for you now. It also can allow you access to region restricted content, one of the most powerful features of VPN, and it can do this because it can allow you to change your I P address. In other words, if you're in China as an example that doesn't have access to YouTube or Facebook, you can change your I P address while in China to make it look like you are in England, where there is no censorship as such, using a VPN can allow you to access region restricted content simply by changing your I p address. So how exactly those a VP and walk? Well, I just imagine from the diagram here you have your normal connection between your mobile device and the Internet. When you throw in a VP and feigns change now you can see the connection between your mobile device and development becomes encrypted. Put the padlock, which means that whatever data you now connect a sand between your device and the Internet will now become encrypted. Now, the V p N would also allow you to choose an i p address from a wide variety off countries. Now the number of conscious available will depend on the particular kind off VPN service you're using. So once you've chosen the I P address from any one of this country's, the VPN will then be able to complete your request to connect to the Internet using the new I P address. This can, of course, help to protect your privacy and also full any sort of application out there that aims to restrict content based on your location. So what is the best VPN service for your mobile device? Well, coming up, I'm going to show you exactly how to install and configure all my favorite VPN service provider. 24. Using NordVPN: So what is my favorite VP and service provider? Well, that would be North v. P n a regional VP, and for about two years now. And I can honestly say that it's probably the best VPN provider out there. The services very fast is very secure and it's also very, very affordable. So this is their official website and you can also use a VPN for your deck stops. By the way, it's not just for mobile devices, so you can see it's available on the Google play store. Just search for not VPN, and it's also available on the Apple App store as well. Now I know it's not free. But then please. When it comes to VP ends, do not go for the free ones. The free ones are very, very dangerous. You have no idea How are they managing your data? So please, if you're gonna buy or invest in something security wise, invest in a really good VPN provider and Nord VPN is the one you should go for their actually often for just $2.99 cents per month. All I know this is gonna get very special deal. But it typically offered for, I think, $5 a month, which is very, very cheap. So please, if you're gonna get yourself a VPN VPN provider, go with the North v p n. So now let me show you exactly how you can use non VP and on your mobile device. It was against the right Now I have finished installing the VPN, the virtual private network for Nord VPN. Now, before I go on, I wanted to draw your attention to similar VPN providers like the free VPN master free VPN or limited free people attempted to does on 19 never, ever installed free VP ends. They tend to do more harm than good. So, please, if you use a VPN service, make sure it is one that you have paid for. All right, so I've got did not VPN ready to open. I'm gonna click on open right now. All right, so it's open in selections. Wait for a few seconds. So right now you would have to sign up if you don't have an account with VP. And I already have an account with them, So I'm gonna go ahead now and Logan with my credentials. All right, So it's a concern right now. I have successfully locked in. Now I can do this. All right. I can simply minimize the screen right here. And you can see all these blue dots does represent the service that not VPN has all over the world. So basically, I can connect to any one off this countries and I have expanded the window a little bit. You can see all over Europe have got lots of servers. We've got some of a hand Southeast Asia. I mean, we've got some of my hair in Thailand and Vietnam and so on. But I can also just scroll down here and now you can see all of the countries of Albania to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile founds island, Italy, Mexico and so on. So say, for example, I wonder to connect to isolate, like I click on Iceland. All right, so it says Okay, we need your permission to connect to VPN. Okay, let's look and see new. All right. So Nord VPN now would request some application that it was to control your traffic. So I'm going to say I chose this application. Click OK. Could continue click. Ok, All right. So basically Right now, it's connecting to Iceland as you can see selections made for a few seconds. Today you go white. Now you can see it's green, and it's seems it's not connected to Iceland. Now if I click on the gear button by next to Iceland, I can also take a look at all the different service that they have inside off ice. And so they've got different kinds or servers. So a question you might have is all right. How do I know which country to connect to, like Do I connects to Iceland to reconnect zeal or South Africa? Well, ideally, you want to connect? Excuse me, I'm just go back in there. Ideally, you want to connect you a country that's closest to where you are. So that's if, for example, you in China, where there is lots off censorship, you might want to connect to another country in Asia. So, for example, you've got Hong Kong, which I believe might be the closest we've got to China's. Even in China, you wanna come into Hong Kong just connected a country that's closest to be a you physically are now just to show you some other things they've got the specialty services. Well, with no VP and in here, you've got very special kinds off service, which, in all honesty, you might not need. These are very advanced levels of sophistication, off secrets of sophistication. So you might not need to use your peer to peer car connection or one of VPN. All this is a little advance. You don't even leaning toward yourself about our anyone off these features. But basically, how to use the North v p n by the app and stole it. Download Logan And then from here, you can just connect to any country that you like to connect to. Also, before I go, you consider I've got the gear button in here. I'm gonna click in there, and in here you've got some additional are features that you could enable. Now I will community tone on the cyber sec. There's gonna help to protect you for malware and phishing attempts so you can click this one on to protect yourself. And that is pretty much all these loans in here. I would not recommend that you turn them on. You don't really need them, but definitely the seven seconds one that you should turn on if you choose to go ahead and insult and used the North VP and provider. So that's it. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions about this, do let me know and I'll see the next class. 25. How to Access FREE Public Wifi Safely: if you're the type of person who tends to walk in public places or chairs, conference centres, public library or maybe even coffee shops like Starbucks. Or maybe you're the type who travels a lot and you tend to do some work in the airport while waiting to board your plane, the chances are you would have come a course. Public WiFi networks now connect into public WiFi isn't necessarily a bad thin it is. Connecting to public WiFi is that require no form of credentials. That can be oval problem. Ideally, if you're gonna connect a public WiFi, make sure it is one that will require something off password or using him before you could be granted access. When you connect to a free public WiFi network, you are at a great risk of being attacked by several criminals and hackers. As a general rule, do not ever connect to free public WiFi networks. You're better off just simply using the Internet service that your nettle correct provides you. If you don't have any data plans with your Netto career, and you must access to public WiFi Onley access websites that have the https, you said there's a difference between obsessed that Start with http and those to start with http s the S in https tents for secure. What this means is that the information that you pass between your device and the Web site is encrypted. It is protected. This means that you stand far less of a risk of getting attacked by cybercriminals. When you access were obsessed that are in h t T P s. So if you must access the public WiFi Onley access websites to usurp size that half yes, and never, ever, ever sent any form off sensitive data over a public WiFi and by excessive data. I'm talking about passwords, credit card information, things like that. Do not ever send those. Whenever you're access in a public quantify. One other tool you can use to protect yourself whenever you connect with free public WiFi would be the use off a V p n. A virtual private network. A VPN will include whatever data you sent between your mobile device and the website that your access in through the free public WiFi. So that says a few tips on how to stay safe when accessing a free public. WiFi it. Thank you for watching. I will see in the next class 26. Android Security Tweaks: All right, So to round up this section, I'm gonna show you a few mawr settings that you might need to edit on your android device. Now, under my sentence, I'm going to go ahead and click on the lock screen and security section So any right now under the phone security concede I've got the screen look type said to pain and fingerprints. So ideally, you want to make sure that you have at least worn kind off screen. Look, type on your phone. It could be pin. It could be fingerprints, or it could be both like I do. I'm going to school down in here and then on the security Google play, protect, click inside. And now in here, You want to make sure that these two settings right here are turned on, which is can device for security threats and an improved, harmful app protection. What the play protect those is that Google would actually scan your phone to check for any APS that I malicious. So you definitely want to make sure that this is activated on your android device. If this is activated, you might have a few issues. Make sure that your Google play Protect is walking, and it's updating your abs on a global basis, I'm gonna click back and all right, so find my mobile again. Very, very important Security tool. You want to make sure that these are activated. Remote controls are debated, the Google location services activated, and also the send last location is activated as well. In the next video, we'll show you how this actually works. But with Samsung as an example, if I lost my mobile device, I could actually find out the location off. My device is simply using the final available that some sort of com website again. I'll show in the vending video how this actually works. But if it isn't a Samsung, go any kind of end a device that has this feature available Make sure it is activated. They find my mobile future activities. Make sure it's activated. Let's go down in here. You've also got the up permission monitor. You're definitely make sure that this is on because you want to make sure that you can monitor the cans of permissions that your APs have access to. And finally you've got the other security settings. I'm gonna click in here and in here you can set up your SIM cut. Look, this isn't something I do, but if you wanted to, it's definitely a great way to enhance the security of your phone. You can set up your SIM card local. Have to look a sim card. Click on on and you'll have to add the pin. Basically, that will be used to look in a local SIM card. If you wanted to go through this process, you can also make your passwords visible whenever you're typing them just briefly, we can just make sure they're never visible again. There's really depends on you, and you want to make sure that your security policy updates are sets to update automatically as well. Very, very, very important. So those are basically the major security sentence that you should have enabled on your android. Make sure you have some from off screen lock type. Make sure that the Google play protect is working. Finally, mobile is active, and also your security updates are working properly as well. And of course, your permission is Europe from a tomato it's set to on so that sent to thank you for watching the video and I will see you the next class 27. Find my Android Device: all that is In a previous video, I was talking about tweaking the default and what settings and I talked about the find my device future. This is a feature that is available on just about every android device. And Samsung in particular, have a dedicated tool for finding your Samsung device if it's missing. So what? I want to do us to show you how it actually works with some song and then also show you how you can go through the default Google, find your phone tool. All right, so it's Samsung. I will have to go to find my mobile that Samsung don't come from. First of all, I would have to sign in. And I will just quickly do that with my email address that I have with Samsung. I'm gonna add my password as well. Let's so that was a very long password. That was a really long password. Okay, I think this is the right one. All right. So the thing is, right now, it's checking to see where my galaxy s seven edge phone is, and you can see it's tracing its trending search for the location. So the only way how this would actually work is if my phone was connected to some sort of network. If my phone was switched off or if the phone wasn't connected to any kind of network, this would not be available. But there you go. You can see now that the location has been determined. It's right here. Summer in Thailand. You know exactly where I am while I'm recording this particular video. But you can see the features available. I can choose to lock the phone, and I can even choose to ring the phone. So let's do this. Okay? I know you can't see my phone, but hopefully you will hear the phone vegan, so it's gonna get to my phone right now. And yet, do you hear that? That is my ring tone. Debt is my ring tone art. I'm just a done it off. Okay. So you can see that's how it actually works. So this is very useful. If you've misplaced your phone number, your phone is inside your house. Maybe you're a very successful person. You have 60 bedrooms in your house and your phone was one of them. You don't know exactly where it is. You could use this feature just to bring your phone so that you can trace location of your phone. But on the more serious our circumstances, if your phone was stolen, you can choose to you lease the data, you click in there, and then, of course, you can simply go ahead. Anyways, all that information from your phone, you can also retrieve your calls messages as well. You can extend battery life so there's a really cool things that you can do with the fine my mobile, uh, future with this Samsung device. Now, if you're not using Samsung, if you're using any or the kind of android device, well, Google has its own. Find your phone, find your phone future, so just go to google dot com. Find my phone and you will have to go to your account with Google so any right now. Already, we're just on my phone with Google so Google can see it. It was in Thailand 45 minutes ago. Let's click in here. All right, so let me add my password. First of all to verify that it is me. I am riel. It is Alex. It's not Bob. It's Alex, right? So you can say it's been a much very similar to the one that Sampson provides in here, you can look your phone. You can try calling your phone. You can say, now you can also consider you raising your device of these are things that you can do if the default Ah, Google, find your phone feature. Lets try and locate in. Let's hit locates and see if it can tell us exactly where I am at. All right, so there you go. It's well, it's found me over here. That's exactly really am. Actually, if you've ever been to Thailand before and you've been to Chiang Mai in particular, it's a city in the northern part of Thailand. There is a huge shopping mall called Essential Festival and actually living in the condo right next to you, the Central festival. So it's very, very accurate. As you can see, it is very equate, but again, you can even see the bachelor level at 40% and ah, I can raise my device. I can secure my device. Do all sorts of really are cool stuff. So again, be sure that you have activated the find. My phone are tools under your android security settings. Very, very useful. Thank you for watching the video, and I will see the next class. 28. Find my Iphone: one particular kind off tool I would like you to take advantage of if you have an iPhone, is the find my iPhone service. Now, this is extremely important. This tool actually allows it to physically. Look, Kate, your iPhone should, in case you misplaced, maybe got stolen. You can actually track the physical location of your iPhone using this particular tool. So how to sail up is very, very straightforward. We need go to find my iPhone. You have to log in force with your apple, I d and password. But you also have the set up instructions available for you. Now, I'm not sure if every iPhone has the exact same method off setting it up, but it's kind of like very, very similar. You would have to log in with your credentials with your apple credentials and then basically, just follow. The instructions made available are in here. So whether you're setting up on your iPhone on another iris device or your Mac, you've got clear, detailed instructions on how you can set it up. So please, all the head of a commander, you do this now. What can you do with this particular kind of service? If you click on the menu button right here, you can see the kinds of things that you can do. You could locate your device physical, physical. Like I said, you could lock your device. You could evasive all this, the information from your phone. So if the phone is missing, it's been stolen, and you don't want to ever stole your phone to have access to your data, you can raise all your information critical, right? You can also play a sound. So let us imagine that you lost your phone. But if one is in your house, but you don't know exactly where it is, you can tell your iPhone to play a sound. Maybe your are ringing tone, and then that would allow you to track the physical location off your device. But of course, you can't do this on your iPhone. Too little because it's missing. But you built to do this from the website using your Mac or even a regular computer. So please old highly recommend that you go ahead and you set up the find my iPhone service on your iPhone. If you have any questions about his to let me know, thank you for watching the video, and of course I will see you in the next class 29. Top 10 Mobile Security Tips: All right. So just before we've end up this course, I would like to present to you the top 10 tips on how to properly secure your mobile device . Now, a lot of distance have already mentioned you've already heard about them 1000 times already . But I feel that it is worth me repeating this tips over and over again. So think of this video more like a checklist. What's this video? And make sure that you are using all these 10 tips of them about you provide you on the very first appear will be tweak your default security settings, of course, especially if you're using an android device. If it is an iPhone, there isn't too much that you need to two week in terms of the different security settings . But if you're using an enjoyed, please tweak the default security citizen. Finish your new what you need to tweak. Second is used anti malware and a V p n with EVP, and you could technically do without one. If you're the type who never uses free public WiFi, and if you don't care about region restricted content, you don't technically need a VP, and you could do without a VPN, but an anti malware, please. This is one that you absolutely need. Especially again. If you're using an android device, you need to have one anti malware app installed and one in on your device. Next, manage your applications. We've talked extensively about APS, app, permissions hell to than five thick applications, and now, with the fact that the less after you have installed on your phone, the better. So please manage your applications. Just don't install an app because you think it's a it's a cool app and that you feel you might want to use it in the future. On Lee installed ABS that you actually need to use if there any absolute using on your phone on install them next. We've got updates. One objects again. I know this sounds very repetitive. You've heard me say this over and over again, but please run updates whenever they are available to many people. Take this for granted, and I can't even tell you how many times are met Clients of mine who just don't want updates. Please run updates as soon as they are available. Hash. Would management use strong passwords whenever you're trying to set up an account on your mobile device, Use a strong password to use eight characters for your password. Your passengers have at least one capital letter. Tryto have one symbol in your password as well. And don't use the same password for every single kinds off application. Please use different passwords. Next, you've got the look your device when your device is not in use. Lucky with a pin or maybe even with a fingerprint scanner, you never know what might happen. You never know where you might misplace your phone and then someone just use your phone and then they're able to get access to your files Just because you didn't look a device. Look your device as soon as you can. Use a pin or use your fingerprints. Next. Avoid free public WiFi. We've talked about this, and I've shown you how you can access free public WiFi safely. But if you can avoid using free public WiFi, prevention is always better than cure. If you can do without people to quite fine, please do so. Do without it. Next, turn off your connections whenever they're not needed. Their way to meet people who just turned off WiFi connectivity Or they told on their Bluetooth, and they just live it on. Do you know do that? If you're not using anywhere for connection or you're not using any Bluetooth connection, make sure such connections are turned off. Link paranoia when I mean here is be very suspicious off on solicited links that you receive via SMS or in your e mails. Keep in mind that phishing attacks are primarily carried out through links that are sense to the victims via emails or text messages. So if you receive an email on SMS on your phone, asking you to click on the set of links that you can access some sort of gift toe promotion or something like that, be very, very careful. Think twice before you click on links that you received by your SMS or email. And, of course, last but not least, backup. Back up your mobile device. This is one thing a lot of people take for granted, and I've met so many people who lost their phones. Their phones fell into the water and the lost all the are pictures videos of last year's Please back up your device back and up you never know what might happen, But if you have a backup, it's kind of like insurance. Then you have more off relaxed my name. You know that if anything happens to your phone, you can always retrieve your important data. So please back up your device as soon as you can. So that's it. My top 10 tips for staying safe and for securing your mobile to fight. Thank you for watching the video. I will see you the next class. 30. Mobile Cyber Security Conclusion: while the congratulations. You've come to the end of the course, and I wanna thank you for enrolling and for finishing this course from the bottom of my heart. I sincerely hope that you have learned a lot and that you now feel comfortable on how to protect your mobile device against online. Fritz. Now, elect uses opportunity to invite you to check out my order Seven security courses at a few of them. So if you feel like a little bit more about savage security, you can check out my other courses. And if you have any questions about them, you can send the message, and I will answer your questions as soon as I can. I'm also on LinkedIn. If you'd like to connect with me on LinkedIn, you can shoot me a connection request. Just be sure to mention that you're a student of mine and more than happy to accept your invitation. Also, if you feel like you've learned a lot in this course and you're happy, I would really appreciate it if you can leave written view, letting the whole world knows just how much you enjoy this course. My name is eggs. Once again, It's been a pole as your teaching you this course, and I want to wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. And maybe I will see you in another one of my courses, chairs and of I