The ABCs of Brush Pen Lettering | Learn The Majuscule (Uppercase) Alphabet | Emma Witte | Skillshare

The ABCs of Brush Pen Lettering | Learn The Majuscule (Uppercase) Alphabet

Emma Witte, Owner & Artist, Black Chalk Collective

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4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction + Supplies

    • 2. Majuscule Letters - A to K

    • 3. Majuscule Letters - L to Z

    • 4. Project + Final Words


About This Class

You’ve mastered the miniscule (lowercase) brush pen alphabet – now let’s crush the majuscules, pen friend!

ASKETH and you shall receiveth! Welcome to the bigger, sexier, older sister of my very first Skillshare class on the lowercase alphabet. In this lesson, we turn things up a notch and tackle the uppercase alphabet!

Emma (that’s me), the Overlord and Chief Pen Wizard of Black Chalk Collective will show you how to create letters of the majuscule (uppercase) alphabet by piecing together a range of strokes. I'll also pepper in a few tips on how you can make letters your own.

This class is aimed at beginners who need a helping hand (ha ha...) with forming majuscule letters. If you've never picked up a brush pen in your life, head on over to my intro class on the miniscule alphabet to make sure you’re up to speed before tackling these bad boys!

Brush pen lettering is great for:

  • Swoon-worthy Insta posts
  • Creating cute greeting cards
  • DIY-ing your own prints to hang at home
  • Making labels, placecards, and other stationery
  • Lowering stress levels (it's very therapeutic!) 
  • Improving focus / mindfulness
  • Helping find time for YOU
  • ...who knows? Maybe you'll be the next big Insta-famous letterer or small business owner!

It doesn't matter whether you are left-handed or have terrible handwriting - brush pen lettering can be done by all!

So join in the craze, and get creating!