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The Absolute BEST Organic Veggetable Juice

teacher avatar Gary Evans, Live Your Passion!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Ingredients

    • 3. Celery... It Smells So Good

    • 4. Healthy Dandelion Greens

    • 5. Curly Parsley Is A Must!

    • 6. Let's Not Beet Around The Bush

    • 7. Don't Put Too Much Ginger

    • 8. Sweet Berries

    • 9. An Apple A Day...

    • 10. Coco H2O

    • 11. Ice, Ice Baby

    • 12. I Almost Forgot The Cucumber!

    • 13. Blend That Puppy! (No Puppies Were Harmed)

    • 14. Check Out My New Pitcher!

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About This Class

Ever had the absolute BEST, organic veggie juice? My wife and I have it every single day! It's so simple to make, so so so delicious and saves you having to worry if you're getting your "5 a day" in... We usually make a batch of juice every 3 days and keep it in the refrigerator. I hope you enjoy this juice as much as we do!

Meet Your Teacher

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Gary Evans

Live Your Passion!


I'm a self-employed web-all-rounder who's done a bit of everything over the years. I started off as an Internet Marketer and then progressed on to become a successful Website Developer. I do my best at following my passion, which led me to Skillshare. I hope to be able to share some of my skills I've learned throughout my years and it's my hopes that my projects can help some of you out there.

I reside in California with my beautiful wife and 2 children. We like to travel the United States of Amazingness as much as possible.

My passion is having fun! As much of it as I can find and get my hands on :-) Life is too short to do things you don't enjoy, so my only advice to anyone reading this is to follow your passion and move in the direction of things that feel good to you.<... See full profile

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1. Introduction: my name's Gary Evans. I live in Southern California with my wife and two Children, and today we're making healthy organic veggies. You can literally use any ingredients you have in the refrigerator right now. You do not have to use exact same ones that I'm using in this class. Um, anything at all. Anything goes. Whatever you've got going on. Typically, every day when we do make it, we make it a little different in the old depends on what we've got in the refrigerator right there and then the ingredients I'm giving you today or what we typically uses a staple in. It's our base, but please change them up. If you like it a little sweeter, you can add in sweeter ingredients mother fruits and things like that. I mean, if you like a tar toe, just take away some of the fruits and Berries. It's absolutely delicious. My wife swears by way. Drink it. Most days, use it as a meal supplement will use it just to drink between males. Get hungry. It's really filling, and I hope you enjoy Let's get started 2. The Ingredients: Okay, So his our ingredients. We've got organic dandelion greens, organic parsley. We've got an organic beat. We've got some ginger organic celery. We've got lovely organic cucumbers. Um, some organic mixed Berries we've got Annapolis could be also putting the whole thing of coconut water in there as well, and also got a few herbs from the garden that I wish we just cut just moments ago. And we'll be putting them in there too. This is stuff like basil, thyme, lemon grass, sage. All right, let's get to it. 3. Celery... It Smells So Good: celery is an excellent source of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes. Sorry. Can help lower high cholesterol. It can help fight off infections. It lowers inflammation. It can help prevent high blood pressure and help prevent urinary tract infections. So first, we're gonna put celery in there. I'm just gonna take off three stalks. You can put a few of the gum. The green leads up here is well in there You want? Only if they're in good condition. Sometimes they deteriorate. So I'm just gonna take my salary. Simpson tops off on the bottoms, and then we're gonna cut him up. Delicious. We got places, um, in our Linda. 4. Healthy Dandelion Greens: dandelion greens are loaded with antioxidants there high in nutritional content, more so than broccoli and spinach. They help reduce symptoms of some liver, gall bladder and kidney conditions that can help lower inflammation. And they also promote urine production. Okay, Next, we can use a small handful off organic dandelion greens. Rip a few of these guys off here. You don't really need to cut these up. A toll booth blend is gonna hit this, and they go. 5. Curly Parsley Is A Must!: parsley is rich in vital vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B 12. Parsley can also strengthen your immune system. It heals your nervous system. Parsley also supports key cut kidney functions and can lower information next to put in some parsley. Gonna want a medium sized handful of this stuff. So again, I'm just gonna tear off a nice handful there and just check it old. Make sure there's no bugs or anything like that have already pre washed all of this, and we're just gonna pop this straight in there. 6. Let's Not Beet Around The Bush: beats. They helped purify your blood and liver functions there high in vitamins and minerals. They're a great source of energy because the sugars slowly released into your system beats also a natural aphrodisiac. Look at this beautiful beat. We're gonna put half a beat in there. How much you gonna put in one of these leads To just look so beautiful? They need to go in there. We're just gonna chalk this up. Okay, so I got my half beaten here. I'm gonna cubit quarter down a little bit. Make it easier on the blend of that in their Like some believe one of these leads to you Hear that? 7. Don't Put Too Much Ginger: ginger helps with for leaving digestive problems such as nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness and other pains. Dingy also helps lower information. It helps reduce muscle pain and soreness. Ginger also lowers blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels came next. We're gonna put in a little bit of ginger, put about half an inch of ginger here, but it's entirely up to you how much you want to put in there just like that in there. 8. Sweet Berries: use mixed Berries to add sweetness to your veggie juice. Mixed Berries are also an excellent source of fibre. They hope they help promote feeling of fullness. Mixed Berries promote heart health. It can also lower blood sugar levels. Okay, now we're gonna put in 1/2 cup of mixed Berries. These are by these frozen strawberries, blueberries, blackberries in their tape, so they go in there. 9. An Apple A Day...: the good old apple. It adds sweetness to your veggie juice just like the mixed Berries, but also reduces cholesterol and conduced your heart health. It helps detoxify your liver and boosts your immune system. Okay, next we're gonna put in the whole apple. I like to my apple. Then Cuba. It's up to you whether you want to put in the seeds and any of this kind of stuff here. I like to just trim line up just a little bit. But I do like to keep telling the seeds in there. I'm gonna put in my ankle bit like that and the blend that will get those seeds and just tear them nicely. Actually, apple seeds are really good for you. 10. Coco H2O: coconut water aids in weight loss by suppressing your appetite and because of its low fat content, it also helps to clear and tone your skin. Coconut water facilitates your digestion system. It can also help reduce blood pressure. It's rich in nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Next, we're gonna put in our coconut water. We just get this from branded Vita Coco and just people coconut water to the whole thing of this end. Okay, so this is 330 milliliters. I let him fluid ounces. 11. Ice, Ice Baby: Okay, Now we're just gonna fill up with some ice and water. So I got a whole cup of ice here alone that in, and then we're gonna pull up halfway with water. Okay, so I've got eight ounce glass of water, and we're just gonna pull pull this into here and fill it up till it's halfway. 12. I Almost Forgot The Cucumber!: cucumbers can help relieve heartburn that can help your digestive system. There are a great source of fiber cucumbers, lower uric acid levels to keep your kidneys in great shape and cucumbers, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And lastly, before I forget, we're gonna put in half a cucumber. I'm just going to trim the top off. That's just my preference on. I'm gonna cut this down, Teoh. Easier. Manage chunks. 13. Blend That Puppy! (No Puppies Were Harmed): Okay, Now, we're just gonna blitz this together in the blender, and we're gonna make a delicious veggies. Delicious. It's time for a glass. 14. Check Out My New Pitcher!: see how simple that waas all some great job. Now you get to it. I use this picture as well. At the end, I'm filling this with a little bit of extra water in here. It's got this super cool plunges so that I can mix everything back together again because some of the vegetables will separate if you leave them in the refrigerator. Especially open. So get one of these. Don't already have one. And you will you eventually reducing here. Nice. Cool. Leave in the refrigerator. They make a batch every once every two or three days. That's what we do is delicious. Now, one thing I did want to mention is that you did not enjoy any of the ingredients that I put in. Please, please, please welcome out with something. You really like it. That's the whole point of this recipe on this, Jason. So you make the cheese You like tumeric kale, arugula, spinach to made of this even cilantro. Like that flavor experiment, guys makes a match. Do what you've got in the refrigerated. Do you know what you like in that? And I would really love to see what creations you come up with you, dumb. Take a picture. Tell me your ingredients. Put put it up in the projects section of this class. I'd love to see it. Comment on it? Sure. And thank you guys for watching hope you really enjoy this video.